Sweet, caring, with an imaginative spark. She’s often quick to make friends despite her upbringing at Shipton Cothold. Obedient to a fault when it comes to those above her in rank, this is not to say that she’ll do things out of her nature however. She’ll often reply to those above her with sirs and ma’ams even when the nicety isn’t particularly necessary. But then an upbringing where you’re taught to speak when spoken to and such things… those habits can be difficult to change. She does, however, hold a spark of her father’s temper which easily flairs when upset and leads, when it does, to profuse apologies for having let it get out of hand, even more so should she have been in the wrong at the time.

A dancer at heart, though it was only after her move from Shipton to Ista that she received any true training, the girl is graceful yet somewhat shy when it comes to presentation. One to make up a routine based on feeling and experience, performances of such are rare and often only happen upon chance as the girl is reluctant to show them off until they’re just right. Even then it may take a bit of prodding. This is something that she’s been working on and it’s growing far easier for her to twirl about without worry of watching eyes.

She has dreams, ambitions, but those seem not to be hugely important. At least not that she’ll usually let on to. She’s intuitive and accommodating, willing to help others and put their needs first even if they aren’t able to return her kindness.

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