A talk with Pi

Ista Weyr - Corral
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimmed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

It's not like Ista Weyr really need that much wool, but it's not entirely surprising that a smallish herd of ovines is kept with the other animals. Pi can currently be found immediately outside the wooden fence of their pen, rummaging through what looks like a tool box.

Zorya still finds herself at the corral on the random occasion to watch the beats within, particularly said small heard of ovine. Watching only, from the outside of the fence. Perhaps a quite reminder of the place she left in what's quickly becoming closer to a turn and a half ago. But for whatever reason Zorya finds her way to the fence, leaning arms against the upper rail while the lower becomes the resting place for one foot. Its from this place that she first spots her cousin and her tool box down the fence row, though she doesn't call out just yet. A moment passes in silence before she speaks, "Afternoon Pi."

Pi isn't entirely at her most observant at this moment, not that it's saying a whole lot in general. But either way, she's too busy looking for something to notice her younger cousin without prompting. The greeting comes while she's pulling out yet another drawer, causing a slight jerk as she pops her head up. "Aw… shards." The movement was just enough to cause some of the contents to fall out and she promptly starts digging through the grass with her hands. "Afternoon" is managed back though, and in a suprisingly cheerful tone.

Zorya's smile turns to a bit of a grimace as the tools are dropped. "Sorry bout that…" she apologizes soon after. She certainly didn't mean to make her drop anything. "How've you been?" she asks drawing idle conversation. Since she hasn't particularly seen the older Shipton in awhile - then again she's been keeping herself overly busy since her return to Ista, and chances are that Pi has been rather busy herself.

Pi has certainly been busy, she's always busy after all. It's just the type of busy that changes. Currently it's work and after a little more digging around and picking some small cylindrical pieces of pastic out of the grass she seems satisfied. The drawer slides shut and the case is shut, whatever she was looking for forgotten for the moment. "Ah've been pretty good, how bout ya?"

Zorya nods slightly, "I've been alright." she agrees in reply, still leaning against the fence though turned slightly so as to face the woman she's speaking to. "Hard ta believe Ah've been gone this long sometimes, but keepin' busy an' all." While her accent has faded somewhat it comes back in full force when exposed to that of a certain pair of Istan riders, of which Pi is one.

Pi has that effect on people, the whole accent thing. Poor P'nce gets rather upset when he finds himself talking like a hick again. "Ya settlin' back in?" Making the conversation bit a little easier, the greenrider wanders over and leans against the fence next to Zorya. Eyes trail to watch the little fuzzy beasties mill about as they talk.

Zorya nods. "Well enough," she agrees. "Zipalla move some things around in her room and we've been sharing." she goes on, "Been back and forth to the hall some too for lessons an all." Really things have been fairly uneventful since she returned from Igen.

Pi grins as she peeks towards Zorya at the mention of Pal's daughter. "Ya two've gotten close. Ah'm a lil jealous Ah think, Ah only had Pal and Ponce." Not that Zip likely remember much of the cothold and they left and different ages, but that's besides the point.

"Well she's my cousin.." Zorya replies. And it helps matters that they're only about a turn apart in age. "But sometimes it'd be nice ta have someone understand more. Ah mean its different ta hear about it than ta live it." A comment which can only be in regards to their former home. "But Ah try not ta think bout it much." she adds with a shake of her head as she turns to look back over at the beasts inside the corral.

Pi gives her head a little bit of a nod with that. "Well, Ah'm always here. Ah'm sure there ain't the much that changed." Shipton cothold is one of those places you'd swear is in a time warp or something, it never changes. Not that the cothold was all that horrible a place to live, just not everyone fits into the mold there. Which pretty much includes anyone who left. "How's the craft goin' for ya?"

Zorya nods. "Ah know, just dun wanna bother ya all the time." Not that its literally all the time either, but then Zorya is one to over think and worry on such things. "Longer Ah'm here easier it gets Ah guess." she adds, lifting a shoulder in a slight shrug. "Craft's going good though, learning more than Ah ever though Ah would there."

Pi lets her eyes trail back from the fuzzy ones to peek at her cousin. "Whatcha havin' trouble with? Ya know, that ya hope'll get easier." She might as well try to give advice, even if it isn't always that good. "And ya don' bother meh one bit."

Zorya shakes her head, "Oh, nothing right now," she assures, though her gaze stays focused on the creatures within the enclosure. "Just sometimes ya think of things, ya know." At the offered assurance that she's no bother the girl does turn a smile on the older woman. "Thanks for that, next time Ah need something Ah'll track ya down." Since her uncle is nearly impossible to corner at times, that and well sometimes a girl just needs another female to talk to.

Pi bobs her head with a bit of a grin. "An' ifn' ya can' track meh. Jus have one of the dragons call fer Psy or send yer lizard. Ah've still got those silly meetin's all over. Ain't managed ta foist tha' off yet." She's working on it though, she is.

Zorya nods. "Ah will, dun worry bout that." If she really needs her she will track her down one way or another. "So.." she starts again, but here the girl hesitates just a bit, "Ah was thinkin.. maybe Ah'd think about performing at one of the next gathers or something.."

Pi folds her arms back over the top rung of the fence, stepping back so she can rest her head on them as she watches the other. "Ya know.. Ah haven' heard ya…. uh… do ya sing or play?" There's a little guilt tinging her voice as she actually has to you know, ask.

"Sing," Zorya replies given the choice of entertainment the woman gives, "Play a little…" But then that's something they make you learn at the hall. "But mostly .. dance." she finally relays her true passion of the craft. Though even here and after having been away from their 'homeland' for over a turn the admittance of such is still given with a touch of hesitation.

Nothing wrong with dancing, though likely it's a totally different sort of dance than well square dancing or folk dancing of some similar sort. "Oh… fergot that one." A grin forms on her face though, "Ya should, Ah'm sure they're already be a group playin' ya could make sure they know songs fer ya ta dance. Ah'd like ta see."

Zorya nods slowly, blue eyes drifting back to the ovines in the corral. "Ah'm still workin on the whole audience thing. Getting way better, but…. well after so long back home tryin ta keep people from catchin me…" Well Pi can certainly understand those reservations if anyone can. "I think soon though."

Pi grins brightly. "Well, ya could always perform in front of ya know, a small group first. Before jumpin' inta a gather." Start small, get a little more used to the idea, that sort of thing. "Ah'm sure ya could find friends wantin' ta see." And yes, that /would/ be a hint.

Zorya giggles, "Ah know. Ah've been workin on it. Showed Zipalla a couple times. K'ael once or twice too. There's been a few groups at the hall and everything too. Ah mean with lessons an' all there's plenty a times for small groups." she relays the practice she's had in 'performance' up to this point.

Pi tilts her head slightly and grins. "Well, ya find someone ta play ya music, grab meh and Zip… Ah'm sure V'gay wouldn' mind, if'n yer okay with tha'." You know, put on a little recital. "Do the pieces ya'd wanna do at a gather, kinda like a rehersal ya know, 'fore the big thing."

"Ah'll think about it." Zorya assures, turning her own smile on her older cousin. "If Ah find someone ta play ya'll be the first to know." Its not a bad idea really, a small group rehearsal, especially with those she already knows - mind the one mentioned she's not yet met.

Pi beams brightly. "And ya could even invite Pal, if'n ya wanted ta. Though Ah'd understand leavin' 'im out." There's pure innocence in that grin of hers, really. Standing up straight again she moves to lean on the fence once more, hands on the rail. "Ya mentioned that ya sing too, ya inta that much or jus' a lil."

Zorya chuckles, "Yeah, well Ah know he's busy with the weyr and his own children. He don't need ta be worryin' bout me too." Of course he probably wouldn't see it that way. "But if Ah can find him and he can make it…" Maybe, maybe she'll invite him as well. She nods given the question, "Some yeah, is one a my specialties at the hall along with the dancin'."

Pi won't go ahead and ask Pal for the girl, she got the hint there. "Ah'm sure he'd find time if'n ya wanted him too." And if he /does/ ask him, well, Pi will make sure he goes. But she'll leave the asking to Zorya. "What kinda music do ya do? Ah know nothin' bout the stuff really, ain't got a good ear."

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light shrug. "This an' that." she replies, "Whatever they give me at the hall really." She doesn't have anything real specific that she does in that matter. "Though dancin, some of that Ah more jus make up on my own really…"

Pi eyes the ovines once more and then grins with a slightly mischevious and maybe just plain goofy hint to it. "Ya could always pratice fer the ovines. Ain't gonna get much more placid an audience.. well, unless ya go fer bovines." Hey, she knows nothing about music or dancing, well… other than club dancing. Beware the lightbulb going off over her head. "Ya know, ya should come ta the club sometime with meh.. Ah know, ain't yer type of place, but everyone's dancin'. Not exactly yer type of dancin' Ah'm sure but could get ya more used ta doin' that round people."

Zorya chuckles and nods, "Yeah, if ya think of it some time let me know an' I'll give it a try." At least she's open to going and checking out the club. Right? There are worse things after all. "Ah've practiced for 'em before." she adds, an idle wave of a hand towards the creatures. "But fer now should prolly be lettin ya get back ta what it is ya were doin…"

Pi shrugs her shoulders a little bit and gives a shake of her head. "Nah, Ah was finishin' up anyhow. Jus' was tryin ta find somethin Ah thought Ah had, but Ah don' think I did." Yes, very specific. "Oh, Ah'll think of it. If'n Ah didn' have ta shower first Ah'd drag ya now." There's a ponderance there. "Unless ya wanted ta after Ah showered."

Zorya shakes her head. "Nah, Ah've got some things ta do this afternoon yet. Maybe tomorrow though." she suggests. Pi's non-specific reply getting a bit of a chuckle from the girl as she pushes away from the railing a bit to stand straight.

Pi pouts slightly at the other but it quickly switches into a grin. She can only try, and at least she got an acceptance to the idea of being dragged to the club at some point. That's a plus at least. "Ah'm gonna hold ya to it ya know."

Zorya nods. "Course, just let me know when." she agrees. And ooh, she's old enough to drink at Ista now - not that anyone remembered her turnday, or that she tried to remind anyone of it really either. "Later then Pi." she nods slightly, returning a smile before she heads off. One might take note of a slight limp if they were to pay close enough attention, but then she hides it rather well.

Pi never /knew/ her turnday mind you. "Later!" And Pi would notice the limp as she watches Zorya leave, head tilting just slightly. After all, she's used to noticing those things on four legged beasties, it's even more obvious when you just have two.

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