Still hoping for no scar

Ista Weyr - Azaeth's Fortress
Roomy but cavernous would be the best description for this ledge; while most ledges protrude out from the wall of the bowl providing somewhere for its resident dragon to catch the rays of the sun the edge of this ledge is flush with the cliff wall and instead scoops inwards in a large elliptical curve into the shadow of the overhang above, resembling a large cave that has been cut in half. Towards the back of the ledge the entrance to the inner weyr can barely be seen in the darkness of the overhang. The floor of the weyr has an unsmooth section, unlike the rest of the area which has been smoothed away by years of walking over by dragon and human. It looks as though a large boulder has recently been removed from the section, in order to open up the ledge to make it more accessible to larger dragons.
The living quarters of the weyr looks to have been completely refurnished. The area has been sectioned off into a living room and a bedroom. The living room has been furnished with a throw rug, a couch, some armchairs and has a couple of small tables. Towards the back there's a small kitchenette with the essentials: booze rack, klah brewer, an ice box with nothing in it, etc. There's also a small dining table here which looks more suited to playing cards around than having a meal.
The bedroom is the most well furnished area. There's a nice sized bed with a nightstand on either side in the center. Along the left wall is a dresser and a bookshelf laden with books and papers. At the end of the bed is an older looking trunk. Off to the right is a small washroom.

K'ael is hanging out in his weyr, which he's been doing basically all day. But it wasn't like they weren't bringing him in paperwork all day. Things to do, things to sign, things to fill out, things to make decisions about. The bronzer was just now finishing up everything, and was nestling into the couch with a cup of klah and the little tabby kitten named Riff, who was pawing at him and purring and begging for pets. "Heh, let me finish my klah, Riff. Sheesh."

Its about that time that a green is backwinging to land on the ledge. More work? Perhaps. Zorya gives a quick thankyou to the pair as she slips down to the stone landing and they're off to other things as soon as the girl is out of the way. "K'ael?" she calls softly, yet loud enough to be heard even as she gives a light rap at the doorway.

K'ael blinks and groans as another dragon lands on his ledge. The big bronze peers at the green, and then at the girl getting off and heading into his weyr. He'd only really seen Zorya a handful of times, and never up close and personally like this. "Yeah, I'm here. Come on in. There's klah on the counter. I'd get it for you, but I'm trying to stay off my leg." He lets the kitten down, who runs over to Zorya when she comes in, mewing and rubbing against her.

Zorya is working on both ignoring the kitten and not stepping on it at the same time as she makes her way further inside as the return call. "Oh Ah'm fine." she replies, shaking her head to the offer of klah. "Ah told ya Ah'd visit so… You need anything though?" since she's here and on her feet. And if one is paying close enough attention and prone to noticing such things her steps are a just a touch off like when you're trying to keep a bit of pressure off them, but then it could just be trying not to step on the cat.

Riff does her best to keep under foot. Pay attention to her! Lookit how cute she is! K'ael just chuckles. "C'mere, Riff. Don't bother the guests." Though the cat doesn't seem to listen. "Ah, nah, I'm good, thanks." He pats the couch next to him, motioning for Zorya to come sit with him. "Wasn't Zip saying you hurt your arm? Is that getting any better? It's not broken or anything I'd guess, right?" The bronzer slowly stretches out his bad leg onto the table in front of himself.

Zorya nods, crossing the room to take the offered seat, leaving a comfortable space between then. "Yeah.. a little." she admits to the question's answer, "A little better, just sprained my wrist a little." she adds with a shake of her head at the broken comment, though clearly she is still being careful enough with it. "How about yours?" meaning his leg of course. "Getting better?"

K'ael nods to her. "How'd you end up doing that? Singing too hard?" He chuckles a bit at her. "What is your specialty over with the harpers, anyways?" He stretches his arms out a bit, apparently inviting the kitten into his lap. The bronzer makes sure to give the little tabby her pettins. "Ah… it's still pretty sore. But they say it's healing up pretty nice. Still hoping for no scar, though." He pushes his hair forwards a bit. "No worry about it splitting and me bleeding to death, though."

Zorya nods slowly as he talks, "Good ta hear," about his healing that would as she leaves off her answer to his own questions for a moment longer. "Tripped an' caught myself wrong," the explanation comes easily enough, even accompanied by a light laugh at his commentary. Singing too hard sprained her wrist. Yes. "Singing, dancing and records for now, but it'll get narrowed done more later. Dancing mostly though."

K'ael smiles and nods to her. He picks up the wrist of Zorya's that's closest to him and looks it over, then runs a finger up and down it to tickle her a bit. "Looks okay to me." He chuckles. "Ah, dancing. I love to dance. Really. But this leg won't let me right now. When I'm better we'll have to go someplace to go dancing. Though I'm sure your harper friends are much better at it than I am."

Zorya giggles, pulling her hand away lightly at the tickling. That's not the one that's hurt though either." Which may very well be a good thing. "But Ah understand that." she nods towards the leg, "Staying off it as much as ya can, right?" the harper asks, well someone has to make sure though certainly she's not the only one asking such questions. Another soft laugh at the mention of other harpers and she gives a little nod. "Maybe, but Ah don't do much dancing with partners and such. Not that I haven't, just more of its like actin and such…" she replies 'interpretive' being the word that eludes her.

K'ael grins to her. "I see. Let me see the other one, then. Maybe that one is all messed up and gross. Is it?" He leans over to peek at it. "Yeah, I am. I promise." Besides the walking around his weyr. He'd just have to concentrate on upper body for exercise, these next couple of weeks. He grins and nods to her. "I only know one solo dance, but you'll have to wait until my leg is better to see it. But you should give me a dance. Show me what this… thing is that you do."

Zorya rolls her eyes upward at the remark, "Not that gross," she returns, reaching over herself so he can see it more easily. "Jus' a li'l bruised an' sore." Nothing that won't be right as rain in a few more days. The girl raises a brow at his dance comment however, lifting her gaze from her own hand to meet his face. "Really now?" But then, yes, that will have to wait until he's healed. "Ah.. well Ah suppose Ah could…"

K'ael smirks at her. He waves his finger over her wrist. "A little purple. Nothing serious, though, I don't think." He just grins at her about the dance, and doesn't elaborate. One can only guess what the bronzer is thinking about. Whatever it is, it's probably something he shouldn't be. "Really." Then he nods to her. "Well, you don't have to. I don't want to put you on the spot or anything… But I would like to see you dance."

Zorya nods. See, she said it's be fine. The grin gets a look, but she too says nothing more on the topic. "No, no. Its alright." she assures, "Now's as good a time as any. Specially since ya ain't goin anywhere." she teases with the last part. "Ah need ta work on audiences anyway." The dancing isn't so bad, its the dancing in front of people that gets her.

Riff has decided that it's about time she got some pettins from Zorya, and moves over into the harper's lap. K'ael meanwhile intends to keep Zor wondering about his secret solo dance. He does grin when she says she'll dance for him, though. "Oo, excellent. Maybe when I'm better you can show me a thing or two." The bronzer shifts a bit to get comfortable.

Zorya giggles, shooing the kitten back towards K'ael with her good hand as she moves to stand, sending a glance over the space in front of them. Yes, that should be enough space… "Zipalla's already got me tryin ta teach her. Ah'm better at the dancin than the teachin." she notes. And well, when its something that comes naturally to you it's not always so easy to teach others to do the same.

K'ael scoops up Riff and sets her on the floor. She only looks put off for a moment, then stretches out and goes to join the other two in K'ael's bedroom. "Yeah? Zip's not thinking of running off to join the harpers too, is she?" The bronzer wonders how her father would take that. Or her new boyfriend for that matter. "Well, I can usually learn by watching…" He's watching her right now, in fact.

Zorya shakes her head as she moves a step or two out and into the open floor space. "Ah don't think so." she replies, "She like Ista, Ah don't think she's goin anywhere." That said however closes her eyes, taking a deep breath as she rolls her shoulders back - a little mental preparation as it were before she crouches to the floor one leg bent, the other pointing out. Another breath in silence before the movement starts, ever so subtle at first with the flutter of fingers from a hand draped upon the ground. Wrist lifting and falling. Once, twice, before sweeping towards the sky - still crouched, rocking gently the motion of the sea's swell. Until finally the fluid movement works the girl to her feet.

Each move is felt out with her feet, one following the next. A step, a turn, a twirl. Ever muscle tense to accentuate the movement in one smooth flowing rhythm of the song that must certainly play in her head. A wince crossing her face here and there though she tries not to show it. A bend, a twist, a reach. Toes pointed to lead each step onward.

A leap and a twirl, a few more steps in which there might have just been a little waver before the dance abruptly ends and she stands silent for a moment longer before finally opening her eyes, biting her lip as she waits for a response.

K'ael nods to Zorya a bit. "What about that new boyfriend of hers? He's not from Ista, is he?" The bronzer falls silent for the duration of the dance though. He takes in her motion, the fluid movements, the twist, turns, bends and stretches. Once she finshes, he claps for her. "That was amazing, Zor! I bet it's even better with music. I think I could really lose myself watching you dance. When are they planning to let you walk the tables?"

The question is forgotten by the time Zorya finishes. A rather noticeable blush paints her cheeks at the clapping, growing a deeper shade at following compliment. "It really wasn't that great…" Though there's a hint of 'was it' in her voice. "Its something new Ah was workin on.. Its not finished really." Which might explain the ending being the way it was. The girl stands, feet crossed ever so slightly in front of one another just as she ended, flexing a bit as she lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "Ah.. well Ah hadn't really thought about it. An with having been a candidate an all." It hadn't really been something she'd ever really considered before it was brought up just now.

K'ael doesn't seem to remember it either. He's grinning away stupidly at Zorya. "I dunno, I thought it was pretty good. I can tell it's not finished though. You're just gonna have to come back and show me the ending." The bronzer stretches out a bit, then lurches to his feet. He hobbles over to the fridge to look through it. "No? No idea when you'll be graduating then, hm? Of course I guess the answer depends on if you end up impressing soon or not."

"Thanks," Zorya replies, "Yeah, Ah haven't had time ta work through it all yet." And then he's getting up, "Ah can.." but lets the protest fall as he heads onward. She could have gotten whatever it was for him though! "No, like Ah said with candidacy an' everything." Its a frown that flickers at the mention of impression however. "Ah really wish ya all would stop sayin about that.. Ah mean, what if its just not for me?"

K'ael pulls a jug of juice from the ice box and takes a long draw from it. He didn't know what he wanted anyways, so it was better he get up himself. He wasn't crippled… really. He frowns at her. "If you weren't going to impress.. then you wouldn't have been searched in the first place." He grins. "So… Zip's found that Riley guy… I bet you found someone while you were away being a candidate too, hm?:

Zorya just shakes her head, she's not even going to try to argue that one with him. "Ah'm not sure what Ah think about him. He wasn't so fond of me Ah don't think." she replies in regard to her cousin's new boy. "And well, Ah met plentya new people, but Ah don't know Ah'd say that exactly, no…"

K'ael nods to her. "Me either. But I've never really met the kid." K'ael just doubts Riley would like him. "Only has eyes for Zip. I think Ton likes him though, since he was good and scared at the costume party." He grins to her. "No? Come on.. there must have been at least someone you were crushing on." He hobbles back over and sits on the arm of the couch, juice jug still in hand.

Zorya shrugs lightly, "Yeah, Zipalla was telling me about the party… He was all worried about me taking too much of her time or some such." she adds as far as Riley goes. Another shrug as she finally moves back to take a seat once again. "Maybe… But that doesn't really matter now does it. Seems like you've found plenty of girls to keep you busy."

K'ael nods a bit, then blinks. "He was worried you'd take up too much of her time? Hm. But you were a candidate back then…" Silly boy. The bronzer flops down next to her. "Yeah, maybe. I at least have a lot of girls worried about me, it would seem. Not ready to settle down yet though. Or maybe just haven't met the right girl."

Zorya shakes her head, "When Ah got back." she clarifies and offers up a soft smile, "Just means ya have plenty of friends and people to make sure you don't kill yourself." she teases lightly, pausing to consider the last of his remarks before going on, "Maybe not, at least ya have a choice in it though. Its not like anyone's saying ya have to settle down right now anyway."

K'ael grins to her and nods. "True, I do have a lot of people that care about me. How'd a bronzer ever get so lucky?" He leans over to poke at Zorya. "True. I'm still sampling the display, I guess. Though since some of my 'samples' want kids things are getting a little more complicated. You want kids when you get older?"

Zorya laughs, squirming a bit at the poke. "Ah guess your just special." she teases with a return grin. Its followed by a thoughtful look for his question though, "When Ah'm a little older, maybe. Right now Ah think there's just too many other things ta do, ya know? Ah mean, back home Ah'd be married an probably already have one on the way." A topic of discussion which might have gone very differently when she first arrived at Ista nearly a turn ago.

K'ael grins and shrugs. "I think they're just after all my weyrleader's marks. Or maybe the power… Course that could all change in a jiffy." He nods to her. "Yeah, I guess." He blinks, then nods. "Yeah, best to take things slow, really. You still have… more than enough time before you need to start having babies. Though a lot of these weyr girls like to start young." Thankfully Zorya didn't seem the type.

Zorya could be, but then with the way things were before, there's far too much else out there that's since opened up for her to worry about starting at fifteen. The girl laughs lightly and nods, "Yeah, Ah suppose it could change quick enough. "But your right. Ah have plenty of time ta worry about boys." Besides which there's the whole apprentice thing, but anyway. Curious though, as given away by expression, "Why?"

K'ael grins at her. "Let's hope it doesn't, though. I've worked too damn hard getting myself settled and trying to do right by the weyr. I even let your Uncle keep his job." There was no hiding the fact that the two bronzers didn't get along well. He shrugs to her a bit. "Just curious. So… never had a boyfriend, or just not one right now?"

Zorya even knew that they didn't get along. "Ah did notice that. Was good of ya." she says with a smile. Not that she really knows all so much herself about what goes on with weyr politics, but she's learned alot thus far. A shake of her head for the question, "Slated ta be married, yes. Boyfriend, no…" There's a pause then as she glances back towards the bronzerider, "Hard ta believe wasn't even quite a turn ago you and Azaeth were graduatin from werylinghood. Hard ta believe your Weyrleader now."

K'ael chuckles. "Well, it wasn't all for Ton. I needed him and he needed the job. Too many kids to take care of for him just to go back to a wingrider." Then he blinks at her. "Slated to be married!? Oh wait, I think Zip told me something about that. Was that why you left?

Zorya giggles, nodding. "Well ya knew what Ah meant." About her uncle clearly. Another nod as she peers back at him, "Yeah…" It doesn't sound like such an unusual prospect to her, but then that was just part of life at one point. "Well… a big part of the reason anyway." she replies, pushing to her feet. "But Ah should probably be letting ya get some rest now." Or maybe its just a way to at least put off topic until another day.

K'ael grins and nods. "Yeah." He sighs. "I heard you went back there at one point. Got into some trouble." He doesn't elaborate though, it's likely he heard the story from Zip. He gets to his feet, as well. "Once you impress… that'll all resolve itself. And… I guess I should get some rest." He pokes at her a bit and smiles. "Thanks for coming up to see me, Zor. You should come by more often. It's been so long since we hung out I feel like I hardly know you." He motions to Azaeth. "Az will take you down, and wherever you need to go."

Zorya shakes her head, "Ah didn't. Zh'ae and Zipalla did." But that's another story for another day and she nods, a giggle and a squirm for the poking, but she does smile. "Ah said Ah'd visit, didn't Ah?" she teases back, "Ah will though, jus' let me know when ya have some time. But for now sit and relax. Ah can find my own way out." she fusses with him. Well with Azaeth's help down anyway, but that's already been offered. "It was nice gettin ta talk ta ya again though." she adds, flashing a smile back over her shoulder on her way out.

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