...told me it had been sliced clean off...

Ista Weyr - Infirmary
Equipped with the latest healing technologies, this spotlessly clean, large room smells slightly of antiseptic and numbweed. At one end, cots sit for the recovering to recover on. At the other end, are the procedure tables. Cabinets with supplies and medical files sit along one wall. At any given moment, there could be any number of people in here. A weyrchild with a broken arm, a mother recovering from giving birth or even one of the residents recovering from heat stroke or sun poisoning, a rider and dragon recovering from a strained wing muscle.

The weyrleader is dying! He's bleeding to death! Someone stabbed him! They carried him into the infirmary on a stretcher! Okay, not all of these things are true, but K'ael does come into the infirmary on a stretcher. He looks… bored. "This really in unnecessary…" Of course, one might get a different opinion looking at the bronzer's right leg. He's got a pretty nice slice and there's blood seeping through the temporary bandages that were put on there.

If she had two wheels she'd be skidding in on them. Zip rounds the corner, "Where is he?! Where's Mike?" she demands, then pushes past unanswering assistants hot on the heels of said stretcher. Well, he's not missing any parts but he's bleeding.. but he's talking, good sign. "You just do what they say!" she chirps from behind, following them now, unclenching her hands a bit. She leans up on tippy toes now and then and tries to see better or hear better, "Be careful, that's the weyrleader.. don't run into that corner!" Exhale, Zip, he's not really dying, boy is that other girl gonna get an earful.

Coming in for a landing on Zaruath, F'yr spotted the mess below. If only her lifemate wasn't clingy and stubborn and landed closer like she asked him too. So she comes into the infirmary a bit behind the other curious onlookers, huffing and puffing from a long run. "Who done it?!" Is the first thing she calls out when she catches a bit of breath, hands on her knees for a moment. She takes a few gulps of air and then straightens out. "Mikey!" Was that concern in her voice? She jogs the rest of the way, casting suspicious glances all around.

"It'll be a'right." Zorya assures one of the healers from her seat in the infirmary. The girl rolls a gentle circle with one wrist, wincing a bit at the movement, the the healer gives her a nod and an order to be careful with it for a few days and all should be back to normal. Its about that time however that M'kael and Zipalla make their entrance, and F'yr follows close behind, the voices catching her attention as she moves to catch a glimpse. Blink. "What.. happened?"

Well, it didn't help that Mike was stretchered out of the caverns mid-day from the kitchen. Of course, not everyone knew the bronzer was fond of making his own jerky, and often wandered into the kitchens to get a few choice slices of meat with which to make it with. Which usually involved hacking up his own beast and wandering out with the bits he wanted. Of course, today there seems to be some slip up, though the bronzer certainly hasn't been stabbed. The attendants try to keep the three girls from entering the room they're bringing K'ael to, but there's a lot of commotion. K'ael just grins and waves to them. "They say I'm bleeding a lot… but they won't let me sit up.." Who he's talking to isn't really apparent. One of the healers is prepping to sew the weyrleader back together though.

Zipalla looks to F'yr and waves then her eyes flick to Zorya, "You too?! What happened?" she yelps in echo to F'yr. "Then stay laying down," she says with brows furrowed. Breath. She draws nearer the stretcher under the scowl of an assistant and she squints, "Mike.. what happened?" she asks again. Though while she waits she tucks in her shirt and finishes tying her hair back, muttering to herself a bit, just a nap… a nice quiet nap.. nooooo… Mike had to go and cut his leg off.

F'yr had one idea and one alone. And of course that was the reason why she glared towards the Healers and anyone she doesn't recognize. Zorya and Zipalla, however, are spared. "I'm the Weyrleader's sharding bodyguard," she snaps to the Healers when they try to keep her out, pushing past them to get inside instead. "Yah, what in the name of Faranth happened, and it better be good. I'll punch them hard. In the face. And then drag them to you to deal with." Probably punch them some more on the way, too. She looks down to the wound, going pale just a bit as she catches sight of the blood.

Zorya shakes her head, finally getting to her feet as the healer moves on to head over to join her cousin. "Ah'm fine," she notes for Zipalla as she comes up beside her. Well fine compared to the Weyrleader's apparent condition as she tries to get a better look. "But what happened?" since the result is well enough known by this time, but the what/how is still unclear.

K'ael is clearly getting more and more delirious as he loses more and more blood. They give him a bit of fellis of course as well, to help with the impending pain of being sewn up. He shoos away some of the attendants that are trying to usher the ladies out. "No no, these six are mine." He makes a circular motion with his hand to signal the three girls. Who the other three are who knows. One of the healers turns to them. "He sliced himself good with a butchering knife." K'ael nods to confirm this. "Somebody bumped me and it went all whoo! Sliiice." Yep, just like that. He chuckles at Zip and nods then looks to F'yr. "You're my date." Snicker.

All put back together finally Zipalla nods to F'yr, right punch in the face. Zip hugs an arm around Zorya and smiles, "Well if…then what happened to you too?" she asks her cousin, blinking. When the healers finally relent a little and she doesn't have to elbow her way in so much she looks at Mike then blinks, one…two..three…not six. A little grin touches her lips but then F'yr is all pale and Zip reaches to pat her arm a little, "Don't look at the leg.." she says, though her own eyes shift down to it. She swallows and looks away, "Why don't you rest a little..and just relax Mike.." she says a little more worriedly than she'd like.

F'yr's concern was all for K'ael at the moment, though she's hiding it really well by seething about the mysterious stabber. The younger girl can worry about her cousin for both of them. She glances their way, though, at the pat, and presses her lips tightly together. "It… It doesn't bother me at all." Riight. She glances down again and then back up to the bronzer's face. "You did this? Wait, someone bumped you? What did they look like? Where did they go?" She blinks at his woozy antics and then shakes her head. "Bodyguard. And I failed you when someone's trying to kill off the Weyrleader!" She sniffles a bit at that.

Zorya is nothing to worry about anyway. "You'll be alright," she offers towards K'ael though the words could just as easily be assurance for the rest of them as well. "The healers will fix him up and…" Well the should all know how the rest of the story goes, of course she's not going to even venture looking at the injury herself just yet. There is a concerned look for the bronzerider however. "How many K'ael?" Yeah, that's probably not a good sign. "F'yr it was just an accident… Ah don't think ya need to go beating anyone up just yet…"

K'ael grins to Zip. "Okay… rest sounds good." Of course, it's short lived. As soon as the bronzer shuts his eyes he gets a lovely needle through his skin. "Urrrgh!" That's sobered him up! He grips the sides of the bed as they get him all sewed up. "Sharding sharding shards…" He groans and looks at F'yr. "They looked like a dumb sharding drudge!" He growls out, it's not really angry, just pained. "Hm, this looks a bit deeper than we originally anticipated." The healer says to him. "No wonder there was so much blood loss." Meanwhile K'ael's eyes are rolling into the back of his head. "Please just finish up…" He looks over at Zorya's fingers and squints. "Nrrg… looks like 4 right now…"

Zipalla squints at Zorya and then looks back to F'yr and finally to Mike, smiling a little when he lays back. His loud shriek of pain makes her blink and her head leans back some then she winces on his behalf, looking to the "deep" wound and frowning. "He's gonna be alright..right?" she asks, staring at all that red blood.. that's…uh…Her head lifts and she looks up at his face again, but wordless for the moment.

F'yr jumps a little when they start sewing him up, paling more and starting to look just a bit green around the gills, too. "I'll— I'll make sure to tell someone to punish the drudges." She swallows hard and then turns to shake her head at Zorya. "Shells, no. Someone's gotta be punished! Accident or not, someone was being an idiot." It could very well have been the bronzer and he was already being punished, but her tone of voice definitely suggested hurting someoen else. "Deep? It didn't… hit anything important, did it? There're important stuff in the leg, right?" Like an artery or something.

Zorya is purposely not looking at all that blood, but his reaction to the needle has her wincing as well, paling enough just from the thought of it. A tug at her cousin's arm with her no injured hand, "Come on Zipalla, we should probably let him rest." she suggests. "Can come back an check on him when he's feelin better." Its just a suggestion though. Wait, "He's still gonna be okay? Right?" her concern echoing F'yr's.

The healer nods to Zipalla and slathers a bit of ointment onto the wound as he finishes sewing Mike up. The leg is then cleaned up and wrapped up tightly with some antiseptic lotion on it. Once the healer is down and out of the room K'ael seems to visibly relax a bit. "Shards those stitches hurt…" He sighs a bit. "Don't worry about it, F'yr. I'm the one that dropped the knife." He frowns to Zorya. "Aw, you guys are leaving me… I wanted at least three girls to stay here…"

Zipalla looks over at F'yr then over to Zorya, "I'm not leaving.." she says softly, eyeing a healer, an old one, with hair on her chin. The hairs quiver with the old woman's smirk and Zip just stares at her, now pale for other reasons.. she reaches up to feel her chin absently. She looks up and smiles a little sheepishly, "I mean.. I want to make sure.." though she lets her voice trail off a bit for a moment as she looks to one of the OTHER healers, "How long will he be in here?"

F'yr makes sure not to look at the leg anymore while they finish up with the Weyrleader. She glanced down enough when it was all gash-y and bleeding all over the place. "Shells," she says, finally looking down when they had cleaned and finished it up. The color starts returning to her face even as she runs a hand through her hair a few times. "You ain't gonna be able to :between: at all, are you, with the leg like that." She frowns, sympathetic about being grounded and all. She crosses her arms and looks a bit displeased that she doesn't get to punish anyone but nods none the less at the bronzer. "I ain't going, either."

"Don't have too…" Zorya relents, raising a brow towards the man. "There's only three of us.. unless you're counting the healers too." Which could be, but seems unlikely enough to her. A glance finally goes down to where the wound is finally hidden beneath bandaging.

"He'll need to stay here at least overnight for observation. So we can be sure the stitches hold and he's not suffering any more blood loss." So says the healer that stitched Mike up on his way in from getting cleaned up. "None of you girls will be allowed to stay here overnight with him, though." He makes sure to sternly mention. It's unsure if he's yelling at them, or yelling at the bronzer for inviting them. Or if he's letting K'ael know there wouldn't be any of /that/ until his leg was healed. "Boo.." The bronzer says, looking at his leg. "No… Guess I won't. Not that I need to between much these days anyways." One last mention from the healer: "And don't you go exercising in here, either." K'arl pouts and nods. "Yessir…" He pats the bed next to himself, inviting the girls to have a seat. "I only need three."

Zipalla perses her lips a little then glances to F'yr and over to Zorya. "A night of rest will be good for you, if you don't heal up right it will just take longer.. I was just asking.." and she glances to the HEaler, "Because I was afraid the cats or other things might need looking after..but for one night they should be fine.." and she looks back to Mike. "At a time anyway huh?" she asks the bronzer, her pale eyes dancing with amusement as she teases him.

"Blood… loss…" Uh huh. F'yr stares at the Healer that comes in a bit, and then her eyes slowly narrow. She draws closer to the bronzer, claiming one spot on the bed. Whether or not she'll leave when they tell her to is yet to be seen. "Besides Xanadu," Fy mentions, only that the reminder also makes her cheeks turn a bit red at the reminder of the last time she took a trip there. She looks up at Zipalla as she mentions the bronzer's pets, bobbing her head in agreement. "If you want, I can go in and check on Shadow later," she says, looking back down on K'ael.

Zorya nods in response to the healers answer, hanging in the doorway to the room even as the other two are further inside and F'yr takes a seat. Silence ensues from the girl for the moment.

K'ael nods to Zip. "Yeah yeah… I won't go popping my stitches, Zippy. I promise. Still got to be able to between soon." He blinks a bit. "Ah yeah, the cats. Someone will need to go and feed them. Can one of you three take care of that tonight?" He grins to Zip. "Well, I do have a busted leg now." Then he peers at F'yr. "You're going to not check on Riff and Raff while you're there?" Finally his gaze turns towards Zorya. "You taking off already Zor? I haven't seen you since the sands at Igen. Well, not that I really saw you at the sands so much at Igen."

Zipalla reaches down and pats his hand, then holds it for a moment and smiles, "Good.." she says in answer to Mike's comment, "And you always keep your promises so I'm not gonna worry about that.." she says with a grin. She starts to voice the rest of her offer but then F'yr does so she keeps quiet and smiles and looks to Zorya, "She's a Pern-traveler.. but she's back at Ista now, for a while anyway.. unless the wind blows her somewhere new.." she says with a wink to her cousin.

F'yr shakes her head a bit at the bronzer. "You do anything stupid and you might wind up with a bad leg for longer," she adds. Her nose wrinkles up at the mention of the other two cats and she shrugs her shoulders up helplessly. "Forgot there were more than one." Or she probably didn't care for them that much, either. "I'll just lay food out and let 'em fight for it. And make sure they're alive afterwards." And raid his weyr for sweets, probably. Her pale eyes turn towards the girl at the door with raised brows. "Ain't you the one always standing? Sorry 'bout that… Though your blood's obviously telling you to stay in Ista."

Zorya shakes her head, "No.. Ah guess Ah could stay for awhile." she replies, pausing for a moment. "If ya wanted me to Ah mean…" which since he already offered and just asked - he obviously does. She pulls a smile for all three, though she doesn't move from her place against the door frame. "Ah stood twice…" she clarifies for F'yr, before adding, "And Ah told ya Zipalla, between here an' the hall. That's all Ah got planned."

K'ael smiles and nods to Zip. "I dunno. Maybe you ought to head up there Zip and say with the cats. I dunno if my bodyguard will be any good at looking after them." He peers at F'yr. "Why don't you just take Shadow? You've been sleeping in your weyr more lately, right? Zaru isn't going to eat her." The bronzer better have at least one pastry left when he gets back! He looks over to Zorya. "Twice already, hm? Well, clearly you're meant to impress here at Ista, then. With Zip. Right Zip? Have you at least gotten to know a few other people during candidacy?"

Zipalla eyes Mike a moment then nods, "I can..but.. I'm sure F'yr would do fine.." she says with a little shrug. She grins over at Zorya then nods her head and turns a bright-eyed gaze to the weyrleader, "Right! With me!" she chirps. She grins at her cousin then looks to F'yr, "My cats are doin really good, by the way.." she says with a smile. "All fat and happy."

The trio of girls are in a room they took the Weyrleader to, surrounding his bed after his bad leg was stitched and cleaned up. "I promize Zaru won't eat 'em," F'yr says with a huff down to the Weyrleader. It's obvious by the twitch in her eye that she'd rather yell at him for thinking she can't take care of cats. "And separate Shadow from her brother and sister? No way. And Zaruath would still eat 'em in my weyr." She shakes her head and looks up to Zipalla with a growing grin. "Really? I ain't surprised, cause /you/ are a good pet owner at least." Unlike other people in the Weyr. "And Mikey's place is big 'nough for the two of us." And together they'll finish up all his sweets. To Zorya, of course, there's a bigger grin and a giggle. "Shells, twice ain't that much at the end. Ain't any other place better than Ista, anyway. Maybe Telgar, but you don't want to go to that cold Weyr."

After her lifemate relayed the message of K'ael's injury to her, S'ya made straight for Ista… After getting out of a meeting that is. The Xanadu greenie comes rushing into the infirmary, her riding gear still on, a testament to the fact that she came as quickly as she could. After taking off her helmet she glances around, huffing slightly since she's so out of breath. "Where," Huff. "Is K'ael?" She asks the nearest Healer, taking a moment to catch her breath as she's directed to his cot. She blinks a bit at all the girls surrounding the bronzers bed, especially at F'yr. "Shells, and here I was thinking I would be the first to come and console you." She teases, waving to the Istans.

There's a glance between the three at the talk about cats before Zorya nods in response to K'ael's questioning on candidacy. "A few yeah, stood wit Dare both times. She impressed at Igen. Met Aisling's brother at Igen too." she offers a few such people met. A quirk of a smile for Zipalla, and a light lift of a shoulder as a half shrug for F'yr before S'ya is brush by her as she lingers in the doorway of the room. A blue-eyed glance is sent the new arrival as another subtle shrug is given, "Ah guess Ista.. if they want meh ta." Stand that is.

K'ael smiles and nods to Zip. "Snow and… Scratch, was it? It's good that they get along, though. Riff is the only one that loves me." She was also the friendliest of K'ael three. He furrows his brow at F'yr. "Hey now, I take care of my cats." He chuckles a bit. "Not going to send her up to Reaches with your mom?" The bronzer blinks though as S'ya makes her way in. There's no trouble finding the bronzer, pretty much everyone knows who he is. He grins to her on her entrance. "S'ya! Hey, you didn't come all the way from Xanadu, did you?" K'ael's got a nasty slice on his leg, that's since been stitched and banaged up. But he's lost a fair bit of blood, so he's stuck overnight at the healers. "Oh? What's Aisling's brother like? And I'm sure you'll impress here."

Zipalla looks to F'yr with relief? Whatever it is she smiles and nods her head, "Plenty big.. we can clean it up so he doesn't have to do anything when he gets home.." she says half to herself. S'ya's arrival draws her attention to the pretty greenrider and she lifts a hand to wave, releasing Mike's hand to step back a little. She smiles over at Mike when's talking about Zorya impressing and nods her head, "Sure she will," she says encouragingly then looks to S'ya again. "He…cut his leg.. someone bumped him.. he has to stay here tonight.." she says, explaining what they know at this point. "And Zorya was here with a hurt arm or something but she's yet to tell us what.." and she grins.

"Aisling's brother at Igen?" F'yr says in surprise, tilting her head momentarily towards Zorya before turning to stare at the younger teen with her brows drawn all the way up. "Clean… up?" The brownrider even manages to make the words sound foreign. She snorts and shakes her head. "Suure. I'm sure he'll be happy that you do that for him." She'll just raid the place a bit and make herself comfortable. But it's the arrival of S'ya that pulls her attention away, making her squeak and then blush at the recent memory that dealt with that greenrider. She was sitting next to K'ael, and even now seems to shrink back as if hoping she wouldn't be noticed anymore.

S'ya eyes the gash with a look of extreme distaste. Ewwww, it's so nasty! "Hmm? Oh, yes, of course I did love! I mean, where else would I be coming from?" She says with a smile as she moves closer to the bronzer in order to give him a quick peck on the cheek. She turns to listen to Zipalla's account of what happened, pursing her lips together and nodding slowly. "Shells, at least it is not as bad as I thought. So told me it had been sliced clean off." Silly green. "Sorry to barge in." She says to the ladies, moving to find herself a seat. "Oh, sorry! I forgot to introduce myself. I am S'ya, green Sophyrinth's from Xanadu." And there's a friendly little wave for all and an amused look to F'yr. She seems much less stressed now that she's verified that the man's still got all his limbs.

"He's nice enough," Zorya replies in regards to Aisling's brother, "He impressed last at the hatchin'. Ma'kai an bronze Garanth," she adds the name of the pair seeing as it was Azaeth's clutch K'ael might well know. "Kinda reminds me of you a bit." though that addition might well be able to be taken either way. There she pauses, "An' … thanks, but it hasn't happened yet, so we'll see about all that." she finally remarks about impression. "Nice ta meet ya," she says, a smile is offered towards S'ya at the greenrider's introduction as she adds her own. "Zorya. … Its gettin' a bit crowded in here though so maybe Ah should be goin'. Ya got plenty of people ta take care of ya." This of course to K'ael since he's the injured one and the one who was saying how he needed them all there.

"Hey, my weyr is pretty clean already…" The bronzer at least kept it neat. He could probably do with a change of sheets and the floors scrubbed, though. He lets Zip explain the situation to S'ya, then nods to F'yr. "Yeah. Impressed an Azaeth baby, I believe." He pokes a bit at F'yr. Did she have a crush on the greenrider too? He sits up a bit and pulls S'ya down next to him on the bed. "Ah, S'ya. Let me introduce you. You already know F'yr. This is Zipalla, L'ton's eldest, and Zorya, Zip's cousin. S'ya's the one that's gonna have my baby. Well, one of them." He grins a bit. "Aw, you leaving Zor? You're gonna come back to visit me later, right?"

Zipalla smiles and moves completely back out of the way for S'ya to take her spot near Mike then she smiles, "I know S'ya.. one of my brothers is hers.." Her cheeks pink a little then she nods, "Yes you said.." and she grins, "I think the healers made you more woozy than you realize.." she teases lightly. "One of them? You have another on the way?" she asks, brows arching upward. She glances to Zor, "You're leaving?" Her eyes shift to F'yr and she smiles, but says nothing.

F'yr didn't like amused looks! She jumps a bit when the bronzer pokes her, glaring down at him and scooting away now that the other had join him, too. She didn't even know the greenrider's name, either, until now. "Uh… well met," she says, but frowns at the older woman for a long moment. "And yah, your weyr's clean, so we ain't gonna do anything 'bout that. Got snacks there, I bet, to keep us entertained while we weyr-sit?" She smirks down at him and then glances towards Zipalla, since supposedly she was sharing house with her that night. "Garanth?" she asks, shifting her eyes up to Zorya instead. "Now that's interesting. A mini-Az for Aisling's brother." She gives her head a bit of a shake.

S'ya was aiming for a chair but she doesn't say anything when K'ael settles her on the bed next to him. She listens politely as Zorya goes on about a hatching, nodding her head when the introductions are made. "Nice to meet you all. And do not be silly love. Plenty of room for all." She says to Zorya and the inching Zipalla with a giggle. When K'ael explains their relationship she bobs her head, giving her hidden baby bump a pat, still got her jacket on after all. "Yes, three months so far. And Zipalla, well, I suppose we are related in a way." But it seems that the Shipton is fully aware of her half brother. "Zallesh, he is a turn old already." She blinks a bit when F'yr sets to scooting too. "Weyr sitting? Oh, that is right, you have those felines."

Zorya chuckles a bit, "Somethin' like that Ah guess," she agrees with F'yr on the mini-Az. A subtle smirk pulling at her lips at the bronzerider's remark. Clean from his point of view versus some others could be very different. But then that's rather beside the point at the moment. This followed by a nod for him as well. "Later, a course." she agrees, taking a step back before S'ya's saying there's room yet. "Ah just figured the rest of ya…" And really she's felt rather awkward here since the beginning, and showed it.

K'ael nods to Zip. "Oh true, I forgot about that! So you two already know each other, too. And yeah, found out a bit ago that a greenrider at Ierne is also pregnant with my baby." But S'ya's was the one that really counted! The bronzer sticks his tongue out at F'yr. "Yeah, there are snacks. But I'm running out of jerky so don't eat it all. I didn't get to slice up some new stuff." He rubs at S'ya's tummy. "Yeah, I got those cats. You want one? I got three so I can spare a couple." The bronzer peers at Zorya. "Well at least come over here and give me a hug before you leave, Zor."

A surprised little look is directed to the weyrleader then Zipalla smirks to herself, Ton II, just getting a late start. His attention falls to F'yr and Zipalla looks to her too, "I'll.. meet you there.." she says as she steps toward Zorya, or the door, both perhaps, giving Zorya a little nudge toward the bronzer.

F'yr rolls her eyes at the bronzer's tongue. "And have you go and cut your other leg off when you realize you need to make more? Shells, no. Anyway, Chu's the only one that likes that stuff." She glances back towards Zipalla with a grin. "Don'tcha dare eat any of the pastries without me there!" To S'ya, she bobs her head. "Yah, that's pretty much why. Someone's gotta make sure they ain't gonna fall off the ledge, or something. And you can have Riff, or Raff. Shadow's /mine/. The tabies are open for you to take, I'm sure of it." K'ael does get a bit of a surprised glance, when he mentions another baby, but she just shakes her head and looks away.

S'ya cocks her head a bit as Zorya semi-explains herself, offering the other Shipton a smile. "Well, if you must go… It was nice meeting you though!" She giggles a bit at the explanation of K'ael's soon to be first born. "And I am sure there are a few more out there you are unaware of." She teases, allowing him to give her a belly rub. When he calls for a hug from Zorya she scoots over a bit, not wanting to block access to the injured bronzer. "No thanks, love. I have never been a fan of animals." As Zipalla starts to leave she frowns a bit, glancing down at the bed. When F'yr offers up a kitten or two she just shakes her head a bit. "I do not think it would be a good idea. Zal is obsessed with putting things in his mouth." And kitten tails would probably be too much of a temptation for the toddler.

Zorya might have been about to try and avoid that as well, but then there's Zipalla giving her a nudge and the harper relents. "Ah'll see ya later then?" a half question tossed towards Zip and F'yr. A few steps to cross from door to bedside, "Well Ah just…", settling to a seat only once S'ya has made room for her. She'll just leave it at that. Must, no, but the thought that it might be best is still in her mind. The bronzerider is given a slightly awkward, one armed hug with her left, while the right is left to lay against her stomach. "Try ta stay outta trouble.." she offers him softly, soon enough moving back to her feet if he'll let her.

K'ael was not turning into Ton II. Yuck! He actually wanted to see and get to know all his kids. "Aw, you're leaving too, Zip? Alright you two." There's a hug for Zor, of course, and one for Zip too, if she wants. "You guys gotta promise I'm not gonna be stuck in this room alone unless I'm asleep." He blinks at F'yr. "Psh. She can have Shadow if she wants her. And Raff. Riff is my little purry loveball. Aw, no kitties S'ya? Though I guess with the kids it's not such a good idea…" He rubs at the greenrider's back, sitting fully up now to look at his leg.

Zipalla pauses behind Zorya and peers over at S'ya, hrm, though she grins a bit at the comment about kids and kitten tails. "That'd be awful..how is he?" she asks of her brother. She looks to F'yr and smiles, "I won't eat anything.." she says quietly. When Mike sits up she starts to reach then pulls back, it's not like he'd just roll off, right? Right. "Be a good scar.." she says. She settles for a pat on the bronzer's arm then steps back, "You gotta do what they said and rest.." she warns.

"No she can't," F'yr says with a bit of a pout. Black kitty was hers, afterall. But she turns to giggle at Zipalla, head bobbing. "Good. Cause the last ones Mike gave me got burnt." And she had yet to raid his place for more, considering everything that's been going on. She nods to S'ya and then moves aside a bit more when the bronzer goes about hugging girls, making sure she was well away from his arm reach. "Scars ain't so bad, so long as it heals and doesn't get infected if you're stupid 'bout it." That's her own warning.

S'ya busies herself with unbuttoning her riding jacket. The warm room starting to get the rider. She smiles to the girls as they say their goodbyes, trying to stay out of the way as much as possible. "No kittens. I am not really a fan of the purring and claws and mess." She's kind of a neat freak after all, and babies don't really mix with kittens. "Zal? Oh, he is doing wonderfully! If you would like to meet him I can bring him by, or maybe you can ask your dad to bring you along next time he visits." She gushes over her son happily, thrilled to see Zipalla take an interest in her half brother. "I am sure everything will heal up nice and proper." She adds about the scar, avoiding looking at it. Ugh, it was all scar like and there!

Asked for hug taken care of Zorya slips out of the way for her cousin to say goodbye as well. "It was nice meetin' ya, S'ya." she offers with a soft smile, a nod for F'yr. "Ah'll see ya later then Zipalla." she adds before slipping off and out of the infirmary.

The eldest Shipton girl nods her head a little then smiles, "ALright.." she agrees, either or. She is interested, it's not like she knows who all they are or where, but this one she does. Smile. "Get some rest, Mike, I should get on up there.." and she squeezes his arm then slips back past S'ya and smiles at F'yr, "See you in a while.." and she slips out the door.

K'ael blinks at Zip and then looks at his leg. "Ugh, a scar? I hope not… I don't want any sharding scar. I don't have a lot of leg hair to cover it up. And don't let F'yr eat all my pastries, Zip. Make sure you get at least a couple." He sighs. "Scars are ugly. Look at my brother." He nods to S'ya about the kittens, and lets her talk with Zip about Zallesh. If he wasn't afraid of popping stitches he's be grossing S'ya and F'yr out with his leg. He gives a wave to the Shipton girls as they head out.

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