Beautiful afternoon

Zorya has a talk with Aisling after her return from Igen, and ends up finding out a bit more about the green rider's brother.

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.
The Istan beach has set up for the costume party! There are tables of food and drink (look Long Table) set up around the beach, a slightly raised stage for the group of harpers playing music and a large flat area made especially for dancing. Torches and glow baskets hang on posts in the sand, giving the beach a soft light. Some of the weyr staff is on call to carry around drinks and food to the attendees as they mingle.

Late afternoon is always the warmest part of the day and with the sun shining through on a partly cloudy sky, great weather is to be had. So a certain green has drug her rider down to the beach so she can play in the water. Aisling, however; has no intention of going into the water today and has instead found herself a comfortable bit of dirt to relax and knitt on. Bag of yarn in front of her and needles in hand, sehe's working on what looks like a lightweight blanket made of pale blue yarn. "Leave the fish alone!" She yells, watching Tejath prance around and chase after the shallower water fish while her hands work.

And so one should be on such a beautiful day. Be outside that is, basking in the glorious sunshine. Basking however is not what a certain harper apprentice is up to, not in the truest sense of the word at any rate. The blonde's steps slowly lead her around the edge of the lake just a step or two from the water's edge. No one step is the same as the last though as Zorya throws in a bit of a skip here or a twirl there, but the whole thing is lacking enthusiasm overall.

Aisling isn't going to miss anything today. She might doze off or daydream when she's just relaxing, but since her hands are busy working and her mind is kind of counting when a row is finished off, her eyes are alert on the beach. She has to be with Tejath bouncing around like that. "And watch out for people!" True, she could yell this in her mind and get the message across clearer, but that's also a warning for anyone in the vecinity to keep an eye out for being splashed. She sees Zorya and her lack-luster frolicing, and though they've never really been close, the letter she got from her brother today urges her to maybe get to know the harper a little better. "Hey Zorya!" She calls out,holding her needles in one hand so she can wave her down should she look in her direction, motioning her her to come join her.

The shout is what first catches the harper's attention, drawing it to the fact that she's not alone. Not that one would have expect to be at the beach on such a beautiful day. Halfway through one of those little turns the girl drops her foot to the ground to glance in the direction of the sound, a flicker of a smile crossing her face for the greenrider before blue-eyed gaze drifts to the green in the water. A second call from the other, this one including her name, Zorya pulls a brighter expression to her face as she draws closer to where Aisling is seated. "Beautiful afternoon isn't it." the harper comments more than questions.

At the expression on Zorya's face, Aisling manages to get out of her frown she'd been sending her lifemate for the last while and smile a bit. "Yeah it is. Just wish that girl there would move further out to see if she's gonna be moving around so much. What if she steps on someone's pet? Or child?" So she's more concerned about animals than people? Who knows, but since the younger girl is headed this way, she goes back to working on her blanket. "Good to see you home." She says, trying to come up with conversation, even though she never really say Zorya much anyway. She's busy, ok?

Zorya laughs just a bit at the mention, her gaze slipping from rider to green as she's talked about. "Ah'd think people round here are used ta dragons enough ta stay outta her way mostly." she offers, turning back as she draws up beside the other. "Its good ta be back too Ah suppose." she agrees lightly, a look of consideration crossing her features as she thinks on it before the reply is give. "How are you and D'son gettin' on?" Ah yes, the attempts at idle conversation.

Aisling shrugs and frowns again out at the bossy green. "Probably, doesn't mean she can't show a bit of consideration. But then, she's always been like this." She says with a little sigh. Then there's the D'son topic. "We're doing alright. I think. It's been a while since I really got to see him." She shakes her head a bit and glances over at the other girl. "I've been told I'm to bring you to Igen when ever you want."

Zorya nods slowly, "Ah guess yer right." On the topic of the green showing a bit of consideration for others. "Oh.." paired with another nod is for the couple. "Alright isn't bad.." Its not right? There's that hint of question in her voice as she says it. And then.. there's Igen, and a third nod. "Ah wouldn't so much bout that." she offers in return, "Too much sand fer my tastes." Of course she knows why Aisling would mention it, but it might seem that the harper is going to push that thought to the side. "Mind if Ah join you?" she finally asks, a subtle wave of a hand towards the space beside the greenrider.

Aisling shrugs a bit. "Things could be better. And yeah, sure. Sit down." She lets the Igen train roll on through when it looks like Zorya doesn't want to talk about it. She just gets an Mmm, for the subject drop and decided to talk about the D'son topic for a little bit instead. "K'ael told me he slipped on metioning somthing to Dels that I haven't spoken to him about yet. I haven't really had a chance to properly talk to him since then either." She glances down at her hands for a moment and takes into consideration how things are going. The beach might not have been the best place to knitt a blanket, but hey, it can be washed when she's done.

Zorya gives the rider a curious look as she settles on the sand beside her, leaving perhaps a bit more space between them that might be needed to be a comfortable distance. "Ah know we dun know each other so well.. but if ya wanted ta talk about it..?" she offers, fairly certain she won't be needed nor wanted, but offering to be polite all the same.

Aisling shrugs lightly. "I want to say it's not that big of a deal, but I guess it kind of is." She chews her lower lip a little then shakes her head. "Thanks but I don't think so. I shouldn't have mentioned it to K'ael, but well I was a little drunk at the time and it was on my mind. So it just came out." It's not just Zorya she doesn't want to talk to about this, it's just that it's onlt D'son taht she thinks should hear about it in full.

Zorya nods slowly, her gaze fixed on the water, and hence in part the green in the water, as they talk rather than the one she's talking too. "Ah understand. Jus' thought Ah'd offer if ya wanted." The reply is followed by a long pause, the end of which is brought about by a quiet sigh from the girl. It would seem that all attempts at conversation have failed as they each have thing on their mind. "So… ya heard from yer brother then…"

Aisling nods. "Thanks. I appreciate it." The pause has her looking down at her work, watching the needles push the yarn through loops over and over again. At the sigh however, she glances back over at Zorya and a small nod follows the question. "Yeah. Just had a letter from him come this morning. I'm surprised to hear he impressed myself." A small smile pops up on her lips. "Supose it's only fitting that it was at Igen, what with his love of all things foresty. It was a little weird though because at the end of the letter he said to bring you over whenever you wanted and I had the time. But he didn't give any explanation. You two become friends during candidacy?"

Zorya pulls her knees up, wrapping arms around her shins to help hold them in place and just be more comfortable as she leans forward to rest her chin on top. A small smile pulls at her lips at the commentary on the man. "Well the gardens there are rather nice," she offers, "Even if there aren't many trees in Igen." There's another pause, though much shorter this time, "Its hard not ta get ta know people during candidacy…" Which, while true, isn't exactly an answer to the question.

Aisling nods at the comment on the gardens. "I'll have to agree there." She says on getting to know people during candidacy. After all, she's got Dels, F'yr, and K'ael all from the same event in life. "I can only imagine what it would have been like, going through candidacy with Malakai." She snorts a little at the very idea, a smile popping up on her face.

Zorya can't help but laugh just a touch at that. "Yeah, between him and Kelemi…" she starts, "Well it was interestin' anyway. Ya know they even found a way ta get a couple flasks of wine." she notes, turning her head to face Aisling for the moment. "But ya didn't hear if from me if he asks." she's quick enough to add.

Aisling laughs at this news of her brother's escapades. "Ah, if that's all he got up too, then he was really behaving himself. He and Ehren both, can be so terrible sometimes. I guess having some strict rules he has to follow kept him from trying to seduce everyone he came across." She shakes her head again and chuckling. "At least I'm going to assume that was the case since he didn't whine about anyone trying to kill him there yet."

"Well Ah only know what they got inta while Ah was there." Zorya clarifies. "What they did when Ah wasn't.." Well that's anyone's guess. As for the rest, the harper just blinks letting her gaze drift back to the waves. "Aisling…" "Ah know he's yer brother an all…" But she's brought it up. Zorya however trails off at that, trying to think of how to ask the question in mind.

Aisling snerks. "I suposse that's true. We're all just as in the dark of what goes on as anyone else, unless someone tells us." She's still grinning when that start of a new question rolls off Zorya's tongue. And there's a slightly different tone to it, so it get's Aisling's full attention. She even stops knitting and lets her hands rest in her lap. "What as he done?" There's an accusatory tone to her voice, like she's going to have to fly of to Igen and beat him or something.

The accusation in the other's tone has Zorya lifting chin from knees to look towards her. "Well.." Might as well start at the beginning. Things generally make more sense that way at least. "Ah might 'ave liked him a little." Or more than a little. Teenage girls after all are prone to crushes and such. "An' well.. nothin happened." she continues, chin lowering to rest on her knees once again, "Not til Ah was leavin anyway.." Darn boys and waiting til the last minute and only confusing things more. "He kinda kissed me then." Kind of? He did.

Aisling nods her head a bit, allowing for the fact that the harper girl might have liked him. When she says that he kissed her though, a frown pops onto her face. She stays calm though and manages to turn her frown into that of a more understanding expression. Her brother's actions might bug her, but here's a girl who might have suffered from them and so needs more of a listening ear it would seem. "Well," She pauses for a moment. "Do you still kinda might maybe like him? Or did he throw everything out of wack by kissing you?" She'll help her work through what's going on in her mind. Not that Ais is completely sure or anything, but it's usually helpful to have someone ask you for your exact feelings for you to be able to work it out.

“I don’t know.” Zorya replies after a long pause to consider the question at hand. “Ah mean.. maybe, but..” It’s just confusing. “It’s just.. he waited until Ah was leavin’,” she begins, turning to face the greenrider again. That perhaps is the most perplexing piece of it all. “An’ said he wanted ta sooner. An’ he wants me ta visit.. but then he says he’s not good for anyone..” Its no wonder she’s having trouble making sense of it all. “… Ah don’t want ta, but Ah think maybe.. maybe Ah still do a little..?”

Aisling nods and litsens as she tries to explain what kinda happened and kinda what he said and she feels and yeah! She sighs a little. "Alright let me tell you what I know about how my brother behaves and we'll see if that fills in any gaps for you on the confuding stuff." She folds her knitting up and puts it in her bag. "My brother likes to play. Wether it's games, jokes, relationships, whatever. He's just in it for the fun. He probably does like you a good deal. But then he probably has like four or five people he likes a good deal. And I think it's a good sign that he's growing up a little that he warned you that he wouldn't be good for you." Are we sure /she's/ the younger sibling? "And as far as waiting till you left to kiss you goes. Our mother was the one who taught us our letters and numbers and such. And she'd always read us these sappy love stories since they're her favorite, so he's probably got in ingrained in his head that waiting till someone; whether its him or the person he's kissing, is leaveing, for that first kiss is romantic or something."

Zorya gives a slight nod as she resituates herself a bit to more face Aisling as she goes on to explain her brother's actions. There's a long pause once the rider finishes before the harper nods again. "That's kind of what Ah was startin' ta think…" Zorya admits with a sigh about the playing games. Something to that effect anyway. As for why, that she doesn't comment on any further beyond the original nod of understanding. "Ah suppose Ah should visit at least once anyway though… What do ya think?" she finally questions the other's thoughts on the matter. To visit or not.

Aisling watches Zorya's face while things process. "Now, I'm not saying he was being intentionally mean or anything. He's just got to grow up a little still." She nods a little. "If you want to go visit him then visit him. He'll be sad in the beginning if you don't, but he'll eventually get over it." Of course, most people eventually get over everything.

Zorya nods. "Thanks Aisling. Ah think it helped some ta talk it over." Beat. "And well it woulda been awkward talking ta Uncle L'ton." Definitely a thing for talking over with others of the female persuasion, "And Zipalla, well… Ya know him better." Obviously since they grew up together. "Ah should be goin' though, some things Ah do need ta talk ta Zipalla about. But if ya wouldn't mind lettin me know next time yer headed up Igen way. Just in case."

Aisling nods and smiles a bit. "No prob. I can only imagine what your uncle would say from what I've heard of and seen of him. Probably do everything in his ability to strike fear into your heart." She nods again then. "I'll definatly let you know. And if you can find me, just ask and I see if I can get you up there."

Zorya laughs lightly as she pushes to her feet. "Yeah, he's already had that talk, but that was when Ah'd first got here and Ah hadn't met any boys yet. He seemed alright with it, just.. well ya know." A nod of agreement to the last comment. "Ah will, and if ya need anything Ah can help with, let me know."

Aisling smiles up at the girl and chuckles a little herself. "I see. And I will." she says giving her a bit of a wave. "See ya later." She pulls her knitting back out of her bag and gets back to work, before going back to watching Tejath.

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