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Igen Weyr - Southern Bowl
Active and quite busy at most hours — day or evening — the vicinty of the Southern Bowl is where a lot of the action happens. Due to the tunnel entrance that leads into the Weyr, this portion of the Bowl is often frequented by supply wagons, or frequent visitors as they make their way to the Weyr. Indeed, traders have generally set up their wares here, with wagons piled high with goods and stacked about the Bowl, yet still arranged to allow easy access through the arrangement of goods. The stable cavern is visible here, protected by a door with a stout lock to safeguard fineblooded runner stock. A short distance away from the stable cavern, the high fenceline of the feeding grounds can be seen, a brighter swatch of bright green grass against the sands. Multi-hued shapes roam about behind those fencelines, from placid bovines to wing-clipped wherries, that provide a meal for the dragons — the feeding ledges often well occupied.

C'vryn is wandering, although not apparently as aimless as he's trying to make it look as he walks into the southern part of the bowl. He glances up, looking around for someone and then sighing quiet softly as they're not in sight, his feet kicking at the dirt floor of the bowl.

The southern portion of the bowl is a rather busy area in Igen no matter the time, unless of course there's a sandstorm ala hatching day. But that of course is in the past for now. Its here that Zorya is found, despite the hustle and bustle in the area she for one is standing still, knapsack hanging a bit heavily on her shoulder as the blonde sends a glance towards the sky.

C'vryn continues to look around, before he finally spots who he was looking for and then in an agony of indecision just stands there, with his hands stuffed in his pockets. So instead he quite simply stares for a long moment, unsure of what to do now.

Zorya is waiting for something, or some one, it would seem being that she's not going anywhere herself. A step back to move out of the way of another passing by who apparently was paying less attention to surroundings than she. But the quiet C'vryn goes unnoticed by the harper.

C'vryn finally walks over a bit closer, glancing at the harper apprentice and then clearing his throat. "Oy. Zorya. They said you were leaving today. Is that true?" He pauses, looking around to see if anyone heard him or would be watching where he is at the moment.

Everyone else seems fairly caught up in their own business, too much so at least to pay more than a split second of passing attention to anyone they're not directly involved in conversation with. At the sound of her name the harper turns, a smile touching her lips once the speaker is found. "Ah am.." Zorya replies to the question with a bit of a nod.

C'vryn shrugs his shoulders slightly, before asking plaintively, "Why? I mean. Don't you like it here?" Then he realizes that it might not be the best thing to ask. "I mean. We like you here and all and you don't have to go if you don't want to or anything. Igen would be happy to have you stay."

Zorya blinks, taken back a moment before she can even say anything. The surprise written rather clearly across her expression. "Well no.. Ah mean, yes. Ah do like it a bit Ah suppose, but…" she pause, sighing her gaze slipping to her a hand clings to the strap of her knapsack as she looks for the words. "Ah've already left Zipalla more than Ah meant ta, and.. well Ah have lessons with the Harpers and all.."

C'vryn just looks a bit frozen for a moment and he nods. "I mean, I guess I just never figured that you'd be leaving here." He frowns and looks at her packs, before looking up once more. "Somewhat stupid of me, I guess. But I thought everyone would be staying and all that."

Zorya shakes her head lightly, blonde locks falling into her face with the motion before he looks up once again. "Not stupid," she replies, pulling a touch of a smile to the corner of her lips. "We all made friends while we were here… Not so silly ta think they wouldn't leave. But," and her she pauses, glancing down again for just a moment, collecting herself before continuing, "But not all of us can stay."

C'vryn looks dangerously close to pouting for a moment before he gives a half nod or so. "I suppose. I just really didn't want you to leave, if you didn't have to. Are you sure that you have to?" He scuffs his feet against the dirt floor of the bowl. "I mean, since I've got to be at Igen here for the next couple of turns and well. Kathryn probably won't even let me leave after that if she can help it."

Zorya's gaze lingers on C'vryn's expression for a moment before she turns away. Not completely, no, but enough so that she doesn't have to see him more than from the corner of her eye. "Ah have lessons…" she replies, leaving that as her answer to the question of if she must go. "But Ah'll visit?" she offers, a touch of question in her tone. "And even if she is your mother, ya have your own bronze now. Not as if she can keep ya even if she wants ta…"

C'vryn sighs very quietly. "She's just. Well. She's Kathryn, you know? Hard to live up to her and all that." He frowns once more and nods. "But I don't want to keep you if your ride is here. I'm just going to hold you to your promise to come visit us here at Igen."

Zorya mms and nods. "Ah suppose it could be hard…" she agrees. Then again, she had her own parental challenges to overcome. "Oh no," she adds with a shake of her head. "Still waitin' for the time. Ah promise though, Ah'll try ta visit much as Ah can." she offers, turning back as she forces the smile that crosses her lips to pull that tiny bit higher for him.

C'vryn turns back once more as he is heading off toward the barracks. "And Emel and I will hunt you down, once we're old enough if you don't stop by. So no hiding from us, alright?"

Zorya laughs lightly, "Of course ya will." she replies, "Good luck ta ya both." she offers then, watching until he turns his back once again before looking back to wait for her ride.

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