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Igen Weyr - Lake
The sand at the shore grades down for a way, until at about shoulder-level on a typical human it drops off sharply, deeply enough in a very short distance that the largest dragon can submerge entirely, and must even stretch to keep its head above water and hind feet on the bottom. There are even some cliffs off to the side that would make for great diving, though they're somewhat difficult to reach. The lake is frequently dredged to keep it from shallowing, for the deeper the water, the more slowly it evaporates away under the heat of the Igen sun. Truly, it's cooler beneath the surface, though the first foot or two of water stays warm late into the night. Under that, the layers of water grow rapidly colder, a welcome thing to deep-divers.

Ma'kai is down at the lake first thing this morning. Well, first thing after feeding Garanth. Breakfast is a good way to start the day, followed by a much needed bath, make life better! At least in Garanth's opinion anyway. "Uh, this is kinda gross you know, that towel really didn't do much for getting stuff off of you." He says as he scrubs at the dragonettes' bodywith sand from the lake before rinsing him off. "I hope some of this green stuff comes off." The bronze hatchling only growls indignantly. "I'd still love you, really. You just look rather girlish." he mumbles that last bit with a smile on his face, knowing he'd get growled at again.

There's subtle movement, a glitter of something or other. Bushes rustle quietly as something slinks from place to place, not quite seen but there is definitely a presence. And then, all of a sudden there's a loud bugle as Dzekecth pounces from the bushes, his eyes hinting of mischief and whatever else that the bronze dragon has planned. Ke'mi is not far behind, grinning wickedly. "We'll have to try that some other time." Ke'mi is heard saying to the bronze, Dzekecth pausing to watch for his bonded. The bronze croons quietly, his tail flicking in slight annoyance. "All right, all right, we'll get you cleaned off. Faranth knows we don't need you looking silly." Ke'mi shakes his head slowly, spotting Ma'kai and his dragon, "Heya, Ma'kai!"

Zorya giggles, trying to keep the sound to herself as she makes her way onto the lake's beach just in time to catch the last of Ma'kai's comments. "Girlish, hmm?" she questions, continuing in subtle, good-natured jest. "Ah don't think Ah've ever heard a bronze described quite like that." Its the bugle and bush pouncing of the other new bronze however that catches the girl off guard and sends the harper back with a start only to land on her bottom. Beautiful entrance there Zo. Just beautiful.

Ma'kai grins up at Zorya when she comes walking up, "Yes well, he's rather green for a bronze." He says with a wink. "We're hoping it's just egg g-OO!" He jumps at the sudden pouncing apperance of the mischievious bronze, though a smile pops up on his lips and he's laughing a little when Zorya falls over. At least until Garanth issuddenly curled around him, growling in a very threatening manner at the other bronze. "Hey, he's just playing, calm down." The bronzling quiets his growls, but doesn't move from his spot. He's gotta protect what's his. "Hey Ke'mi." He says with a smile for the other bronzer. Then he's looking to Zorya. "Are you alright there?" A glint of amusement lighting his eyes.

Dzekecth 's eyes casually turn towards the other bronze, lifting his head a bit higher as he prowls across the sand, following after his bonded. As if making a point, the dragon flicks some water at the pair. "Sorry, Zorya." But Ke'mi's appology is filled with laughter, "Didn't mean for you fall over." Mirth fills his face, dunking a brush into the water as the bronze settles down with a pointed yawn.

Zorya sits for just a moment before she starts to laugh, still not moving to actually get up just yet. "Ah'm alright." she assures the two around subsiding laughter before she finally pushes back to her feet. "Just.. startled me is all." and the sand caught her foot when she jumped. At least she's laughing though. "How bout the two of you?

Ma'kai pats Garanth on the leg a bit to get him to move off some so the bath can be resumed. "We're doing good." He answers for himself and Garanth. "Getting use to having him in my head though. It's kind of strange because he's sort of altering my views on some people. But then not really because I still think the same. Does that make sense?" The little bronze growls at that flicking of the water and uses his nose to toss some water at the other pair in return. Zorya, for now is ignored by the hatchling for she's not seen as a threat, yet. The water doesn't much bother Ma'kai as he's pretty much all wet from trying to bath an uncooperative hatchling that thinks every rustle of a bush is going to produce something dangerous that he'll have to fight off.

Dzekecth seems to pay the other bronze no mind, after all, it's not fun when someone suspects you, much more fun when their guard is down. The bronze setles in the water, his tail twiching with slight annoyance. "It won't take long, promise, DC." A little grin is given to Zorya, "It's not too bad, really, DC and I get along really well." Well, one would think so, considering how much Dzekecth and Ke'mi are alike. "He just hates staying still without being to nap. Silly lug. I know you don't like it, but it'll just take a little bit longer and then you can do what you want…no…I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just saying you can do what you want when you're not covered in sharding sand."

"Ah.. think so.." Zorya agrees though she's clearly uncertain of it even as she does so. "Maybe a little.." Make sense that its, the reply meant for Ma'kai as the girl steps closer to the shoreline. "Good ta hear yer getting along alright though." she adds, this more for both of the new riders than either one in particular. A bit of a laugh towards Ke'mi and the girl shakes her head, "He's gonna be a handful ain't he."

Ma'kai grins up at the girl from his squatting position and shrugs. "Yeah, doesn't make much sense to me either." He says, sensing her uncertainty. When Zorya moves closer, Garanth finally pays attention to her, a little warning growl rumbling in his chest. "Hey now, no growling at a lady who's just comming to say hello." Ma'kai chastises his lifemate, which earns him a growl as well, but the bronze quiets eventually and throws his head up in an arrogant manner. He won't back down from anything, and his guard won't be going down anytime soon.

Ke'mi smiles a little, a mischevious glint entering his eyes as he looks over at Zorya, "A handful for me or a handful for the rest of the weyr? Because I certainly don't mind his antics." He grins a little, his fingers wandering over the sand-covered bronze skin, adoration flashing in the harper's eyes. Ke'mi looks over at Ma'kai curiously, "His is worse than mine."

"Both." Zorya replies. Him and the weyr. The growl from Garanth sends her taking a step or two back once again. She might be more used to dragons than she was nearly a turn ago, but that.. growling is still considered warning enough for her. This one gets a second look from the girl however, "Him too." she notes in agreement with Ke'mi. "Yours just jumped ta the point." Literally.

Ma'kai grins a bit and nods in agreement with Zorya. "Probably going to be a handfull just all around." Garanth looks a little proud that he'd gotten the girl to back off, but then his lifemate isn't going to stand for that. "Come here Zorya, he won't hurt you. I promise." He says waving her over before giving the bronze a warning look. Two strong personalities that want their own way might cause some confontation later on. But for now Garanth will trust Mal, though he's goign to stand closer to him, just in case. Ma'kai looks over at Ke'mi with a mischevious grin all his own and shrugs a bit. "That's yet to be seen. If you're as much alike as you seem," He sayswaving a hand between the two of them, "Your DC there will totally be worse than Garanth." He says with a wink.

Ke'mi waves a hand dismissively in the air, seeming non-pulsed by the whole thing. "I could care less about what the weyr thinks about DC and I." He winks playfully at the other two, "If we get into trouble we get into trouble. DC and I get along very well. We've all ready got a lot of plans in store." He grins wickedly, turning to watch Mal and Zorya curiously. "At least my lifemate doesn't mind other people and isn't over-protective." Sure, right now Dzekecth prefers to have his lifemate around, he's a baby dragon after all. But he has his own misdeeds to get into.

"If?" Zorya returns towards the harper pair. "Ya mean when. Don't ya?" Because that pair, from her time in candidacy with Kelemi, is going to get into trouble sooner or later. A bit more hesitant now to join at water's edge the girl does step forward once again. "Yer sure?" she presses Ma'kai. "Ah mean, Ah don't mind givin him space now."

Ma'kai laughs a bit. "She's got a point there. If you've already got plans for shinanigans, you're totally going to get into trouble sooner or later. And unfortunately it's probably not goign to include me for quite a while. Garanth here would give us away by growling at anything that moves." He gives the stocky bronze a good rub on the neck though to let him know he doesn't mind. Too much. "And yeah, I'm sure. He just needs to know you don't mean any harm." At least that's what he's gathering from the whispers going on in his mind about how this girl is some kind of trap, ment to lure them in before she can do something terrible to them. He waves her over again before he starts srubbing again at Garanth's legs since they seem the most dirty. Interestingly enough, they just seem to get darker the more he washes.

"All right, all right. When we get into trouble. Happy?" There's that glint in Ke'mi's eyes, that only seems to reflect in the whirling orbs of the bronze dragon. However, his eyelids slowly narrow, his tail flopping against the water in annoyance. "Well, you're /huge/, of course it's going to take some time, I mean, if you weren't so big it wouldn't take so long. I promise we'll go prowl later." He laughs loudly, and judging by Ke'mi's tone, the two all ready have something planned. "If you're so scared I'll just go over there, but I guess DC and I will just have to have fun without you Mal. Too bad for you!"

Zorya give a bit of a laugh towards the harper and his lifemate, "Yes," but blue eyes remain focused on the other pair as she takes another few steps towards them. "Of course Ah don't.." Mean any harm.. Her? "Like Ah could do anything ta either of ya if Ah wanted."

Ma'kai grins and nods. "Yup." He says, almost in unison with Zorya. Garanth doesn't growl at the approching girl, but he does snake his head onto Ma'kai's shoulder, almost like a sheild from the girl. "I know that, but he doesn't." He says with a bit of a grin to the girl. "Hey look Garanth, this stuff comming off some." He says, trying to distract the bronze long enough for Zorya to come over and say hello to him. He just huffs though and stays exactly where he is.

Dzekecth rumbles quietly, his tail twitching a bit more out of irritation, his eyes narrowng ever so slightly. "All right, fine. We'll go do something. Impatient." And without further explination, the pair are in motion, the bronze creeping along the sands and quickly dissapearing into the nearby bushes.

Zorya sends a glance over her shoulder as Ke'mi and Dzekecth head off, "Um.. later then?" its half a question as she sends the pair a bit of a wave before turning back to the pair remaining. "Can't ya tell him that or somethin?" she asks, coming closer still at Ma'kai's prompting. Cause isn't that how that whole thing works?

Ma'kai grins off after Ke'mi, already a handfull and he's less than a day old. "Good luck!" He calls after them before turning his attention to Zorya, grinning at her edging closer. "I did tell him that. But he wants you to prove it. He's not a very trusting fellow." Ma'kai's jsut glad he's starting to /look/ more like a fellow and not an oddly colored green.

"Yer sure he's not gonna try an eat me or anything?" Zorya inquires, hanging where she hopes is just out of reach of the young bronze. Of course that theory has been disproven almost a turn ago, but with fourteen of hearing it it still finds a way to hang on in some situations.

Ma'kai laughs. "I'm sure he's not going to eat you. Haven't you heard that people really don't taste good?" He as a smirk on his face as he starts scrubbing down the bronzeling's back. "Come on, come say hello, you're both acting like the other is going to lash out and hurt someone." Really, Garanth's just paranoid, not rabid.

Zorya frowns just a bit before she offers a "Hello.." towards the bronze. "Ah always feel silly talkin to 'em…" she admits looking back towards Ma'kai. "Its like… Ah don't know.." She pauses, gaze trailing back to the dragonette. "Ah ain't gonna hurt ya…" and she even ventures to reach out a hand towards the young bronze.

Ma'kai can't help but laugh after that hello from Zorya. "He says 'Bite me'. And haven't you ever talked to any other animals? Even if it's just baby talk? These guy'll actualy respond, so it makes more sense to talk to them." When she ventures out that hand towards him, Garanth pulls his head back, not quite trusting her not to hit him of something. "Stop that. She's not going to hurt you." Ma'kai says in a soothing voice. The baby bronze inches his head back towards Zorya's hand and nudges it lightly before pulling back away form her.

Zorya holds her hand there as she shifts her gaze just that little bit over towards the young man. "No, not really." she replies with a shake of her head. "A little back home, but that was more knowin' no one else was gonna listen and that they weren't gonna say anything." The movement of the bronze she catches out of the corner of her eye, hand pulling back rather quickly as he gives it a nudge.

Ma'kai shrugs. "I guess I'm still the strange one then. I talk to any animal I come across in the woods. Even the bugs sometimes." He says with a bright grin. Garanth decides that this girl can be trusted with his boy long enough for him to rinse off so he moves to roll around in the shallows a bit, even though Ma'kai wasn't done scrubbing at him yet. The forester stands up then, brushing his dirty hand off on his pants, a habit he'll probably never grow out of. "He really is soft inside I think, he's just not very trusting." He gives the harper a warm smile. "You did good."

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light shrug. "Not so strange Ah guess." she replies. "Ah just.. well there were other things ya know." Talking to animals just wasn't on her daily list of things to do for much of her life. "If he picked you he can't be all bad." she adds, still keeping most of her attention on the dragonette even as he slinks off to rinse. But at that last she blinks back to Ma'kai. "Good?"

Ma'kai nods. "Yeah, good. He backed off enough to do something other than guard me." He says with a chuckle. He tilts his head a bit and grins at Zorya. "That quite the compliment. Would that apply to everyone who picks me?" He asks playfully at her claiming Garanth as not so bad for picking him. The bronze comes back quickly though and looks expectant of more scrubbing, he's not all clean and he can feel it.

Well he was the one to scare her most at the hatching after all! "Oh," Zorya nods slightly in response to the clarification. "Well ya seem nice enough. And so does your sister so.." Its only logical. "Ah guess." she concludes, though the girl's attention is clearly more on the returning bronze than his rider.

Incoming. No, really. /Incoming!/ There's a rather smallish, greenish dragon that comes barrelling across the clearing, little claws scrabbling against the ground. Go! Go! Go! And into the water she scrambles just a bit, enough to cause numerous splashings about. Maybe there was a tadpole she was trying to catch. There is, however, a slow rise of quiet as her head turns about. K'shan? …Well he's not there yet. This revelation is met with a rather loud, piercing shriek, and an answering cry from the newly minted greenrider as he hurries into view, a hand holding his head. "Not so /LOUD/! I'm right here, you didn't get far.. What? No, no you didn't hurt me, I'm fine."

Ma'kai crouches down to scoop up more sand to start scrubbing the places he's apperently missed. He grins at Zorya's attempted explination and shake his head a bit, As the bronzling's attention is alomst entirely on Zorya, untill there a streak of green heading their direction and Garanth goes doubly on guard. What is she doing?! Is she attacking?! Then there's splashing about and Garnath bugles at her, quite upset as it seems her plan was to get them all wet. How dare she! That shriek however, made all the more poingant by the mental accompaniment, has even Garanth ducking his head feeling a bit sorry for her. Ma'kai covers his ears at the noise, he'd been laughing at the splashing and merry making untill then. And a wave of worry wased over the bronzer untill K'shan appears. "She's pretty enthusiastic in everything, isn't she?" He says to the healer turned rider once he's closer.

Zorya jumps back for the second time today, this time at the entrance of the green. Wincing at the sound at least she stays on her feet this go round. Gaze turning back towards the bellow of K'shan. "She's very… enthusiastic." she agrees on the word as Ma'kai says it, sending a glance back towards him.

K'shan just looks a little bit tired as he finally meets up with Nawyth, dropping down to rest on his knees in the shallow water, and just hugs the slightly distraught creature. That same exhausted gaze shifts towards Ma'kai and Zorya though, brows lifting just a little. "It goes from one extreme to another." Nawyth does seem calmer now, however, dipping her muzzle into the crook of K'shan's neck, before offering a brightish croon toward Garanth.

Ma'kai nods a bit at the sleepy K'shan. "I see, well, at least she seems generally happy." The bronzeling who's covered in dirt from his scrubbings looks a little taken aback at that brightish croon, not quite trusting it. He snorts at the green though, now that she's got her rider and seems to be ok, and goes back to Ma'kai for his bath to be finished up. Look, he doesn't look like he's the same gender as Nawyth now, go him.

Zorya mms and nods at K'shan's comment. "Certainly seems it." she agrees. "Ah just.." the girl starts, taking a moment to glance down towards her feet, past her hands where fingers link and relink a few times. Looking back up at the two she continues, "Ah wanted ta say congratulations.. and good luck…"

K'shan does finally get up again after a moment, grimacing. His /pants/ are wet. Ugh. /Ugh./ His head shakes a little bit, but Nawyth doesn't seem to interested in the idea of a bath right yet. No, she's much more curious about her larger brother. Which is why she tromps right on over, muzzle poking in close. …Dirty. K'shan simply groans a little bit. "Nawyth, /please/." For his part, though, he doesn't actually move to try and /stop/ her exploration. He simply sits down in the sand..and then bonelessly flops onto his back. Though, there's a slight blink at the note of congratulations, pushing himself up onto his elbows to give Zorya a confused look. "..Thank you..?"

Garanth is /not/ cool with Nawyth coming over to him to 'check him out', even if she /is/ smaller. He growls at her, puffing up his chest and attempting to look like a threat to her. He doesn't snap at her though thankfully. "Garanth, don't growl at ladies." Ma'kai says for the second time that day. The bronzer knows a good-bye when he hears it and his face falls because of it. "Oh. Thanks Zorya. Are you going home?" Home as in home home, not dorms home. Ista Home.

Zorya nods, forcing herself to keep her chin up and not look back at the sand beneath her feet as she does so. "Not just yet.." she replies, focusing most of her gaze on the dragon pair rather than their human counterparts. "Tomorrow maybe."

Frightened? Not hardly. Nawyth gives an amused little noise at Garanth's growling, wings fluttering. She even pulls herself up, wings flapping as she rears back on her haunches. Raaaaawr? And then she's off again, bounding away from the water and to K'shan, who still sits there looking a bit..lost. He clears his throat politely though, and reaches to gently pet the green's head a bit.

Rustle, rustle, rustle. Bushes around the surrounding area shift and move for a few moments, almost as if something is moving through them, a gust of wind flows through the area and soon the bushes settle and quiet. Until suddenly a bronze dragon is seen jumping through the air, but he seems to lose his footing and quickly tumbles head over tail along the sand, landing hard on his face. Grumble. "We're going to need to practic that." Ke'mi says quietly, mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. At least the bronze didn't end up hurting himself, Dzekecth picks himself up, shaking himself off. "You're the one that dragged me off without cleaning off the rest of you, impatient lug."

Garanth is not pleased by the greens reaction and growls louder at her. «Go away!» He hisses in his raspy tenor, thoughts shrouded in an angry black; even as she's bounding back off to K'shan. The reapperance of DC though has the still muddy bronze going into an absolute tizzy and he's growling in that direction too, looking much like he's become a cornered beast ready to fight back for his life. Untill Ma'kai places a hand on his head and smiles down at him. "Calm down it's alright." Garanth grumbles and wraps himself around his lifemate's legs, muddy and wet as he is. Ma'kai Grins and shakes his head at Ke'mi. Seems the other dragons are all intent on grand entrances. "Between DC and Nawyth I think one of you's going to give Garanth a panic attack." He shoots off towards the bronzer. He turns his attention back to Zorya then and a sad little smile tugs at his lips. "Well, I guess that's only to be expected. But make sure you come say goodbye before you actually leave. Alright? And we'll totally come visit you once we can." He says, nodding down to Garanth. True it'll be a couple turns, but still.

Pouncing from the bushes, again. And again it catches poor Zorya off guard. And for the third time today she jumps at a dragonette's entrance to the beach. "Must he keep doing that." she nearly whines towards Ke'mi as he appears. Well if Garanth isn't the one having the panic attack it'll be Zorya. That entrance settled she glances back in Ma'kai's direction and nods. "A course Ah will."

K'shan mphs a little as Nawyth's head dips lowly, pushing against the healer's stomach and partially under his tunic. Is his face turning red? ..Well, a little. "Get /out/ of there!" Huff! A push is given to the green's head, but she doesn't seem perturbed about it, simply offering a loud trill once her other bronze brother appears as well. There's a sigh from the boy then, head slowly shaking. "There isn't anything for him /to/ be panicking about." Garanth is just paranoid. Or something. Still, he does look over at Ke'mi as he appears with his lifemate, and then back to Ma'kai and Zorya, offering at least a bit of information. "Zorya is leaving." Dun /Dun./

"It's just how he is." Ke'mi says dismissively as Zorya asks, a little grin pulling at his lips, "You trying to get him to be something he's not?" She's probably lucky Dzekecth is still young yet, he hasn't perfected his mischievious ways. "It's not like DC means bad you know? He's just…him…just like your bronze is paranoid." He rolls his eyes, wandering over to flop onto the beach. Dzekecth doesn't really seem much interested in the other dragons, instead, he curls up around his lifemate, his eyes quickly closing as he curls up under the sun.

Ma'kai is grins all around. Yes he's quite amused by all that's happening, except for the leaving Zorya part. But her reaction to DC's reappearance is cute. "Ha, well seems we're going to have quite the time here. And he won't always /be/ paranoid." At least, that's what Mal is hoping for. "Go rinse that mud off of you if you don't want me to keep scrubbing." He says to Garanth, who just moves to stand infront of his rider. He wants more scrubbing. His skin's a little itchy and he wants it scratched. "We'll go oil you later, all right? Get you all nice and shiny now that you're all clean." He pats the ground next to him then. "Come on Zorya, sit down and relax while we've still got you here. You should have any chores since you're not a candidate anymore."

Zorya shrugs at Ke'mi's explanation. "Doesn't mean he has ta go scarin' people all the time." she notes. Then again it was pretty much just her, wasn't it. There's a moment of hesitation before she finally gives in to setting down on the sand beside Ma'kai. "Just cause Ah dun have chores doesn't mean Ah don't have anythin ta do."

Nawyth tilts her head vaguely to the side, and's off to the water again. Really, if Garanth isn't going to rinse off, she can help. Right? ..Well, the sudden sloshing of water in the bronze's direction is at least an attempt to help..or simply soak. K'shan doesn't even bother with trying to stop her for now.'ll end in another headache for him. A quiet look is sent toward Ma'kai and Zorya though, before his gaze shifts toward Ke'mi and his dragon instead, considering he's just flopped down. "I doubt any of them /mean/ anything badly."

Ke'mi just rolls his eyes in annoyance as he leans back against the bronze, "He's just having some fun." A hand idly reaches out to scritch the bronze's eyelids, "You don't need to get all worked up about it." He turns towards K'shan, "You're leaving? Why? You shouldn't leave."

Ma'kai grins when Zorya finally comes to sit next to him while hie's washing the bronze. Especially since Nawyth is back over again trying to 'help' and splashing water all over the place. he laughs and sheilds his face from the water that will no doubt get on him since he's so close to Garanth. Said bronze is /not/ happy about the little green is back again and splashing water all over the place. He's being scrubbed here! He growls at her again and turns to try and hit her with his tail, though he might have missed with as wiley an enemy he's up against. "Garanth! Do do that." He scold's the hatchling, no, that's not a happy look on his face. "I would have agreed with you K'shan, untill this. I'm so sorry." Garanth is apperently also getting a mental berating as his head keeps ducking lower untill eventually he's moving to curl up against Ma'kai, upset that the one person he wholely trusts is yelling at him.

Zorya ducks said splash as well, thankfully for her however she has a shield in the form of Ma'kai. Some of that water does manage to get on her though "Hey!" she squeaks, holding a hand up in a futile attempt to protect herself from it.

Hiii-yah! Ninja dragon. That swiping tail gets leapt away from, and then leapt /at/ instead. Rah! ..Aw. It's gone though. K'shan though has sat up, brows furrowing, worriedly watching his dragon and Ma'kai's. But, since Nawyth doesn't actually seem hurt, he shrugs, giving Ma'kai a dirty look. Hmph. Ke'mi? He gets looked at in confusion. "Me? Not /me/. /Her./" His hand waves a little in Zorya's direction, a small huff coming from him.

Ma'kai has his arms wrapped around the stocky little bronze, partly for comfort and partly to keep him still. He grimaces lightly at that look from K'shan. It's not his fault he's got a dragon who doesn't like anyone. "Sorry." He says again. Garanth on the other-hand seems to be the calmest he's been in his very short life so far in Ma'kai's arms like that; and takes the opportunity to actually look at the Green and her actions. Maybe she's not /so/ bad, but that doesn't mean he trusts her any.

Zorya begins to push back to her feet. "Ah should probably be goin'.." she starts. "Thinks ta do an all.." Though Ma'kai did have a point earlier when he said that she doesn't have chores now that she's no longer a candidate. But that seems to be beside the point just now.

K'shan just shakes his head a little bit, sighing, and drops back onto his..back when Nawyth returns to him. There's a slightly aggravated look on his face when the wet dragon drapes across him, but doesn't bother reprimanding her. She's too adorable to do that. He says nothing else, even. Just..lays there.

Poke, poke, "DC…" Grumblegrumble. "C'mon, you can't sleep here." Grumblegrumble. A tail twiches against the ground, a eyelid slowly opening to glare at Ke'mi, "Fine, sleep here." The weyrling pushes himself to his feet, only to have a tail wrap around his feet, "If you're going to sleep here, sleep here, but I've better things to do."

And it seems everyone's leaving, almost. "Oh all right." Ma'kai says, looking up at Zorya when she stands. "Guess you do need to pack up and stuff. I'll see you later." He gives her a definate nod. Ke'mi's predicament with DC is kind of amusing and a grin spreads across the forester's face. "Seems he wants the both of you to hang around and tan or something." Garanth is craining his neck around Ma'kai, trying to get a good look at everyone since he's kind of trapped and can't see everyone easily.

"Yeah.. later." Zorya agrees softly, pulling a smile to her lips for all three of the others. "Good luck ta all of ya." she offers again before turning to head off back towards the main caverns of the weyr.

K'shan shifts around just a little bit, and then sighs, working his hand into his pocket. With a bit of interesting squirming, he finally pulls out that same deck of cards he'd played with before, fingers quietly shuffling through them. "..I suppose a game could be played.."

Ke'mi grumbles a little as the bronze dragon tightens about his lifemate, that familiar twinkle of mischief lighting in the bronze's eyes as he gets comfortable. "Fine, blockhead." The harper hunkers down, crossing his arms in mild annoyance. "You sleep too much." Ma'kai gets a glance, "He sleeps too much." Zorya gets a frown, "Stop by all right? We'll miss ya."

Ma'kai waves to Zorya as she walks off. That deck of cards Kash pulls out is eyed by the forester bronzer and a twinkle of mischief alights in Ma'kai's eyes. "Hey Kash, you wouldn't happen to know how to play poker would you?" He asks rubbing Garanth's head and sending him off to go rinse off. There was no use getting mad about the water and nuf that's on his own clothes, but he shoot Ke'mi a grin once he's back up on his feet. "Maybe. But maybe he sleeps just the right amount of time for himself." He adds onto the end there while he stretches.

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