...the bottom of a LAMPSHADE.

Post hatching blues are cured by the presence of family. Not to mention so rather random conversation of what was missed.

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

Shaking the dust and sand from her clothes, Zip wanders into the caverns, scanning. She looks a little funny covered in the stuff, dust poofing from her as she walks.

Zorya makes her way back to the living caverns after a stop in the barracks to change. Here and there other candidates who didn't impress sprinkle in. New weyrlings certainly still with their lifemates for the time.

Zipalla looks over all the people then finally sees Zorya and makes tracks to get to her. Unsure what the mood might be, her own emotions a jumble, she gets close and smiles, "Hey Zor..see..I made it.." she says softly, reaching for her hand.

Zorya hmms as she hears her name, glancing up to catch sight of her cousin and pulling a smile to her lips for the girl. "Ah'm glad ya did.." she replies equally as quietly, "Uncle L'ton came too then?"

Zipalla nods, "He did, he got called away just after the last one impressed but he was here..how..ya doin?" she asks quietly.

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light shrug. "Alright Ah guess…" She's still working on figuring that out herself. "How about you?" Cause there's been very little time for cousin bonding as of late. "You an Pi should be happy ya get ta take me home now." she offers, teasing herself lightly in the process.

Zipalla can't help it, she curls her arms around Zorya and hugs, "I AM happy about that part.. your mate wasn't here.." she says with a nod. "Weird feeling for you I guess..it's weird for me and it's not even me.." she grins.

Zorya shakes her head. "Not that weird." After all it's not the first time.. "More.. just Ah hope Ah didn't disappoint you father." Because well.. he seemed so certain that she would. "Ah know it's silly."

Zipalla tilts a gaze at Zorya and smiles softly, "Zorya…ook I know I'm younger.. and everyone thinks I don't know anything but.. honestly.. anyone who thinks it's about being good enough or being chosen over another person.. it's just not quite right, Da knows it. He's not disappointed, we just want what's best for you. If you have a mate out there we want you to find it.. if not then.. no one should be disappointed IN you…" Huh..where'd that come from.

Zorya returns a hug to Zipalla. "Ah guess Ah know that.." she admits softly. "Sometimes it jus' helps ta hear it from someone else." And really, it can. "…So… Think ya might be up ta sharin yer room for a bit?"

Zipalla perks and then smiles, she did good! The question makes the girl's eyes sparkle and she nods, "Oh Zor I'd love it..and you can meet Riley.. and my kittens..and my other firelizard and.." she claps her hands together excitedly.

Of course she did good. Unless she'd said something along the lines of 'No, he's terribly disappointed and that's why he left so soon.'.. well then she wouldn't have. Zorya smiles, and can't quite keep a giggle suppressed as the girl babbles on. "Ah'd like that." Beat. "So now, about this costume party ya were having?" Because she needs something happy to talk about.

Zipalla giggles too then she looks around, "Let sit.." she says, "Want a drink? I"ll get it.." and she rambles a bit more. "The party was last night..I went as Moreta.. Riley was Lord Alessand.." she begins, then pauses, giving Zorya a chance to settle.

Zorya nods, moving to an open table with Zipallaa. "Oh, Ah can-" she starts, but concedes to let her cousin fetch the drinks. "Some water'd be nice." she says settling into a seat. "Sounds like it was really fun…"

Zipalla returns with water in hand and then sits down, "It was fun in part..some.." and she lifts her shoulders, giving her cousin a sheepish look. "Mostly fun though."

Zorya peers at the girl over the glass as its given, taking a sip as soon as its in hand. Blue eyes carry a touch of sparkle, curious as to that look of the other girl. "And..?" she prompts.

Zipalla looks down at her own glass and then her eyes tilt up even if her chin stays down, "Oh just.. You know Mike..err..K'ael is our new Weyrleader..he was there with F'yr.." she says then lowers her voice. "I've never seen F'yr in a dress..and this one was.. well.. I dunno, not a guy in the place took his eyes off her, 'cept Da and Riley..and I'd bet they both snuck looks..red satin.." her head nods.

Zorya oh. "Ah know ya mentioned there was a new one when ya were here with Pi." she agrees, "Dun remember if ya mentioned who though." A bit of a frown begins to pull at her lips though. "Don't worry bout that so much. If ya had that dress Ah'm sure ya'd be twice as pretty as her."

Zipalla blushes over at Zorya and lifts her shoulders, "I wasn't thinking about it quite like that.." she says, though her eyes drop for a moment and she takes a sip. "Riley says I worry too much.." she remarks with a grin. "He's so much fun, Zor.. you're gonna like him.." She smiles, "I introduced him to Da.. and he danced with me… I thought Mi," then she stops and shifts in her chair. "There was one in a bird costume.. one cat.. Da and Mai had their little one dressed like a herdbeast..Niah was there, Shellie.. I think Ton's offspring had a majority for family in attendance.." she laughs.

Zorya sips at her water. After that sand, something to drink is something to be thankful for. "Well if he's a friend of yours Ah'm sure Ah will." she agrees with smile, that turns to a bit of a laugh at the list of costumes and family. "Ah'm sorry Ah missed it."

Zipalla grins at Zorya and nods, "He's got red hair and brown eyes.. kinda tall.. skinny.. he said I looked pretty.." she says with a little blush to her cheeks. "I wish you'd been there too.. I worked all day with the cooks getting food and stuff ready.. it was fun to see it all come together."

Zorya giggles, the laugh turning to a bit of a cough before she takes another drink. "Ah bet ya were beautiful. What'd yer dress look like?" she wonders.

Zipalla snerks and nudges Zorya then perks again. "Well.. it was sorta silvery..with long..swoopy sleeves…jagged hem.. I had sparkly stuff on my skin.. lined my eyes in ice-blue and tipped my lashes.. worked the glittery stuff into my hair and left it down.." she pauses and bites at her lip, grinning. "He put his circlet on me after.. then when we went to the cave I asked where he found it.. the bottom of a LAMPSHADE.." and she busts up giggling. "My treasure was from a lampshade.."

Zorya giggles. "Well Ah'm sure it was pretty. Lampshade or not." she grins, quirking a brown at the mention of the cave. "But Ah might ask what ya were doin in a cave with a boy." she teases. "Your father know about that?" she asks with a wink.

Zipalla grins then her mouth perses and she lifts her brows. "Oh did I say cave.." she says, ahem. "Nah.. nothing.. just talking.." and she lifts her shoulders all non-chalant.

Zorya leans over to nudge the other girl. "Come on Zipalla. Ah'm yer cousin. If ya can't tell me…" Then who can you tell would be the end of that sentence. "Ah won't say nothin."

Zipalla looks up at her and narrows her eyes, "Promise?" she asks, "Not that anything really did happen.. we drank some ale and talked a while..he's so sweet to me and ornery at the same time!"

"Would Ah lie ta ya?" Zorya relies, canting her head to the side to better look towards her cousin waiting for the story. "He sounds really nice…"

"He is.. even if he sorta ran off when I introduced him to da.." she giggles at that. "He's new at Ista.. so when we get back.." and she pauses, "Which will be when you think?"

Zorya nods. "Well L'ton can be kinda scary if yer a boy hangin around his baby." she teases the girl, shrugging in reply to her question. "Well they were wantin ta wait till the storm was over.. and Ah was thinkin bout stayin a day or to ta say goodbye an all…"

Zipalla nods, "YOu should..you've spent time here.. but I gotta get back.. and get our room ready!" She rises to her feet and then bends to hug Zorya, "If you need help moving, get word to me.. if not, see you when you get home! I can't wait!"

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