2008 Igen Weyr Hatching

Fall 2008 hatching. Igen Weyr clutch of gold Nylaeth and Ista's bronze Azaeth.

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; "COTS" are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a "CHART". The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large "CHORE BOARD" lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

Kasholan is totally in the barracks. He is. And looking for a shoe. Really..he looks a bit /angry/ at this point as he rifles through his things, and checks briefly under his cot. Muttermutter…

Nemu simply cannot help her curiosity, and has snuck in to watch the candidates in their final moments in the barracks.

Kelemi is looking quite irritated, staring pointedly at a spot just under his bed. Why, who knows. The harper just wraps his arms behind his head, giving a pointed, long-drawn yawn out of boredom.

Ch'y comes into the barracks, but with no new news. In fact he seems merely to be checking the torches and glows dug out of storage to ensure the candidates have enough light to move around safely by.

Sayetia walks back into the candidate barracks after having been out relaxing after chores. She seems pretty relaxed at least even despite the storm. She walks over and sits on the corner of Kelemi's bed. "You ok Kel? You look rather irritated."

Vaelin is lying on her cot, on her stomach, watching her fellow candidates. She and the pink orb are still having their grande olde time, chilling out and people watching. The girl's hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail done up with spare string.

Hadria is here, not in robe yet but she is here. Her undergarmets are bright yellow and pink polkadotted. Simply sitting on her cot, and not caring who see's her pretty panties. Instead she is talking to her Firelizard Duckie, "Now, we're going to practice you staying here and me leaving." Weirdo.

Atrilix is sitting still hardly containing his eager excitement. He glances occasionaly around with a smile at everyone, and just tries his best to sit still.

The sand and winds outside having everyone sequestered indoors it seems that most of the candidates are in the barracks biding their time. Zorya is one of them, laying (much like Vaelin) on her stomach on her cot, a finger running over a page in front of her as she follows the markings.

Kelemi turns towards Sayetia, a brow arching ever so slightly on his forehead, "Quite all right." And as the Assistant Weyrlingmaster comes in, the harper closes his mouth for a moment, quickly turning his attention from the spot he had been staring at. "I wish they'd get the power fixed." Occasionally, the harper's eyes will roam around the barracks, falling on a few people in particular. "I dare you to go out on the sands like that." A little grin pulls at the harper's lips, his eyes glittering in mischeif as he looks at Hadria.

Malakai has been walking round in his robes since this afternoon. It's comfy. In his hand is a shoe. "Kasholan, I found your shoe! It was in the living caverns." He says tossing the shoe onto the healer's cot. "It was under a table. If that makes any sense."

Having left the barracks in civies, Dare returns dressed in her candidate robe and sandles. Hirsute feet reveal and hide themselves as she walks. Not even payint attention to what's going, the candidate wanders over to her cot and drops her clothing on her cot.

Kasholan blinks, looking up as Malakai arrives with the rescued footwear. Although he looks a bit confused at first, and then irritated. "What was it doing /there/?" Grump. Honestly… That's no place for a /shoe/. Sighing though, the healer does seem to relax just a bit, glancing again to the other candidate in the flickering light. "..Thank you."

Malakai grins and nods. "Yeah, I'm thinking some feline found it and thought it ws wonderful and decided to keep it." He nods, thinking it make perfect plausible sense. "No problem."

Sayetia nods towards Kelemi as she replies. "Yeah it isn't good to have the power out so long I must admit." She observes the room with a yawn.

The sound of the storm penetrates even here, but somethign deeper more primal begins to vibrate the weyr's walls and Ch'y lets out a sigh. At last and yet, right now? "Alright everyone, get in your robes and line up here." he points in front of him and then takes in another breath knowing the chaos about to hit the barracks.

Nemu warbles in response to the humming and disappears between to watch the fun up on the ledges.

Kelemi nods once to Sayetia, a little grin pulling at his lips as his eyes wander to Malakai, "A shoe…in the living caverns?" He laughs loudly but that laughter is soon cut out as the Assistant Weyrlingmaster speeks. "Aw shards." And with a lazy stretch, he pushes himself off of the bed, slowly getting undressed and putting on his clothes. His feet are stuffed into his shoes. "I don't know why we wear these sharding things. I hate white." There's a little roll of his eyes.

Kasholan drops the shoe. Oh well..didn't need that, apparently. He makes a quick movement to his clothespress, however, shuffling through the things inside of it before he manages to find his robe. There's even a bit of manuvering with it, in which he pulls it on /over/ his clothes…before he squirms out of the ones he'd already had on. No. There will be no flashes of Kash-bod. Tossing the useless clothes onto his cot though, he slips into his sandals..and rushes to stand in line.

Zorya blinks up at the back and forth between healer and forester. "What was your sh-" she starts curiously before Malakai offers up a thought. And then there's the announcement from Ch'y. Blink. Now? Right.. And there's the practiced change of clothes, if somewhat stumbling as she tries to dress and slip into sandals at the same time.

Sayetia smiles back towards Kelemi when she hears about needing to get dressed and does so quickly and makes sure she doesn't miss where Kelemi is as once she's dressed, she goes over to him so they can stay together on the sands.

Malakai seems the shoe had been found just in time when the call to line up is made. "Oops, time to get going." The forester says with a grin, thankful he's already in his robes and such. He nods then to Kelemi though as he gets in line. "Yup. The living caverns."

Hadria hears the dragons and throw on her robe. Just in time, no she wasn't going out in her undies. FInding her shoes she gets all dressed. "I'm not ready." She tells the girl nearest, she bounces on her feet though and is almost squeaking with delight. Not even a sandstorm can get her down!

Vaelin peers across to Zorya's cot, her hazel eyes flickering over to her pal's spot and what she's doing. "Makes you miss Ista a little, yeah?" Her own white robe seems to be dazzlingly new. She's been wearing it for a good chunk of the day, though obviously not at her own decision. The vibrations catch her offguard, and with a sharp gasp she sits up. "Woah!" The sleep leaves her eyes that moment, and she scrambles off her bed. Now… why now?

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompy them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

A jump then nothing, another jump again nothing, what sounds like rattling comes from the area where The Tin Soldier Egg was laid, the low visibility makes it hard to determine exactly what this egg is doing.

Sayetia walks out onto the sands staying close by to Kelemi as she feels the nervous anticipation of everything when she walks onto the hot sands in her sandals. She gives a bow looking rather awkward in the robe towards the dam and sire as well as their riders before she whispers to Kelemi. "Hold my hand please… I want to be close to you while we wait." She holds her hand out to him quietly.

Azaeth pops from between to the hatching sands not a moment too soon, as Nylaeth has already begun her hum and the eggs were wiggling. It's a little strange seeing K'ael's Ista Weyrleader knot on the sands at Igen, but here they were, finishing up the last of their sands squatting with one of the older golds. The young bronzer keeps on his riding gear even in the heat to shield himself from the blowing sands as he makes his way over to a corner that's at least partially shielded from the storm. Azaeth meanwhile moves over to the gold's side very carefully.

Kelemi grumbles quietly under his breath, still pulling at his white robe. "I hate this stupid thing." Grumblegrumble. But, in the midst of his complaining, Kelemi doesn't forget to bow to the sire of the dam. This done, Kelemi moves to slide around the eggs, looking sideways at Sayetia. "All right." He murmurs, taking her hand in his own. "Shards, it's darker in here than I thought it would be."

A piece flakes off the shimmering shell, and the Antique Enchantment Egg has one tiny hole. A glittering red eye is visible from within, but the hatchling bides its time.

Zorya gives a light shrug to Vaelin. "A little…" she notes as the group of candidates make their way onto the sands. The girl dips to perform a small curtsy to the dam and sire. That formality taken care of the girl steps into place among the others. "Good luck?" is passed on to those nearby, though the statement holds a bit of question as well.

Clumsy Clockwork Egg topples abruptly on its side, a tiny hairline crack runs up its exposed bottom, in the blink of an eye. If you missed it, its gone.

A small crack forms on the surface of the egg, preceded by a small sound then followed by a violent shaking of the egg and another loud cracking sound.

Hadria comes out onto the sands, actually she skips. It's dark and she can't see but she is skipping nonetheless. A total disaster this one is. Looking around she smiles, talking to Zorya quickly as she gives a fancy little curtsy and twirl. FInding her way so she is next to Zorya, she says "This should be fun right? I hope so! Ooh." Staring out at the eggs and bouncing on her heels.

Kasholan makes his way out onto the sands quietly, although practically on the heels of the candidate in front of him. It's a bit annoying, hardly being able to see anything. Still, he looks around, giving a faint cough for the somewhat dusty air, before shifting into a slight bow himself. "Is anything even /moving/ over there?"

Cevryn moves to pay his respects to both the dam and sire of this clutch, bowing forward and then moving back to stand in the circle of the candidates. He glances around for a few of his fellows that he knows, startled somewhat by both the wind and the moving eggs.

Malakai is a little creeped out by the mount of darkness, on the sands, though mainly because of the drgons betweening onto it. He gives a flourish of a bow to the clutchparents before moving to stand in the line of candidates.

Ch'y follows the last of the candidates out onto the sands with the other assistant weyrlingmasters. The tunnel they come through shields them from having to venture outside and he blinks, letting his eyes adjust for a moment before moving a bit farther to one side of the sands where several kitchen helpers are bringing and setting out meat buckets which have been prepared for the event.

Dare follows the clustered candidates creeping carefully onto the sands.

The forces within Antique Enchantment egg erupt with effortless grace. The hatchling inside pokes a talon through the crack and RIPS, the shell disintegrates in a glistening jewel bright cloud. The hatchling within bugles mournfully, like a nightinggale in the breeze. The wings spread like a traveling cloak on the evening zephyr, the tail curls gracefully around it, a ribbon twisting on the nightwind, a neck archs, the perfect curve raising itself to the sky.

Vaelin's eyes flicker over to the Clockwork Egg, locking onto it until it leaves her eyesight. She nods to Zorya, curtsies to the dam and sire, and makes her way to the back of the group.

Loyalty in Miniature Blue Dobirth
This tiny true blue is all mismatched, his hide the indigo blue of a loyal harper. His tattered glittering topaz blue wings are so long that they threaten to trip him end over end! The raggy looking calico and huckleberry blue sails have the patterns of a Lady Holder's tea cozy dappled over them in shades and shadows of sky and storm blue. His body is a scrawny bluebell and china frame, and his rear feet have mismatched shades of aquamarine and denim blue on them. Resembling mismatched socks perhaps? His cerulean headknobs are mismatched in length, long and skinny and tend to wiggle when he gets excited. His head is wide, leathery in texture. The features are rather smushed looking with smatterings of blueberry pudding smeared over the right side, a dessert ruined by haste. At first appearing to be a mirage born from the desert miasma, this clumsy and mismatched looking blue topples out of the flickering shadows and collides with apprentice healer Terrik, a clumsy youth often seen following Kasholan. "Ack! Dobirth look out!" A beat. "Dobirth, no its okay you're not in trouble….. T'rik. I like it. Okay…. um…. Dobirth do you know which way to get out of here? We need to get some food."

With a triumphant cry the Loyalty in Miniature Blue Dobirth has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

A piece flakes off the Clumsy Clockwork egg, more fractures run up its side, flake, flake, flake, pieces fall off. The egg itself spasms as if in pain and lies still.

Kasholan wasn't even paying attention to where Terrik had been! There's a start though as the cracking noises are heard, and even more of a surprise when it's Terrik he hears crying out. A squint is given further down the line, however, before his brows lift, staring in..well..shock at his fellow crafter and the..blue? Things are a bit dark. "Terrik.."

Kathryn's focus, at least what can be seen of it seems to be on one particular candidate. She even seems to be standing funny. It's almost as if she's pretending to the normal calm she has while clearly suffering from unusual stress.

Cracks diminish as Tin Soldier Egg comes apart at the seems, shell pieces falling downward only to be whipped about by the wind leaving a hatchling standing there with wings partially outstretched as it gathers in what is going on around it. It doesn't stay still for long as a gust of wind sends it stumbling forward towards where the candidates seem to huddle about seeking protection from the storm.

Of Light and Shadows Hatchling
Flickering torchlight casts so much upon the frame of this hatchling, from wavering cocoas to the softest of baby blues. Wings fight to become rid of shell bits and grit tossed about by the wind, splashes of red and gold flicker in a patchwork of color upon it's chest that are blown aside and replaced by shards of eggs already broken apart. The size of this hatchling is rather hard to define, the way it moves is straight forward without any playing around. A cap of blue finds its way to resting upon it's head and should one be able to look close enough it would be found to be a random sock.

Cevryn isn't near as fidgety now, that a few moments have passed and he merely moves as needed when a hatchling appears to get to close for comfort. He's careful to stay out of reach of the baby dragons, although he's having a much harder time fighting the wind and the stinging sand.

Hadria blinks, watching the egg hatch and impress she looks suprised. She is straining her eyes to see the eggs, watching every move Clumsy clock work makes, looking to Zorya she says "They're so cute, and scary but cute!" Chirpy as can be, bouncing on her feet though it may be just the heat coming through her sandals. Full of questions she asks, "Is it always this dark?"

Kelemi turns his head, tilting his head to the side as he hears something cracking in the darkness, a gust of wind ruffles through his hair, sand stinging against his face. "Shardit, couldn't they have at least waited till the sandstorm died down?"

Zorya blinks in the dim lighting, a glance sent towards the galleries. But only a glance as it's too dark to really see anything. "Can you se-" she starts towards the girl beside her, but just then there's one of the hatchlings tumbling at them. "Not usually…" she replies to Hadria. Well at least in her experience.

Malakai is amazed at the dragons being hatched. He's never seen anything like it. Well, he barely sees it, but still! It's cool. What /is/ that new one out on the sands?

K'ael can't see anything! Even relying on Azaeth's eyes he's having trouble makings sure things are going okay. There were hatchlings! That was good. But their colors? Well, they all looked sort of… sandy black. Azaeth gives low encouraging rumbles to the tiny ones.

Kasholan drops his hands down against the sides of his robe as another gust of wind brushes against him. "Ugh.." Really, nobody wants sand blown up the bottom of a robe. It's uncomfortable, and gets into inconvenient /places/. He does inch a bit closer to a nearby candidate though, a tad uncomfortable with the semi-darkness..with /critters/ roaming and hatching.

Dare's hair blows lightly in the maelstrom ait that's blowing about the cavern. For the most part the candidate is pretty much keeping to herself, and an eye on the comings and goings of hathchlings.

Vaelin tries to keep an eye on Zorya, watching as the dragons start hatching right out of the zone. "Come rain, sleet, snow, or sandstorm, I guess!" She's wringing her hands, shifting back and forth on those boots and watching as her poor robe gets whipped around by the wind.

Of Light and Shadows Hatchling is having a hard time of it as well. With those wings lifted, one tends to catch the winds even more and in this case it goes tumbling backwards into the sands. A creel of frustration sounds from the downed body which calls a sympathetic croon from its dam above. Another gust of wind sprinkles more sand liberally over the baby's back which must be shaken off before it can accomplish anything. But first, to stand. And just visible in the flickering light, it does so slowly and carfully.

There is a loud crack and a squeal from the Clumsy Clockwork Egg. A leg sticks out, then another leg and a wing, and then the egg is gone completely and hatchling inside falls on its back with a wail of surprise. The world is upside down!

Silly Silica Hatchling
This poor hatchling is covered in sand and egg goo, tripping over its overlong wings or overlarge feet. It must hold its tail high to avoid tripping, and yet it is still clumsy. However, the red whirl in its jewel eyes holds as much mirth as it does hunger. This hatchling means no harm, but its clumsy coordination and stumbling, shuffling gait does it more harm than good.

Ch'y may be in challenging conditions but the cry of impression is undeniable and he moves out, helping T'rik and his blue Dobirth in safely navigating the sands back to where the food is ready and waiting.

Sayetia keeps herself up straight even though she's not too happy about the feeling of the robe on her skin. It's rare that she even wears dresses. Her eyes squint as she tries to see through the dark as she notices one pair Impress and yet again her eyes cautiously observe the sands. Safety first is what this guard believes in… and her safety and that of those she knows is always paramount. "They don't often wait for anyone… wish they did or we'd be able to see the better…. can't stop them from arriving." She says oddly calm even though her body is betraying her by showing she's nervous her free hand clenched at her side while the other remains in Kelemi's hand. She glances to see if she can glimpse Kathryn and barely sees her from the corner of one eye. Ever vigilant this young female guard turned candidate is as she barely misses a thing even with the dark. "It'll be fine Kelemi. Perfectly fine." Or so she hopes. Her eyes do catch the newest hatchling and smiles. "Interesting ones they are this time." She's seen other hatchings before at least and seems comfortable enough with it all.

Atrilix walks up from behind the group trying to stay as close as possible to them. It's tough keeping footing and the noises coming from the front of the group have his curiosity piqued. Trying to peer forward and not really seeing much.

Hadria catches the hatching of Clumsy clockwork egg and smiles, "It's sorta cute." She says, turning her face away from the wind and shaking her hair to get the sand out of her hair. "I never imagined I'd have sand in so many odd places." Does anyone really want to know? Looking over at the other eggs she shifts again and takes a step forward, a step back. DOing the hatching dance.

Kelemi manages a glare, a hand idly reaching up to shield his eyes from another rush of wind that stirrs up the hot sand. "That's easy for you to say." He says with a roll of his eyes, turning his attention to the shapes…dragons? He can't really tell with the poor light. "I'm going to need a bath after this."

Malakai is destracted from his stareing at baby lizard critters whe Kasholan is moving closer. "Nervous now tht they're out and roaming around?" He asks before turning his attention back to the hatchlings.

Kasholan blinks, taking a quick look towards Malakai in surprise. Oh. /That/ guy. There's a brief narrowing of eyes, however, despite the fact that he deoesn't actually move away. "..No." Of course not! He'll just..stay close. Because. Malakai can be used as a wind shield.

Of Light and Shadows Hatchling is up yes but there's still work to do and sand to shed. Carefully it begins to remove bits of shell from itself, giving flashes of brown and green and even some bronzeish spots. But as quickly as hide is uncovered the sand reappears and finally in frustration it gives up. Feet gathered, the hatchling begins a march across the sands, taking the most secure passage which happens to be just on the shadowed side of the lights. Still it approaches the line, nearly close enough to really see but not yet.

Zorya raises a hand to brush back a lock of hair as it's blow into her face, holding it behind her ear for a moment before letting go. "There's other things to think about." she notes towards Hadria. Sand while irritating is not something to be focusing on right now. And then to the other side, "What about you?" to Malakai, "Nervous?"

Silly Silica Hatchling is a little wobbly, oh alright make that very wobbly. The poor hatchling struggles to right itself, finally getting to its feet. It shakes a wing irritably, its tail next, its neck after, trying to get the sand off. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. It warbles helplessly, hopping back and forth unsteadily for a moment before it tumbles end over end and lands with a horrified squeak of frustration. Wowza, that wasn't good at all!

Malakai just kind of laughs at Kasholan's reaction and shakes his head. "No I'm not nervous." Yet. "This is actully kind of fun. Not knowin' exactly what's out there and where it's going." He says fixing Zorya with a smile.

Amid the drifting black sands there comes a loud tap-tap-tap. If movement accompanies the determined rhythm, it is to well obscured by the rest of the activities on the sands to tell from which egg the noise hails.

Atrilix heart jumps a bit. It looked like a hatchling moved. Covering his eyes and trying to keep his hair out of his face to see. Atrilix still can't make it out yet.

Hadria watches Silly Silica hatchling, giggling a bit at it's distress. With Zorya's comment she nods and gets quiet, dusting herself off. Her attention is spilt, eggs or people, eggs or people? Finally settling a bit, she moves so that she can watch Zorya and with a twist of her body can also watch the hatchlings.

A slow swaying begins in Let's Go Fly A Kite Egg, the ovid rocking as if buffeted by more then just the winds that find their way out onto the hatching sands. The sides ripple before it falls as still as it can be with the bright splashes of color from the markings on the shell showing in the flickering torchlight.

Kelemi turns his head this way and that, frowning ever so slightly. There's movement and that quickly catches his attention, but it's soon to be found out that it's just a candidate moving out of the corner of his eyes. He frowns a little, gripping Sayetia's hand in his a little tightly, "Shards, this is annoying. I wish the lights would come back on, look, is that a dragon?" His eyes narrow slightly, spotting something that sorta looks like a wobbling dragon? Finally his eyes seem to adjust to the lighting, "I think it is."

Vaelin idly watches the hatchling in his quest to get upright. Her fingers grab at her robe, wringing at the edges of it. No lights, tons of ovoid shapes breaking loose with confused beings… Sounds like a great recipe to her. A glance is given toward the stands, eyes squinting against the distance and winds blowing in her eyes.

Cevryn keeps turning his head, to try and follow the path the hatchlings are taking as the move from their shells and across the sands. He tries to catch a glimpse of someone else on the sands, although he soon gives up on the attempt and goes back to watching the hatchlings once more.

A pale pool of torchlight flickers over the journey's guardian egg revealing a large crack which is working its way almost down the middle of the egg. The egg twitches again, tapping audible from the inside and the rolls slightly away from the light and into the hollow of a dust obscured dune.

Zorya laughs softly, just a touch. "Well it seems ta be going better so far.." Even if it is harder to see. The reaches a hand out to find Malakai's. Nervous? No,, maybe just a touch, but its always nice to know someone else is there.

Sayetia smiles as she looks towards Kelemi. "Yep, you'd be right, thankfully it doesn't take long for me to adjust to seeing in the dark." She squeezes his hand gently. "It's ok. Hopefully they are working on it and it'll be back before the end of the hatching." She says looking around seeing another one of the eggs that previously drew her eye to. She does remain a little more calm as the hatching has sped up a little at least.

Kasholan takes in a slow breath. Nevermind that it shakes just a little upon entering though…before a rapid succession of coughing causes the healer to double over just a little, one hand over his mouth. "Stupid /sand/.." Hack. Really, long baths /are/ going to be needed after this. He shakes his head a little though, eyes squinting at the darkness and those dragonets moving about in it. "They couldn't just..stay in the light, could they? Of course not."

Dare tamps her feet on the sand then moves to another spot. Some place where it's less chaotic.

Azaeth seems amused at all the little ones going rolly-polly about the sands. Using his wings to shield the little ones doesn't seem to be working, the wind just whips around from a new angle and he just ends up blocking light from the torches. Best to just sit back and let them all do their thing. K'ael just stands out of the way, peering into the sandy darkness and breathing in through a cloth.

Of Light and Shadows Hatchling has had just about enough of this nonsense. This isn't regulation! Nope and nope. Each candidate is viewed from the sidelines and swiftly passed. It circles around behind the line moving quickly to that one there standing slightly off to the side by herself. Well that's not safe! And so it steps close enough to poke the girl in the side, as she starts to move away and in to process looks up into her eyes. As that occurs a torch flares and the hatchling finally comes into the light.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Of Light and Shadows Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Malakai gives Zorya's hand a little squeeze when it finds his. "That's good to hear. Though it seems there's quite a bit of tumbling for the babies out there." When Kasholan starts hacking Malakai looks a bit concerned, and is about to start hitting the healers back, like tht ever really helps, until he's talking again and then griping about the sand. "Geeze, you had me worried you were going to keel over and die right on the sands.

In The Army Now Green Hatchling
Mottled, spattered, smeared, all in all three very good names to describe this lean dragon. Deep forest greens are painted across a squarish head with high-standing eyeridges, wide set eyes, and a rather long snout. Beneath those ever changing eyes are smears of a deep brackish brown as if someone has attempted to hide them further from view. Along the proud line of her neck the darker greens mellow, each color finding it's own place while over lapping it's brethren. Over shoulders and back there are smatterings of brown to tame off the contrasting splashes of color that have wash over her hide, charging directly out along the straight lines of her spars while leaving yellow-green of her sails alone. Her length is added to by the sheer force of nature that is her tail, the powerful stretch is painted in varying hues that darken gradually to where they come together at the razor like spade that caps it off. Forelegs, hind legs, belly, and hindquarters follow the same odd patterning of color, with her lower legs and feet holding tightly to a muddied brown hue that deepens to near black at her talons.

Creek and Crack, things begin happening agian to Let's Go Fly a Kite Egg. Thin lines begin marring the surface, a few flakes of shell fall to the ground, a snout pokes out before retreating again and everything goes quiet again. Just a moments rest perhaps before anything more begins again.

Kelemi turns towards Sayetia for a moment, "I'm not that worried, honestly. I just wish I could see a bit better, that's all." He hmphs quietly, straightening in his position a little. His head turns to the side, seeking out his other friends but it's hard to decipher faces from this distance, so he just sticks by Sayetia's side. "I think I have sand in my hair." Grump.

Hadria turns her head to one side and watches as another egg might have moved. "It's so hard to see." Coughing a bit she sneezes and covers her face. Putting her head down she covers her face and glance up. As another dragon impresses she says, "Maybe this isn't going fast enough."

A series of loud snaps of egg shell punctuate the howl of the wind from outside. One large half of an egg lands with a dull thud away from the egg and candidates, the gleam of its white interior reflecting vividly in the torchlight. The hatchling that emerges in the hollow of a dune ducks down behind the blur of black sand.

Dirty Long Distance Traveler Hatchling
The narrowed form of this hatchling is softly muscled. Angular face sits upon a short neck which gives way to a curved and streamlined body, while long tapering tail drags behind as this one continues its journey. The journey has taken its toll, even so fresh out of the egg, the black igen sands smudging face and neck in dirty black and browns. Eyes are gloriously colorful, brightly alert and a window into an inner playful child that can't yet rest. Tattered bits of cloth hang off the hatchlings shoulders in a strange imitation of clothing that makes it seem either like some strange bum, or a traveler in need of a good clean bath!

Silly Silica Hatchling squints around a bit, oh dear, this won't do! Ah well, best to trust to luck. There's something out there, it can't see it, but there /is/ something somewhere in this mess if only it could…. the hatchling bolts a bit through the grounds, making eager progress through the hatching grounds. Too bad its balence is rather undeveloped, the poor hatchling trips, stumbles, then trips again and falls flat on the grounds with a yelp of surprise. It meant to do that, really!

The hazy surface of the Detritus of the Magi Egg slowly starts to come into focus as a gust of wind sends the egg tumbling over. Though the gust stops, the egg continues moving. It shifts from a roll to a rock and the speed of movement increases.

Sayetia turns her head with the cracking of an egg trying to pinpoint out it's location when it spots the newest hatchling and looks between the two other hatchings on the sands. One which seems to be near one of the other girls. Well it's good that it likely won't be a long wait. Her eyes do track over to the wobbly hatchling and gives a bit of a smile and a giggle. "Well hopefully that one gets more balance… it'd be harsh for it to stay so uncoordinated for long."

Zorya nods slowly, returning that little squeeze of a hand. A glance spared for Kasholan as well but then there's too much going on to pay attention to any one thing for too long and her gaze flickers back to the sands.

Atrilix cringes. That sounded like a hatchling might have hurt itself. "I hope that one is okay, that didn't sound very comfortable…", Atrilix whispers to himself.

Kelemi just shakes his head, settling in his position as more cracking is heard, just able to see dragons tumbling out. "They're covered in sand, shards, I hope I don't have to be one of the ones to clean them up after." He murmurs to Sayetia.

Silly Silica Hatchling has finally, somehow, managed to find what its looking for. With a creel of excitement it bolts again, stumbling and weaving steps take it closer and closer. It flaps its wings for balence, tail whipping behind it to keep it from falling over again. It seems to have gotten the walking thing down relatively well and now it propells itself across the sands on the power of vertigo alone. Wait, is it….. is it…… there it is! Wait there! you there! The hatchling finally finds its destination, falling in a heap at the feet of its chosen. You there, yes you, it looks up at its chosen rider and croons.

«I'm Vulkenth At'rix. I thought you wouldn't mind playing with me for awhile, there's so much to explore.» a beat. «But first my middle parts ache, is there anything to eat?»

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Silly Silica Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Nosey Workmanship Brown Hatchling
This happy go lucky brown could easily have toppled off a smith's workbench. Chestnut earknobs and neckridges have been hewn from the finest lumber, the muzzle culminating in a cherry finish that rolls smoothly over a freshly sanded neck. Sawdust powders his chest, sifting over a long and flexible mahogany brown frame. Grains of the finest rosewood smooth over lean flanks and unfinished knobbly cedar wings, but the sails are still long, well polished and fluidly functional. Fir brown shades pepper his thin back and hips, darkening to redwood over his tail and belly.

Through a Hole that has formed in the center of Let's Go Fly A Kite Egg, a hatchling emerges, lean but muscular and ready to set to work. He stands there for only a short time before it's across the sands he goes, searching out just what he knows is out there but all this blowing stuff is making it so hard to find it.

Dirty Long Distance Traveler Hatchling lifts head proudly, even if it hasn't quite figured out the tail dragging behind belongs to it just yet. The smudges of sand upon its hide are irritating but not the most urgent of its needs and brilliant eyes glint ante torchlight as it gathers itself and then bounds out of its hollow plowing up and then down the side of a small dune in a sandy wave which, of course, only further dirties it.

Sweeping the Chimmnies Brown Barth
Dirty, flithy, and in dire need of a bath the brown that squirms his way out and onto the sands is proud right from the get go. He's thin, wirey, and full of energy as he surveys the sands knowing there is work to be done, sorting and cleaning out of all the debris before the finality of duty is done. His motions are diliberate as he sets forth across the sands, moving towards the candidates, head sloughing from side to side before he slinks into the shadows to ponder all that is laid out before him. As the wind whips around, tossing up sand and anything that has been thrown out onto the hatching sands this brown youngster slides forth, creeping slowly along a tunnel which he's found. There is only one for him, a quiet girl that fights to stay on her feet when the winds become hard, a girl who constantly hides her head in her hands and sobs softly with fear of all that is happening around her. With a warble the brown curls his young body around her, offering support and understanding as his head tips upwards towards hers with another croon. "Barth? I'm not afraid now, never again. Shall we go find something eat and I'll read to you from my newest book?" In that single moment where fear and wanting take control, love and bonding take place as a shy, bookish girl is found and chosen by a messy looking brown. "Bindi and Barth, yes we'll do it all and keep it all written down in books." The promise made as the pair are helped off the sands by one of the AWLMs.

Cevryn starts to walk slowly, moving and continuing to watch the hatchlings very carefully as he does. He tries to stand upright against the sand and wind, leaning into his efforts. It seems he's looking for someone in specific, although he's not finding that person.

Dare glances around, lookint this way and that then when some dragon steps in front of her and proclaims herself to Dare. She arches a brow, "I'm hungry too." She just sort of looks at Asenath.

Kasholan gives a little huff once he regains his ability to breathe properly, having stumbled forward just a bit from Malakai's back-pounding. He turns his head just a little bit to give the other candidate a glare, but shakes his head. "Like I would." No dying today! He shakes his head again though, fingers brushing just a bit of sand away from his cheek. "There's still more out there." Well obviously, yes, and while it's hard to tell /where/ they are..he startles just a bit as a shower of sand goes up in one direction.

Hadria has her eyes on the silly hatchling, laughing at it's little movements. With the yelp her eyebrows move down, eyes now locked on it though she looks at the other eggs too. As Detrius of the Magi starts to move she watches it. As the hatchling impresses she deflates a bit, moving less and trying to just keep from gettin hit by sand.

The haze has lifted and the magic begins. Detritus of the Magi Egg rocks in place, under the spell of substitutiary Locomotion. The motion has become so frantic by this point that the shell simply can not take any more and with a resounding *snap* a large crack splits through the medallion.

Ch'y is getting busier now as the hatchlings more quickly pair up. He weaves past sesveral candidate to where Dare and her Asenath are. "Congratualtions dear. Hungry is she.. yes a common complaint. It's just right this way…" he smiles and leads them back to the waiting buckets of meat.

Dare glances at Ch'y, "Um, sure?"

Dirty Long Distance Traveler Hatchling snorts and shakes its head, ok, so the sand is a bit annoying as it gets into /everyplace/, even some the hatchling woudl prefer it didn't. The shakes are but to little effect however. With a heaving sigh it picks itself up from the base of the small dune, and plods along quickly towards a group of candidates. Surely it is quite visibile now and this other need must be fulfilled. It knows the one, its one is here. Where, oh where will its journey end?

Nylaeth shifts somewhat restlessly as a particularly loud sound comes from outside the caverns. As she does, the shadow that is Kathryn falls, releasing a startled and somewhat pained "Oof!" There's the sound of shifting and grunting and Kathryn's clearly irritated voice sounds. "Did you have to do that? Now I've got a bruise for sure." Then the rider is visible again, pulling herself up the contrite queen's leg.

Kelemi frowns as another gust of wind fans at his candidate robes, gripping them tightly as he looks over the sands. "Shards, all ready there's more impressions." Kelemi says softly to Sayetia, clenching her hand in his tightly.

Cevryn continues to look around, brushing his hair from his face and then he starts visibly when he hears a certain voice. He goes stock still then, trying to look through the sand and debris to see what else is happening on the sands.

Zorya squints against the wind and sand, as well as in attempt to see that much further though the dim lighting. "Did you see who?" she inquires of those nearby. Hearing impression isn't as difficult as it turns out to see some of them. Her free hand griping her robe as blue eyes continue to scan what can be seen of the sands.

There is no need to put on a wild show, no need to raise a fuss, no A Situation of Gravity Egg shimmies a bit, ruffling against the egg closest to it before tipping backwards. A wind seems to help the ovid right itself again for up it pops with a light bounce before falling silent once again.

Atrilix's eyes widen, and he looks around for a moment. "Where's that ticking coming from" He looks up to the hatchling heading his way, grinning. "Vulkenth, that's your stomach growling. Let's get you something to eat then I promise we can play." The newly name At'rix then heads over to the sides.

Sayetia looks between Kelemi as she can see better and says towards him. "I know Kel. I know." She says looking to see if she can see her family in the galleries, after all, she's live all her life at Igen and the latest hatchling draws her attention in. Interesting one… looks like it rolled around in mud or something. She claps for the newest of the Impressions as she shuffles her feet.

Malakai grins and doesn't sem too terribly bothered by the sand. He's had sand just bout everywhere while camping out in woods for weeks. The wind is troublsome, but he's got no hair in his face, so it's all good. "There are more out there." He agrees with the obvious statement.

All magic must have a source, a being from which it comes. So to with the Detritus of the Magi Egg. The spell has wrought its damage and where one split was, now ribbons of cracks seam the purple shell. With one last mighty heave, it splitters into pieces, spilling a flash of color and motion into the darkness behind the egg.

Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling
Slightly on the larger side, this new hatchling has already run afoul of the storm and because of that the color is near impossible to distinguish. Somewhere in the darkness, it picked up a cloth of merry periwinkle which has become wrapped turban style around what seems a narrow and graceful head and neck. From here, the cloth trails down across patchy brown sails. Chunks of lavender shell and black sand are glued to the rest of the torso, including broad shoulders and deep chest. The only hint of other color is a muted mustard yellow glint from an overly short tail.

Kasholan pulls up a bit on the collar of his robe, using that bit of fabric to rub some more sand away. See? Now there's some in his /eye/. Rub rub. Fate is conspiring to make things..exceptionally annoying. Really. He takes a quick glance along the line of candidates though, watching a few of the others impress with a bit of curiosity. There they go..and here /they/ come. Yes, it /is/ a lot easier to see some of the hatchlings now, and there's a bit of tensing from the healer. Maybe it was better when they were in the dark?

Vaelin's head whips around; just as quickly as Atrilix Impresses, a very familiar shape begins to move. "Congrats, Atri!" she says softly to the other candidate, and when she looks up, the movement stops again. "They're kinda tricksters, aren't they…" she muses softly to hereself. There is sand in her boots now, evidenced by her twitch twitch twitching.

Kelemi shifts a little, a hand reaching up to run through his hair in a vain attempt to dislodge the sand now burried in it. He grumbles quietly. His head tilts to the side, hearing more cracking, his eyes quickly finding the source. "Do you know who that is?" He asks, pointing to the newly impressed boy walking off the sands. "Don't even think I met him."

K'ael blinks as he hears a cry coming from the direction of the gold. Azaeth moves his head down to whuffle at Kathryn, making sure she's still all in one piece. K'ael starts heading her way, moving on the outside of the sands so as not to interrupt the fun. He shields his face a bit when he finally comes close enough to make out the goldrider. "Hey, you okay over here?"

Dirty Long Distance Traveler Hatchling moves closer, sniffing at one of the candidates. No, she's not the one. The journey is urgent but there's a sense of energy that runs along the hatchlings frame, the end is near, so near it can almost be tasted. Here, there…. where… Oh.. finally, hey maybe some of the robe will help to rub off the sand from it's hide!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Dirty Long Distance Traveler Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

A soft crackling, like paper being balled up, sounds out softly from A Situation of Gravity Egg as cracks begin to spiral downward from the apex to mar the pristine surface with pencil thin markings. A few pieces of shard fall to the ground, but nothing large enough to give hints to the hatchling that lays within.

Stubborn Optimist Green Hatchling
Narrowed form allows this one to prowl easily through any territory. From her markings it looks like she has been sneaking through the forest on her latest adventure. Long tapered muzzle is dappled in a mix of broad leaves. Ragged edges overlap, slightly softening the angles of her face. Pine needles cluster in short bunches upon knobby eyeridges and headknobs. A shorter neck is slenderly muscled and dappled with those same high canopy green leaves, while neck ridges are flecked with tiny dots of red seed fruits. Sturdy chest forms the foundation of her frame which elongates back over soft muscled shoulders, and curving hips. Yellow-green meadow grasses weave upon her belly and sides, while forearms and lower legs are stained a more dark grassy green ending in muddy hued claws. Higher up on flank and shoulder darker holly and vine greens dapple and take over from the meadow grasses. Tail scythes through all levels of the forest, a random mix of leaf, grass, twig and vine that trail out from her form in a slender tapered length of chaotic aftermath. From shoulders wings spread in a glorious affair, reaching beyond the canopy to the skies beyond. The thin membranes are drenches in a soft green light glow and drizzled like watercolor with patches of summer sky blue.

Hadria watches the hatchlings all very carefully, seeing detrius of the magi egg hatching she frowns, turning to Zorya. "It's not very good looking." Noting though her attention is on the other candidates and the impressing dragons.

Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling surges to its feet after the wild roll out of the egg. But it can't really see and so rushes foward in desperation and fear. The head neck and just a hint of shoulders fall fully into the light only to stop short as it trips over a bit of periwinkle hanging down from its back. In an attempt to right itself it yanks backwards, over compensated sand lands on it's rear, sitting rather like a canine with just the hint of red shocked eyes showing! Oh my.

Zorya can't help but giggle just a tad. "Its kind of sad really.." she starts, leaning over a bit towards Hadria, "Poor little ones with the wind and all… clothing and what not sticking instead of just stubborn bits of shell." A tug at her robe where she holds it as a gust of wind catches the fabric.

Sayetia blinks as she looks over at the purple and periwinkle bedecked hatchling that came from one of her favorite eggs and looks over towards Kelemi. "This one looks rather cute." She keeps her eye on the hatchling. "Wow, beautifully colored, wonder what it's true coloring is. Owie, that can't have been good to land like that. Poor thing."

Kelemi cants his head to the side, a brow arching on his foreahead slowly, his eyes searching the sands quietly, curiously. Finally he turns to Sayetia, "I think it's slowing down just a tad. I don't think there's many more left." This is mostly to himself, "How can you think they're cute? I can barely see them, they look more like dirt than anything else."

Vaelin feels as though her breath has been taken straight out of her upon the hatching of the gravity egg. All conversation with others stops, and the girl keeps her eyes fixed onto the green beauty taking her first steps across the world.

Kasholan jerks a little at finding a dragonet so close..although there's a bit further of a surprise once he finds the little green rearing up in front of him. Not good. /Not/ good. They're supposed to move if this happens, right? Front paws meet his stomach however, and he stumbles back a pace against Malakai, even as he stares right back at the dragon. "H..huh? Nawyth..? You.. Why would you want to call me /K'shan/? It's..ugh..nevermind. We should.. Yes, we can get you a bit of food now."

There's just something about A Situation of Gravity Egg that hides the fact that the hatchling within is slowly pushing its way out. There is no wild shower of shards, no wild warble of entry, no the egg just falls away in silence so that the hatchling is sitting there watching things go on around. It is slow to rise, methodical in everything it does as it steps away from what remains of its shell.

Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling
Dusted in a fine coating of silver-grey this young dragonets true coloration is occluded by clinging black sand that's been washed, matted, and sloppily splattered all over it's hide. Wings are held just above the hatching ground sands, with the winds sending more sand up to cling to damp hind further hiding defining bone structure. Adding a splash of lightness to the otherwise dark hide is someones yellowed shirt, the sleeves hanging around its neck to flap against its chest with the main body falling between its shoulders.

Cevryn continues to try and get slightly closer to where Nylaeth is resting on the sands. His avoidance of the hatchlings has been near perfect so far, as he wanders and keeping to the edge of the line of candidates. A quick weather is kept on the sands as he moves, so he can keep away from them still.

Malakai oofs a little and spazzes a little more when Kasholan flls back into him. "Whoa there…" A bright smile pops up on his face then. "Hey. Congratulations." He says, giving the healer a pat on the back before he can off with his dragon.

Hadria stares out at the hatchlings, groaning and saying in her high pitched squeak. "This isn't fun anymore." Rubbing her arms and looking around, a lot of the happiness gone from her face. "They're kind scary in the dark… not as cute."

Kathryn calls out to that kindly young boy..er, that is man. Yes, man. "Oh, I'm alright thank you. Just these old bones you know." She leaves off awkwardly as the realization one might not want to remind one's clutch sire how old one is takes old enters. "Yes well. Um. Cevryn. Where are you, dear heart? I can't see you." Just like mom to embarrass her son.

Zorya's lips pull into a smile even as it takes a moment to sink in as to the impression just to one side. "Congratulation." she agrees with the forester in regards to Kasholan. "It'll be alright.." she tries to assure, this send to her other side where Hadria stands. Assure the other girl, assure herself, or both however is unclear.

Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling is up again and at least at the moment it can see. More careful this time, the movement is slow and so far all looks well. Now, it turns as if to find the candidates. As it does so, a gust of wind catches it sidelong and sends it careening towards one candidate who's attempting to slip around the others towards the golden queen.

The shadows cast an odd light upon the losing the trail egg. It sits, occasionally shifting as the light breath of a breeze sweeps across the black dunes. Or did it just move without a stir of wind?

Vaelin manages, somehow, to get sand in her eyes. The rusty headed girl reaches up to her eyes, giving them a rub and whimpering softly. If only her mum had thought to send a pair of goggles with the fancy new robe!

Kelemi looks over the remaining eggs, what he can see of them, anyway. "I think there's three left." He manages finally as he stares at the dark ovids. He cringes slightly as the winds buffet his frame once again, the sand driving against his body, "Shards, I'll be happy to get off the sands."

Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling stumbles around in shock for a few steps reeling helplessly from its former prison. The yellow shirt gets twisted up on its wingtip before the poor hatchling spins around on a foot and falls in a heap on the sands. It lets out a chirp, thrashing to try and get the offending garment off. The little one tears the shirt, which blows from its shoulders like a cape as the hatchling makes cautious, if clumsy progress, forwards.

Sayetia replies quietly as she looks towards Kelemi. "Well, at least three eggs and one hatchling… there is another one I think going towards the Queen?" She squeezes his hand. "I'll just be glad to know either way if I'm going to be left here or whether I can go back to what my life used to be."

Cevryn stumbles as he's bumped into, although he deliberately doesn't cry out and he tries to hurridly move past the new hatchling, shaking his head and looking around. He's also not answering his mother, trying to duck his head down so she doesn't see him now.

K'ael nods to Kathryn. "Ah, good. Heh. Not old… just… well seasoned, right?" He taps the side of his nose a bit then goes to stand in Azaeth's wake. At least here he's mostly shielded by the storm. And he can see the candidates a bit better as well.

Hazy conditions continue to shadow the eggs, but its certain now, that one…right there… twitched? Positively, absolutely, well .maybe. it's even cracking. Deception is easy in these conditions and one egg seems up to some mischief, but which one?

Kelemi arches a brow, looking sideways at Sayetia, "Yeah, the hatchings too, but I can barely tell where they are going." He frowns a little, relaxing somewhat in his position as he tries to peer into the darkness, ocassionally sweeping a hand through his hair. "I just want a bath, that's all." He lifts up his feet, trying to kick some sand out of his sandals.

Hadria bounces forward and stares at the hatchlings, then back again, hiding her head she shakes it. "No, don't like this one bit." Her high pitched voice getting higher with distress. "I don't know why I even decided to do this, could of just stayed where I was. With the weyrleader, with the nice thighs."

Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling seems as if its just going to let that one go past but a whiff of something on the sand blown air turns its head back towards the retreating form and it creels softly. Then, it begins to give chase, gathering steam as it goes until catching up again. This time the contact is intentional and rather demanding. Hey! Just where do you think you're going?

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

The Magic of Flight Bronze Hatchling
As polished, aged brass does, this mid-sized bronze glows a natural golden tone that causes him to gleam brightly in the light. Though strong of bone, he is slender and leanly muscled, giving him the impression of being smaller than his actual size. A narrow pointed head sports high, large head knobs tinted coppery red while great curved ridges of dark bronze march down his long, graceful neck. They meld into broad shoulders atop a deep, full chest. His back and flanks narrow to his hindquarters, then fill out just enough to give him the look of a well bred racer. The golden-hued tail is thin and definitively on the short side. As he moves, the play of muscles sends alternating ribbons of gold or ruby fire racing thru his hide and burning a pathway up into the vastly oversized spread of sails. Here heavy golden bronze wing bones serve as the posts to support the delicate spindles of his spars. The sails themselves area a vision of brass filigree whirls and swirls, down to dainty leaves and fey flowers worked onto a backdrop of dark, tarnished bronze.

Cevryn takes a step and then moves forward again, reaching out for the hatchling that bumped into him. "Did you mean to do that, Emeliuth? I forgive you anyways." He stops for a second or so, the thought of seeing Nylaeth forgotten, as he continues to pet along the bronzes neck. "Yes, we can get you something. I think I'm hungry, too."

Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling perks up, there is….. somebody that it was meant to find. There is somebody waiting to fill the hole in its heart. Stumbling left and right, the hatchling can't quite seem to get its feet. The poor hatchling takes a tumble, splayed out flat on the ground the little one sighs in disgust, shaking its head and creeling to try and clear its vision. Not to be deterred, the little one rights itself and begins to march determinedly forwards.

Sayetia sighs and moves closer to Kelemi as she holds onto him. "I can agree on that. Just glad I can see alright." She doesn't though seem to catch where that hatchling went chasing off too. "Well at least we'll be fine either way Kelemi. You have your Harpercraft and I have my old job as a Guard. It'll be managed."

Zorya lets of of Malakai's hand, reach with the other for Hadria's. "Don't worry so much.." she offers along with the hand. "It'll be okay." Certainly it will.

Kelemi lifts his shoulders indifferently, tilting his head to look at Sayetia out of the corner of his eyes, "And I quite plan on getting a wineflask and getting good and drunk." Mischief glitters in his eyes, a little smile pulling at his lips. "Shards, it's been too long. Sides, I promised you and Mal a few wineflasks."

Vaelin's whimpers grow louder. Unbashedly, she yanks up the hem of her skirt, using that instead now to wipe at her eyes. She manages to get most of the sand out, though she's still a bit teary at this point. "Stupid robe… stupid sandstorm…" she mutters. The girl's starting to lose heart now, sleepy glance exchanged for sadness. She couldn't even /see/ what was going on. Why did she make her do this?

Shards in varying hues of gray abruptly spatter the sands as a small lanky hatchling tumbles free.

Alley Trash and Treasure Hatchling
Small and lanky this hatchling arrives in the shadowed area of the grounds. Muted sounds are hard to quite define as it greets the world with wide eyed curiosity. Eyes blaze in the urgent red hues of all hatchlings, but color beyond that is blurred for it the damp egg-goo seems to have caused a bit of debris to cling to lanky sides and long thin tail. Most notably crumpled, wrinkled bits of paper, and some odd colored string are the biggest culprits. More dangerously dampened sails glitter like broken glass. What trouble and mischief it has managed to get into mere moments after hatching?

Sayetia smiles at Kelemi's response and laughs softly. "Ok, I will have to hold you to that you knot that now?" She glances casually away from Kelemi to the sands as a new hatchling comes out of one of the eggs. "Well it won't be long now at least."

Hadria is just staring into the darkness, squeezing onto Zorya's hand. "I just didn't know it'd be like this, dark and with sand everywhere." The happy candidate reaches with her free hand to take the bow out of her hair. She has trouble retying it with just one hand, She ends up with her hair in a side pony tail.

Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling wiggles, headknobs canting when it hears someone whimpering, cursing robe, cursing sand. Oh dear. Oh dear. It turns, its progress bringing it behind a tearful, sobbing girl on the sands. It croons softly, wobbling as it extends a tail to coil around her ankles, its wings unfurl about her to protect the young lady from the cruelly whipping winds. It leans in, looking up into her eyes and chirping reassuringly to the tearful one. There there, such a beautiful young lady shouldn't cry.

In the dizzying things that go on around you there is a calm that comes, a gentle touch, the touch of a mind against yours. « Vaelin. » the moderate baritone speaks. This mind, this voice is all centered on you, for you have become the center of its world and clearly for the moment you are all that matters. « You don't know who I am? But My Dear Vaelin I am Prosseth. Your Prosseth and you are my Vaelin. Together we will finish all the things I have been trying to do. » In that moment it all becomes so clear, all the things that he wants to do, all the things you want to do. « Vaelin I am so terribly hungrey and I fear I missed my last meal when I was trying to get things done. I am so sorry for that but could we go find something to put in my stomach it hurts so. » It doesn't wheedle, doesn't whine (well not really) just lets you know that he is hungrey as you look down into the wonderously blue face of your lifemate.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Fumbling Bumbling Grey Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Malakai lets go of Zorya's hand and concentrates on the eggs still left, watching the hatchlings tumble round is kind of fun afterall.

Organizationally Challenged Blue Hatchling
Rather scruffy looking even with his fine jacket of navy, this dragon can be said to be rather rangy looking with his thin build and almost rumpled appearance. His face has a gentle look to it, no harsh lines are found here with the softly curved snout, well set eyes and low eyeridges all that hold a simply created denim blue. Long lines of his neck stretch into wide, thin shoulders before reaching back into his lengthy back. While his body seems rather scrawny, the deepening blues broken by jagged lines of bronze and a hint of sea green, his wings are beauty personified. His spars stretch outward in graceful arcs sapphire while sails are the color of a springtime sky, light and airy with a patterning of more silvered blues that capture light when wings are extended for flight. Chest and belly, lighten to a patch pale blue that shadows play over to give the appearance of wrinkles while legs both fore and rear darken to deepest midnight blue over feet and claws. Now it would almost be expected that his tail would follow the uneven lines and colors of his body but really it is here on this long, sweeping length that everything is as it should be, colors are even navy once again right down to the spade that rests at the end.

Kelemi laughs loudly, a joyful laughter as he looks at Sayetia, his eyes glittering now. "Oh, you won't have to hold me to that, dear Guard." He grins all too happily, "After all, the sharding rules will be gone. That leaves us to do what we want. I'll happy to get off the sharding sands though."

C'vryn continues to stand off to the side, reassuring Emeliuth as he continues to watch the hatching and seeing as he can who impresses and carefully clapping when he recognizes those who do.

One must solve the riddle that lays within, if they wish to hold the secrets of The Obvious Places Egg. A search within the red brick surface wins a place of honor and stirs the first warning of what is to come. A bump, a bulge, and the slow slipping of sands down the colored surface.

Kathryn begins to circle around as soon as she hears her son's voice mention a dragon name. It takes a while to get around through the chaotic conditions but finally she reaches C'vryn and just for the moment, stares softly at him. No words yet for this strange turn of events.

Zorya squeezes the hand back. "Neither did Ah.." she reminds, eyes fixed on the sands - or what can be easily seen of them. "No one did. Coulda been worse…" But best not to think of that now.

Sayetia smiles as she hears him laugh and replies. "Yep we can do that for sure. If we don't end up being found by one of the hatchlings that is." She looks out towards the sands watching the other hatchlings secretly hoping for either to Impress or to end up leaving the sands with Kelemi. Nothing could be better than an outcome one really wants.

Alley Trash and Treasure Hatchling is playfully decietful as it sniffs at a few shards and then stretches glass ridden wings. A dangerous glint comes to its eyes as it looks through the sandy haze towards the white clad candidates and then turns purposefully in their direction. Although it might normally linger longer, hunger drives it to somewhat curtail its time here. This does not mean however that the path is straight and true, it shall never follow any such rules, nor rules at all. Tail flicks upwards sending a few bits of paper flying just before it reaches a group of candidates. Wide eyes looks between Kelemi and Sayetia.

Hadria is watching the remaining hatchlings and eggs, but shielding herself as well and saying to Zorya, "SOmeone will take me home right? They don't keep me here?" She asks almost tearing up herself, but she manages a little bounce and a smile. "If it doesn't work out, I hope they let me go home."

Sayetia looks as she realizes a hatchling is staring between her and Kelemi and that's when the nervousness hits. "Oh my… Kel… it's watching us." She replies stuttering a little. Now what could possibly happen…. hopefully whatever happens, they'll still at least have each other even if they are seperated for a time. She shufflers her feet slowly. "Kel, if this one chooses you, I'll wait till you're done weyrlinghood for you, I hope you'll do the same for me." She says softly looking around the sands. "Maybe we'll be lucky and there will be one for each of us."

Malakai blinks at the dragon that's come and is staring at Kelemi nd Sayetia. "That's a little creepy." He mutters to himself.

Kelemi just grins, that mischevious look entering the candidate's eyes once more, a finger lifting pointedly at Sayetia, "But it's almost over, it's a guaranteed win. I even went to the point of sneaking some…things…" His voice trails off in a innocent tone, however, motion soon catches his attention, blinking as a dragon stares his way. "It does seem to be, huh?" A hand idly sweeps through his hair. He just rolls his eyes at Sayetia, "I told you before, it doesn't make any difference one way or the other. I could care less."

Vaelin tears up more now, as her ankles and seemingly her whole heart are enveloped by the blue hatchling behind her. The tears don't come from the sand this time, but rather the joy as she turns around, bending to look into the wing offerring her protection. "I've always known you, Prosseth. From the minute I saw you…" More fat, happy tears spill from the girl's eyes, and she runs her hand along his eye ridges, his head… "I don't know how you missed a meal, but I promise I'll be here to remind you all the time. First we'll get food, and then we'll get you cleaned…" Her words trail off as she starts toward some direction, looking for the food.

A rustling noise can be heard coming from the direction of Tree House Egg, first barely audible then slowly rising in volume till it sounds like a herd of herdbeast running through the forest.

Knowledge helps when seeking much, so its off to the library for The Obvious Places Egg. Squares and rectangles all colors and sizes hold that which is sought. It needs only the first cracked spine to start onto the path. One, then two, and finally a vast web work of cracks break across the shell's surface.

Zorya nods. "Someone will," she starts towards Hadria. Then blinking against sand in the air she looks towards Sayetia and Kelemi, but its quickly turned to Vaelin as she's nearer and there's a new impression.

C'vryn is staring back at Kathryn, before he tries to look around at the other candidates still impressing and he gives his mother a startled glance as she suddenly looms.

Sayetia looks at Kelemi as she sighs. "Yes that is your common response Kel." She tries not to let it bother her as it has before as she looks towards the hatchling. "Standing guard is my job… never thought someone would be standing guard over me and you there Kelemi." She laughs a little. "It's leaving us in suspense it seems." She holds his hands tightly and a bit nervously. She glances noticing the sound of another egg but can't help but looking back at the hatchling in front of them. "Now what?" She asks softly.

Alley Trash and Treasure Hatchling is momentarily indecisive, was that a mouse scurrying on the sands behind the two candidates? Oh, wait, yes the matter at hand and muscles tense head weaving back and forth it looks about to pounce fericiously. What it does is so much less predictable, deceptively clever as energies are unleashed in not a spring in the air but a winding coil of dragon that twies about the feet of its chosen, and rubs bit of paper off upon legs. IT is now the priority, and it looks up unapologetically, that other will have to wait.

It feels as if a strong gust draws up a cloud of the black sand around you, what colors the world has allowed a moment before shifting into shades of gray that are interrupted by a mysterious blob of bronze which has come to curl around your feet both in loving partnership and a practical measure to rub off the paper which sticks to his hide. Mischievous eyes meet yours in sly adoration. «Ke'mi,» the clear masculine voice rings in your head, «My name is Dzekecth!» and you know one part of your life's journey has come to an end, you have been found, and now a new path opens before you with endless possibilities. «Can you get this sticky paper off me? I'm starved but I can hardly be seen like this!»

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Alley Trash and Treasure Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

That Darn Bronze Hatchling
Smokey glass hued talons are sharpened to a razor edge, peeking out dangerously from the slightly overlarge paws of this not so humble dragon. Darker shadowed bronze wraps itself around those paws and up to his elbows upon narrow fore and hindlegs. Muscled back and lean sides are welded together from discarded thin sheets of tarnished bronze, his bony shoulders and haunches brushed in darker rusty bronze and whiskey gold. They define a figure that is all curves, lanky and streamlined to prowl upon land or sky into endless mischief. His short neck is more thickly muscled, large head controlled with precision as the tarnished bronze gives away again to a darker muddied and shadowed hue. Eyeridges gleam in that same liquid whiskey gold above large intelligent eyes set within his slightly blunted face. Wingsails glitter with shards of broken glass, a bottle bronze hue which changes with every ripple of the thin membranes and sparkles in tints of emerald and lemon. Behind this lanky dragon form undulates a long thin tail that, like head and paws, slips into the darker bronze hues.

Sayetia sighs as she lets go of Kelemi's hand with a sad but albeit happy look to her face. "Congratulations Kel, you'll make a wonderful rider." She looks down a little disappointed as she moves aside. She whispers something that well is unable to be heard by others to him.

The job is nearly done! Search high and low, search under foot and the treasure within The Obvious Places Egg will be revealed. Coins of gold spill off the upper apex as the egg disintegrates on the sands. Just as the first hints of color appear, a bit of ripped tarp lands upon the pile and all is hidden again. Was that blue? Green?

Black as Pitch Hatchling
Covered from head to tail in Igen's black sand, this young dragon is distinguished more by a lack of visible color then anything else. It seems just about midsized in general, proportioned short in length in comparison to its bulk. The remains of the tarp scrap make it hard to tell what is cloth and what is wings as both appear a tattered and sand splattered russet brown. Though it is difficult to see any other details while the hatchling clings to the shadows, occasional flares of light might allow one to spot a patch of mossy green on the right rear limb, where some sand has fallen away.

C R A C K resounds from the direction of the clutch, closely resembling the sound of a tree falling in the forest as a rather large crack forms on the surface of Tree House Egg.

Kelemi is just about to reply, honestly, really. But then there's suddenly something coiling about his feet, almost knocking him over if it weren't for the fact that Kelemi's arms flail in the air to regain his feet. It's a few moments before the harper seems to come to his senses, blinking at the bronze about his feet. "D…how do you say that again? Dzekecth?" The unfamiliar but oh-so-familiar name rolls off the harper's tongue experimentally before he breaks into a wicked grin. "Oh come on, you don't look nearly as rediculous as I do in this sharding robe." But Kelemi, now Ke'mi does reach out to plick the sock from the bronze's head. "Right…food…food…food! We'll get you fed, right away."

Hadria watches the last of eggs hatch, the new on joining. "At least I can go home." She says to Zorya, seeming a bit more hopeful though she is still holding a hand over her face to avoid getting sand in her eyes.

Sayetia sighs as she is left standing alone and she tries to move a little closer to the others but seeing Kelemi's Impression… it does affect her and she really doesn't try to get closer to others. Perhaps she was just dreaming right?

Black as Pitch Hatchling was known for being rather cruel in the egg and based on the angry gleem coming from underneath the tarp, it plans to remain so in the flesh. A hint of lashing tail from behind stirs even more sand into the air and as the hatchling opens it's mouth to scream it's arrival, it swallows some. A cough and sputtered squawk sound instead of the menacing call it orginally intended. Offended, the thing snakes out of view into the darkness and becomes completely unseen.

Zorya gives Hadria's hand another light squeeze. She's still there. "Of course you can." she replies to the girl, her gaze following the hatchling as it disappears into the darkness. "And this was going so well…" is half muttered under her breath.

Malakai bursts into a hearty laugh when the hatchling curls round Kelemi's legs. "Well, looks like you've been claimed. No drinking for you." He says with a grin as Kelemi retreats with his new lifemate. There's still a couple more out there, so his eyes try to follows the figure in the dark. That squawk earns a bit of a chuckle.

After the crack in Tree House Egg there is a silence that follows. The egg becomes deadly still as if the hatchling within has given up but do no worry for all is not what it seems. With a wild burst of energy the egg comes apart in a shower of shards, the hatchling within now clearly seen in all her Jungle colorations.

Rapture of the Jungle Green Oberath
Lithe athletic and fit this rich jungle green lacks no coordination or muscle. Her forelimbs are dipped in mossy shades and dappled palmtree tones, the talons carved from glossy mahogany. Her ankles have the faintest hint of algae, the sort that grows in a creekbed in a shady forest. Glossy strelitzia tones spread over wings dappled with spanish moss. A philodendron colored and patterned marking drapes over her neck, right shoulder and tickles her savannah green belly, leaving a vivid folliage green necklace over dappled greenery. A jungle green barrels out of the shell into the occasionally gusting winds and scraping sands. She overshoots her mark the first go around before stopping at Rueine, a good natured weaver apprenctice. The green wraps her wings around the girl to protect her from the whirling sand and croons possesively. "Of course Oberath, Ru'ne is a wonderful name. But I think we need to eat now. Come on."

With a triumphant cry the Rapture of the Jungle Green Oberath has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

K'ael blinks as the last hatchling springs to life.. then promptly disappears into the darkness. And then the last of the eggs springs open and the bronzer lets out a sigh of relief. He was feeling better about Azaeth's ability to sire healthy clutches now, at least. Even if the big bronze was confident he could all along.

Black as Pitch Hatchlingisn't doing anything. It can't be, since you can't see it. Though, between the whistles and swishes of wind and blowing sand there is a distinctive shush as though something were stalking its way completely around the far ring of the cave. Yet there is a good circle of light around those candidates and surely nothing dangerous can get close without being seen. Least, until two of the torches blow out in a particularly strong burst of wind.

Sayetia watches quietly as it all comes down to one last hatchling as she observes it carefully knowing full well the count of candidates to the hatchling must be a good sized number and chances are slim. Please let that one be hers… she shifts her feet in the sands as she starts to feel the nervousness now full on. "Please let Kel and I be together even if we have to deal with rules…" She says softly.

Hadria bites on her lower lip, squeaking as the lights suddenly go out. "..That's not good. Not good at all." Telling Zorya and taking a deep breath, "Never doing this again. Never." The happy person has turned scared girl quick, with no light and a storm.

Kathryn finally speaks, almost oblivious to what's going on on the sands. "Emeliuth did you say?" she asks of C'vryn quietly. The goldrider takes a step closer, looking at the little bronze and her face suddenly lights up. "I'm so happy for you, dearheart." She says, looking back up to her son again. Her hand creeps forward to offer to the little bronze. "Welcome." she says softly.

Zorya might still have Hadria's hand, but there's one still out there, and no, she can' see it. The other hand reaches to search for Malakai's once again. At least he's still there with her. "Can you see it?"

Vaelin stays close to Prosseth, though the torches going out startles her quite a bit. She had glanced over to the continuing hatching several times, but now as that last one remains, she turns to watch what they can through the blowing sands.

C'vryn is rather quiet as he nods back to Kathryn and then he glances around to look at the others standing there, too. "Thank you, Weyrwoman." He's trying to act grownup at least, now for a moment." Another quick look and he gives his mother a rather besotted with his dragon smile.

Ke'mi turns to glare at Malakai, a little twinkle in the weyrling's eyes. Oh, there will be alcohol, it's just a matter of not getting caught. He grins that little grin of his, his attentions turning toward Dzekecth. "C'mon, you know I want to get out of this sharding thing too. I /hate/ these robes."

Malakai take's Zorya's hand when she's reaching for it again. "Nope, can't see it." And then those torches blow out and it's even darker. "Well, that's just perfect with that prowler still out there." He says, a grin still on his face about it. Not so bad, still a bit creepy, whooshing winds, diming light and all.

Black as Pitch Hatchling can't be seen and now it can't even be heard. Silent, still. It creeps through the darkness putting fear into the enemy. Hah! And now, for the one. A bit of wind is stirred in the opposite direction of the storm as it passes, then stills. Then it steps into the light where the last of the candidates wait nervously for it's attack. It sits, looking patiently up at that one.

A rough and ready presence bowls into your thoughts with all the subtlety of a raging bull. You could be forgiven for thinking it is the storm increasing in strength, but no, this feels familiar and is colored with grey and muddy brown. Even as you think this, the touch gentles and the colors brighten to sunny yellow and spring green. A waft of mint crosses the sands, though still quite powerful in feel. « Ma'kai? » You sense an impatient waiting, a steady buzz in the sunny yellow that is both inside you and in him. Him? « Yes, silly. Him. I am bronze you know. » At your shock, you hear amused exasperation in the baritone voice. « I'm Garanth and I'm hungry. What are you going to do about that? »

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Black as Pitch Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Where Love Resides Bronze Hatchling
The ravages of time mark this smaller bronze without regard for his actual age. He wears within his hide turns of use and endless love, painted by thousands of stories told in the weathered craggy surface. He has a squared muzzle, tipped by slivers of tan in dark bronze as if chips had been knocked out. The heavyset neck wears a vine of ivy green crawling thru the tarnished bronze. It spreads from the crook of his neck downwards across a wide, short back and down his thick left foreleg. Mossy green tarnish grows up the remaining three legs, covering his strong paws and talons completely. Patches of it creep over the moist dark shadows of his belly and tail which is the only part of him that seems longer then it is wide. His wings are ragged scraps of lighter copper bronze patches sewn into sheets of tarnished bronze. It creates an impression of tattered, moth eaten drapes. Yet, the compact mass has strength and a sturdy foundation of good bones which gives promise of turns more love and shelter.

Sayetia sighs as the last hatchling Impresses. She holds back the tears as she looks over to see Kel with his bronze and tries to keep her composure. After all she is a guard, no point in being upset, she grew up in a weyr… but why is it so hard watching him now as a weyrling? Oh well, it'll be an adjustment for sure.

Hadria relaxes once the last dragon impresses, her eyes full of tears she is looking around, trying to see the galleries. "I guess that's it." She murmurs to Zorya, looking around and backing up a bit. Not a lot of bounce left in her.

Zorya's eyes move across the sands. Somewhere its there… And suddenly it is. /Right/ there being that she's standing next to the young man in question. Blink. And the girl drops his hand once again. "Congratulations.."

As an assistant weyrlingmaster rushes over to light the torches blown out, Kathryn suddenly realizes that the hatching is all but over. Nylaeth's hum has stopped and she's already looking around with that hungry glance. "Not in that storm you don't." Kathryn quickly heads over to stop her gold from jumping out before turning to see who the last of the hatchlings has chosen.

With a triumphant cry the Sweeping the Chimmnies Brown Barth has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Malakai blinks a bit as the final dragonette is starring at him. "Oh. You /are/ a bronze!" He exclaims, a smile popping up on his face. "Was a bit worried there for a second." He makes a face then and shrugs. "Well I suposse we could take you over there to get some food." He says in voice that seems like it's obvious. "Thanks Zorya." He says offering her a smile. "Come on Garanth." He says, leading the little bronze off the sands.
Vaelin beams. "Hey! Other guy from Ista! Congratulations!" she shouts. She immediately regrets it, though, getting a mouth full of sand as a reward. Puh-tooey!

Kathryn looks to the candidates remaining with a sigh and sad smile. "I'm sorry for those of you who remain. I know how heartbreaking it can be. You are welcome to remain here and try again for our next clutch. For those of you who wish to return home, we'll take you as soon as it's safe to do so. Until then, please try to enjoy yourself here as you can."

Sayetia nods quietly as she looks down. It definitely feels more heartbreaking then she had imagined for sure. She turns around to head off the sands. Maybe she can go drink as her and Ke'mi had planned…. only minus him.

Zorya nods. "Thankyou Ma'am.." she notes quietly towards the goldrider, though whether the statement is actually heard or not… And the girl moves along with the rest remaining to head back off the sands.

Hadria is now concentrating on getting out. Looking to kathryn, she asks, "IS there anyway I can go home?" Looking back at Zorya she lets go of her hand. Time to move on.

Kathryn nods to Hadria, but firmly restates. "As soon as the storm blows over. We'll not endanger anyone more then necessary. It shouldn't be much longer now."

K'ael smiles sympathetically to the remaining candidates as well. "But don't give up hope! Your lifemates are out there, someplace, if unborn yet. A heartbreak now might just mean a really terrific union is in store for you either later here or even at another weyr." Then he heads over to offer a hand to Kathryn. "Been a pleasure, weyrwoman."

Aoriya is at the edge of the sands, just off the entry way to the grounds and calls out to the candidates. "Its not safe to between." The brownrider doesn't dare enter the hatching sands, "You'll just have to wait for the storm to blow over."

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