Be strong

Igen Weyr - Hydroponics Tree Room
The transition from the Entrance to this room is smooth. The sand is piled high here as well, and the mist floats through the air. The heat, however, is just a little less stiffling, and the light is a little brighter. The trees here, though still young, are obviously fruit trees set all in pretty lines and rows. It's obvious now why the insects and birds are encouraged to fly in here - a few of the trees have burst into bloom. At the back of this cavern, there is a smaller arch that leads to a somewhat darker room.

A bit of free time in the afternoon finds Zorya in the gardens. The girl slowly meanders though the young trees, slender fingers reach up to pluck a shriveled bloom from one of them as she passes. Closing her eyes she stands still for the time being taking a deep breath, inhaling the subtle fruity sent of the pale buds.

R'oc walks through the rather misty room, his eyes seem to travel from tree to tree just checking out the bloom of each one. His hand reaches up into one particular one and he picks a blossom and then brings it down and he looks at it. "Your going to be a sweet one aren't you." He smiles as he checks the bark. "Big fruit too I see, your going to be my favorite." The man laughs and yet hasn't noticed the young candidate in the room with him.

Zorya might not have noticed the bronzerider in the room either if it weren't for his idly commentary to the tree. Its said speech that catches her attention causing her to open her eyes as she turns towards the sound. "Afternoon sir." she offers, her voice loud enough to be heard though but soft enough so to not really disturb the feel in the quiet of the room.

R'oc turns his head towards the oncoming sound of the voice. "Well hello there Zorya, and how are you today?" The small bloom in the palm of his hand, he turns and walks towards her. "Your not causing trouble now are you?" The man laughs just before he winks at her. "I was just coming to check in on my favorite little tree here." He nods over to the tree he was just speaking of.

Zorya shakes her head, a smile pulling at her lips. "Of course not sir." she replies. When has he ever known her to cause trouble? "It is nice out here though. Relaxing in a way Ah guess."

"I come here sometimes to get away from the work, you know this is where I first ran into Sianne." He smiles and looks at that tree again and laughs. "I remember she was definately right under the tree while I took a nap up there." He points to a branch that even now has some kind of wear in the bark, the branch has had a bend worn in it. "And she surprised me, I fell and then I saw her." He smiles and turns to her. "It's just nice to remember nice memories in a place like this I guess."

Zorya's blue eyes follow his towards the branch in question as he tells his story. "That's a nice story." she offers, soft smile lingering on her lips as her gaze falls back to the bronzerider. "You two.. You an Sianne, you're really close now huh. I heard the news… Congratulations."

R'oc smiles at the young girl and responds. "I guess you could say that, I care a lot for her." He then looks at the young girl and says. "But I'm sure you know all about that kind of stuff." He teases her a little before adding. "I've never before felt something for anyone like her. Sure there were other women, but it just wasn't the same." He looks at her just before sitting down and resting against a tree. "So Zorya, how many hearts have you broken?" The quirky sly smile that comes to his lips shows he's teasing.

Zorya's smile falls just a bit, a brow quirking at the subtle teasing. "Ah'm not sure Ah do…" she replies first, falling silent again for a moment as he settles and settles. "None, Ah'm sure." the girl adds in answer to the last. "You mind?" a slight wave of a hand motioning to the space beside him.

"No no, please." He motions her to sit down next to him a big smile on his face. "Company is nice especially since I speak to tree's when I'm alone." He chuckles and asks. "So what is on your schedule for today?" The bronzer asks. "I hope your not dodging duties." He grins and then closes his eyes. "I remember dodging them, not that you should." He opens his eyes and looks at her. "But I remember the trouble I would get in just because I'd hide." he laughs.

Zorya gives a light laugh as she settles to a seat beside the rider. "Talkin' ta trees ain't so bad sometimes." she replies, sighing softly as she leans back against one such. "No, Ah was workin on weeding some taday. Have some time before Ah have ta be back ta it so figured might as well.."

"I see, so you talk to things that can't talk back too, I think we both need to go see the healers about these things." The bronzer chuckles as he looks down a row of trees. "Zorya, are you nervous?" He asks a bit more serious a question than before. "I mean about the hatching and all, I know you've stood." He looks to her and adds. "Are you afraid?"

Zorya chuckles. "Well sometimes its easier ta talk ta something that's not gonna talk back, or ta anyone else… ya know?" Its half question, half thought as the girl blinks at the next line of questions. "Nervous?" she repeats as if it were a new thought to her. "Well.. maybe a little…" she finally admits, expression pulling downwards as she pulls her lower lip between her teeth.

"Listen Zorya, there are things in this world so far beyond what anyone can imagine." He turns to her and smiles. "You can't be nervous, or hesitant about what’s ahead. If you see something and you want it, don't wait for it to come to you, take it." R'oc looks back down the row of trees and then says. "Know that though you stood before that doesn't mean your going to impress by just waiting, the young ones look for someone who is strong inside and out." He takes a deep breath. "So for you and your young one, be strong."

"I think," Zorya stars, "Ah'm startin ta learn that." Pause. "About grabbing for what you want Ah mean… That's why Ah left home really. Now that Ah think about it. Ah didn't want what was there. So Ah left ta become a harper." The girl focuses on her hands as they rest in her lap, "And.. well Ah guess Ah'm not so much nervous about it anymore. More afraid of disappointing my Uncle. Ah know he says, but.. ya know?"

R'oc looks to her and smiles, then he takes the blossom that's still in his hand and then reaches out to put it in her hair just above her ear. "Thats what I want to hear, there now look at you all colorful and ready for whatever is ahead." He smiles and then says. "Worry about yourself, at least some of the time. YOu can't always think about what everyone else wants." He smiles and then looks up into the branches of the tree. "Helping too much can get you into trouble as well."

A smile pulls back to the girl's lips even as a blush spreads across her cheeks. "Ah'll try ta keep all that in mind." Zorya agrees, blue eyes blinking over towards the rider even as he looks up, "Ah'm not sure Ah understand what ya mean.. Helpin ta much?"

"If your busy helping out everyone and your not helping yourself, then your leaving someone without help." He pauses a moment and then answers. "Yourself, take Sianne for example. She has the biggest heart on pern, and she cares so much for the weyr and it's people, she spends all her energy on her weyr." A small smile on his face and he adds. "I have to remind her to help herself, I guess for the moment I help her relax." He sighs and then says. "But you won't catch me making too much a fuss about anyone else, I don't like people much anyways." He grins.

Zorya ohs, "Well Ah guess that makes sense now that ya say it.." And it does when one takes time to actually think about it a bit. "'s not so bad ta help out everyone else, but when ya stop making time for you.. then Ah guess after awhile ya can't help others so well either." Or maybe she's just over thinking it. "Sounds like she's lucky ta have ya, Sianne Ah mean."

"No I'm lucky to have her, she makes it so I'm not as bad as I am by myself." He smiles and then looks at her. "Without her there to remind me about how nice I should be, I could be like I was the night I was angry all the time." R'oc waits a moment and then says. "But we all find someone else that makes us change how we act. Nasheth on one hand always inpulsive and needy, is warm and loyal. Sianne is loving and responsible. Two things I could never manage to do by myself." He smiles.

"Ah bet she thinks she's pretty lucky too." Zorya replies, offering up a smile once again. "An' really… ya weren't all so bad that day." Okay, that'd be an understatement - but perhaps she's just trying to make him feel better about the whole thing.

"you don't have to hide it, I know how bad I was don't worry." The man smiles and then stands. "Well then it is time I go see about finding my weyrwoman." He stands and walks out. "Have a nice time."

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