Meet ya under the tree?

Igen Weyr - Bathing Cavern
Steam rises from a series of 5 pools, each one a little cooler then the one before. Set against the walls to either side of the door are several benches to sit on or to leave clothing on while bathing, stone pegs also spear outward from the walls to offer places to leave clothing or towels as well.
Set sporadically about the edges of the pools are bowls of old fashioned soap sand, bars of scented and unscented soap, oils and other things bathers may wish to have on hand. Set a little further back are large baskets for dirtied towels as well as others for clean towels.
The electric lighting keeps the room just bright enough to see what your doing but not overbright so as to chase off all sense of privacy in those little side nooks that some of the pools have. Fans suspended from the ceiling keep the air circulating nicely to cut down on mold growth on the walls as well as to keep the chamber from becoming overly hot.
A second cavern splits off from the main one, and in there are several shower stalls for those wishing to grab a quick shower instead of a long leisurely soak in one of the pools.

Its about an hour before curfew for the candidates. Late enough to have nothing pressing to do, and yet still just early enough to have time to relax. And so it is that Zorya has found herself for a bath. Steam rises from the pools obscuring the view within the dimly lit cavern. The blonde has settled herself within the warm waters, from the looks of it just moments ago as she reaches up to pull her long locks up and back securing them mostly in place with a clip while a few loose strands slip free to hang down and frame her face.

So, Malakai's not one to bath every single day. But when he does bathe, he likes a good soak, and right around now seems like the most comfortable time to do so seeing as it's right before when they should all be climbing into bed. So leaving his clothes and towel over on the benches along the wall, he gets himself into one of the hotter pools of water to soak and scrub. It takes a while for him to actually notice who else is in the bath as he gets focused when he's washing, but after he's rinsed the soapsand out of his hair he sees a Zorya and a smile spreads across his face. "Why hello. Didn't see you there."

Zorya had actually settled in to soak in the warm water and so with eyes closed there was the sound of someone else coming in but she hadn't bothered to see who it might be. At the sound of the voice however blue eyes blink open and towards the sound, "Oh, um.. hi.." she replies a bit awkwardly.

Malakai grins and stays where he is since he's not quite done washing. He takes up a handful of soapsand and starts the wash his arms and chest, not the least bit shy about it. This is a public bath after all, if he was shy he'd probably just use the shower to get in and out as fast as he could. "How'd your day go?" Apperently his chores got his timing off so that he hadn't gotten a chance to talk to the girl yet since the morning.

Indeed it is a public bath. She just wasn't expecting someone to show up quite like that. "It was alright." Zorya replies lightly, rolling her shoulders back to stretch a bit. "Nothin' to unusual." Chores are chores after all. "How about yours?"

Malakai nods a bit while he scrubs. "That's good. I guess." He says with a grin. "Things were pretty normal in the stables too. Though there was a runner that got spooked when some barrels fell over and went rolling around. Just glad I wasn't in the stall with that one, probably would have gotten stomped." He says with a nod. Business as usual kind of tone.

Zorya blinks. "No, that wouldn't a been good would it. Specially with the eggs ready anytime now too.." She stifles a yawn, lifting a hand to cover her mouth. Near bedtime and relaxing in the warm water of the baths, yeah that's reason enough to yawn. "But keeping yourself busy?" Of course chores do that easily enough, but its idle conversation.

There's a little rustling outside of the bathing cavern, and soon Kelemi can be seen wandering into the bathing cavern. "So this is where everyone is." A little grin pulls at his lips as he looks from Zorya to Malakai. "I was wondering where everyone was. If I knew there was a bath party, I would have come sooner!"

Malakai nods and grins. "No, it wouldn't be good. It would suck to have been here so long only to get hurt and not be able to stand." Total waste of time and effort. When Kelemi comes walking in to the bathing cavern, Malakai rinses some of that soap sand off and grins over at him. "Sorry, should have come and drug you down here myself." He says smile. He shoots a grin over to zorya then. "And yeah, outside of chores, I think I've been keeping myself nicely busy." He turns his attention back to Kelemi then. "Planning on joining us?" What else would he be doing?

Zorya nods a bit at Malakai's explanation of things before her attention is drawn to the much louder entrance of Kelemi. "Ah wouldn't call it a party…" the Istan replies to fellow candidate and harper. "Just a nice time to catch a bath." After all it's always nice to be clean before bed.

Kelemi waves a hand dismissively in the air, tossing his towel on one of the benches and shimmying out of his clothes, quickly moving to sink into the water. "As far as I am concerned, if it's more than two people than it's a party." Kelemi winks playfully at Zorya, grinning at Malakai, "Well, I didn't come here to stand around and stare at people, so of course I'm joining."

Malakai grins at Kelemi's declaration that this is a party. "Yeah I can totally see this as a party, except Zorya's all sleepy over there." He stage whispers to Kelemi, making sure Zorya can hear him. Once the older harper is in the water though Malakai can't help but grin. "You never know. Some people like staring at others. Though, I'll admit the bath is probably the worst place to do it." He decides that he's nice and clean though and finds a comfortable bit of wall to lean against so he can enjoy the hot water.

Zorya glares towards the boys and their 'whispers', though upon closer inspection there is a twinkle in her eyes with the look. "Not that sleepy." she replies, "Jus' been a long day and the water feels good." she huffs a bit.

Kelemi winks playfully at Malakai, grinning wickedly. "Well, we might need to wake her up then?" His eyes mischeviously move over towards Zorya, splashing a little bit of water over at her. "Aww, sorry to hear that. Just don't fall asleep in the water, you might drown." He winks turning towards Malakai, "Oh, well, that's another story all together."

Malakai grins over at Zorya for a second then looks back to Kelemi. "Aww, don't say things like that. I wouldn't let her drown." He laughs though at that last bit from Kelemi. "Goodness. Yeah. I'd say it is." He links his hands behind his head and hangs onto the edge of the pool with his elbows kinda. "You missed a bit of fun out in the lake the other day. Zorya and Kasholan wouldn't get in the water with me even though it was really rather hot." He says to Kelemi, shooting a look and a grin at the girl over there relaxing.

"Hey!" Zorya exclaims, trying to suppress a giggle as she holds an arm up in attempt to protect her face from the splash though only succeeds so much. "I'm not falling asleep yet." She narrows her gaze at Malakai as she peeks over her arm, uncertain if its safe to lower her defenses against splashing just yet.

Kelemi sticks out his tongue at Zorya, grinning triumphantly. And, for the moment, he's content not to splash at Zorya, after all, there's not much point if she has her guard up. So, Kelemi busies himself with actually getting clean instead of playing around. "Oh? What happened in the lake then? And why wasn't I invited?"

Malakai grins over at the teen and her being splashed at. Even if it is warm water, being splashed is always rather irritating, which is why boys do it. Once she's peeking over her arm, Malakai does a bit of splashing at her of his own. All the more sneaky since he'd been relaxing. Malakai shrugs though at Kelemi. "Nothing really, but it would have been fun if I could have gotten someone in the water with me. And I wasn't really inviting people, I just kind of was going to the lake and was like, hey let's go to the lake. to the people I came across." He does look a little apologetic about it though.

Zorya eeps, ducking at the splash from the forester which only causes her to get her own face wetter than she'd wanted to. "Stop that!" she scoffs, but its more of a giggle as the words pass her lips. "I would have, but I wasn't exactly dressed for it." she notes a logical excuse in regard to swimming at the lake. "And I'm sure you would have been invited if we'd found you."

"Yeah, yeah, you guys keep saying that but then I never get invited unless I wander into it." Kelemi just shakes his head, running his hands through his hair as he cleans it. "maybe one of these days I'll just have to do something fun without you guys."

Malakai laughs at Zorya gets water on her face, but dutifully shuts up when she yells at him. Though a playful grin stays on his lips. He shrugs at Kelemi though and looks innocent. "I don't know. I think you and I have plenty good fun when no one else is around. Wouldn't want to invite everyone to everything now would we?" It's sound logic to him.

Zorya giggles, sending a splash back towards the boys after a light wipe of her face. "Haven't you done that already?" she ask of the other harper. "Ya were gonna go get in trouble the other day if Ah remember right." she teases. "He has a point though… too many people invited and sometimes it ruins the fun."

Kelemi looks quite proud of himself as Zorya mentions his getting into trouble, "Aye, it was fun." A mischievous glint enters the harper's eyes, "And I don't think anyone has noticed, I haven't been found out yet." What he did, he leaves up to the air. Mal gets a mischievous glint. "MMm, we do have a lot of fun, don't we? We should have some more fun later."

Malakai makes a face at Zorya as he's splashed before wiping his face off. "Bah. Should have seen that coming." She shoots a grin at her before raising a brow at Kelemi. "Getting up to trouble? What kind of trouble?" Just because he's not telling right away, doesn't mean Malakai's not going to ask. He nods a bit then and smiles quite serenely. "Some fun later sounds good. Maybe right after bathtime."

Zorya eyes the two of them rather skeptically. "So you're just goin' ta both sit there and talk about whatever it is and leave me out of it?" They're boys, should she expect anything else? A hand raises to tuck a stray strand of hair back from her face, "Ah think Ah've been sittin' here long enough anyhow." So don't clue her in, she can take a hint.

Kelemi's eyes gain that mischievous glint, wiggling his eyebrows at Malakai playfully. "Sure, right after bathing sounds good." He looks over at Zorya, feigning innocence. "I don't know what you are talking about Zorya, we're just kidding around." Though, it's pretty obvious there's something he's not going to talk about. "Oh, you might be interested Mal, I found…well, helped myself to a few things."

Malakai makes a pouty face at Zorya. "Aww, don't be mad." he glances over at Kelemi a bit. He'd probably try to include the girl in some kind of fun, but she might be a little too straightlaced, or even too young to actually have fun with it. But then Kelemi's talking about finding things and he gets distracted. "Oh really now? I think I'd like to see these things." Ah, secrets between men. The whole point is to be frustrating.

Frustrating it is! "Well Ah guess you two have fun with whatever." Zorya replies, shifting to first stand and then climb out of the pool and pull a towel about her as quickly as she can. "Ah have plenty of other thing ta keep me busy." Straightlaced? Young? Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Could be hard to say.

Kelemi pouts ever so slightly as Zorya moves to get out of the water, "Aww, you don't have to leave, Zorya! We were just having some fun, that's all, you can have fun with us, you don't have to leave.."He grins, turning towards Malakai, "Oh, yes, I'll show you when we get done bathing."

Malakai turns and leans on the wall after Zorya's got that towel on. "Come on Zorya. Don't go. We're just messin' around." He looks up at her, trying to look cute, and honestly suceeding, but when a girl's miffed about soemthing, there's no telling what she'll do. He glances over at Kelemi when he says she can have fun with them. "You think she'd like to have fun with us?" Cryptic questions, always fun.

Clasping towel around her Zorya turns back to face the boys. "So now that Ah'm leavin' ya don't want me to?" Cause to her it certainly sounded like they wanted her gone, or at least had no intentions of including her. "Ah'm not a child ya know." She might be the youngest of the candidates, but that doesn't mean she's completely clueless.

Kelemi turns towards Malakai, considering Zorya, "Hrm, I'm nos sure other enjoy our fun, but we could always have other sorts of fun." He shrugs his shoulders, looking overrtowar us Zorya, "Oh come on, you know you're part of us, of course we don't want you gone."

Malakai makes another pouty face at Zorya. "We didn't want you to leave at all. We were just talking about, ya know, guy stuff." That's the best he can explain it. He reaches out for her foot then, though she's a bit to far away for him to reach. "Come back in the water and relax with us." He says, pouting at her.

Zorya does a fair job of holding back a grin for the moment. "Guys stuff.. right. Ah know how that goes." She has how many brothers and cousins.. Guy stuff is an explanation that she'll reluctantly give into if only this once. "Sides, how can I resist that face." she adds breaking into a smile as she giggles. "Ya look ridiculous." But she does give in, slipping from the towel back into the water with a soft sigh. Yes, water still feels good.

Kelemi nods his head, "right, it's just guy stuff." He winks at Malakai, sinking lower into the water, closing his eyes for a moment. Falling silent at least for a few moments, see? He can behave.

Malakai's pout turns into a bright smile when she says she'll stay. "Good. And, I guess that's ok, since it got you to smile." He turns back around to catch Kelemi's wink and give him one of his own while Zorya climbs back in. "There now, see? The water's much nicer than going off to hang out in the dorms, don't ya think?" And behaving is over rated, at elast in the Forester's opinion. But relaxing is good, so he goes back to leaning against the wall of the pool, his muscular arms stretched out on the floor behind them.

"Maybe it is, maybe it isn't." Zorya replies, neither agreeing or disagreeing with Malakai on the point of the water versus dorms. But its still hanging on her as to what they were talking about. "So… what ya have in mind?"

Kelemi peers curiously between Zorya and Malaki, a brow arching ever so slightly. "What, you don't want to hang out with us? After all, it wouldn't be a party without you. It'd just be two guys in a pool."

Malakai grins slightly at the both of them, Kelemi and Zorya. And then shrugs. "I was thinking mostly of just relaxing, because Kelemi's right. We need three to make a party." Indeed, what fun is just two guys in the bath? "Also, there's only so much that can be done in a bath besides washing and relaxing. And that list is ridiculously short."

"Oh, so you need me so it can be a party. That's it." Zorya replies, turning a touch skeptical once again. "Its hard ta relax with you two talking." But there's a hint in her tone that she's teasing at least in part as she lets herself sink just a bit further into the water so that her chin is just above the surface.

Kelemi can't help but smirk ever so slightly, "Exactly, there's no fun here without you. Besides, we still need help figuring out what to do." He looks over at Malakai, a little glint of something or other in his eyes. "We could always do something else."

Malakai nods a bit. "Besides, you're fun to tease." He sends a cheeky smile over to Zorya. Is he asking to get hit or something? Who knows, but at least /he's/ having fun. He grins over at Kelemi though at that little glint in his eye. "What did you have in mind?"

Zorya almost believes that. "Of course, Ah'm the life a the 'party'." she teases in return, rolling her eyes. Malakai earns a splash sent his way as the girl swipes her hand at the water. Its so much easier than actually hitting, takes less effort and all that. "Didn't Ah just ask that?" Someone must have something in mind with the way those two have been going on.

Kelemi chuckles quietly as he flicks some water at the the two. "Oh, I don't know, I can think of a few things. But they probably should wait till later." Kelemi says mysteriously, closing his eyes with a little grin pulling at his lips. "But, I could possibly show you what I found the other night. Course, we'd get into trouble if we were found out."

Malakai actually tries to block the splash this time and kind of suceeds. Only a little of the water makes it to his face. "I don't know, did you?" He asks Zorya. Maybe the heat of the water is getting to his brain? "What do ya say Zorya? Wanna go and do something that might get us in trouble?" He asks, a grin plastered across his face. So he's a trouble maker.

Zorya usually tries to stay out of trouble, but it has a way of finding her it would seem. "Well then we shouldn't be found out, should we." the girl replies, a twinkle in her blue eyes.

Kelemi chuckles as he pulls himself out of the water swiftly, grabbing at his towel as he moves to dry himself off. "All right, but just to warn you, we'd be breaking one of the rules right out." Kel says, his eyes glittering with mischeif as he looks over his shoulder at the two candidates. "I'd be willing to share, but if it comes down to it, I'll take the blame. I could care less if I got kicked off the sands."

"That a girl." Malakai says with a devilish smile before folowing Kelemi out of the water. "Are we breaking the rule I think we're breaking?" He asks in a somewhat hushed voice while he dries off. No need for anyone to hear them should they be happened upon. "I'm not gonna let you take the blame by yourself. But Zorya, we totally cohersed you into doing this if you're cuaght along with us. Though, I'd prefer if we jsut didn't get caught." He says, that mischeif in Kelemi's eyes showing up in Malakai's smile.

Zorya gives a little shake of her head before following suit to find towel once again. "Of course ya did…" she starts in reply, "Ah dun even know what 'it' is yet. But yer right, not gettin caught is the best option."

As Malakai speaks, a cheshire-cat grin pulls at Kelemi's lips, his eyes full of mischief. The only answer Mal gets to the question is a wink as Kel pulls on his clothes, trying his best to feign innocence. After all, anyone might overhear and tell on them. "No need to worry about getting caught, I put them in a safe place."

Malakai gets dressed quickly, pulling his shirt on last since it's probably the piece of clotheing he'd be most likely to go without if it weren't for the sandstorms the weyr had been experiencing. He grins over at Zorya, just glancing at her through the corner of his eyes since she's still getting dressed. "We did, and that's what you're goign to stick to." He nods at that last bit about them being in a safe spot. "Good to know."

Zorya laughs just a bit, and once she's finally situated she's waiting for either Malakai or Kelemi to take the lead especially since they're apparently the only ones who know whats going on. "Ah'll take your word for it." she agrees.

Kelemi pulls on his shirt, a hand running through his hair. "They're in the barracks, under my cot, I hid them there after I conveniently found them in front of a passed out man. They hadn't even been opened yet." His tongue breifly runs across his lips, "I'd been saving them, but…" He trails off, shaking his head, "I'll grab 'em and I'll meet you somewhere where we won't be bothered? Maybe the gardens, no one goes there."

Malakai nods and grins, knowing exactly what's going on now. He doesn't bother with his hair any since it's short enough to not need bothering with. "Alright. The gardens it is then." He reaches out to take Zorya's had to lead her out to the gardens. "Meet ya under the tree?" Apperently they have a certain tree they like? He gives Kelemi a grin and a wink then before leading the girl out. It totally doesn't look suspisious for them to walk out for an evening stroll right?

A bit of a smirk finally starts to spread across Zorya's lips as what they're up to finally starts to take shape. The girl raises a brow towards the two of them though. Been planing something like this for awhile now have they? Being that they seem to have this all worked out however, she lets them take care of the 'planing' and slips her hand into Malakai's when he reaches for it. Suspicious? Of course not!

Kelemi can't help but grin even wider as Mal mentions the tree. "Yes, the tree." He agrees with a little purr entering his voice. But Kel doesn't linger any longer, instead, the harper vanishes out of the door, fully intent to obtain his prize.

Igen Weyr - Hydroponic Gardens Entrance
Vibrant sights and smells greet visitors to a lush desert oasis that oughtn't exist here in the crater of Igen Weyr. Everywhere one looks, lush greenery waves lazily, hiding growing lights and the fixtures which give off the subtle lighting. The cavern, a natural bubble in the rock, is mostly round - there is no closure to the outside, and there's a tapering off at the back before exploding into another bubble further back. One can just see that the next "room" leads to yet another room even further back.
There is no set aisle through the plants. Walkways meander here and there, sand heaped along the floor and kept warm by whatever device gives the Hatching Grounds their warmth. The heat is not as intense here, but the mist generated by clever automatic sprayers lends humidity to the air. Tubs of various depths and sizes are scattered higgeldy piggeldy, and the plants in them seem to have no rhyme or reason. Aromatic scents give the hint that kitchen herbs and useful vegetables have been scattered among the decorative flowers and trees.
The chain of rooms are obviously quite "new" - most of the plants seem to be quite young. Insects buzz about everywhere, and there is a quiet twitter of avains and firelizards, who seem quite at home here among the vegetation. Near the door, a wooden rack holds a few pairs of shoes, encouraging visitors to go barefoot.

Leading the teen harper through the dark bowl to the gardens, Malakai keeps ahold of Zorya's hand untill they reach a young yet leafy tree. "Here we are." He says, letting go of her hand. "Should warn you now that no one's around. He's probably going to produce some rather strong drinks if I've gathered what he's hinted at correctly."

Zorya sends a glance up at the tree that's been spoken even as the forester starts his explanation. The girl nods a bit, a touch of uncertainty working its way back across her features at the additional information. But then it wasn't completely unexpected either. "What? Ya think Ah haven't had a drink before?" she asks, putting on a front that isn't so terribly hard to see through. Okay, so she hasn't. That's not the point, is it.

After a few moments, Kelemi can be seen trying to look as non-pulsed as possible. The harper is carying his harp case in his fingertips, a rather natural expression entering his features. However, those knowing the harper well won't miss the mischievious glint that flickers in his eyes. He lazily makes his way over towards Zorya and Malakai, "Well, well, look at what we have here." Kelemi wiggles his brows, helping himself to a seat next to the two. His fingers all ready working at the fasten holding the case closed. Kelemi allows himself a quick look around the gardens to make sure that they are alone, and after assuring that there's no one around, Kel quickly drops the act. The case springs open, revealing a few wineflasks within. A harper and his wine are never parted for long.

Malakai shrugs and grins at Zorya. "Didn't say that. Was just warning about which rule we're supossed to be folowing is going to be broken." He takes a seat under his favorite tree here and waves once Kelemi is in sight. "What? We're innocent I swear." He says with a wink. Once the wineflasks are revealed, Malakai could cry, though he won't. He's too manly for that. But he'll smile brightly, that he will. "Kelemi, I could kiss you for this." The forester really has been missing the taste of drinks stronger than klah.

Zorya ohs. "Right.." Yes, that makes perfect sense, and maybe more than what she'd though. The girl offers up a smile for fellow harper as well at his appearance, though its a different sort. More on the side of 'I'm not so sure about this anymore,' but any hesitation is just that at this point. "Well that .would. be interesting wouldn't it." she adds, pulling a grin as she teases the others.

Kelemi offers Malakai a full-fledged grin, his eyes shining with mischeif now, "I might hold you to that, Mal." Kel says in a threatening tone before laughing quietly, offering the forester a wineflask, "Here you are, fine sir, compliments of yours truely. It's good too, I had a little sip when I happened to come across it. You want some Zorya? You don't have to if you don't want to."

Malakai grins at the both of them. "That's really not much of a threat." He says accepting the flask happily. He can't help if he's easy going when it comes to teasing, comes with being raised around a bunch of older brothers. "Why, thank you very much kind sir." He takes a sip from the flask, no he's seriously not going to waste this by guzzling it down. "Ahh, that's fantastic. Don't /ever/ tell Kasholan about this. He seriously thinks I'm a drunkard or soemthing." he says with a grin.

Zorya glances between the two. "Well.. maybe just a little?" Since he went through so much trouble and all… Can't hurt to give it a try since they're offering to share. Right? At mention of the healer she giggles, "Well maybe he's right." she taunts, "Ah mean ya do talk about it enough.."

"I want my seat back, too." Kelemi says cryptically with a hint of a grin pulling at his lips, leaning lightly against the tree as he takes the cap off of the flask andsips happily. "Bah, let him think you're a drunkard. I probably drink more than you do." And for all they know, he's probably snuck a few more flasks before this. He offers Zorya a wineflask as well.

Malakai makes a face at the girl. "I do /not/. I go days without talking about it."He just grins though when Kelemi offers her a flask. Judging by how she'd reacted earlier, he's going to suposse she hasn't had a drink before. Well at least she's starting out with something tasty, and not with beer like more teenagers do… Like he did. He grins devilishly at Kelemi then. "You can have your seat when ever you want it." More inside secrets. They're probably intent on unintntionally driving the girl of their group crazy tonight. "You're probably right there though. You probably do drink mroe than I do."

Zorya sniffs tentatively at the contents before finally putting flask to lips to take a short sip of the liquid within. Lowering the container to swallow the girl wrinkles her nose. "How can ya drink this?" Rhetorical question really. Okay, so wine is something of an acquired taste… tasty or not, one that she doesn't have yet it would seem.

Kelemi looks between Mal and Zorya, sniffling a little, "And what if I decided to go and snatch my seat now, hrm?" The harper asks, pointedly looking at Malakai before grinning wickedly at Zorya, "How can you /not/ drink it? It's probably one of the best wines I've had." He sighs happily, he has his alcohol. Everything is right in the world.

Malakai laughs at Zorya's reaction to the drink. "Because it's pleasently mellow. You should get Aisling to take you out drinking sometime. She'll have you drinking hard licquor disguised as fruit juice. Then you'll understand." He shrugs then. "I suposse Zorya might get jealous?" Why would she be jealous over a seat and not Malakai?" Malakai takes a nice comfortable swig of wine and lets it sit in his mouth for a moment before swallowing. "Go on Zorya, give it another try. Once you're used to it, you'll really enjoy it." And that's a promise.

Zorya just blinks between the two. Jealous?" Her… What? Well taking another drink is certainly easier than trying to figure out what they're talking about and so in the end she does and the second drink earns much the same expression as the first.

Kelemi looks between Mal and Zorya for a moment before letting the topic drop, instead, Kelemi focuses on getting himself good and plastered. After all, he's been going on about getting drunk for a while now. "It's not that bad, really, it gets better once you're used to it. Especially once you've had a good few drinks."

Malakai snickers at the repeat of the reaction to the wine. "Ah, maybe we should talk her into chugging it so she's drunk enough to not care waht it tastes like." He says to Kelemi with a smirk. When Kelemi decides to not take his seat, Malakai pouts a little at him and drinks more of his wine. "You and I should take my Aisling out one day after the eggs hatch and just have like a drinking contest or something. She gets tipsy /real/ fast, but then takes forever to get sloshed, so she's fun." He says to Kelemi. Drinking buddies are always great.

"Ya know… Ah think Ah'm just gonna leave this to the two of ya." Zorya notes, passing the flask in hand back to Kelemi. "Ah'm gonna head back. Tired.." she finally admits. "Thanks for invitin me," Or whatever their mild coercion might be be considered. A bit of a smile towards the two and she'll simple leave the light teasing she's certain she'll receive behind her.

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