some people don't even leave note

Igen Weyr - Central Bowl
Barren by day, the Weyr bowl becomes a hive of activity at sundown. It is the center of the Weyr's industry — the frequent comings-and-goings of dragon transports are marked by the greeting bugles of the watchrider pairs with the odd flurry of wings and raucous calls of gathered firelizards. During the day, before and after Rukbat reaches its zenith, shadows are cast by the worn peaks at the volcanoes rim that at times look as though they're dancing across the sand — an illusion enhanced by the shimmering of rising heat and light reflected by the lake to the south. Dragons of all sizes and colours can be seen lounging in the sun, soaking up the extreme warmth as if it were going out of fashion. Towards the end of the day or very early morning before the heat becomes too much, activity within the Weyr increases — residents and riders alike helping to load and unload arriving goods and visitors from dragons and regular trade caravans. Every other part of the Weyr branches out from this central location. Many of the lower ledges can also be seen from the bowl; most specifically those of the Weyrleaders and the junior queens.

A rather glaringly green dragon has graced Igen's central bowl with her presence, and rather recently given the dust still swirling around her body. Pi's currently sitting sideways as she struggles with her passenger's riding strap buckle, an occasional swearword spilling through her lips. Okay, that was five in a row but who's counting anyhow, right? "Shardin' things jammed.. Ah really gotta get it fixed…"

Said passenger waits patiently, grinning down at Pi from her perch. "Well..that'd be a good idea.. unless you like keeping your passengers bound.." she says in a lighthearted manner, content to put a hand on the green's back to stroke her softly while she waits.

Dress in a long-sleeved shirt matched with a heavier, long skirt and boots, the Istan blonde who makes her way across the bowl is dressed rather differently than the sundresses she tended to wear at the island weyr. Her attention is focused more on the skirt than anything however as she brushes at the sand clinging to it.

Finally there's a click and the strap is freed. "There!" A sheepish grin is the next thing Zip is a recepient of, as well as a "Ya ain't gonna repeat those words ta yer Pa are ya?" Not that the man has a clean mouth in any means, but still, Zip's his little girl. Pi hops on down, not entirely bothering to offer the girl any help, after all Psy is much smaller than Dhon so really she should have no problem. Pi /will/ move to the side to give a good deal of landing room though. Luckily someone in the group is paying attention before Zorya wanders past and away, and that would be Psy who lets out a rumble in her direction.

Zipalla slides down from Psy laughing and shakes her head, "I'm not tellin him.." she answers then giggles again. She glances toward the rumbling green then past her and blinks a little, tilting her head. That's…Zor? She glances to Pi then tugs her arm.

A dragon rumbling? Like that doesn't happen every day. And the girl doesn't so much as blink in their direction as the sand on her skirt continues to distract her. People and dragons come and go from the bowl everyday, why should one be noticed to stand out - well especially considering she's not looking.

Sakrienth warbles a saucy greeting as she looks at those in her bowl from the low level ledge she's chosen to rest upon.

Pi perks at the rumble, so it served its purpose well, as does Zip's sudden tugging at her arm. "Yer a lil impatient." is said with another bright grin as she follows along. "Heya Zorya!" One's name being bellowed across the bowl on the other hand may grab attention, and hopefully eventually the girl's. Psy has done her duty so begins stalking off after her own ledge to sun on, mirroring one of the felines that frequently have the same goal.

Zipalla smirks and narrows her eyes. She smiles, however and looks to Zorya, lifting a hand to wave in case the call gets her attention. She glances back at the pretty green and grins, then looks back to their quarry, the runaway Harper.

True, names being bellowed do draw attention. Particularly when the name being called is your own, and as such it does just that and the blonde raises her gaze in the direction of the sound. Blue eyes lighting upon the pair, and retreating green, a bright smile spreads quickly across her lips and Zorya changes her path, quickening her steps towards them even as she raises a hand in return. Bellow is something she doesn't do however, though call out in greeting as she nears yes. "Pi! Zipalla!"

But bellowing is much more effective at grabbing attention, and Zorya already has the two other Shipton's so it's not necessary. "Hey, how're ya holdin' up here? Yer gettin' hard ta find ya know." Sure there has to be a little chastisement right? It can't be all that serious as she happened to take Zorya to the harper hall in her fist move after Ista.

Zipalla puts hands to hips and nods in agreement with Pi, "No kidding..some people don't even leave note.." she says with a look to Zorya. The ire fades to a smile, however and she rocks a bit on her heels, "But since I just got out of quarantine I'm feeling benevolent, I forgive you."

"Its good to see you too." Zorya replies with a bit of a laugh as she greets the pair with a quick hug to each. "Ah'm doing alright." And she certainly seems to be doing better than the last time her cousin visited her somewhere. "Your father was with me when Sianne asked me to come here." she's quick to point out to Zipalla and then she's blinking. "Quarantine?"

Pi doesn't let the hug be entirely too quick, trapping the girl in a squeeze for a moment longer. "Ya know we miss ya." Thumbs slip into her pockets as she drifts back a little in the conversation as sthe two girls chat, unable to avoid adding in "Yeah, Zip 'ere got sick, course Pal was besides himself… not that he ain't normally."

Zipalla lifts her shoulders to Zorya, "Not like he ever tells me anything.." I haven't seen him in.. hmm… almost a month. Not even sure he knows I was..yes..quarantined.. pox.." and Zip rolls her eyes. She pulls up her shirt a bit in front and a bit of the rash remains where it's healing, "All over.. itchy..was awful..Niah and the boys, Zaenar and her baby are all still there.." and she tilts a look to Pi, surprised. "I guess he did know."

Zorya ohs… Well that's L'ton for you. "That's…" And she's not even sure what word to give it. "Ah'm glad yer better though." There's a series of blinks at the mention of the babies. "The rest of 'em… they're doin' alright though?" Right? This was a good visit, don't make her worry!

Pi quickly gives her head a little nod, to both of them. "They're fine, main concern is not lettin' everyone get it, tha's why they're in quarantine see? An' Zips jus' fine…" So she's not that great at smoothing things over but she'll try at least.

Zipalla nods too, "I"m fine.. it's not deadly or anything just annoying and such.. two weeks in the healer's!" She grins and hugs Zorya when Pi finally lets her go then looks around. "So..doin good here huh?" she asks.

Zorya nods. Of course they're okay. "Good," she notes, smile returning in relief once that's cleared up. "Doing alright, yeah. Not that Ah don't miss all of ya, but doin' good." she agrees. There's a pause before she motions towards the caverns with an idle hand. "We could head in.." she offers, "Ah know it can get awful hot standin out here sometimes."

Pi shrugs her shoulders a little bit. "It ain't bad, but Ah wouldn' mind a drink." Zorya gets another once-over from the rider, making sure she's in one piece and the like. "Ya likin' it here? Ah could steal ya back home if'n ya ain't." Not that there's a famine of Shiptons at Ista but she'll offer anyhow.

Zipalla grins and nods, "Yeah, drinks all around!" she chirps, as if they'd let her drink. "And we can talk about the costume party!" then the girl is grinning widely and humming, laddeedahhh. "If you steal her back home she'll just leave again.." Zip adds, teasingly.

Zorya laughs lightly, "Ah been here this long, may as well stick it out." she replies, moving to lead the way towards the caverns just barely a half-step ahead of the other two. "They're sayin' could be any day now really. Eggs are gettin hard faster than they thought." Or so she's heard. "I would not!" the girl scoffs at her cousin's accusation. Okay, so maybe she would… "Not for good or anything. Lessons and such maybe, but…" she pouts playfully. Blink, blink. Wait. "Costume party?"

Aw, but if Zorya stays they run the risk of her impressing and permanently leaving them, right? "Ya might… ya ain't really seemin' ta be the sort ta settle down, least not at Ista." Track record so far isn't that great. "Yeah… the new weyrleader's throwin' one, if'n they weren't so close ta hatchin' Ah'd drag ya back fer it."

Zipalla grins a bit then she waggles her brows at Zorya before she glances to Pi. "It is?" she asks, sighing. "Geeze ya miss a lot stuck on a cot with screaming babies and whiny boys.." she mutters. "Well shards, Zor, I wanted you to come.." and she sighs again.

Since when did it become pick on Zorya day? "It ain't my fault they wanted me ta stand." the girl almost whines back. Not being able to say no… that is, but that's beside the point! She nods a bit at the explanation of the party. "New weyrleader?" And then to Zip, "Ah might be able ta… Ah mean it couldn't hurt ta ask… Right?" Especially if they're there with her for that part.

It's always pick on someone day, and Zorya left herself open be moving away and becoming the center of attention when visited. Not that she asked ot be the center of attention but that's how it works when people are visiting you. "Ya shouldn' leave if'n they eggs're so close ta hatchin'" There's a wrinkle of the Shipton nose with that statement, being the responsible adult sucks sometimes.

Zipalla grins up at the two and nods her head, "Oh.." she says with a look go Pi. The voice of reason, Pi. "Right..can't be running off I don't guess..Guh!" She shoves her hands into her pockets and looks toward the caverns, "Were we goin inside?" she asks.

"Ah know, but…" Sigh. "You're right." Zorya agrees. She hates to let Zipalla down too, but then reason has a way of winning out. The girl nods, "Yeah, Ah could do with somethin ta drink." and then she's moving on in that direction with the other two.

Pi does actually know where the living caverns are here, so helps with the moving in the right direction, especially as she helped with the distraction in the first place. "Well, once Zorya's all done with the hatchin' nonsense, we'll jus' have ta have someone throw another… jus' may be in a couple turns." See, she does have faith in the girl, she just expresses it oddly. And with that they're going in the door, finally, but it's a big bowl, right?

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

Zipalla wanders inside with the other two and looks around slowly, "Haven't been here in a long time.." she says as she waits for one of them to choose a table. "Maybe you can help me think of a good costume…" she says, glancing to Zorya.

She sure has a strange way of showing it. But then, that's Pi. ".. Thanks?" and there Zorya is almost uncertain as she shifts though the tables to one further from the door. More distance between them and the door means less sand, hopefully. "Ah dunno…" she starts as she settles into a seat. "Haven't ever really thought about it…"

Pi is indeed one of a kind, and that's probably for the better. "Aw shardit" gets muttered under her breath as soon as they find a table. "Hey Ah gotta go take care of somethin', Ah'll be back later, allrigh?" After all, she has to get Zip back hom and would like to attempt to spend time with her younger cousin.

Zipalla nods her head a bit, "Well.. I have a few ideas.. going to find a weaver tomorrow and see what I can come up with.." She glances to Pi and tilts her head " alright?" she asks her older cousin, a brow arching up.

Zorya's gaze shifts from younger cousin to older at the latter's remark. "Ah'll see ya then…" Later that would be, a touch of question in the girl's voice. Riders and running off… To Zipalla she nods, attention for the most part still on the greenrider.

Pi waves a hand at Zip with a "Yeah, jus' work." though admittedly it's in a rather grumpy tone. This trip wasn't supposed to have work involved after all. "Hopefully Ah'll be back soon…." And with that she's turning on her heels and making her way back out of the caverns.

Zipalla waves to Pi then looks to Zorya, "Well hmph.. at least she got me here before work grabbed her.. so good to see you.." she says to her older cousin. "How are you really? Making friends up here?"

Zorya sends a wave after Pi as well before her attention turns back to Zipalla. "Doin alright." she agrees with a nod that might not be wholly convincing. "Made friends with some a the others. Some better than others of course. But yeah, its good ta see you too." Beat. "Ah know ya ain't seen your father much, but when he came to tell me about Zelik Ah'd given him somethin for ya… Ya get it?"

Zipalla smiles over at Zorya while she answers then she sticks out her arm and nods, the bracelet hanging on it delicately. "I love it.. it softened the blow quite well.." and she immitates her father. "Zorya got searched at's a bracelet!" she giggles a bit, then shrugs, "Happy for ya.."

Zorya giggles, "Ah was hopin that might work." she teases lightly. "Ah felt bad leavin without tellin ya, but Sianne wanted ta be goin and.." Well stuff. And how do you tell the -Weyrwoman- no anyway? "Glad ya like it though."

Zipalla turns it over on her wrist and smiles, "It's beautiful..and I understand.." she says with a nod about the leaving and all. "Glad you're getting along good here.. might be here a while.." she says, though with a slight little frown before she smiles again. "I think I might try to have one of the weavers make me some butterfly wings."

Zorya frowns a bit herself. "Ya know, Ah'm glad your all so.." Excited isn't the word she's looking for. L'ton, yes, he's excited she's standing, but its still not the word. "happy for me standin and all, but really until Ah actually impress Ah'm not putting too much thought to it." Really, what are the chances? There's how many candidates and only so many eggs. "Ah'll be back at Ista 'fore ya know it." she finishes offering a small smile. "You'd make a beautiful butterfly."

Zipalla pauses on that note. "Oh..well I guess..sorry.." she says softly. "If your mate is out there he or she will find you.." she says with a confident nod. "Thanks.. some wings…some paint on my face with sparkles..not bug-eyes.. not like a real butterfly.." she giggles.

Yes, when and more importantly IF her's is out there then she'll worry about it. Until then… Well there's other things in life. "What colors were ya thinkin?" Zorya wonders with a giggle in regards to the bug-eyes.

Zipalla grins, "I'm not honestly sure..was hoping to go looking around for some real ones to look at.." she says thoughtfully. "Was hoping Riley'd be around to go with me but..he's flown the coop as it were.." her shoulders lift. "Wear a black body suit..maybe.. wings..I dunno prolly kinda silly looking."

Zorya shakes her head, "Ah bet it'd be pretty Zipalla. Make K'ael jealous even…" Maybe. And then there's a subtle grin crossing her lips, "Riley?" She said he! "Who's that" Tease, tease.

A look flicks to Zorya and Zipalla shakes her head, "Thanks but.. Mike.." then she shifts in her seat. "Well he has a lot to keep him busy besides giving me a thought like that.." She does smile a little though, "Riley is a new guy at Ista.. just moved there..we're friends."

"Ah'm sure he'll notice." Zorya replies with a smile. "Busy or not, its a party." And isn't K'ael all about the parties? But then it's onto the new guy. "Oh? Just friends?" she prods. Hey, what are cousins for if not to tease about boys?

Zipalla smiles at Zorya, "He has a baby on the way," she says a bit flatly. "And he's the new weyrleader.. and he has a clutch in..where was it again.." she ponders. "Anyway.. can't think about that." She rolls her eyes a little at the prodding and nods, "Just friends.. we have fun.. hope he turns up soon, I'm starting to worry."

Zorya blinks. "Baby?" Well this is new to her, but then there's cause for more blinking. "And weyrleader?" They'd said there was a new one, but not who and she certainly wouldn't have guessed K'ael. "Right…" She'll just agree. "Well its good ta know ya got friends ta keep ya busy while Ah'm gone."

Zipalla nods, "Baby.." she says softly. "And weyrleader.." Yup, Mike's been busy. "And I'm helping with the party.. Mike and I were talkin and he said I could handle getting food together…really I think he said sweets but I guess I was sorta excited so.. we're having more than sweets.." she says sheepishly.

Zorya giggles, "Well it sounds like it'll be alot a fun. Ah'm just sorry Ah won't be able ta be there." she replies. As for the bronzerider… she'll have to think on all that a bit more.

Zipalla grins and then sighs, "I wish you could be there too.. but I'll be at the hatching for sure.. soon as the party's over I'll come back here and see if it's time.. Not missing this one.." she says with a nod.

"Good." Zorya agrees, "Ah want ya here when its all over. Whether its for congratulations or ta take me home." the girl smiles, "But promise me you'll have fun for me at that party K'ael's throwing. … And if ya wouldn't mind throwin a congratulations his way for me.."

Zipalla leans over to hug Zorya and nods her head, "I'll be there.. and I will.. I'll tell him.." she says with a smile. "But I think I should try to find Pi.. or a place to rest.. laying around sick for two weeks kinda has me a little more tired than usual."

Zorya leans to meet her with that hug. "Yeah, Ah'm glad ya came, but dun want ya gettin sick again on my account." she agrees. "Ah've got chores Ah should be getting back to anyway. Ah think Ah've got another rest day coming up soon. Maybe the two of ya could come back then." she suggests.

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