going to go find me a good winery

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; "COTS" are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a "CHART". The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large "CHORE BOARD" lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

With the hatching fast approaching, chaos has stared to take over Igen Weyr, and with the sandstorm raging outside, most people have been keeping to the saftey of the weyr. Not having anything more to do, Kelemi can be seen stretched out on his cot, all-too happy being lazy and doing nothing.

Ah yes, that sandstorm has them all inside and the barracks is where Zorya is found today as well. The girl sighs to herself, glancing over across the line of cots before she pushes to her feet. "Think ya might be able ta help me with this?" she questions, half expecting the answer to be no as she holds a sheet of music out to Kelemi.

As Zorya approaches his cot, Kelemi arches a brow, lifting his head as she offers out the sheet of paper. There's a little yawn, making a point of stretching to his fullest before pushing himself up on his elbows, taking the sheet of paper in his hands. "Hrm, what about it do you need help with?"

"Its a new one." Zorya says, as if that should explain it all. New song, no. New to her, yes. "Ah… well could you hum it or something? Ah just wanna make sure Ah'm gettin' it right." As long as she's stuck inside might as well put the time to use with harperish things. Right?

Kelemi's eyes flicker over the notes idly, his fingers roaming along the score for a moment before flashing Zorya a wide grin. "This is a nice song." He says cheerfully, "I could play it for you, if you like? Or we could play it together until you get it down?"

Zorya pulls a smile at his offer. "You're sure ya don't mind playin it?" If she could hear it once… "Like Ah said, jus wanted ta make sure.." And yes, she's trying to hear it without admitting she hasn't a clue what its supposed to sound like.

Kelemi waves a dismissive hand in the air, setting the piece of music on his cot, bending over to rummage along the side of his cot. Finally, after a moment or two of hanging upside down there's a: "Ahah!" And Kelemi rights himself on his cot, pulling his harp onto his cot, "I don't mind in the least, I love to play when I get a chance and I enjoy learning a new song." His fingers pluck a few strings, testing the sounds that they produce.

Zorya settles herself on the trunk at the foot of the other harper's cot as he searches for his instrument. "Thanks." she smiles, nodding slightly at the remark, "Yeah, Ah figured might as well do something and with chores and all its been pretty busy." So now seemed like a good time to pull it out again.

After a few moments of readjusting the strings and contenting himself with the sound, Kelemi grins at Zorya, "I should probably be doing much of the same, but, I can't be bothered. A few more weeks and I never have to do anything I don't want to again." That is if he doesn't impress of course, "And as soon as these sharding rules are going, I'm going to go find me a good winery and help myself to their wares." The sheet of music gets a glance once more. His fingers position themselves over the strings as he starts to play the music.

Zorya giggles, just a touch. "You really don't like havin' ta do all this do ya?" she half questions, the subtle suggestion in her voice being that he doesn't have to answer. Just an observation really. "Ah'll probably jus' be headin' back ta the hall once we're done here."

"The sooner I can get back to my old life the better." Kelemi answers Zorya, "And honestly, if I really wanted to, I'd toss this sharding knot right now and get my old one. I could care less about what is on the sands." He rolls his eyes, continuing to pluck at the strings as he plays the song, "I'm going to get good and drunk and break a few other choice rules."

"Well then.." Zorya hesitates to asks, "Why are you still here? Ah mean if ya don't like it that much?" She won't push the issue though, and instead falls silent to listen to him play. She did, after all, ask him too. Better not to miss it.

Kelemi lifts his shoulders, "Because it's my choice, and for the moment, I feel with following through on my choice. If I should chose otherwise before the hatching, then that's a whole different other matter. And besides, it's almost over, and then I'll be back to enjoying my life without this silly work or needless rules." He rolls his eyes at the very thought, but then allows his attention to wander back to the sheet music.

Zorya ohs. Well it makes sense in some strange way. She's quiet for a while longer as he continues to play, even closing her eyes to listen. Leaning back a bit the girl props herself up by resting her hands behind her. "… And what if you impress?"

As the last notes play out, Kelemi turns his attention towards Zorya, pursing his lips tightly together in thought. "Well, that's something I'll just have to see about. I know what will happen if I don't impress, and while I may have to wait to celebrate my life without limitations on what I can and cannot do, I will certainly carry out with it after graduation. It makes no difference to me, except I might get impatient." And as he finishes playing, he sets his harp on the cot, offering out the sheet music.

Zorya nods, reaching out to take the music back as it's offered, musing over the harper's answer. "Ah guess that way ya aren't disappointed any." she agrees. There's a pause as she moves to her feet again, ".. and thanks again.." the sheet held up in reference.

Kelemi smiles faintly as he settles back on his cot, wrapping his arms behind his head lazily. "Dissapointed, me? Of course not." He lifts his shoulders indifferently, "If anything, it's just another chapter that hasn't as of yet been told. I can wait, the eggs will crack soon and then it'll be back to life as usual." He grins, "No problem, happy to help."

Zorya doesn't move off just yet, rather waiting as he replies and offering up a smile in return. "Ya sure you ain't just a bit nervous?" she wonders.

Kelemi laughs loudly and shakes his head, "Nervous? What's there to be nervous about? I'm not in the least bit worried. Either I'll impress or I won't, either way, I'm sure I'll be happy."

Zorya nods. "Yeah… Ah suppose you're right." she agrees. "Ah'm just … my uncle seems so sure Ah will at some point. Ah didn't last time at Eastern…" And then there's the fact of how Eastern's hatching ended up.

Kelemi just shakes his head, lifting up a finger at Zorya, "So what does it matter what your uncle thinks? Do what you want to do, don't let people get you down. If you like being a harper, take joy in it. If you never impress you never impress, that doesn't make us any less important. Honestly, I rather be a harper than a dragonrider. I'm not really into the whole responsibility bit, personally."

"Ah do like being a harper." Zorya replies, "And Ah'm not gonna stop bein'.." she finally got to be. "But … well Ah'm still tryin ta figure it all out yet Ah guess."

Kelemi just shakes his head, pushing himself off of the cot, "Well, good luck with the music, I think I'm going to go get into a bit of trouble." He winks playfully before strolling out of the barracks.

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