I didn't realize L'ton was your father.

Igen Weyr - Lake
The sand at the shore grades down for a way, until at about shoulder-level on a typical human it drops off sharply, deeply enough in a very short distance that the largest dragon can submerge entirely, and must even stretch to keep its head above water and hind feet on the bottom. There are even some cliffs off to the side that would make for great diving, though they're somewhat difficult to reach. The lake is frequently dredged to keep it from shallowing, for the deeper the water, the more slowly it evaporates away under the heat of the Igen sun. Truly, it's cooler beneath the surface, though the first foot or two of water stays warm late into the night. Under that, the layers of water grow rapidly colder, a welcome thing to deep-divers.

Aoriya has a treat laid out for the candidates, the sun is hot, its late afternoon, and she has a picnic lunch with all the sweets and savories and fixings laid out for them. There are several sun umbrellas leaning lazily on the ground to provide partial shade, with a straw and rush matt laid out for tanning. Omasuth is flopped on his back in the sun, tail twitching like a lazy feline. The brown yawns in the sun, which is echoed by his rider. Aoriya is dressed in a very flattering bikini and red and gold sarong and has just finished setting things up to her liking.

The fabric of Dare's skirt flows to and fro with each step she takes. If she's heard of the picnic she's not making a show of it. Perhaps the obviousness of being someplace is most prominent as she looks a bit distant for the moment. The glint of the sun reflecting off the lake catches her eyes and she lowers a hand to shade them from the abuse.

Zorya is dressed much more like she had been at Ista in sandals and a blue sundress to match her eyes rather than the heavier work clothes she's not quite starting to become accustomed to with chores here at Igen. The girl has found herself a place to settle beneath one of said umbrellas, her knees pulled up so that she can rest her chin there as arms are wrapped around them.

Aoriya waves to Dare and Zorya. "Hey you two. I figured I'd set out sunbathing things and a picnic, since the eggs are getting pretty hard and you're all working just as hard. I figured you could use a break." Aoriya tells both candidates. She pats an umbrella and rush matt for Dare. "Come on Dare. Have a seat, kick back and relax."

Dare wanders over to the picnic after she glances around. Shaken from her incurious thoughts Dare says, "Hi Aoriya, Zorya. You all havin' a picnic?"

Aoriya grins and offers Dare a container of melon balls. "Yeeess, its for any candidate who wants to lounge around in the sun and eat sweets. Or other picnic foods. Have some melon balls." She says with a huge grin. "And then when you're done eating, lounge around in the sun a bit."

"Thanks Aoriya," Zorya replies, "It was really nice of ya ta plan all this." A break for everyone was definitely needed, although she for one is content to simply sit in the shade of the umbrella.

A sad smile washes upon Dare's face, "That's nice. Wish Darva was here t'enjoy it too." She doesn't elaborate any further but instead finds herself an umbrella to sit under. "Is it okay for us to lounge about? Wouldn't want nobody to be gettin' upset 'cause we was not doin' our work that was assigned t'us."

Aoriya laughs. "Don't worry about it. I'll talk 'em down if anybody gets mad. The shell knows you guys all need it. As for planning all of this? I only planned yesterday. I had a few extra mats, and some new recipes from my folks to try, and I thought….. our candidates work hard, they should all take a break." She says pleasantly. "Darva, that's your little girl? That's a pretty name."

Zorya laughs lightly, tossing a smile towards the brownrider. "Well then thanks for thinkin of us." she corrects herself at the explanation. Her smile falls a bit at Dare's mention of the girl however. "Where is she?" she wonders in curiosity. "Ah woulda thought she'd love this…" Of course she could have been wrong.

"Yah, that's her, she's at Healer Hall," says Dare with a frown. "Got the pox she does. I couldn't go with her so she's probably upset. I sent Smoke to be with her." She wrings her hands together, "Ya, thanks Aoriya. Was nice of ya." After pulling her knees up close to her chin she digs hirsute hands in to the sand to perhaps hide them, or maybe just burry her hands.

Aoriya's jaw quivers. "The pox. Oh dear. is she going to be alright? Did the healers say anything about how bad it was?" Omasuth rolls onto his side and growls sleepily. The brownrider adds. "Omasuth says he can keep an ear open, he knows a green who's rider is a journeywoman at the healer hall." The brown settles down, head on his paws, tail twitching.

Zorya ohs, her lips turning in a soft, apologetic half-smile. If she'd know, she might not have said anything. "Awww. Ah'm sure she'll be alright." she offers towards the older candidate. "She's tough. Must be hard not bein able ta be there with her though.."

"I hope she is," admits Dare. "If she was to get sicker,I'm sure that somebody would tell me. Might be a candidate, hatchling or not I would go to her if she was needin' me." She closes her eyes and lets out a long slow breath. "Thank's Omasuth."

Aoriya eyes her dragon and the brown rumbles warmly in reassurance to Dare. "Don't forget too, that if you impress you'll be able to ask the healer hall's watch dragon directly." Aoriya reminds Dare gently. "I'm a mother too. If my twins were sick I'd be terrified." She nods in response to Zorya. "Aye, one day you'll have children of your own and you'll understand." She agrees. "Come on Dare, have something to eat. Are the sweetrolls okay? I'm not sure if I added enough sugar or too much." She says anxiously.

Zorya mmms and nods. Someday perhaps, but with only a hint of real understanding she's unsure of what else to say. "It'll be alright." she offers hopefully.

Dare smiles at Aoriya, "Ya, I could, an' if I don't get Impressed then I just go there and be with her untile she gets all better, then we go home an' live quietly like we always does until some Search rider comes an' finds me again." She laughs, almost maniacally, "I wonder what I will have next time, for the Search rider to bring to the Weyr. Hmm." She ponders then smiles at Zorya, "I hope so." Well enough merriment for Dare, the candidate gets to her feet, "I think I am gonna go an' send a letter to Darva, was nice visitin' with you all."

Aoriya sighs and watches Dare go. "See you then Dare. Don't worry about it. Darva will be fine. You two have already been through a lot. You're both tough as nails. you'll be fine." Aoriya assures her. She winks at Zorya. "Well, while mommy goes to check on her baby, Zorya please test the sweetrolls. I'm not sure if I put too much sugar in them or not. Or if they're two spicey." She frowns. Omasuth watches Dare go with a heavy draconic sigh.

Zorya giggles as well as the woman laughs. Laughter, after all, is contagious at times. "Nice visitin with you too. And let Darva know we're all wishin her well." Well she is, and she's taking the liberty (however unusual for her) to include the others in it as well. But then Aoriya is offering sweetrolls again.. "Ah'm… not so big on sweets.." Not that she doesn't eat them, just not often.

Aoriya blushes. "Oh, aaah well. There are some savories and some fresh fruit somewhere in that basket." She opens up a tin. "oooooh, these cakes are made with spiderclaw meat. They're a delicacy in coastal holds I hear." Aoriya lays out several other dishes for Zorya to try. "And we have iced klah and orange fruit juice."

At the mention of fruit Zorya turns towards said basket in search of it. "Ah'm sure its all excellent Aoriya." she says, offering a smile back over her shoulder for the woman. "Fruit'll be fine for me though." Pause. "Some juice'd be nice ta…"

Aoriya pours juice and offers fruit. "Its too bad L'ton was working. I was hoping he'd be able to come down. The girls are visiting next sevenday." Aoriya frowns. Omasuth rumbles in amusement, "Can you nag Dhonzayth one more time Omasuth?" The brown growls. "No such /thing/? You're too tired? Too lazy is more like it." And if the brown is he's not denying it.

Zorya blinks, one hand still in the basket as she pauses to look towards the brown rider once again. This time the look on her face is that of confusion. "H.." Blink. "L'ton, He was gonna be here?" she asks, a touch of excitement in her voice even if he's not going to be. When is he not busy? As for the brown's laziness, that part is irrelevant now.

Aoriya blink blinks. "Aaah, I was trying to get him to come visit. Omasuth is just too busy to nag. Did you hear he got all Istan bronzeriders /banned/ from Xanadu? Oh but my girls don't see too much of their father. Tomorrow morning I'm dragging him out of bed by the balls." Aoriya huffs.

"He's probably busy with somethin' or other anyway. Usually is." Zorya replies, lifting a shoulder in a light shrug as she finds a piece of fruit and plucks it from the basket to turn her attention back to Aoriya, "Ah didn't…" just in time for her to mention her girls which earns another blink from the teenager's blue eyes. "Your? … L'ton?" And it all falls into place with the word 'father'. But there's that one last line that has the blonde coughing twice as she nearly chokes on a bit of that fruit. Yeah, didn't need to hear that.

Aoriya blinks, blinks, and then grins. "Oh my, oh my how awkward. You're one of his……… oh dear. Zorya I apologize for sounding so rude. I didn't realize L'ton was your father. I tease him all the time. I hope you don't take offense." She adds with an embarrassed little giggle.

Zorya shakes her head. "Oh, don't worry." she assures. Awkward to hear, but no offence taken it would seem. "Jus' not used ta hearing bout him like that either. Til Ah went ta Ista hadn't seen him since Ah was barely a turn." she goes on, filling in the brownrider's pause, taking another bit of the fruit as Aoriya picks up with her apology again. This only causes her to nearly choke again as that word pops up. Father?

Aoriya blinks. "Or did I guess wrong? cousin? niece?" Aoriya is blushing furiously. "Oh dear. I should introduce you to the twins then, they're adorable, if a little tempramental." She says warmly. "What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?"

Considering that L'ton would have be her own current age when she was born if he was her father. Yeah, lets not think about that. Zorya shakes her head, finally swallowing the offending piece of fruit. "My uncle. Its alright, really." she tries to assure. Awkward!

Aoriya blush. "oh dear. oh dear. Well Zorya, welcome to Igen. I think. Uncle. Ooooh the bronze wonder needs to introduce me to more of his kin." Aoriya gulps at the fruit juice before digging into the basket and pulling out a tiny clay bottle. "Shhhh, sake. I brought it out here to drink while the candidates have fun. For me. Not for you." She opens the stopper and sips at the river grain wine.

"Thank you." Zorya replies, smile once again finding its way to her lips. "Ah'm sure he woulda, but like Ah said… hadn't really been around ta introduce. Ah only jus' met him again… ten months ago." And she hasn't even been around all of those if you throw in time here, at Eastern and Harper Hall. The girl giggles just a bit as the bottle is produced, "Ah won't say nothin'."

Aoriya aaaaahs. "Oh, I see. I was holdbred, I'm still not used to the way Weyr families work. Normally only a Lord Holder has that many children." She says with a long suffering sigh. "Have some more juice?" She knocks back more sake. "Cheers. To family."

Zorya nods, "Yeah, Ah'm still gettin used ta the Weyrs too." the girl replies. Not quite as easy to adjust to as she might have thought to begin with. "No thanks.. Ah'm good." she adds, stretching her feet out in front of her before moving to stand. "Ah have some things Ah should really be gettin ta anyway."

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