I am /not/ a..a stick. In anything.

Igen Weyr - Lake
The sand at the shore grades down for a way, until at about shoulder-level on a typical human it drops off sharply, deeply enough in a very short distance that the largest dragon can submerge entirely, and must even stretch to keep its head above water and hind feet on the bottom. There are even some cliffs off to the side that would make for great diving, though they're somewhat difficult to reach. The lake is frequently dredged to keep it from shallowing, for the deeper the water, the more slowly it evaporates away under the heat of the Igen sun. Truly, it's cooler beneath the surface, though the first foot or two of water stays warm late into the night. Under that, the layers of water grow rapidly colder, a welcome thing to deep-divers.

Free day's are /the/ best. They just are. Especially when you've been working in this ridiculous desert heat and getting cooped up inside thanks to sandstorms. So Malakai's not going to waste any time hanging out on shore. He strips down to a pair of shorts and heads straight into the cooler water Diving under for a second to get his hair wet. "Come on Zorya! Kasholan! The water's great." He calls out to his fellow candidates as he splashes water at them. Though the water falls a good deal short, it get's the point across.

Kasholan is in fact out in the heat. Although he's looking a tad put-out by the entire thing. It just ends up happening when other candidates drag you along for stuff. "You /must/ be joking." He scoffs just a bit at Malakai's insistence about the water, eyeing that lake with a rather dubious expression. "I'd rather not fry." Sun on bare skin? Disaster!

It would seem that Zorya has been dragged along on this adventure as well. "Hey!" she giggles, holding up an arm against the splash even though its rather clear from distance that the water won't reach her. And then she's blinking at Kasholan. "You could just put your feet in.." she suggests even as she's settling onto the beach, just out of reach of the lake water, to remove her boots and set them aside. Boots. Ick.

Malakai makes a face at the two of them and swims up closer to them, resting on the sand on his stomach once he's close enough. "Ah come on. It's nice and you'll cook either way. Either in your clothes on shore or in the nice, wonderful water out here where it's less noticable." Though really, with the tan he's got it's obvious he spends a lot more time in the sun than Kasholan and Zorya put together most likely.

Kasholan does at least seem to consider the idea about his feet. There's even a sigh after a few moments, and he moves on over to the edge of the water, settling down there. Boots come off, pants roll up a ways, and then Kash slips both feet into the water quite warily. As if something might bite. "That may be, but at least I won't be the color of a redfruit."

Zorya spends plenty of time outside. Well, more when certain chores aren't keeping her primarily in, but that's beside the point. Its as the one in the water draws closer that she slips her feet into the cool waters, letting the gentle waves wash over them as toes get buried in the sand. "I'm just find here." she notes, wrapping arms around her knees.

If anything in the water is going to bite, it's probably goign to be Malakai. He shakes his head and laughs a little. "Ah you're both just sticks in the mud." Quite litterally, with they're feet shoved into the dirt like that. "The water's so much nicer further out." He says as he pushes back to head back into the deeper water.

Kasholan bristles just a bit, huffing. "I am /not/ a..a stick. In anything." He's keeping his toes well out of the mud, thank you! He shifts about, drawing one leg somewhat out of the water to look at dripping does..and then it's back down. "And you aren't getting me in, so do stop making a fuss."

"It might be nicer." Zorya will at least agree with that part, "But its also.. further out." As Malakai so nicely mentioned. The girl can't help but giggle at the exchange between the other two however. "There's nothing wrong with sitting here. I happen to like it."

Malakai just shakes his head and lays back in the water, moving around on top of it with smooth strokes, eventually ending up closer to the shore again. "So, you two nervous about what they're saying about the eggs? That they're hardening faster than they thought?" He asks, trying to make small talk with them since they won't come play with him in the water.

Kasholan lifts a brow somewhat, then leans forward, dipping his hand briefly into the water. Hurrah for wet fingers! He blinks though when Malakai heads back, head tilting. "Why would I be nervous? The sooner they hatch, the sooner I can get back to what I /should/ be doing."

Zorya closes her eyes, resting her chin on her knees. "Ah dunno… maybe a little." she replies in answer to the question at hand. "Ah mean if they're hardening faster than they thought, it could be any day now really." She pauses for a moment before continuing, "It can't be that bad, no reason ta be nervous…" Right? Yes dear, just push that last experience aside.

At least that's a little more of the healer wet than Malakai's thought would get wet. He shrugs a bit in the water. "I don't know. It was just a question. Someone might be nervous somewhere for some reason or another." He kinda raises his eyebrows and tilts his had a bit towards Zorya. Like her for instance. "I'm excited personally. I've never seen a baby dragon before. It'll be quite the experience even if I don't impress." He lifts himself up on his elbows then since he's right there by the shore. Lukewarm water.. blah. "What exactly are you studying Kasholan?" Healer is kind of a broad subject, just like wood craft probably would lead anyone to think about what it is Malakai does, or even harper for Zorya.

Kasholan does shrug just a little bit, although he levels a cool look on Malakai for his questioning. And his answer? "How to cut open young children." It's a delightful course of study!

Zorya sighs, shifting her feet in the sand just beneath the water's surface. Nervous? Her.. She's trying very hard not to think about it. But no, she is nervous about it. Blue eyes flash open, cutting towards the healer at his answer. "Cut them open?" Its just the way he put it of course, but still!

Malakai bursts out laughing at that answer. He's terrible, really, but how could he not react that way? It's just so bluntly mean sounding. "I see. Going to save the generation of tomorrow then?" He asks. That's basically what operating on people is for, right?

Kasholan just shakes his head a bit, and then sighs. "I suppose that is what it means." Save the world! Or the children. Whatever. He moves after a moment then, pulling his feet out of the water. "It's too hot out here.."

Zorya just blinks between the two boys for a moment. Right… "Oh," she says under her breath, content with going back to her original position. Settling her chin on knees once more and letting eyes drift shut. "That's just cause you keep yourself locked up in the infirmary all day." Its hot, but it's not -that- hot. Getting there though.

Malakai grins a bit and nods. "Well, it's nice in here." he says, splashing at the water a little, not enough to get anyone wetter though. "I told you you'd end up cooking up therer on the sand." Even in the lukewarm water of the shallows, it's nicer than just straight sitting the int sun.

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