Waters are nice today aren't they?

Igen Weyr - Bathing Cavern
Steam rises from a series of 5 pools, each one a little cooler then the one before. Set against the walls to either side of the door are several benches to sit on or to leave clothing on while bathing, stone pegs also spear outward from the walls to offer places to leave clothing or towels as well.
Set sporadically about the edges of the pools are bowls of old fashioned soap sand, bars of scented and unscented soap, oils and other things bathers may wish to have on hand. Set a little further back are large baskets for dirtied towels as well as others for clean towels.
The electric lighting keeps the room just bright enough to see what your doing but not overbright so as to chase off all sense of privacy in those little side nooks that some of the pools have. Fans suspended from the ceiling keep the air circulating nicely to cut down on mold growth on the walls as well as to keep the chamber from becoming overly hot.
A second cavern splits off from the main one, and in there are several shower stalls for those wishing to grab a quick shower instead of a long leisurely soak in one of the pools.

The faint light glimmers from a few lanterns set up in the normally dark bathing caverns, even the electric light is dimmed by the steam coming from the water. In one of the pools a rather tired weyrsecond sits against the side of a pool, arms outstretched along the rim of the pool. His head laid back as he relaxes, a calm serine look on his face. Not many others take up the pools to day, too much work I would suppose. But when has R'oc been one to work too hard?

R'oc work hard? He complains about a quarter inch stack of papers when they come into his possession. Zorya on the other hand… well she put up with him on one of his off days if that says anything for the girl. She enters the dimly lit room quietly, the weyrsecond's presence going unnoticed through the steam for the moment. Finding a place to leave her things the girl undresses before slipping into the warm waters. Relaxing on rest days is a good thing.

R'oc lifts his head as he hears something enter the pool he's in, he looks across and then makes out a shape. Definitely female in form, which puts a stupid grin on his face, and young at that. As the bronzer moves a little to position himself he states. "Waters are nice today aren't they?" His voice calm and warm as he greets the newcomer.

Zorya blinks, startled by the sudden realization that there is indeed someone else already there. "They are." she agrees with a soft sigh as she lets herself settle in. Water resting about her shoulder as she reaches up to secure the majority of her blonde locks with a hair clip. "Especially after spending most of yesterday in the gardens."

"Oh…the gardens." He hrms and then asks. "So what did they have you doing there yesterday, they make us do a lot of things we don't want to." He chuckles and then reaches out for a glass of wine not far from the edge of the water. "But I guess it comes with the weyr life." The glass comes to his lips as he takes a sip, he swishes it around and looks across the steamy water to the shapeless figure in the water.

"Weedin' mostly." Zorya replies, her voice clearly not of Igen origin. "Its not so bad. Jus' hot and a bit tirin'." There are worse things one could be doing though. She sinks just a bit further into the water, stopping when it reaches the bottom of her chin, letting her head rest against the edge of the pool unbothered by the shadowed presence of the other.

"Your new to Igen, the accent gives it away." He chuckles and then asks. "What do you think of Igen?" He seems to get a smile on his face when he realizes it's probably a candidate. "Your one of the new candidates aren't you?" His question sincere with no tone behind it.

Zorya nods, though through the steam of the baths its probably hard to determine the movement. "Yes, sir." From the voice he's clearly male and being the lowly candidate that she is most everyone ranks above so better to be on the safe side. No? "Ah like it alright." she agrees, "Better 'an some places." Her accent is more pronounced on some words than it is on others. Reminiscent of anyone? A particular Istan bronzer and family perhaps?

"So I heard the Weyrling Master is a slave driver, and don't get me started with the weyrsecond. I've heard that guys has the worst temper around. I remember one time he got so angry because he didn't get his juice he yelled at one of the candidates, treated her like she was incompetent when she did everything right." He stifles a laugh and then adds. "I do think most of the leadership is good, like the weyrwoman and weyrleader. "I've been here a while, but I don't deal with many new people, so I apologize about all the questions."

Zorya giggles. "Well Ah can't say Ah've really met the Weyrling Master." she replies, though she will keep his opinion in mind should she. "The Weyrsecond though.." here she pauses for a moment. "Well everyone's allowed a bad day here and there. They do seem good from what Ah know." After all its not as if she's been there terribly long, though long enough to form an opinion. "Ah don't mind." she assures then, "Helps sort things out some times even if ya don't really have answers."

R'oc smiles and then nods. "I suppose your right, I shouldn't judge him from that one instance." He grins and then says. "He's might handsome though, a prime specimen if I do say so myself. I hear he's having triplets with the weyrwoman Sianne." He bites his lip to keep from laughing. "Though strong, brave, and intelligent, most tell me he's modest."

Zorya laughs. "Ah don't know that Ah'd say all that. Ah did hear that news though." she replies. News about the triplets that is. And if she knew it was said weyrsecond she was speaking with she might have said differently, but then said conversation probably wouldn't be taking place if they knew the other. "So ya've met some a the candidates then?"

"A few, that candidate girl that I spoke of before and a few others." He pauses and then says. "But then I guess sometimes you have to meet people you normally wouldn't see." He takes a sip of his wine and then adds. "You know, he's a very generous and kind person that R'oc fella. Though a bit on the hardside, that is if you get on it." He smiles as he starts to cross of candidates he knows she is not.

"Ah suppose." Zorya agrees, eyes closes as she relaxes in the pool. "He seems nice enough.. most a the time. But you seem to think pretty highly of him." she remarks loosely, pausing shortly before she continues. Apparently her opinion of the man isn't quite to the same height as the one she shares current conversation with. "But then, he is the weyrsecond." If nothing else the man in question earns some standing from title alone.

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