so long as the wher doesn't take her eggs

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

A glass of juice and a few pieces of that sweet bread is collected as Zorya makes her way into the living caverns for breakfast. "Morning," she greets with a subtle inclination of her head towards Cevryn as she come upon the table at which he sits. "Mind if Ah join ya?"

Cevryn nods slightly, moving just a tad to make more room. "Definately, feel free." He pauses in his eating, to wave a bit of bread around. "Although, it's not like the place is terribly full yet this morning. You think we're early, or we're late?"

Zorya nods again as she sets down food and drink to pull out a chair and settle into it. "Well sometimes its nicer ta have company than sit by yourself." she notes, scooching her chair forward a bit. There's a short pause then as she considers the boy's question. "Ah'd think early, but Ah'm not really sure…" considering a bit more as she sends a glance over the room.

Cevryn hmmms and nods. "Have all of your chores been changed to helping to search for the old tunnels?" He continues to eat and nods. "Yeah, but it's also kinda nice to be here when it's a bit quieter. Less fuss and all that." He nods toward the outside. "Glad they found everything before the storm hit though."

Zorya tears a bite from one of the pieces of sweet bread on her place and pops it into her mouth. The girl nods as she chews, answering once she's swallowed. "Yeah," Chores have been changed, "Ah think everyone's have." Though of that she's not quite sure. "Is good they found it though. That storm… well not something Ah was expecting."

Kathryn is first seen leaving the council chamber, an unusual destination for the dragonhealer who avoids staffing work as much as possible. She stops the first young kitchen helper to cross her path and after a few moments of conversation, the young girl child goes running off towards the lower caverns. Job dispatched, Kathryn wipes her hands together and looks around the living caverns. Her eyes land on a particular boy, causing a beam to break out on her face. Three steps are taken before she falters to a stop, face now unsure and hesitant.

Cevryn considers. "It's one of the nastier ones I've seen here. But not all the sandstorms this time of year are all that bad. That's one nice thing about having grown up here." He happens to look up on seeing one of the weyrwoman enter and he fidgets, glancing first at Zorya, and then back to Kathryn. "Good morning Mum."

That would be one of the nice things, knowing what to expect. Zorya nods again, "Ah suppose things could always be better or worse, huh." she thinks aloud before Cevryn is spotting his mother. The girl lifts her gaze to send the woman a warm smile, "Morning Ma'am."

That answering smile is somewhat feeble as Kathryn tries not to embarrass her son. But, that being a nearly impossible job with any teenager, her hesitance is quickly shed. "Good morning Cevryn. Good morning Zorya." She glances down at their plates but rather then comment on breakfast, instead comments on the storm. "We've gotten some reports from Eastern's weather station that it will be a more active year then normal. Something about changing temperatures in the ocean and.." She leaves off with a shrug of not really understanding.

Cevryn frowns before he gives up on the explanation too. "Well, I suppose that we'll just have to live with what ever happens, I guess." He glances once more at his fellow candidate and then offers. "Did you want to sit down, Mum? We were just about finished with breakfast, but we don't have to leave for our spelunking adventures just yet, I don't think."

"Eastern's weather.." Zorya starts, soon leaving the thought to rest. Oh yes, that place. Not a particularly fond memory that. The girl simply nods, "Active doesn't mean worse though..?" Right? Another nod at Cevryn's offer to the weyrwoman, "You're welcome to join us." As for running of to go spelunking, that's a call that Kathryn could make anyway.

Cevryn does wrinkle his nose though. "Only problem with looking for the tunnels is that they smell bad. All musty, or something worse." He moves to clear his plate. "And you never know what's died in there or anything. I mean, you'd think if they closed them for some reason, it's possible they shouldn't be reopened."

"Maybe they know somethin' we don't." Zorya muses on the topic of the tunnels. Her nose wrinkling a bit at the mention of the smell that might be held within even as she finishes off the last bit of bread from her plate followed by a final sip of juice. "Hard ta say though." she adds with a shrug, following suit to clear the dishes from in front of her.

Cevryn while, he might have had tidiness drummed into him, is not eager to go help clear tunnels so he flops back down in his seat. "Well, maybe it won't be that bad? I mean, of course it wouldn't be really dangerous. Because if it were they couldn't make us do that sort of work, I don't think."

Kathryn takes the offered seat after dealing with her little helper's return. "Oh sorry. Sure, I'd love to. Um, tunnels. Well, you shouldn't be going into the tunnels until the wherhandler has cleared them for air quality and you are supposed to be wearing the masks we gave you for sandstorms. "Here the pair gets a firm glare, inforcing the importance of this. "You don't want to be breathing in all that dust."

Zorya slips back into her seat as well having taken care of dishes. "Of course." though to which the comment is directed isn't exactly clear. "Yes Ma'am." she adds at the weyrwoman's glare.

Cevryn merely rolls his eyes at his mother, before he nods. "I know. And I promise that I won't. That's why we're still here and not off spelunking right now." He frowns. "I thought the wher handler was going to be here around this time though. Do you think the storm got 'em?"

At the thought, Kathryn becomes worried. "He hasn't been through yet?" WIthout waiting for an answer, her eyes unfocus as she speaks with Nylaeth. There's a pause and she grimaces, responding aloud "Really! That was a bit much even for you, dear." Then with a blink and shake of her head she's back into her own mind and shrugs. "Nylaeth neither knows nor cares so long as the wher doesn't take her eggs."

Zorya blinks. Apparently that bit of information had been missed by her. "Ah haven't seen one…" But then she wasn't really looking either. Blue eyes blink again as the weyrwoman comments on her lifemate's thoughts. "He wouldn't really take them, would he?" Okay, that was a silly question and this she realizes a second later as its depicted on her face. "Right… So about these tunnels…?"

Cevryn laughs. "Mum, your dragon's getting a bit over protective of her eggs, isn't she?" He shakes his head. "I think the wherhandler has all the eggs he wants, or at least he's got a wher. And that's what he wants, right?" He pauses, scratching his head. "Err, is it a guy or a lady we're looking for?"

Kathryn rolls her eyes at her own lifemate. "She's getting dotty in her old age." The thought is waved off with a flip of a hand and Kathryn is back to the real business. "Honestly, I don't know. It wasn't mentioned in our meeting this morning, just that the minecraft was sending someone." Her lips purse in thought. "Tell you what, I'll arranged it for you two to be in charge of ferring supplies back and forth to the cleaners so that you can keep an eye out for the wher. I'd think that would be hard to miss. If you don't see it in a reasonable amount of time, call for me." She glances at Cevryn, a slight smirk on her face. "And no, I won't sick Truff on you to keep an eye on you."

Zorya certainly has no problem with ferrying supplies rather than searching for tunnels. "And how long would be reasonable?" she asks, a touch of curiosity in her voice. There's no sound in reaction to the promise of not sending the old brown, but a smile spreads across her lips in amusement.

Cevryn dimples slightly, glancing at the weyrwoman. "That is, if you could even wake Truff up to send after me." He looks very positive too though, on the new chore reassigment. "Yeah, I've seen the whers. They're not exactly. Pretty." He's trying for diplomatic there.

A laugh escapes the goldrider at the accurate comment on her fat o' brown. "Yes." she says with a wink for her son. "So do you two have any other thoughts or concerns I can assist with? I'm rather at loose ends until my next infirmary shift." Another unfocused look and Kathryn laughs again, but without explanation.

Zorya hrms. "Ah was going to," she hesitates, "About the tunnels. Have you checked the records if there's anything about them there? Of course," the girl shakes her head a bit. Silly questions really. "Ah mean how do ya know they're even there? Or have ya already found them?"

Cevryn moves to finally stand up. "Well, I should probably get started on that, today at least. "Mum, Zorya. It was good seeing both of you here, for breakfast."

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