Ah have good news!

Igen Weyr - Southern Bowl
Active and quite busy at most hours — day or evening — the vicinty of the Southern Bowl is where a lot of the action happens. Due to the tunnel entrance that leads into the Weyr, this portion of the Bowl is often frequented by supply wagons, or frequent visitors as they make their way to the Weyr. Indeed, traders have generally set up their wares here, with wagons piled high with goods and stacked about the Bowl, yet still arranged to allow easy access through the arrangement of goods. The stable cavern is visible here, protected by a door with a stout lock to safeguard fineblooded runner stock. A short distance away from the stable cavern, the high fenceline of the feeding grounds can be seen, a brighter swatch of bright green grass against the sands. Multi-hued shapes roam about behind those fencelines, from placid bovines to wing-clipped wherries, that provide a meal for the dragons — the feeding ledges often well occupied.

Afternoon at the southern end of Igen's bowl is active as most any other time of day. With visitors and weyrfolk alike making their way here and there. One candidate in particular, an Istan blonde, makes her way out into the sun-washed swatch of grass and sand from the infirmary cavern.

The southern end of the bowl is also a great place to settle down if you happen to be an Istan bronze and his rider, and that's exactly what Dhonzayth is doing, backwinging carefully. Sliding to the ground, helmet and gloves are quickly stripped off, as is his jacket, before he's looking this way and that hoping to find a certain member of the candidate class.

The blonde lingers in the opening which leads from the bowl to the infirmary for a moment before steps begin to lead her back towards the main caverns. Her attention however is soon distracted by that backwinging bronze. No, its not something unusual to see given that it is a weyr, but this bronze in particular happens to catch her eye as somewhat familiar and her path turns towards him and his rider. Is it?

L'ton is watching each face that passes him by as he meanders through the crowd, before there's a familiar blonde working her way back towards him, and he's hurriedly lifting his hand. "Zorya!" He shouts, to make sure that he gets her attention, picking up his pace to get to her side.

The shout certainly catches Zorya's attention and blue eyes are lifted in the direction it comes from. "L'ton!" she calls in return, quickening her steps to meet the man. "Ah wasn't expectin ta see you here." she adds, a bright smile pulling to her lips for her uncle. Expect no, but that doesn't mean its not a pleasant surprise.

"Well, Ah thought Ah'd surprise ya. Sides, Ah have good news!" He offers, moving to pull her into a joyful hug, beaming from ear to ear. "Mai had her baby. His name is Zelik… Ah wanted ta tell ya earlier, but Ah thought Ah'd rather tell ya, than just send ya a note."

"News?" Zorya questions a bit skeptically even as she's swept up into a hug. In her experience its rarely as good as some make it out to be. "That's great!" Apparently this time is an exception. "When'd she have him? Everything's good with them both?" Of course it must be or he wouldn't be so excited about it.

"Just yesterday night. They said that she should be able ta come home tomorrow, but he was a bit early, so they wanna keep an eye on him, fer a few days. He's sorta lil, but.. He's perfect." Zorya's released from the hug as he talks excitedly with his hands, before he's shaking her shoulder a bit. "Well, how're ya? How's Igen?" He questions still grinning stupidly.

Zorya laughs. Hey now, its not every day one sees L'ton so dumbly excited about anything. "Emlianne was like that." she comment in idle thought as he explains. "Ah'm doin alright." she adds as his questions turn to her. "Its good… They're getting ready for sandstorms Ah guess."

"Shards, sand storms?" L'ton makes a face, shaking his head. "Why do ya always gotta pick places like this? Ah mean, we ain't got no sands storms." Perhaps he'll still bring that up now and then. Oh well. "Ya touch them eggs? Ya making friends? Ya seen Sianne, lately?" He asks all in a row - even if one of those questions is not like the others.

Zorya nods. That's what they were saying the other day anyway. A frown comes to her face when he asks about the places. "Its not like they tell me these things before…" She just finds out once she's already there! "Ah have," she nods. "And most of 'em seem way nicer than Eastern's. Ah'm making a few and Ah saw her earlier." she answers each in turn, a bit of disappointment leaching into her voice at the last. He came for other reasons too didn't he…

"If'n ya see her, tell her that Mai had her baby, kay?" L'ton quickly asks her to do, before it seems that he's not actually here to see Sianne as well. "Ah mean, she has that thing fer babies, she'd probably like ta know." Grinning, he shakes his head. "So, ya ain't gonna be changing yer mind? Ah'll be here ta cheer ya on, again."

Zorya shakes her head. "Ah ain't gonna change my mind." she assures. "Ah already said Ah would, so ain't no use backin out now. Ah'm sorry Ah ain't there ta help out with the baby though." she adds on the thought. "An maybe you'll be there ta take me back after this time too?" Since last time… well she's not sure what happened to him last time. D'son found her first.

L'ton got too busy picking a fight with a certain Eastern goldrider, most likely for daring to show his face around the Weyr yet again. "Its okay, Ah mean, it ain't like Mai's gonna let him go anytime soon, Ah dun think. She's real attached." Just like a normal new mother. "Well, either way, Ah'll be there afterwards, ta take ya back, or congratulate ya."

Zorya nods. "Congratulate her for me though. Right?" She's not going to worry overly much about where he was or wasn't that time. Now if it happens again? That might be another story. But his assurance earns him another hug from the girl. "Thanks again Uncle L'ton. Fer being there and believin in me." Certainly not something she would have gotten at home.

"Of course, Zorya.." L'ton promises, before he's getting another hug from the girl, and he's patting her back, grinning. "O'course sweets. Ah mean, shells. Yer practically like mah lil girl, now, cause Ah know yer da ain't no good." He reassures her, ruffling her hair for good measure.

Zorya laughs as she pulls back once again, turning a smile up at him even as she raise a hand to fix her hair. "He ain't so bad…" Then again she's not there anymore either, but he is her father she's still not going to speak bad about him. "But speakin of your little girl, how's Zipalla doin? Ah feel so bad gettin ta stand twice for she does once. Its her dream not mine." Beat, and then she's searching the pouch hanging from her belt. "Ah got her something if ya wouldn't mind delivering."

"She's doing real good. Drawing lots. She's getting good.. Maybe next time Ah come Ah'll see if she wants ta come, and ya can catch up." L'ton replies quickly, with a grin, shaking his head. "Ah think she understands that it happens." Glancing at the pouch, he nods, with a grin. "Sure, Ah can do that."

"Good, good." Zorya replies. "She showed me a couple of 'em while Ah was there." The drawings that is. "Here it is." she says, though its more to herself then anything as she produces a rather plain silvery bangle, simple, clean designs wrap it but nothing overly ornate.

"That's real pretty.." L'ton commments idly, though he spends an extra amount of time staring at it, before its stuck in his belt pouch, clearly a bit distracted. After a moment, he's shaking his head and grinning back at her. "Well, Ah dun wanna keep ya from yer chores fer ta long, but, Ah should be getting back to Mai.. Ah just wanted ta let ya know."

Zorya nods, "Ah thought so," the girl agrees. "Ah hope she likes it…" And then she nods again, reluctant to see him go so soon it would seem. "Ya should though, but do visit again if ya can." She'll agree to let him get back. New baby is a reasonable excuse after all.

"Ah'll be back soon. Hopefully with Zip, maybe even with Mai, if'n she's up fer leaving Zelik." He promises. Leaning to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, he's grinning. "Ah'll see ya soon, be good." He reminds her, before he's retreating to Dhonzayth to mount up, waving, before the pair takes back off to Ista.

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