Sandstorms are formed when...

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

Sianne is sitting at the hearth table again, kicked back and looking like she's far from ready to deal with anything. "I've got G'lat, H'ram, Y'lac working on the tarps for the grounds already Kathryn, they deserved it for pulling watch with several bottles of wine between them." Not a happy weyrwoman at all. "Saks has grounded both blues and the green for now." she adds as her booted feet hit the ground with corresponding smacks of thick soles on the stone ground. "What about the masks and such?"

Kathryn shakes her head, her face clearly disgusted. "Still can't find them. If we don't get find them soon, we'll have to send out for more." She looks out, spotting several candidates sitting in the living caverns and motions them over. "You there, come here then." A figure points at her other son, the one who's not a candidate. "Go fetch the others if you would. And find your brother!" She mutters to herself. "He should know what to do after all this time but just in case." Kevyx slinks out with an irritated look.

Malakai comes wandering in, catching the last bit from Sianne about masks, and he's almost afraid to show up for this meeting. That sounds kinda creepy. But the clutchmomma's lifemate is calling them over, so any doubt he had before is smashed and he heads over straightway. "Ah, pardon me for my tardiness." He says with a little bow of his head.

Zorya is just making her way into the cavern from deeper within as the woman sets about ordering the boy to search them out. "Sorry.." she offers, echoing Malakai's sentiments as she draws upon the group and settles into a seat nearby. Sometimes things just take longer than one expects, doesn't mean its an excuse though. Right.

Dare walks in to the cavern from outside, looking like a drowned rat. She's soaked from head to toe and with each step her boots make a squishy squashy sort of sound. Behind her a little girl follows laughing; she's a bit wet as well. "Flameth, sure needed a bath mother," chortles the young girl to Dare. Dare blinks thricely when she spots candidates beginning to gather, "Ooops, gotta go Darva. Forgot." She gives her daughter a kiss then squishy squashes over to the group. The girl darts off after a firelizard.

Several more candidates trickle in, followed by Kevyx. He nods once at his mother and passes on through and out into the bowl. Not a candidate and so he's no reason to stick around at this point. Kathryn sighs as her son passes her by. Once he's gone out, she nods to her assistants who then begin passing out the lengths of cloth. This turn out to be rather tight weave but lightweight cloaks that cover the head, and back completely down to the ankles. There are no arm holes, making it just a very large rectangle in a cream color. Each edge has a bold stripe of black and red on it, very noticeable against the rest. "So, welcome to Igen once again." Kathryn states before adding, "and welcome to Igen's spring. Sandstorm season."

Cevryn glances as Kevyx makes his escape and then finds a seat when he cannot. He pauses, looking over the cloak he's given, and hopelessly twisting it in his endeavors as he tries not to watch his mother and also carry on a conversation with the girl sitting next to him.

Sianne smiles as the candidates begin to gather, though she stays at her table letting Kathrn run the show until a bit later.

Zorya shifts the cloak through her hands, looking it over a bit. "What's this su-," she starts a quiet whisper to whoever's next to her before the girl's blue-eyed gaze blinks back to Kathryn. And then there's another aside from the girl, leaning over just a bit to whisper the question once again, "Sandstorm season?" Clearly not a season she's ever heard of before.

Malakai takes the cloak and looks it over, quite confused by the lack of arm holes. At least, untill Kathryn states taht it's sandstorm season. Then the foresters' face falls. "Great." he mutters under his breath as he plops down in a chair and folds the cloak on his lap. This is gonna be just great, he can tell.

As the last of the cloaks are handed out, a brown firelizard appears with a basket in his claws. He drops the basket and himself to the ground and immediately curls up into a fat little brown sausage for sleep. Kathryn eyes him for a moment with a mixture of disbelief and humor. "You'd think I could train my own pets better." She jokes to the candidates as she nudges him off the basket with a toe. The lizard slides down without so much as stirring. "So, tell me what you know about sandstorms." She orders, still staring at her Truff.

Dare smiles at Kathryn as she is handed a cloak. She'll just remain standing for the time being, letting the cloak hang half draped over her left arm. Casually she glances down at her feet where a puddle of water begins to form. At the mention of the season she just shrugs her shoulders and chooses to remain quiet. Well until a quesiton is asked, "Wind blowin' e'erything around, dust, sand, dirt. Can't see very good in 'em."

Cevryn has slowly straightened out his example of a cloak and has returned it to some semblance of order on his lap. He's doing his best to avoid eye contact with his mother, glancing at the other candidates and keeping his head down somewhat.

Malakai is just boggling over a whole season of sandstorms. "They can get pretty feirce. I've heard of people dieing in them." Like that won't sacre any of the younger kids not from around here. The forester has every intention of paying very close attention to everything they're told in the meeting now, glad he hadn't made a run for it.

Dieing? Why do people not tell her these things?? Zorya for one just keeps quiet, attempting to at least partly hide the look on her face, and leaving the answer of that question to others being that this particular type of storm is not one that she's familiar with.

Kathryn's response is a firm nod and direct eye contact with Malakai. "Exactly." She then sweeps her gaze over the whole gathering, making sure to get the attention of anyone who hasn't been paying attention to this point. It's clear she's easy with this role of 'lecturer' and for once in recent time, her age doesn't seem to hang on her. She bends and sweeps out an identical cloak and something black that seems a mix of cloth and some harder substance from the basket. "Sandstorms are formed when a large gust of wind sweeps up sand and dust particles into the air and keeps them suspended. Depending on the strength of the wind they can last only a few minutes to several days and travel anywhere from a few feet to several dragonlengths into the air." She pauses here, checking her audience again before continuing. "Now, as I've said Igen's spring is the season for them. We get somewhere around 8 to 10 a turn with usually 1 or 2 large ones somewhere in our coverage area. A small one might give you a good sanding. A large one kills people, animals and has even taken a dragon or two over time."

When there seem to be no comments yet, Kathryn proceeds. "Any time you are out when there is a potential for storms, you need to be prepared." She shakes out her cloak, wrapping it around herself. "All spring you should be wearing very lightweight fabrics. You need to keep long sleeves, long pants and socks on at all times. Keep your cloak with you. It can be wrapped around you or serve as a makeshift tent in an emergency. Boots. Each of you has boots for the hatching sands. Wear them everywhere." She pauses as if thinking. "Also, you will be assigned a mask." Here she pulls out the black item that resolves into a black featureless mask with rubberized edges. It clearly goes completely over mouth, chin and nose and ties in the back of the head. A set of goggles is attached to the upper surface. "Unfortunately we only have masks for you. Goggles won't be assigned unless you end up staying with us." A glance at Sianne and she sighs. "If we find the masks that is."

Sianne stands, moving to where the older goldrider is standing. "Might I say a few things Kathryn? I'd like to address a few changes that I'm going to be getting started here over the next couple of days and weeks."

Kathryn nods and steps back, giving way.

Dare glances at her own choice of wear - long sleeved blouse, skirt, boots. Oops, the candidate frowns. She smiles though, watching Kathryn, then watches Sianne with equal interest.

Malakai nods to himself, taking this all in. He's making notes as to what clothes need to be sent to him from the craft hall as all he has are short sleeves. When Sianne gets up to talk, his looks over her direction; interested in what's going on, on her side of things.

Cevryn continues to listen carefully, fully attuned to what is being said by both lecturers and he's even managed to stop fidgeting quite so much now as the lecture gets more serious.

Zorya is trying her best to stay attentive and not let thoughts wander to questions that arise from the lecture too much until its over. Mental notes of things to keep in mind, clothing, questions, etc.

Sianne looks around at the candidates, "With hopes we'll be reopening a warren of tunnels that were closed off for some reason or another. These tunnels will hopefully connect all the major points of the weyr to each other." she pauses to bring out a map which is spread on one of the tables. "The one that was found to connect the galleries to the Living Caverns here will be reopened, as well will the one in the candidate quarters that leads out to the sands directly." Peering around again she taps the area marked garden then the other marked infirmary. "There are tunnels leading to these areas as well and the most important are the winding ones that will allow riders to walk from their weyrs to connecting tunnels that will lead them to where ever they want to go." Can anyone say signs on the walls. "We'll be asking you candidates to help when it's safe, mostly just cleaning the tunnels as they're opened and said to be safe for use."

Malakai nods and smiles some at this news of tunnels in the weyr. Now that's convient! with the tunnels around, they won't have to go about running around in a sandstorm if they absolutely had to go someplace outside of the main living cavern complex here. He reaches over and gives Zorya a little pinch on the arm and a grin, just noticing the look of distress on the girl's face. "Sounds like a great plan." he comments on Sianne's plan to have the candidates help clean out the tunnels.

Dare's brows scrunch together as she thinks about what Sianne is saying. Nope, nothing. A smile is shown upon her face. "Tunnel cleanin'? I'm good at that." Dare beams.

As Sianne finishes her demonstrations of where the tunnels seem to be located, Kathryn steps forward again. "You will be receiving some handouts on what to look for to indicate a storm is approaching and what you should do if you are caught outside in one." She looks over them one final time. "All of you will report to the infirmary sometime in the next sevenday to be fitted to a mask, once we find them that is. As for now, keep track of your cloak and if you have any questions you can see a healer, myself, Sianne, or the weyrlingmaster. We're all capable to instruct you properly." A final look goes to Sianne and she says, questioningly. "Dismissed?"

Cevryn merely shrugs as he listens to the suggestion of cleaning, his attention wandering now that it doesn't relate to the injuries one could receive in a sandstorm. Although he's quick enough to look attentive once more as Kathryn continues speaking.

Zorya nods slowly as she listens to the information given. "Ow!" its not overly loud, but the exclamation is made as Malakai pinches her and the girl turns a glare on him. That hurt! And more cleaning, great. Quickly enough however her attention is turned back to the werywomen and their lecturing, nodding again as she listens.

Malakai grins at Zorya's glare. It wasn't supossed to be a particularly hard pinch or anything. Just to get her attention. "Sorry." He says, supressing a laugh after they've been dismissed. "I didn't mean to pinch you hard." She has the right to know it was unintentional right?

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light shrug, one hand rubbing the spot that was pinched as the other holds onto the cloak that was handed out during the session. "Its alright." she replies, "Had the same thing with meh brothers before." Them thinking things shouldn't hurt and they do.

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