White is so boring!

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; "COTS" are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a "CHART". The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large "CHORE BOARD" lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

Another beautiful day is winding down at Igen, beautiful only if you happen to live on the surface of the sun. But for those who don't wish to live such a sad, warm life then it's actually a blessing for it to be getting later and thus just a tad cooler. Sand has been tracked in and out of the barracks, and no matter how much Hadria sweeps it is quite clear that she is fighting a losing battle. So giving up on the task, she is sitting on her cot and sewing together what looks like a candidates robe, but it's obviously way to big for her and lacks arm holes. It's a giant white sack.

Zorya has been in and out of the caverns much of the day. Now however, as things begin to wind down the girl takes her leave to slip back the the candidate barracks. Upon realization that she's not the only one who's thought to be here she offers a smile to the older girl. "Evening." she adds in quiet greeting. "Ah've been thinkin bout workin on my own." she notes with a nod towards her fellow candidate's current project.

Hadria grins looking down at her project and bouncing up and down on the bed, "Well I mean, I just started this one." She says, her voice is about two octaves to high for comfortable listening, she is definitely a high soprano and every word she says almost sing songs. It's a little pretty, but mostly annoying. "I am sort of upset that it has to be white, white is so boring!" Yup, unnatural happiness.

Zorya laughs just a bit. Annoying perhaps, but the girl ignores it for the moment. Maybe once she settles down a bit? "Yeah… but Ah suppose it makes us stand out from everyone else…" she agrees with the comment thinking a bit further on it as she continues. Ducking down at the foot of her own cot, two down and across the aisle from Hadria's she digs through the few things collected in the trunk there until her own robe is produced, much more complete than the other girl's.

Hadria looks at the other girls robe, "You've stood before?" Asking and cutting arms in her robe. Hemming the robe by hand she is using pink thread, it definetly won't pass inspection. "This is my first time standing, I'm excited and the eggs are so nice." Laying back on her cot she puts the robe down, her fingers have multiple finger pokes probably from sewing. Sucking on her finger tip she says "Well, how many other actually get to be on the sands? I mean I'd say to stand out we should be in bright colors. But, rules are rules I get."

Zorya nods, "At Eastern's last." she clarifies just where she stood as she pulls a small sowing kit from the trunk before closing it. That done she settles onto the foot of her cot, pulling up her feet to sit crosslegged. "Ah don't know then.." she replies. "Ah guess it makes sense that." what Hadira said that is. "Sometimes tradition jus sticks."

Hadria curls down in her blankets, from between popping out and chittering. The prissy looking green lands on Hadrias lap, opening her wings and crooning loudly. Hadria smiles, scritching the eye ridges of her little lizard. "I guess, I mean I have a feeling the outfits don't matter. They eggs can't really see us, and what they do see of us is taken out of our mind. I saw a stands impression once, and she impressed and wasn't wearing white." Then, blushing a bit she squeakily asks, "Do, well since you've done it before.. do you know what it's like? Is it fun?"

Zorya smiles at the green as she unwinds a length of thread cutting it from the rest of the spool with her teeth. "True… but she didn't put the time inta being a candidate?" is her only suggestion on the color in this regard. "Maybe ya should ask one a the riders?" she suggests before the question of what it's like comes up. At this there's a long pause as she distracts herself from the answer by threading a needle. "Ah've heard they aren't all like Eastern's was." she notes first, "It was … scary." she settles on the word, hesitating a moment longer before going on. "But the eggs there… well they weren't so nice as some of them here. Couple a the candidates got hurt pretty bad.."

Hadria listens carefully, leaning down the side of her cot and flipping to her stomach. All of her uneven blonde hair falls forward as she digs under her cot. Pulling up a small blue jar, she opens the lid and starts to rub oil on her firelizard. "I.. I have never seen anyone get hurt." Looking down at Duckie, "I mean, I have heard but I thought that didn't happen anymore, of course it use to happen a lot." Duckie croons at her special attention.

"Really?" Zorya asks in return. "Ah hadn't really heard much about 'em till I was there. Saelis said most off 'em ain't like that though. So this one should be alright." she continues, moving hands to find the hem of her robe and beginning to rework it as she talks. "Everyone who did impress seemed pretty happy with it though.."

Hadria smiles, "That sounds good, so when you go out how do you stand? Is there an order? How do you handle all the hot sand in white." Her eyes lighting up with an idea she says, "I bet it helps to be sweating, maybe the dragons find you more appealing if you have a smell to you." Paying special attention to Duckie she says, "You seem nice, but, you haven't told me your name and usually when I get in conversations peopel introduce themselves at some point. Though those stupid little traditions can be thrown out, though I will feel odd calling you 'that other blonde girl'." Odd.

Zorya shakes her head, "Not so much." she replies, a smile flickering up from her work. "File in, kinda like we've been doin for the touchings an then ya all stand in a half circle an wait." She thinks on the remark of the sands and their heat for a moment longer, "Ah guess ya just don't notice it so much when you're out there waitin for it.." And then she glances up, pausing her stitches for the time being. "Ah'm sorry, Ah guess Ah forgot bout all that. Zorya. And you are?"

Hadria bounces on her bed, "Alright then, well how much do you sweat?" Awkward way to start a friendship, "So, file in. I hope they let us practice, what do I do with Duckie?" Asking as the firelizard is almost asleep in the weavers lap. "Me, oh. Well I am Hadria, though you can call me Hadi if you really want to."

Zorya nods, sending a smile to the girl, "Nice to meet you." she replies, dipping her head to go back to her stitching as she continues conversation. "Ah… dunno." she replies to the question at hand. "Ah didn't really pay attention ta that either." Sweating… Interesting topic, that. "Ah guess just keep 'er here for the hatchin. They dunn like 'em on the sands."

Hadria stands, grabbing up a small basket and taking out stuff for sewing. With a seam ripper she works on the robe again, Duckie now settled. "See I ask because I do not want to stand next to you if you smell, but if you do not smell then I will stand with you." Explaining without even a blush, and pushing her bangs out of her hair. When they fall back she sighs, "I will have to cut my hair again, how will I ever be able to watch the hatching with hair in my face?"

Its that comment that brings another laugh from Zorya. Continuing with the tiny stitches that reform the hem she's working on she glances up with a smile. "Well no one said anythin about me smellin too bad, so Ah don't think ya have ta worry bout that." she notes before looking back to her sowing. "Ah could help ya pin it back if ya'd rather not cut it.." she offers.

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