Shouldn't you be doing chores?

Igen Weyr - Stables
Fresh whitewash brightens the walls of the stables, lit by the glow of electric lights. Nickers and whinnies echo in the halls, and the smell of hay hangs in the air. The small foyer just inside the sliding doors stretches to either side. Three corridors extend from the foyer, stalls lining both sides of each. At the far end of the row on the right is the office of the Weyr's Herder, a tack room opposite that. All three lead into a large indoor ring, in which the runners can be exercised.

After a rather uneventful day, Saelis had decided that there was time for a bit more uneventfulness. The woman can be seen undoing the the harness and straps on a rather dimunitive runner - as diminuitive as these creatures can get, at least - and is humming softly to herself. She sports rather beat down clothes, save for rather sturdy looking boots.

Neyuni slips in by the entrance of the stables, not venturing to deeply into the long rows of stalls. She seems to be looking around in a more cursory fashion, as if the stables don't seem so much her destination as a stop along the way in the days events.

Uneventful for some, busy for others. Zorya makes her entrance into the stables a bit after Neyuni, a bit of paper rolled up in one hand. Runners not so much the girl's interest as who might be in amongst them it would seem.

Saelis finishes with the harness, then puts it in its proper place along the many others on the wall. She is about to grab a brush off of the shelf above it when she sees someone moving into the stables. There's a hint of a smile, and then a "Hello," tossed out to whomever it may be that's there.

Neyuni lets out a gusty breath and scuffs one shoes in the straw and dust littering the floor. Theere's a slight slump to her shoulders which is slightly offset as she hears another. "Saelis?" she calls out in a half assured voice at about the same time noticing the candidate behind her. "Hello…" a name, well any name escapes her. All these new faces…

"Hel-" Zorya starts, stopping mid-word as she turns to spot Neyuni. "Zorya, Ma'am." the girl offers her name to the junior after a short pause. A glance is sent down the row of runners.

"Yes, it's me," Saelis replies. She forgoes the brush for now to walk out toward the source of the first voice before hearing the second. Zorya is given a brief smile. "Hello, candidate." Her gaze travels back to Neyuni, head tilted a slight bit. "Is something wrong?" Unlike Neyuni, Saelis didn't seem quite apt to put names to the new faces.

Neyuni looks Zorya over in an unobtrusive manner as if to try an add her into memory "Zorya, yes, thank you." she mumbles in a grateful if a bit distracted manner. Saelis's emergence is half watched, at least she got that one right and a slight shrug "Oh, just one of those days. I always seem a half-step behind everything I try to do today. I was supposed to meet up with one of the traders here, but," except for you two the stables seem relatively quiet "Looks like I've missed him as well. I suppose I should just give the day up. How's yours been?"

"Looks like Ah missed him too.." Zorya notes with another glance across the stables. Assuming, that is, that they were both in search of the same trader. There's a bit of a sigh as the paper in hand gets tucked into a pocket.

Saelis peers over at Zorya and her piece of paper. "Shouldn't you be doing chores or something of that sort? Or did you already finish for the day?" The tone is flat, and her expression bored. To Neyuni she gives a half-shrug, dusting her hands. "Paperwork, paperwork. I came here to go riding, since I hadn't gone in awhile. I haven't seen any traders though… maybe you're early?"

Neyuni hnns, well no needs to stress over it and she chuckles softly. "Well now, maybe he's just playing a game on us." she gives the candidate a wink and considers Saelis's response. "Early? I suppose, maybe waiting a few minutes won't hurt too much, tho I know if I linger long I'm bound to be sneezing up a storm. Haven't ridden runners in… Oh, i guess since I impressed. Daeslynth isn't bothered?"

Zorya nods, "Yes, Ma'am." the girl replies. "Almost finished. Was runnin messages, this was the last one.." But as its recipient doesn't seem to be here. At the mention of waiting she nods, "They'd said ta wait a bit if he wasn't around just yet." A hand idly brushes at her skirt, smoothing a wrinkle.

Saelis finally cracks a bit bigger of a smile at Zorya, with a nod. "Good. Nice to see productivity in someone your age." The woman draws out a long 'hmm' at the two of their mentions of the trader still, and she appears to strand herself in thought for awhile. "Maybe he'll be by. And Daesy doesn't usually mind so much; she's out fawning over Rukbat, so not much phases her. Though now I'm curious as to see who this trader you're both looking for is."

Neyuni considers, looking about to add something more when her attention is drawn outside. A sigh and she rolls her eyes. "Well, at least someone wants me." gaze focuses to Zorya a moment "If you see him, tell him to stop by my weyr to drop of the package. I have his trade ready." and a more casual slink she steps away waving a hand randomly "Oh, just a little projects. Y'know, helping things along here and there." she flashes a last grin towards Saelis before slipping out.

Zorya nods, "Well… if it was what Ah was suppose ta be doing.." Productivity aside. A smile and another nod goes to Neyuni as she heads. "Will do." she assures in regards the the package. "So…" queue awkward pause, "You were ridin then?" Clearly, being that she'd already mentioned it.

Saelis salutes briefly to Neyuni as she leaves. And then… oh yeah. The candidate is still here. Though the expression on her face is not longer so plain, Saelis's stance still doesn't scream that she's wanting to form a lifelong connection any time soon. She nods to Zorya's question, moving to retrieve the brush that had once been forgotten. "Have you ever ridden before? It's about one of the closest feelings you get to dragon flight."

Zorya shakes her head in reply, turning to follow the woman with her gaze as she moves back for the brush. It doesn't seem that she'd mind not continuing conversation, but as long as she's waiting and the other is willing.. why not? "Not recently anyway. Once or twice when Ah was little." Beat. "Didn't Ah see ya the other day…" What was that about again? Oh yes. "Somethin bout your daughter.."

"You should give it a try again sometime," the woman muses. Saelis begins to brush the runner's coat in even sweeps, starting at the mare's front, and the mention of the previous day's events causes her to pause, turning to Zorya with a raised brow; she slowly turns back to the brushing of the mare. "Yes, you probably did… Have you met her yet?"

Zorya hms. "Ah think so.." But then there's more than a few candidates. "What was her name again?" she asks, not having actually caught the girl's name that day. After a bit the girl ventures to wander down the aisle towards the goldrider.

Saelis runs her hands along the muscles in the mare's side, watching them twitch a little. To Zorya, she sighs. "You'll meet her eventually; she can introduce herself to you then." She runs the brush along the runner's mane for a bit, then extends it to Zorya. "Would you like to try?" She hadn't run away yet, so the goldrider figures she'd amuse herself a little more with her presence.

"Ah'm sure Ah will." Zorya agrees, her accent reminiscent of the Istan Weyrsecond if a bit more so than L'ton's even. At the question she hesitates a moment, "Well… Ah suppose it wouldn't hurt ta give it a try."

Saelis is quite familiar with the accent, so it doesn't provide much of a stumbling block for her than most. The brush is offered with an open palm, and if she accepts it, the goldrider goes to get another one for herself. "It's pretty much similar to brushing your own hair. Just be a bit gentle, since she's just gotten done with a ride."

Zorya reaches out a hand to take the brush. The girl turns it over in her hands a few times before putting brush to fur in smooth strokes once Saelis has returned with another. "So… Can Ah ask ya a question?"

Saelis sighs, a bit of exasperation lilting the sound. A bit of patience rests in her green eyes, however, and she turns her attention quickly to brushing the other side of the runner. "Possibly."

"Well…" the girl starts. A bit uncertain of asking given the reply, "Ah was just wondering what your thoughts were." Zorya begins. "Candidacy, impression. All that." Beat. "Ah mean Ah stood for Eastern, but they's was so different from what its been like here so far, and…" So she's talking more than she meant too apparently. "Sorry."

Saelis seems to relax a bit, her strokes becoming slower and a bit less rough. "Ah, I see. I thought you were about to ask something a bit more personal." Now she pauses, her eyes seeming to look at and listen to something a bit more distant; when she speaks, her tone is significantly less hard and controlled. "Candidacy can be a bit of a pain. I didn't Impress my first stand, either. And that place," she continues, seeming to purposely omit the area, "was far different from Ista." She waits, eyes peering around the runner to Zorya to see if she should continue or if there was anything else she wanted to ask.

Zorya nods a bit as she continues to gently pull the brush in hand across the runner between them. She stops mid stroke only to glance up as the woman stops, the pause is only momentary however as she looks back to her work. "It wasn't so much bad… Some a the others there were sayin how it was easy with shadowing instead of chores, but Ah dunno.. Ah don't mind chores."

Saelis gives a bob of her head. "I did half and half. Shadowing consisted of helping oil up dragons… When I stood for Daeslynth's clutch, though, we were supposed to help clean out an older ground weyr." She smirks. "I didn't have to do chores /or/ shadowing for awhile, since I ended up trapped in it after a cave in."

Zorya blinks. "Ah.. Trapped?" she asks once the mention is made. "How?" Well the answer to that most likely doesn't require much, if any explanation. She gives a slight shake of her head as she turns her attention back to brushing the runner, "Its just silly of me." All her questions, "Obviously ya made it out alright."

Saelis shakes her head a bit, as if trying to clear out cobwebs in the back of her head. "I think it was an earthquake. There had been some minor ones. At one point the Sable Sands got destroyed by one, too." She smiles, going to put up her brush and afterward patting the mare on her side. "Did you have any other questions?"

Zorya ohs softly as the explanation is given. This is followed by a shake of her head as she hands the brush she was using over so that the woman and put it away as well. "If ya have the time and ya don't mind… Ah was meanin ta ask my uncle, but well Ah ended up comin here before Ah really got ta talk ta him about it much."

Saelis puts away the other brush just after her own. She pauses, seeming to have a brief conversation inwardly, and then looks to Zorya with a nod. "If you don't mind walking and talking, then I have some time."

"Of course not." Zorya returns, waiting to let the woman lead where she will. "This is my first time ta Igen, and its my second time standing, but… This time seems so different from the last." Which she mentioned already. "It was like that for you too? Think it might be cause Ah'm gettin more used ta being around the dragons an all.." its halfway between thought and question.

Saelis leads the way out of the stables, at a rather slower pace than she normally walks on her way about the weyr. Already she seems a bit more relaxed than earlier, actually listening to Zorya as she speaks. "That definitely had something to do with that, I think. It was always jarring, at first. I grew up near a Weyr, and I'd seen dragons, but interacting with them and the touching of eggs was strange." Her expression is a little puzzled. "The feeling of other minds touching around mine was so odd. I don't even really think about it anymore, since Daeslynth and I are pretty much one now, but then it was odd, I remember."

Zorya falls easily into step with the woman. "Ah never really had 'em around growin up. Ista was really my first meetin 'em. And Ah wasn't there long before Ah went ta stand for Eastern." There's a bit of a waver in her voice at the mention of the second of the weyrs. It was a rather scary experience and that is hinted at in her tone.

It clicks, then. Saelis slows her steps until she comes to a stop, and when she looks to Zorya, there's finally some sympathy in the Weyrwoman's typically cold eyes. "When you say that you stood at Eastern, you mean the last hatching, correct?" Her own voice is lowered, softer.

Zorya nods slowly, the look on her face growing more uncertain as the woman turns to face her. "Yes, Ma'am." she replies simply, dropping her gaze to fidgeting fingers.

It's Saelis' turn to fidget. Having never quite been a proper mother, the woman seems unsure of how to react correctly to this situation. Finally, she too casts her glance to Zorya's fingers. "They're not all like that. Hardly any of them at all. And big dragons like Daeslynth won't do things like that. That dragonet was confused, likely…" Oh shards, this was getting awkward. She wasn't one to make empty promises, and so telling the girl that there wouldn't be -any- maulings when she knew that there could be one went against the woman's policy.

Zorya nods again. "Ah know." she replies, trying to sound a bit more assured that she might actually be. "They've explained all that." Doesn't mean she's still not doubting it just a bit. "An the eggs here… they seem nicer too." The words seeming a touch foreign on her lips. Until Eastern, eggs did not have personalities.

Saelis relaxes a touch, a small grin coming to her face. "That's why we touch them. So they're not so scared, or so they get to know us better." The conversation in her mind starts again, and after several pauses and changes in expression, Saelis clears her throat. "I actually need to get going, because Daeslynth is calling to me again. She does say, however," she adds, "that if you'd like to hang around her for a bit she wouldn't mind." Another pause. "And she promises not to make you do oiling duties the whole time." Here the Weyrwoman laughs.

"Of course." Zorya returns with a nod. "Ah'm sure they keep you busy round here if my Uncle is any comparison." Then again, L'ton has women all over the place to take up his time as well… "Tell her.. Ah'd like that.." Not 100% on the idea, a bit hesitant, but not turning down the offer either. "And Ah wouldn't mind helpin oil 'er, but Ah do appreciate the offer." she adds, pulling a smile to her lips.

Saelis sighs to herself, drawing up her shoulders and returning the girl's smile. "Trust me. You don't want to oil /this/ gold." The woman laughs aloud, bringing her hands up to hear ears in a mock attempt to silence the golden beast dwelling within, and she begins to make off. "Seems I've angered her. I'll call for you next time you have chores, Candidate Zorya." Aha. So she had been paying some attention. Turning in the direction general of the feeding grounds, the redheaded Weyrwoman makes off to meet up with her lifemate.

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