Igen Egg Touching 2

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Kathryn and Sianne are currently going over some papers and things while Nylaeth watches over her clutch well aware that candidates will be arriving. C'giy ushers the first group out quietly reminding them of the sands rules. "No fouling around out there, be easy with the eggs and be respectful to the gold. Remember all that and you'll be fine now go on and get to know them eggs out there."

Sayetia heads onto the sands cautiously as she approaches an egg she has yet to touch. She spots the Antique Enlightment one and carefully veers her direction towards it and sets her hand down on it quietly.

Kasholan is quiet for a moment as he makes his way onto the sands. There's a certain amount of eyeing that he gives the other candidates..and the eggs alike, really. Even C'giy gets a mild eyeroll. "Not like anyone would be /rough/ with one." Unless they were mighty hungry..and in dire need of a big breakfast. He does move though, heading across the sands to lay a hand against the Detritus of the Magi Egg.

As Zorya steps into the sands she pauses to give a slight curtsey towards the dame before continuing towards the eggs. The Obvious Places Egg is the one that draws her attention today. A hand lightly resting against the shell as the girl draws up to the egg.

« Fresh From the Streets can be a little rough. Ok, make that a lot rough. It bowls in without regard to your own feelings and immediately starts rummaging through thoughts and memories like an ill-mannered child. Any resistance is met with ill-tempered arrogance colored black and muddy brown. It cruelly steals away those thoughts it wants, putting them in some secretive pocket and abruptly leaves, vanishing back into the dreary streets. »

Sayetia looks towards the egg as she looks puzzled as she once more caresses the antique egg puzzled over the mind that has touched hers.

There's a faintly odd expression that comes over Kasholan's face as he touches, brows furrowing together. He almost pulls away, even, shaking his head in mild bewilderment. But no, that hand stays, making a light pass over the smooth shell.

Zorya frowns as the occupant of The Obvious Places Egg makes its presence known. Her hand lingers on the shell however, even as she shakes her head a bit. "Now now…" she mutters. Was that really necessary?

« Fresh From the Streets one often needs an adjustment, and it's usually to attitude. This one is no exception. It takes a cocky self assurance to survive that hard world and it often leads to a nasty cruel sense of humor. While on the streets, only the self matters, so why be concerned with anyone else but oneself? And yet, even as it rummages through your thoughts again, there is a pause to study the moments of kindness in your life. It tosses them aside with an ugly laugh, and then sneaks back for a second glance. Finally, in silence, it leaves. »

Kasholan twitches just a little bit. Or maybe he smiles. Yes, that is a bit of an upturn of lips on his face, despite the still vaguely odd look he's giving that egg. It can't be helped, really, although his fingers do slide slowly away from the shell beneath them. There are others to touch, after all, and he gravitates to the Losing the Trail Egg, palm pressing flat to the shadowed shell.

Sayetia shakes her head a little as she tries to make sense of the newest touch upon her mind, a smile though crosses her lips as she replies to herself. "Interesting one… very… nothing like being abruptly dropped." She seems to be still contemplating what it all meant as she steps away from the egg and heads over to touch the Tin Soldier Egg.

Zorya hrms.. Gaze lingering on the egg next to which she stands. "A friend might not hurt you…" though its a curious and quizzical sort of expression that crosses her face before she lifts a hand to move onto the next. This time finding the one that Kasholan just left, Detritus of the Magi Egg.

« Treguna Mekoides flows in a silver fog which obscures the mind from all thought. Giggling golden sparks bubble like magic in the mist, seeding spots of befuddlement and confusion. They twist this way and that and just when you think to have found the spell, they withdraw and leave you completely turned all about. »

Sayetia blinks as she drifts back her glance towards the other egg and gives a little bit of a smile. "Thank you for your apology… now to make out your sibling… who seems to be yelling I think?" She looks confused as she caresses the egg again.

"Interesting…" Zorya comments, letting her fingers flutter softly across the Detritus of the Magi Egg. "They're all so… different." the girl remarks in general, the words not directed towards either egg or candidates in particular.

« Treguna Mekoides has no rhyme or reason, just merry mayhem in a silvery mist. Teguna Mekoides is all vim and vigor, eagerness tripping clumsily through the museum of memory while knocking things down left and right. It is a beam of golden light spotlighting those memories that show the best in you. Gleeful abandon leaves a wash of trust in belief hanging in the mind as the magic recedes. »

Kasholan furrows his brows once again slightly, seemingly puzzled about this egg too. Though while his hand stays upon it, his gaze wanders away, flitting to land on Zorya. "Considering they each have a different dragon in them.." His tone carries a vaguely haughty air, but at least he doesn't really /look/ like he trying to be arrogant about it.

Sayetia steps back from the egg looking a bit aghast at the reaction from the egg. "Ok fine… I didn't mean to offend by my presence." She sighs as she heads off to search for another egg to touch.

Zorya giggles just a bit, a smile pulling at her lips before the boy's words hit her ears and she turns to look his way. Fingers don't leave the Detritus of the Magi Egg however. "Ah know that…" she replies, her tone holding a touch of a note that he should know what she ment, but soon enough her attention shifts back to the egg.

Kasholan makes a faintly annoyed sound, pulling his hand away from the egg after another moment. There isn't a second more of hesitation before he leaves that egg behind, instead making his own course through the rest of the eggs, until he finds the Journey's Guardian egg. He looks at it a bit curious for a moment..and then finally touches, fingertips to shell with just a ghosting of contact.

« Treguna Mekoides has honor and duty as pink and yellow ribbons winding thru the mist of confusion and sparkling light. The ribbons try to weave a protective fabric about you, but only succeed in getting wound up within itself. Fiery flames of anger and frustration burst randomly outwards and leave small scorch marks. Those marks dissipate in golden sparks of embarrassed affection. Almost you can hear the giggles as the touch fades. »

Sayetia walks over towards the clumsy clockwork egg and sets her hand down gently smiling as she says softly. "Hello there little one."

Zorya gives a light shake of her head, "Its alright." she notes, giving the egg a light pat. "Next time," there's something of an assurance in her voice as she quietly addresses the occupant of the shell underhand before the girl moves on. The next to receive her attentions on today's journey across the sands is the Losing the Trail Egg, fingers alighting tenderly on its surface.

« On the Prowl this one slips by your thoughts in near silence. A wispy trail of silvery-gray gives it momentarily away. A quick pause and it seems to look back at your as if just becoming aware of your location, are you trying to follow it? There's an ambivalent rumble which seems almost amused but it has better things to do, places to go, things to see, and it dashes off before you have much of a chance to respond. »

Kasholan blinks slowly. Really, he perks just a little bit after a moment of his hand being upon that egg, eyes sliding only briefly closed. When they open again, there's a mild smile working at the teen's features, appearing with hardly any effort at all. His hand caresses, however, coming into a bit firmer contact with the Journey's Guardian egg. "Really are just starting out…"

Sayetia seems to be plain confused today by the eggs as she says quietly. "I'm not trouble, in fact I keep others out of trouble."

Kasholan gives a faint twitch where he stands, fingers shifting over the surface of that egg. His smile rather rapidly starts to form into something a bit more resolute, and while there's a mild wince from that internal barrage, he stands firm.

Zorya blinks. "Shy?" she wonders, but no. That doesn't seem quite right for this one. Evasive might be a better thought.. The girl's hand softly caresses the egg's surface, "Come back? Just for a moment…" They're supposed to be getting to know them, no?

« On the Prowl this resilient hatchling's mind comes again into contact with yours. It is caught by surprise and does a mental jump, fluttering as high as it can think and peering back down at you. Now, just why would you be there, are you trying to catch it, or just follow it again. Well to late, if anything it seems on its return journey and temps you. Don't you want o know where its been? There's a strong air of mysterious adventure in the flick of its mental thoughts and just as you might get tempted to pry it darts off. »

Sayetia grins as she is surprisingly impressed by the difference in minds between the eggs. "At least you didn't push me away…"

Kasholan bristles just a bit for a moment, falling quite still and rigid. But his feet remain planted, even digging a bit deeper into the hot sand below. It takes him a moment to calm from whatever internal struggle there might be, offering a soft murmur. "It will be alright…"

"Oh, don't do that…" Zorya says with a bit of a sigh. "Ah didn't mean…" Just curious. Fingers float lightly over the Losing the Trail Egg as the girl shakes her head ever so slightly.

Kasholan moves his hand finally, a bit of calm settling over his features. He doesn't break contact just yet though. No, instead he moves around, quietly circling the egg beneath his fingertips.

« On the Prowl this one moves more slowly. It is easier to track, if one was so inclined as it stops and sniffs at the edges of your thoughts. It knows, oh surely it knows some big secret if only you'd put two and two together and figure it out. It isn't going to tell, nope, you have to figure it out on your own…. and as it moves off quickly again it doesn't seem like it is going to make it easy for you as it taunts you on. »

Sayetia tries to follow what the mind does while examining her as she steps away from the egg and starts to head towards another one slowly and cautiously of each movement she makes.

Zorya just stays still, standing beside the Losing the Trail Egg and letting her hand rest unmoving on its surface. "Almost there…" she soothes, only to sigh when the occupant retreats yet again. "Maybe Ah should just leave ya to yourself.." is the comment that follows.

« On the Prowl is mired in a mix of grays, of light and shadow in a world where color has bleached out to a silver screen that captures one's imagination like nothing before. There is so much potential here, hidden, struggling just waiting… begging even to be found. Will you seek it? Will you find it? »

Kasholan does look rather disappointed as he finally does pull his hand away from that egg. Furrowed brows work together, a small frown touching upon his lips. Really, he probably could've stayed there all day..but with the dragon inside withdrawing, he moves on, looking a bit sourly at the rest of the eggs.

Sayetia looks a bit tired and decides that maybe touching another egg in the heat and being thirsty isn't good and she looks towards Sianne. "May I be excused to go get a drink ma'am?"

Sianne turns towards the candidates with a nod and after a few more words with Kathryn she signals to the AWLM. "Ny has had enough of the candidates on the sands for now. Why don't we get everyone off them for a while and let them cool off and relax."

Kasholan sighs after another moment or two of looking, though a hand comes up to his head. Really, with critters getting in there and banging about, it's no wonder that a few candidates might leave the sands with headaches. He does glance over at the pair of weyrwomen though once they're told to leave, and nods, an arm brushing against the sweat on his forehead as he makes tracks out of the cavern.

A nod and a hint of a smile slips back to Zorya's lips as she spreads her fingers, palm still resting on the Losing the Trail Egg's shell. "See.. You're interesting.." she notes. At Sianne's announcement she pulls her hand from the egg to head off with the others.

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