Igen Egg Touching 1

Igen Weyr - Living Caverns
Second only to the Hatching Sands in size — although its walls are not so nearly circular — the living cavern is filled with numerous tables, almost too many to count. Most bear markings by rank and Wing, though there are a couple of dozen free for anyone's use. The Weyrleaders and other ranking residents have the table farthest from the kitchen and hearths, although the hearths are kept as low-burning as possible, just enough to keep the stew pot that always hangs for late-night nibblers at a good temperature. Favored drinks, particularly iced klah and juice, are kept on ice and interspersed at various food tables scattered about, along with baskets of rolls and fruit. There are, of course, scheduled mealtimes, and at certain points of the day the available fare slides into the menu for the nearest meal, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snackings, but the staff has long since acknowledged that people will sit to talk and nibble here at all hours. In the cooler parts of the evening in particular, the cavern hosts games of chess, checkers, dragonpoker, and others. Several degrees are knocked off thanks to the Technician Craft's new cooling system. There are several 'places' that you can find a seat at.

Sianne keeps to her looking away, patting L'tons hand absently. "What? It's all okay." Can you see the flames from her ears yet. From the bowl Sakrient raises a fuss, growling as a blue dares enter her space. The mood of the gold begins to reflect upon her rider as Aoriya earns herself a dark glower as she hangs from the bronzers back and beck. "My lips are sealed Cevryn, I swear it."

L'ton glances back at Aoriya, winking a bit. "Ah'll come see ya after Ah find my niece, kay?" And then he's letting the brownrider get distracted by the teen, carefully unwinding Aoriya from his neck, and leaning to try and wrap his own arms around Sianne in turn. "Sia… Aoriya and Ah are just old friends.." He murmurs, leaning forward, trying to catch her eyes, giving her a bit of a pathetic look.

Cevryn glances around the caverns before he shrugs and finds a seat, although not terribly close to any of the other riders. "Yes, Kathryn's my mom." He's edgy after that, looking around and fidgeting in his seat as he glances from Aoriya to Sianne.

Sayetia glances between the others as she continues to eat and enjoys the food she has in front of her. The boy does get some of her attention as she watches his interaction with the others but is a bit dismissive of anything more than observation.

Aoriya grins. "Well…. Omasuth seems to think you take after your mother. He wants to know if you want to find out if you take after your mother. Sounds lame, I know, but he /has/ to know. He's very curious. Thinks you might have the right stuff to be as good as she is." Omasuth rumbles amusedly out in the bowl, then croons an attempt at soothing his queen.

Cevryn blinks, then blinks again as he glances from Aoriya to Sianne and then around the room. "You're asking me to stand?" is asked quietly, as he looks at various faces, then nods back to the brownrider. "I'd like to yes, if it's alright."

Sianne shoves the table with her feet to send it screeching away from her inches before her feet drop to the floor and well finds herself held by L'tons arms. His words are snorted at, then waved off. "None of business who're your friends with." she offers with a dainty sniff. "You can be buddies with whomever you please." Yes definitely in need of soothing over here with ruffled proverbial feather. To her private bowl viewing ledge the gold moves, hissing at any and all that draw close.

And speak of the devil. Its just about the time that L'ton mentions finding his niece that who should walk in but the Istan blonde. Attention primarily on the path of her feet until that voice hits her ears and Zorya's gaze flickers up. Yet she doesn't say anything in his direction just yet, rather waiting until she's closer and not yelling across the cavern.

Aoriya grins and rolls her eyes. "Sharp as a tack you." She digs into her pocket, pulling out a knot. "Here you go Cevryn, since you figured it out that quick." She offers the white knot. "Come with me, I'll take you to the candidate barracks to get settled in. L'ton, darling, come find me later."

"Oh, sweets…" L'ton murmurs, tightening his hug, and moving to give her a soft kiss on the cheek and push a bit of hair out of her face. "Ah ain't gonna ignore ya, or nothing.. Ya were half the reason Ah came taday, ya know.." He murmurs, trying to rectify the situation before it gets too out of hand. A soft sigh, and he's glancing at Aoriya, nodding, before giving Sianne another squeeze. "Hey… What's up with ya? Dhon says Sak ain't happy either.." For now, though, he's attention is solely on Sianne, not noticing Zorya's entrance.

Always one to miss the goodstuff, Kathryn slips into the living caverns too late for her son's search and completely oblivious to all the charged emotions. Or at least, so it seems. The old lady outright ignores all the others, heading across the largest part of the room in an attempt to get the attention of one of the serving staff. When this proves unsuccessful for the moment, she sighs and actually looks around. "Interesting." is muttered under her breath.

Sianne sniffs again, she's still just about fuming you see just itching to find something to really come unglued about. With Aoriya taking off, that removes that bit of fuel for an explosion but there is the arrival of others that can generate more for her to snitfit about.

Cevryn nods his head slowly, moving to get up from his seat and then glances at his mom before he's hurriedly following so that he's out of the room as soon as possible. "I can tell everyone later, right? If I want to?"

"I'm your weyrwoman too, dammit. She's perfectly suitable for this; let her in." A trio of riders, blue, brown, and green, are followed into the living caverns by a seething alto voice. With a sleepy looking young girl in tow, goldrider Saelis - now of Igen - makes a footfall-heavy entrance behind them. The woman is yanking the girl along, really, and from the looks of the riders she's following, she's been up to picking at their nerves all afternoon. Sianne is spotted, and with her free hand she points to the sniffling senior. "YOU. I need to talk to /YOU/." The rest of the goings on in the room don't seem to matter, because Saelis needs this taken care of now, and all had better bend to her whim. Now.

L'ton gently pets Sianne's hair again, sighing softly. "Its okay, sweets… Ah promise." And he's shaking his head, unwrapping one arm to gently pat her leg. And, perhaps it might have worked, if there wasn't suddenly a Saelis bursting into the caverns, quite loudly declaring her need to talk to Sianne. Turning to stare at her, he blinks, though he's not about to give up his hold on her yet.

Sianne turns a dark and dangerous look upon her Junior, the opening for a fight is found when a finger is pointed at her. The goldrider surges up from her seat with a hiss. "If there's one thing that I really hate it's fingerpointing and bellowing! And you.." Si charges Saelis, ready for a knock down drag out Goldrider cat fit. "Are you BOTH!" Yes, our mild tempered rider just raised her voice. "There are ways to speak to me and you are doing neither." A hand is raised, eyes bugging out, is she going to slap the older rider…? Is she? No. A finger is pointed back.

"Uncle L-," Zorya starts as she comes up just a few feet from L'ton and Sianne, just about to says something once she's sure it is indeed him. But then there's Saelis' entrance which makes her stop short, turning back to glance over her shoulder towards the commotion.

L'ton half hears his name as Sianne is surging out of his hold and after the formerly Istan goldrider, gaze flicking to Zorya with the briefest of smiles as he gets to her feet and pulls her into the shortest of hugs before he's dodging around tables, going after Sianne, keeping his attention on her. As Sianne's hand is raised, he's inching closer, ready to nab her, should it escalate.

Kathryn 's own response to the impending gold drama is a sigh and shake of her head. "Children." She comments, turning back to hunt up that server. This at least is more successful at this point and it becomes clear she's just popped in for some refreshments for the sands. "Bring some extra. I'm thinking some of these candidates need to head back to the sands with me. Just for practice, you understand." With a nod the server takes off and Kathryn waits for the show.

Saelis braces herself, yanking the child behind her and glowering right back. The green eyed lass stands firm, save for the raise of a brow and the twitch of the corner of her mouth into a sneer. "If your riders weren't so dense I wouldn't be having this problem in the first place." She flickers her eyes to L'ton, in a half glance of recognition, before switching back to Sianne. "What is this nonsense about them not accepting a candidate? Since when could they refuse someone to stand?" From the looks on the rider's faces, that's not entirely what this is about.

Sayetia finishes off her meal as she hears the others busy and decides to head out towards the bowl. Perhaps she can catch a few of her friends off their duties and such.

Sianne mutters a few rather nasty comments, the gold letting loose with a booming warble. "SHUT UP!" comes but whom it's toward it's unclear since the gold is being as noisy as everyone else at this moment. "We take all candidates, if she's been searched before then fine she can stand. If not then one of the dragons will have to search her and S'vals Disreth would love to get his claws on her." A backwards step nearly has her backing into L'ton. "Shardin' loud people and dragons my head is splitting. Disreth is yammering, Sakrienth is about ready to bite the head off a blue, and Daes and Saks are going at each other mentally. ENOUGH I say!"

"You," Zorya starts again only half able to return her uncle's hug before L'ton is off after the goldrider. A flicker of confusion crosses her features as the scene unfolds. She's certainly not going to make a move to get anywhere near the middle of that.

L'ton glances over his shoulder once more at Zorya, nodding for her to stay out of the way. And then Sianne is shouting and he's wincing, and he's moving to grab the goldrider as she backs into him. "Just take her outside, Saelis.." He mutters at the other Igenite, certainly recognizing the loud woman, even as he tries to pull Sianne back another step to put a bit more distance between them, shushing her softly, even as he's rubbing her back with one hand. Of course, he's just hoping it will help.

Pausing momentarily at that yell - indeed, this catches her off guard - Saelis takes a moment to recognize that the one-sided argument in her head probably has a few facets in Sianne's, proven by her statement. She takes a reprieve from her assault, to lower her voice. "Then why do they think /my/ girl isn't good enough?" replies Saelis. The girl behind her fidgets uncomfortably as Saelis points yet another finger at L'ton. "Do not tell me what to do. This is getting solved, now." And again, to Sianne. "I want Vaeline in the next touching. And there had better be one soon." Because of course, she had the gravitas to order other people, her own senior even, around… Sure…

While the server is hunting up her requirements, Kathryn, the only SANE goldrider left, begins to slowly wind her way around the living caverns and the crowds of shell shocked residents and riders. Here and there she stops to whisper something, which generally leads to one or another person settling down. Along the way she taps Zorya and then Atrilix on the shoulders. "This way, younglings. Let's get you out of here. I've got food and drink and eggs to entertain you, as Nylaeth says they are warm enough to touch now." She smiles, knowing this is one of those things all candidates are both excited and nervous about.

It's S'val to the rescue! With Disreth having a coranary in the bowl what else could the brownrider to but come a running. "What is making my dragon so up tight he's talking about beating Sakrieth with her own tail?" So much for brotherly love. "First I hear that Sakrienth and Daeslynth are going to go at it, then I hear Sianne and Saelis are going at it, and now I hear that Disreths new candidate is here in the caverns and he cant get to her to love and hug and kiss her and all that. Now what in Faranths name is going on here?" Sianne can only stare at her brother, giving him a rather unsisterly hand gesture before turning her back on both him and Saelis and staring at L'tons chest. "You deal with her 'Brother' because I ain't." She's washed her hands of the goldrider while the brownrider sizes Vaeline up. "Well it seems that Disreth wants you to stand for the eggs, which means you won't have to deal with your mum anymore but you will have do more chores and all that. Whatcha say?"

Zorya nods in return to L'ton, both staying out of the way and silently watching. That is until Kathryn is tapping her shoulder which earns a startled jump from the girl as she's drawn back from the argument between the other two goldriders. "Yes, ma'am." the girl replies, falling into step shortly behind the woman as she leads the way out.

L'ton glances to make sure that Zorya is following the older golrider out, even as he's going back to comforting Sianne, shushing her softly and rubbing her back, turning to try and steer her away from Saelis and Sianne's own brother, letting them sort it out for himself. "Now, now Sianne.. That's all over, ya know?" He murmurs, keeping his arms around her rather protectively.

Vaeline, finally, attempts to wriggle away from her mother. Dark copper hair sways into her face, and she gives a little twirk of her lips, going toward S'val. "That's what I was trying to tell you, mom… S'val and dad were talking earlier in the bowl and S'val's dragon was noticing me when you grabbed me up." She gives a sigh. "Why do you always have to yell at people? This is what -you- want anyway, right?" The girl nods briefly to S'val then. "I wil."

Well. Saelis is a right braying burdenbeast now, isn't she? Turning momentarily the shade of her own hair, glancing between Sianne, S'val, and Vaeline, her mouth moves uselessly over unspoken words and broken utterances. When she manages to scrap some of her dignity together, it's to pull no more than a salute toward her senior, eyes locking onto some point behind the woman.

S'val gently pulls Vaeline away from her mother, ushering the girl towards the line of candidates heading out to the bowl. "Go one with Kathryn now, we'll get you settled in the barracks later on." He smiles down at the girl. "They're gonna go out onto the sands and see the eggs so off with ya now." A soft push is given to the girl before S'val turns his attention on Saelis. "Ya happy now? Now go get a drink and quiet yourself and that gold of yours before Sianne blows a blood vessel in her head."

Sianne is already rubbing her temples while L'ton rubs her back. "Loud, so loud." she whispers again. "Shardin' dragons, just can't shut them up today no matter what."

Kathryn takes this opportunity to gather up the last few candidates in the room, motioning Sayetia over with one hand and the tray laden server with another. "This way then." She leads them all towards the entrance, momma duck to her ducklings. Just as they are about to pass outside she winks at Vaeline and motions outside with herhead. "You too, dear. Get away from these crazy ladies to the quiet of the sands? We'll get you set up later." And without waiting for an answer, she's out the door and of towards the hatching grounds.

Igen Weyr - Hatching Sands
As if temperatures in the rest of the Weyr weren't uncomfortable enough, the sands are positively blistering. The air shimmers from the onslaught of heat, leaving the area with a hallucinatory feel. Black sands stand currently empty but for the occasional egg-shard or 'print not swept clear. A raised platform of smooth stone provides a lounging-spot for queens or their mates, or a retreat for the lifemates that accompany them from whence they can cool their feet somewhat.

Kathryn goes straight over to Nylaeth's side and leans against the gold's leg. Nylaeth is sitting upright with her wings half mantled as the candidates step out. A low rumble sounds in her chest which quickly silences with Kathryn's touch. The queen's rider motions the candidates out towards the eggs, apparently content to go on without much conversation.

Sayetia walks out quietly onto the sands as directed by the Junior Weyrwoman and cautiously moves from there towards the eggs. Last thing she wants is to get the damn angered at her. She glances between the eggs planning her approach. First she moves over to the Detritus of the Magi Egg figuring it looks the most interesting, she bows towards the dam as she reaches slowly and gently as she touches the egg's warm surface.

Hadria gives a small, awkward bow to Nylaeth staring up at her with a small happy grin. The weaver looks around and says to no in particular, almost talking to herself "This should be fun!" Looking around the back cavern, she seems more interested in that then the eggs. Skipping happily towards the eggs, she gets slower and sneaks up, placing her hand on the perfection that is Let's go fly a kite egg, just one finger though. Weird.

--—< Hadria touches egg 4 - Let's Go Fly a Kite Egg >--
---< Sayetia touches egg 1 - Detritus of the Magi Egg >--—-

Vaeline, following behind Atrilix, sets her eyes on the field before her. Nothing like Ista's black sands, but still: the place is distantly familiar enough through tales by mouths of friends. She takes a few of them in then, steadily, she begins to take steps toward the Situation of Gravity egg. The curiousness of it seems to call to the watcher of watched things, and with a hesitant, shaking hand… she withdraws. A few steps backward, and the girl stares at the ovoid shape in front of her.

Aoriya is in the front tier of the hatching galleries, watching the egg touching with a lazy smile on her face. "Well well well. The ritual begins." She says with a chuckle. "Brings back memories Omasuth. You know you scared the shells outta me when you were an egg?" There's a low rumble from the ledges.

Sayetia blinks with confusion as she touches the egg and steps back but not yet removing her hand. "Wha?? That one is confusing." She mutters softly.

Zorya slips onto the sands with the rest of the group, lingering at their edge for just long enough to slip a slight curtsey to Nylaeth before proceeding. That little formality taken care of the girl's steps lead her towards the Antique Enchantment Egg. First its just a look before slender fingers reach out to just barely touch the surface of the shell.

--—< Zorya touches egg 10 - Antique Enchantment egg >--

« Elegant Elegy is barely perceptible at first, it shadows your mind almost timidly. Only a faint glow and a soft warble of song betrays its entrance, lighting columns of alabaster and a hallowed underground space. Its shadow tugs at your mind, caroling a shy inquiry. It hesitates, hovering thoughtfully on the edge of your mind, debating whether or not to show itself fully. There is a soft whirl of fire, and the sound of rustling feathers. A blury form of pure fire drifts to the edge of your vision, though its complete identity cannot be seen, it appears to be an avian made of fire. However, out of timidness, the form darts away again, leaving behind a faint flash of fire. A single feather drifts down to the ground, pure crimson in color and soft as velvet. Yet it is not gone, simply hovering out of vision, the only sign of its presence a faint glow and a soft soothing trill. »

Hadria smiles a bit at the egg, removing her hand and stepping back. She looks surprised, shock crossing her face, mouth agape and then, cautiously, she reaches out and strokes the egg again, saying "This is cool.. like, different. But cool."

--—< Sayetia leaves egg 1 - Detritus of the Magi Egg >---

Atrilix walks forward with a proud look at the large golden dragon, bows slightly and continues to the eggs with his head held high. He eyes the Clumsy Clockwork Egg

---< Atrilix touches egg 9 - Clumsy Clockwork Egg >---

Sayetia looks towards Kathryn as she replies. "May I be excused to go to the well… bathroom?" She asks quietly as she really should have dealt with that issue before.

Kathryn's brow rises up but she nods. Her lips quirk into a half smile, emphasizing how crooked it is.

Zorya's fingers flutter lightly across the Antique Enchantment Egg. The girl's expression shifting from smile to subtle frown as the egg's vision is perceived, trying to make a bit more sense of it perhaps. "Not anything like those at Eastern…" she mentions to no one in particular, the words soft yet loud enough to easily be heard by those who might be nearby.

Hadria bounces giddily, moving her hand down the smooth surface of the multi-colored egg, saying to it "That is wondrous, marvelous." Then she starts to wriggle, hitting her arms like there are bugs on her, running a hand through her uneven straw blonde hair. She looks down at herself and then tilts her head, giggling and caressing the surface again.

Sayetia moves slowly yet decent paced as she tries not to disturb the others as she does so slipping out of the hatching grounds.

« Elegant Elegy darts suddenly into your vision, the speed of its motion making the only visible thing its afterglow. As it turns and darts through the cramped tunnel it leaves fireworks in its wake along with puffs of soft crimson feathers. Its movements speed up, and suddenly Elegant Elegy does a u-turn, blasting back towards you. An excited BANG of flame and feather and its grabbed you, carrying you in a headlong plunge through hallowed and normally silent space. As you follow it in its excitement, the Elegant Elegy churrs, tumbling through your memories. It finds at once the happiest days of your life and the saddest. Then it comes to a sudden halt, moonlight is shining down from a tiny opening, a tiny crack, you are dropped abruptly as the massive avian of flame and feather arrows to the surface to investigate. Warbling in excitement it drops into the tunnel again and hauls you through the opening, setting you down on smooth stony ground. A satisfied note rings through your mind and Elegent Elegy is silent once more by your side as it contemplates all that is, do you contemplate too? »

Deciding, for the time, against messing with any of the eggs, Vaeline fidgets her way over to Atrilix and the clockwork egg. There's a glance to Kathryn, then Atrilix, then the egg. Quietly, she peers around the boy's side. "What's it doing?" she whispers.

"I will come back, you are so nice." Patting the egg gently, and removing her hand. The oddball weaver gives it a stroke, and then carefully removes her fingers. Standing with bright eyes, completely happy with what she just saw she moves to an oddly shaped egg, reaching out her fingers to roll her hand over A situation of gravity egg. She's very gentle, and crouches down like a child with a new friend.

---< Hadria leaves egg 4 - Let's Go Fly a Kite Egg >--
---< Hadria touches egg 3 - A Situation of Gravity Egg >--

Atrilix widens his eyes, and shakes his head. In an attempt to answer the flurry of questions thrown at him. "Uh, A Person, A Weyrwoman, Atrilix, No I do not want trouble. Only to touch." Atrilix places the egg down, almost dizzy.

----< Atrilix leaves egg 9 - Clumsy Clockwork Egg >---

Zorya almost takes a step back, the light pressure her fingers give the Antique Enchantment Egg lessens suddenly so that only her fingertips continue to touch. Curiosity taking hold the harper ducks down to take a bit of a different perspective on the egg as fingers slowly trail down, tracing the pattern upon the shell. Contemplation, yes. Egg touchings are one thing that easily brings that about.

« Elegant Elegy apologizes if it frightens you, it just wanted to have fun. See? Everything is joy and sorrow at once, and for the barest moment you can feel something warm and comforting wrap you up in its grips. Elegant Elegy sings to the moons in the sky, warming and comforting you. Something melts in your stomach, like a hot drink on a cold and wet day it attempts to comfort you. You're not afraid of it are you? Don't be scared, it will fly with you eventually if you let it. As the moons move over the sky in your mind, Elegant Elegy croons, its flaming form wavering slightly as if a wind has struck its fire. It is there, for the barest moment, and then a burst of wind and a rising sun scatters it far and wide in a burst of ashes. Its velvet soft crimson feather is the only thing remaining in your mind to remind you that it was once there. »

Vaeline's expression changes from curious to annoyed. What was everyone so enthralled with? Leaving Atrillix's side, the girl wanders, past this egg and that, before she realizes that the burning on her foot is coming from her sandal being half off. As she bends over to touch it, her exposed elbow brushes against the Tree House Egg.

----< Vaeline touches egg 6 - Tree House Egg >----

Vaeline sits up, abruptly. The girl grabs at her nose, then looks around. Did she…? From what the girl could tell, she hadn't made a sound. Did… did… "Did someone… pass gas?" she asks aloud, peering around at her fellow candidates. The strange presence in her mind is giving her the chills, of course, but that scent…

"Just.. startled.." Zorya says softly, fingertips lingering on the egg shell as she moves to stand fully once more. "Ah'll come again." the girl assures with a smile, her touch finally pulling away as she moves towards one of the others which just happens to be the Clumsy Clockwork Egg.

---< Zorya leaves egg 10 - Antique Enchantment egg >--
--—< Zorya touches egg 9 - Clumsy Clockwork Egg >--——

Aoriya chuckles at Vaeline. "Oh I think it was the egg. I think the egg farted." She chuckles. "They play with your senses, smell, taste, touch, hearing, sight. They like to play with your head."

Hadria strokes down the egg, shaking her head but letting her eyes glaze of and she stares into space. "Different, anyone in there little guy?"

« Klutzy Capers trips, scattering shiny gears and springs across your mind. It meant to do that really! A playful shower of shimmering junk goes flying through your consciousness as the creature within eagerly tears its way into your mind. It pelts you with questions as bodily as the gears rolling through your head. Who are you? How did you get here? Whats your name? You haven't come to make trouble have you? The eager presence within wiggles happily and turns about in dizzying circles processing all the information its absorbing from your head! »

That does it. Vaeline steps away from the Tree House egg, giving it a befuddled glance before she puts two and two together. The Gravity egg, the one she'd seen before… she'll touch that one. At least that one seemed normal. Hopefully it didn't have gas, too…

---—< Vaeline leaves egg 6 - Tree House Egg >----
--—< Vaeline touches egg 8 - Journey's Guardian Egg >--

Hadria smiles, and then her brows drop and she looks confused, patting the egg again and tilting her head. "You're kinda cute.. in your own way." She tells the egg, pressing her nose against it and allowing it to do as it may.

Atrilix decides to approach the Tree House Egg. Already decided BEFORE the declaration of gas but curiosity is got the best of him as he touches the top of the egg gently.

----< Atrilix touches egg 6 - Tree House Egg >----

Hadria hmms, thinking and then picturing for the egg all her designs and such. "Well, I could tell you all about where I come from, about western, about that really cute weyrleader with the nice thighs." She recounts the tail, lingering on the colors and shapes, she explains "There is lots of gritty stuff, they call it sand and it's actually really fun. I bet it would be really neat, if you could color it a bunch it would be really prettyful."

"Hey…" And a smile spreads across the candidate's face. This little guy isn't so bad. When the mind retreats from hers, Vaeline's lips turn into a frown, and she moves her hands around the egg. "Come here. I want to know, too… I wanna know about you…" And just like that, the girl is sucked into the egg's world.

Zorya can't help but giggle. "Oh no, no trouble." But questions, so many questions! But each with a silent answer even as the girl blinks and shakes her head in attempt to focus her thoughts once again. Fingers don't leave the surface of the Clumsy Clockwork Egg however as they gently trace its pattern.

« Klutzy Capers carefully gets its balence, bouncing happily through a junkyard of cluttered thoughts and shiny ideas. Hmmm, what happens if it does this? As a bolt of blinding yellow light shoots through the scrap heaps. Klutzy Capers happily shoots a second beam, red this time, a rolling ball of glee steamrolls your mind, tickling the inside of your skull as the presence within the egg scratches its brain. It makes a single adjustment and an extra bright beam of dazzling yellow and red light scatters prisms and springs over everything, causing the dragon mind within to leap happily through the mess its made. »

Vaeline's eyes dart to the side, but there's no one but other candidates there. Where was he? Or she? The sound gets to her, though — oh not a welcome sound in her mind — and abruptly Vaeline disconnects from the egg. It seemed happy. It was happy, at first, right…?

---< Vaeline leaves egg 8 - Journey's Guardian Egg >--——

Atrilix retreats from the Tree House Egg. A fan of vines I am not, he thinks to himself. Still one left to go.

Hadria grins, looking giddy and saying "You keep working, I'll come back. Promise." Rubbing the side of her face on the egg, a lot like a cat might it's owners leg. Standing she shuffles in her long skirt over towards the box like, woody colored egg that is The obvious place egg. Her hand isn't slow now, she eagerly lays both hands on the odd shaped shell.

---< Hadria leaves egg 3 - A Situation of Gravity Egg >---
---< Hadria touches egg 2 - The Obvious Places Egg >--
---< Atrilix leaves egg 6 - Tree House Egg >----

Zorya's eyes cross, thankfully that can be fixed with nothing more than a blink which the girl does as her eyes move to scan the others on the sands. "Maybe some other time…" she thinks aloud. Fingers lift from the shell and for a long moment the girl simply stands, but then the heat of the sands rises through her sandals with nothing to distract from it. Its only then that she moves on to another, her tender touch lighting on the Journey's Guardian Egg.

---< Zorya leaves egg 9 - Clumsy Clockwork Egg >--
---< Zorya touches egg 8 - Journey's Guardian Egg >--—-

Vaeline glowers, watching as Hadria leaves what she has deemed as her egg. At a quick shuffle, the girl heads over to the gravity egg. Just one more… she had to know who was sleeping inside this one. The first one was a mistake. Vaeline kneels beside the Gravity egg and, taking in a deep breath, she presses both hands against its surface. "… Hello."

--< Vaeline touches egg 3 - A Situation of Gravity Egg >--

« Young Adventurer sneaks onto the scene with wide eyes alert to the slightest hint of your thoughts in its direction. It isn't scared so much as wisely wary, its own journey just begun, no need to get tripped up just yet. It does not hesitate for long, it decides and then simply does dealing with the consequences… well after it is what it is going to do. In this case, it reaches out to brush more vividly against your thoughts. Its own are young and still formulating, a bit wild in a tumbling mix of emotions to which nothing is yet dominant. After such introduction it seems to pull back slightly, considering what it has felt of you in return and perhaps waiting for your next move. »

Finally. Someone else who shared her little world view. Vaeline closes her eyes, thinking deep. "I played… the pan." She makes a face, moving her hands. "But I wasn't really good at that. …But I like people! And the sand. I like to watch people and the sand… because they never stay the same." She cracks one eye open, peering, as if trying to see within. "Do you know the sand? Can you feel it yet?"

Hadria shakes her head very quickly, the young weaver looks scared. Very close to tripping as she moves away from from this egg, "Eww!" She says, and as Vaeline goes and touches a situation of gravity she shrugs her shoulders and moves towards the steel looking egg. Her hand caresses the sides of Clumsy clockwork egg.

---< Hadria leaves egg 2 - The Obvious Places Egg >---
----< Hadria touches egg 9 - Clumsy Clockwork Egg >---

Atrilix eyes the Tin Soldier egg. Walking as steadily as possible in the schorching heat, he gently touches the top of it and closes his eyes wondering what this one has in store.

----< Atrilix touches egg 5 - Tin Soldier Egg >---

Zorya hmms. Curious this one. Flexing her palm to stretch her hand only to replace it upon the shell, though tips never leave the surface. "Uncertain?" she questions quietly, "Nothing wrong with that…"

« Young Adventurer hovers just off to the side. It seems to shift back and forth as one who has decided what to do but hesitates briefly before plunging fully ahead. It is strong and bold and if a bit reckless at times it leaps into your thoughts with a soft mental creel as if both terrified and completely gleeful. »

Vaeline gasps. "That's what you think that looks like? You can make it look like that?" She turns hazel eyes toward Nylaeth, taking in the wonder of the large gold. "That's your mommy. Your mommy is taking care of you, because she loves you." There's a certain strangeness to her voice, but it leaves as she is enveloped into something far more… more than her. A hand leaves the shell, to touch against her own chest. Thoughts of warm meals and lots of friends - "siblings", but friends - are shared with the egg's resident. "Just like yours. All around you…"

Hadria smiles, "Oh, me I got here by walking on my legs. Hopefully you will have legs to." Boy, depress the egg will yu hadi. With all the questioning she answers back, embracing the eggs with her mind and her spirit seems to soar. This could be the one. "My name is Hadria, Hadi for short. I'm not here for trouble, no I just want to meet you. You seem so nice." she replies to it, placing another hand on it.

Vaeline feels a twinge, and with a rather regretful look on her face, she stands, still touching the egg. Her fingertips smooth along its surface. "Soon I can. You're too little for everything now. Get bigger," she adds. "Then you can understand." Although she had decided to leave, the girl lingers, hand remaining on the egg in case it has something, anything else it wants to know.

Zorya might have stumbled were she not standing still. There's a bit of hesitation from her before words are found, "Shh." Tone it down just a bit? The girl lightly pats the egg, a smile pulling across her lips just that much more. "Excitable aren't you."
Vaeline begins to look a little green in the gills. So much at once. So much spinning. "Okay, okay. Uh…" Her eyes close, if only to open herself more to the egg, but also to steady herself. There was so much it wanted…

« Young Adventurer pants with exertion, flares of determined ochre alternate with scared flickers of quicksilver that set the heart to pounding. It curls about your thoughts, as if its trying to hide from some invisible pursuer. Be you shelter, or will ya be squealing on it, revealing its presence to the others about? While it hovers there , by the changing flickers of color you could guess that it expects to be betrayed, and yet is hopeful in the innocent childish way that you will not reveal its secrets. »

Hadria looks as if she is preparing to dance, muscles tensed and she almost sings. "Oh that's beautiful, pretty light." Her eyes are bright, she looks really happy and says, "That color is marvelous, you have a sense for color!"

Atrilix whispers while his eyes scrunched up, "Can't hear you yet little guy. Maybe someday though." Stepping back from the egg a few paces realizes he's still in a sweltering cave.

----< Atrilix leaves egg 5 - Tin Soldier Egg >----

Hadria smiles, but reluctantly moves away from the egg. "I must come back to you." She blushes a bit, and whispers. "You could keep some of that to yourself.. please?" Moving off she skips, once a safe distance from the eggs she does indeed trip. Getting up with the same goofy smile on her face, not even effected by the pain of the fall.

Zorya gives a slight shake of her head. "Don't worry, no, it'll be alright." she assures, "But Ah should be goin' for now." she notes before her fingers slowly pull away, trailing after her for a moment as she steps off away from the eggs.

----< Zorya leaves egg 8 - Journey's Guardian Egg >---

Vaeline steps back, hearing nothing from her new friend. There's a minute pause, and then she pets the egg, gently. "Good night. I'll come to see you again soon, okay? … Please remember me," is added hastily. It was just a baby, but maybe it would remember. Hastily she scampers away from the egg and, watching Hadria trip… she snorts. "Idiot," is muttered, loud enough for the girl to hopefully hear, and then she falls into line with the others. First mean thing she'd ever said about anyone? Maybe.

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