...this might come off one of a couple ways...

Igen Weyr - Candidate Quarters
While the barracks are little different from the dorms in layout and appearance, a little time makes it apparent that they house younger people, for the most part. There's also more order; "COTS" are lined with precision - almost as if laid out on a "CHART". The room is kept tidy, and the presses are closed and not leaking belongings. Though not segregated by sex, one side of the room appears to belong primarily to the female candidates, the other to the males, though there does happen to be some over-lapping. In general, the barracks are open, perhaps as an introduction to the more public, collective life of a rider. To one side of the door, a large "CHORE BOARD" lists the duties of each Candidate for the day.

S'val ushers you into the barracks, waving a hand about at the cots. "Just pick out an empty one and claim it as your own." Points to the chore board and a few other things. "We have a few real easy rules for our candidates. No Fighting, No Sex, No drinking, be respectful, help keep the barracks clean and don't leave the weyr unless your with one of our riders and the leaders know who your with, where your going, and when you'll be back."

Malakai looks around and nods, listening to the rules. "Alright. Shouldn't be hard enough to follow those." Not that he'd admit that some of those might actually be kind of hard for him to follow, but since he'd agreed to stand, he'll just have to go by the rules. "Thanks for bringing me down here."

S'val nods and shoves his hands into his pockets "I'll leave ya to get settled in while I let everyone know your here." Then he holds out a white knot, "You’ll need this too." Then with that he slips back out into the lower caverns.

Sayetia is near her cot busily tidying her area. She has been busy making her cot with the blankets and such she had at the guard barracks. Once everything is neatly tucked in she sits on the edge of the cot.

Malakai waves to S'val as he leaves him there to get settled in. He doesn't even have everything he would have brought with him what with coming form an area he was only visiting, but he makes his way to an open cot and dumps his bag on it. The guy version of getting settled for now. He then looks around at who all's there, nodding and smiling a bit to anyone who's eye he happens to catch.

Zorya is already in the barracks, a few sparse belongings scattered across the top of the cot she's been assigned. The girl sits there to, idly folding the few bits of clothing into a neat pile, humming quietly to herself as she goes. At the arrival of Malakai blue eyes lift from her task as the girl sends a smile his way.

Sayetia notices the others but she has a neutral expression to her face as she nods to the others. The young female guard turned candidate seems more interested in observing than interacting for the most part. She is dressed more like a tomboy than a girl and well seems to be interesting at least to some.

Malakai thinks he recognizes that girl who smiled back at him. Didn't he just see her somewhere at Ista in passing? Looking down at the bag on his bed, he decides it's just fine there and therefore decides that going to get to know some of his fellow candidates would be a good idea. And seeing as a smile is always welcoming, he heads down the row of cots to the girl he thinks he might have seen before. "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?" He asks, a friendly enough smile on his face.

Zorya purses her lips in thought as the boy draws closer to pose his question. "Ah don't know… Maybe?" the reply comes a moment later. Might have? Sure. Does she remember him? Not so much. "Ah've been a few places lately, its hard ta say."

Malakai grins and nods a bit. "A couple days back or so. Didn't actually meet or anything, but I think I saw you while I was visiting my sister at Ista." He says, almost sure now. Unless she shoots him down, then he won't know what to think. Maybe's he's hallucinating? He decides to sit on the next cot beside her since there's no one at it for now.

Zorya ohs, adding the last piece of clothing she was folding to her pile before settling back to prop herself up with her hand pressed behind her to the cot. "Well then, yah. Ya mighta." she agrees, "Ah was there for a bit after Eastern before Sianne brought me here."

Dare walks in to the candidate quarters with a young girl in tow. She finds herself an empty bunk then turns and crouches down to her daughter, "Okay, now you don't give nobody no trouble, Darva. Be a good girl." She smiles softly at her daughter, "Hopefully they won't have no mean eggs here, if they do… I'll be gone quicker than a dragon can go b'tween." Darva pouts, "Oh mother, don't be like that. They eggs aren't mean. They just want to get to know you, that's all."

Malakai nods and grins. "Good, I was beginning to think I was hallucinating or maybe I'd just imagined seeing you before." He raises a brow at the being in eastern bit, but get's a bit distracted at the entrance of a newer person and her little girl; which he just can't help but smile at. "What were ya doing over at Eastern? If you don't mind me askin'." He asks when his attention is turned back on Zorya.

Sianne strides in, clipboard in hand. There's a new rotation pinned up to the chore board before she strides down the center of the barracks. "Dare, glad to see you came back." The smile given to woman then child are warm, inviting. "Is this Oe'llys daughter? She's beautiful."

Dare quickly rises as she hears her name being called out. She smiles at Sianne, "'ello Sianne, yes, " she turns Darva to face the woman, "this be Darva. She's 8 turns t'day." Darva smiles at the gold rider, "Hi, I might be staying with m'daddy if he wants." She doesn't seem sad about the prospect of not being able to stay with him . "We was just gettin' settled in is all. She wont be here long, an' I gotta check on m'runners. Got the search rider to bring 'em in a transport. Was you needin' me for somethin'?" Dare asks of Sianne.

"Was searched for their last clutch." Zorya replies to Malakai's next question even as her attention is disrupted by the arrival of first Dare and her daughter and then Sianne. A smile is sent towards each in turn. "With Dare actually…" this is said as the girl raises a hand to send a wave and a "Hello," towards the woman.

Sianne smiles. "It's okay but if you'd like I could take Darva with me? I'm headed out to check on the other children and could see her to the weyr." she offers. "Good, good, I hope they made the trip safely, I know how runners tend to think dragons will scarf them up."

"I see I see." Then with the new bit about knowing Dare he smiles. "Well, then it's good to have an actually familiar face around, not just some guy who claims to have seen you once." He waves over to the ladies as well, in case they happen to catch Zorya's hello.

With an encouraging smile Dare turns Darva over to Sianne, "Sure ma'am, v'ry kind of you." She stoops over to give her daughter a kiss on the cheek then straightens up. She waves to Zorya and Malakai. "Oh, my runners don't have to problem with dragons, I got me a couple of big drafts. A mare and a stud. I love ridin' 'em." Darva steps up to her mother and whispers something to her; causing Dare to nod, "Okay, just twice, no more." Darva nods briskly.

Sianne smiles at Darva, "You know the cooks are just getting ready to put some cookies out, I bet we could get some on our way to find your Da." she offers. "Dare stood with us before, glad she's back." she offers to the others. "You can come see your mum whenever you wish Darva, just as long as you don't follow her out onto the sands or anything."

Zorya nods a bit as Sianne mentions Dare's return to Igen. "Good ta see ya again." she says, turning a smile towards her and the girl as they part ways. "Ah met her at Eastern, Ma'am." she notes for the weyrwoman, pausing for a second before going on to ask, "Would it be too much trouble to ask ya ta let my uncle know Ah'm settled in alright?"

Malakai's brain kicks in then and then he's hastily getting up to go search through his bag real quickly. He pulls out a notebook and pencil and starts writting something down quickly as he walks over towards Sianne, Dare, and Darva. Once he reaches them, he tears the pages out and holds them out to Sianne. "Ah, S'val said he'd ask you about sending a letter off to the Wood craft hall about me and I was wondering if this could be sent along with it as well ma'am." Ah, lots of work for the weyrwoman. But at least his is just an addition to a letter?

Brown eyes gaze up at the gold rider, "I won't do that Weyrwoman. Not my place." Darva smiles. "That's right Darva, maybe some day, " says Dare, "I'm glad to be back too. Lots of good people here. Course I don't know why ya'll keep comin' to get me." She just shrugs. "Can I have a cookie mum?" Darva smiles then keeps smiling when Dare gives her the nod, "Yes you can, just be sure you leave some for the rest of us t'eat." Dare looks at Sianne with a sympathetic look as the other candidates heap requests upon her.

A flicker of a smile is given the Werywoman as she goes on her way before Zorya's attention is once again focused on her fellow candidates. The blonde is sitting on her cot, a short stack of recently folded clothes near the foot as she props herself up with a hand that rests slightly behind her.

"Thanks again." Malakai calls after the weyrwoman before offering a smile to Dare and headed back over to settle down near Zorya again to try and strike up conversation again. "So, this might come off one of a couple ways, but what was it like out on the sands?" He asks the teen. Obviously she hadn't impressed, so this could be a sore subject to talk about, but he's curious.

A quiet scraping of feet against the floor can be heard as a rather dark figure makes his way into the barracks, a hand idly reaches up to sweep through his dark hair. Kelemi's eyes flicker about and quickly land on his cot, and without much else said he's striding towards the cot, plopping into it with a quiet sigh. "I hate work."

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a light shrug. "Ah dunno." How to explain it isn't always as easy as one might think. "Was kinda scary…" Then again with those eggs and those hatchlings… Well Dare could probably attest to that just as well. "Couple people standin' got hurt pretty bad. And… well was kinda all over the place."

Malakai looks genuinely interested in what the girl has to say about it. "I see. I didn't really get a chance to ask my sister about it before I left. Was kind of a spur of the moment kind of thing. I can't imagine what it would be like to get, hurt, by a baby dragon." He doesn't want to say attached, per say since he can't really imagine a baby attacking anything, so much as lashing out at something unknown. The entrance of the seemingly exhausted candidate draws a grin from the forester. "Rough day? Are they planning on working us to the bone?" He asks the other, more experienced candidates in general.

Now with the niceties out of the way Dare unpacks a few things then glances around the barracks. Mutely muttering to herself, "Gotta go an' check on m'runners." Dare nods, "Bad eggs beget bad dragons." She sniffs, with an air of readies to wander off.

"Well Ah didn't.." Zorya mentions, clearly thankful for that. A glance is spared for Kelemi as he drags himself in and the girl pulls a soft smile to her lips. As for the other boy's question she doesn't exactly have an answer. "Who knows?" she turns back, "Was differnt at Eastern Ah guess. Shadowed some a the riders instead of chores." Pause. "What do you think Dare?" she asks, turning the question over to the woman. "Since ya been here before an all, and ya stood before Eastern too, didn't ya?" She seems to remember something about that having been mentioned.

Kelemi slowly lifts his head, vague interest pulls at the candidate's lips. There are other people around, slowly Kelemi pushes himself to his elbows, allowing himself a mischievious smile. "What, you never heard of accidents occurring on the sands? If Eastern handled themselves a bit better, it wouldn't have turned out nearly as bad as it did." A dismissive wave is given as Kelemi settles back into the sheets, shimmying his shoulders a bit in an attempt to get comfortable as possible. "You know they will,just to get the most out of their new 'slaves'."

Malakai shakes his head at the new comer, to him anyway. "No I haven't. I pretty much stuck to the forests and the hall most of my life. Never really been much for the goings on of weyrs." When Zorya mentions that she didn't get hurt she gets a smile from him. "I'm glad you were safe then, for the most part." From just looking a Kelemi, Malakai can tell this isn't going to be like Zorya's experience at Eastern. "Great. Well, chores shouldn't be too bad. Right?" Granted he can't think of anything much worse they can do to them, but still. "I'm Malakai, by the way." He says, holding his hand out to Zorya in greeting. "Shoulda said that earlier I guess."

Zorya shakes her head. "Eastern was my first hatching." she notes, "Fore that didn't hear much about 'em either." So in short, no, she hadn't heard of it before. "Wouldn't think they'd be too terrible." the girl comments on chores, "Had 'em back home an' all." Of course here they very well may be different, but still. Chores are chores. Right? "Zorya." the girl offers in return, reaching with a hand while the other holds her in place.

Kelemi wraps his arms behind his neck to act as a make-shift pillow. He yawns a bit boredly before answering with a indifferent shrug, "Well, I suppose you need better Harper lessons then, I don't know what's gotten into Harpers lately with slacking on education." He rolls his eyes slightly at the thought. "But clearly it's not that big of a deal, past is past. And as far as I'm concerned, I would have thought I was done with all this silly work back before I walked the tables, but apparently I thought wrong."

Malakai grins a bit at both candidates and shakes his head a bit. "Every harper that got sent down to our cot hold kept getting run of for one reason or another, so my mother taught us our letters and such." And then he's nodding over to Zorya. "Yeah, can't imagine they'd be any worse. And definitely not any worse than moving fallen trees and such out of the way just to get look under them." As long as it's not quite that rough, there shouldn't be a problem for him.

"We didn't have many harper lessons back home." Zorya notes with a bit of a glare towards the Kelemi. Its not her fault! "So what about you?" she ventures to ask of the young man furthest from her. This of course could be read as where he's from and/or what craft he was from.

Kelemi shakes his head slowly, "Where did /you/ grow up to not have a harper sent to your hall? You would think there was someone around giving harper lessons." Kelemi shakes his head, clearly amused by something or other. Malakai gets the brunt of Kelemi's attention though. "Now, do I want to know what you did to scare them away, hrmm? Maybe you'll have to tell me later, it'll make an interesting story." A playful wink is given to the other man. He allows himself a little grin, pushing himself to his feet and allowing himself a flourish of a bow, "Kelemi, resident Journeyman Harper, at your service."

Zorya huffs, though she keeps it to herself for the most part. "Lil cothold on Ista if ya must know." the girl replies, "Ah guess they jus didn't get out there much." Or at all as the case may be. "Nice ta meet ya." she adds as the other finally introduces himself, though of that she doesn't exactly sound one hundred percent.

Malakai grins a bit, allowing Zorya to defend herself seeing as he doesn't really know the girl at all and can't speak for her upbringing. He does send a devilish smile over at the Harper however. "Why, whoever said it was /me/ scarring off these harpers?" He asks, feigning innocence. He can't help but chuckle though at the flourishign bow comming from the harper who was only a few moments ago, exhausted. "Well met. Out of place Journeyman Forester for my part."

Once a harper, always a harper, after all. Not that he was exhausted, really, just stating that he hated work. "Oh, I only assumed, it was a hunch I had. My hunches are usually right." Kelemi offers a playful wink to the other male, wiggling a finger in the air at Zorya with a tsk tsk sound, "No need to get your feathers all in a ruffle, my dear. I was only playing with you."

Zorya shrugs as she shifts her position to pull her knees up and settle her chin on top as she wrap arms around her shins. "Still gettin use ta things." And how was she supposed to know it was teasing anyway!? "Only just got here today, first time ta Igen too…" Shy? Maybe a little, or perhaps she just hasn't gotten warmed up to them yet, not to mention they're both older than her.

Malakai laughs at that. "I'll have to watch myself around /you/." He says in good humor. And one can only assume when someone collapses on a bed, complaining about work, that they're exhausted. "It's alright Zorya, I'm just as new to Igen as you so we'll both be learning things together. Alright?" Older guys are so much fun though. Still willing to play with the younger girls, and more knowledgeable about the world in many ways. Oh so alluring, right?

A wicked grin pulls at Kelemi's lips, the dark man leaning forward and licking at his lips slightly. "Oh, I could help you get used to things, if you would like." A wave of his hand is given as he sits on the edge of his cot, peering over at the other two candidates. "After all, it would be an honor, as a harper, to introduce you to our…culture." Feigning innocence, Kelemi casts a glance over at Malakai, "Now why would you want to do that? I'm perfectly safe."

Alluring? In some ways more than others. "Thanks," Zorya replies to Malakai with a light smile before turn that little bit to include Kelemi as well. "..Well if it wouldn't be too much trouble.." Guidance would be appreciated, yes. Though she will continue to refrain from mentioning her roll as harper apprentice. After all, with as much as she's heard from him so far, it could only be worse if he knew that tidbit of information. Then again, the old knot is still laying out on her cot in easy enough view.

Malakai grins and chuckles. "As long as it doesn't include drinking, fighting, or sex; shouldn't be to dangerous, should it Zorya." He says, sort of supporting the offer of 'help' to an extent. Gotta follow the rules yes? Malakai shrugs and grins a bit at that last question from the harper. "I'm sure you are. But who knows what else you'll figure out just by hunch. Not that I'm admitting to anything." He tacks on that last bit with sly grin.

Kelemi wraps his hands behind his head, a sly grin pulling at his own lips. "Bah, I hate having rules." He rolls his eyes at the very thought, "Shards, I can't even remember the last time I had rules to follow." There's a quiet snort, not hiding his thoughts about the matter. His grin slowly gets wider as his eyes alight on Zorya, "I'm all-too happy to help you fit in, after all without a Igenite's help I'm sure you'll dehydrate quickly when you're working and you might faint right in the middle of your work."

Zorya nods, "Makes sense to me." she agrees with Malakai. Rules, yes. And that she tends to be good at. "Ah don't know what Ah'd do without ya." the girl feigns, holding a hand to her heart for just a second before letting it drop back to her knees. "Not like Ah ain't used ta the heat though." Then again the heat of the desert, Ista and Eastern are all rather different.

Malakai shrugs a bit. "I have to agree with you there. These particular rules are gonna be rough." He scratches at his bearded chin and sighs a little. What can they do though? They could change their minds… Malakai's not that weak though. He grins at Zorya though. The girls' got some spunk after all! "True, it does get hot most every place I've been to, but I think this desert heat might be a bit much. I'm used to being in forested areas where the shade saves you most times." At least it's winterish time right now?

Kelemi grins a ilttle, "Oh, you've been to Ista yes. But during the midst of summer in noon, the heat can become rather unbearable but freezing at night. It can take quite a bit of used to." Kel says indifferently, "I've been stationed here ever since I walked the tables." Kel rolls his shoulders, "I don't think much of the rules, but there's a lot of things we /can/ do without crossing those rules."

Zorya blinks between the two, stretching her legs out in front of her. Holding for a moment to actually stretch a bit before she turns to drop her feet to the ground and stand. "Ah think Ah'm gonna go grab somethin ta eat for now." she notes leaving it open should either wish to join her. "Ah'll see ya around though Ah'm sure." is added with a smile and then she's on her way towards the main caverns.

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