Ista Weyr - Sable Sands
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupants afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.
A wide selection of wines, spirits and juices can be ordered from the barstaff, and a constant pot of klah is kept brewing. Towards the end of the bar, a large machine can be seen, its copper fittings gleaming in the light - a klappachino machine for those with more 'refined' tastes.

Evening has fallen at Ista and it's been a long day for some, meaning time to go blow off some steam somewhere. Among those, would be D'son, happily legal and perched on a barstool, a drink at hand, watching the action on the dance floor. The crowd is slowly growing this evening and the atmosphere inside seems to be as merry as the music piping through the club's sound system.

Pi just happens to be a little part of that dance floor action. There's a break between songs though and the greenrider slips away from her partner and off towards the bar. Tucking a lock of unruly hair behind her ear she slips up onto a stool next to D'son and gets a drink slid over to her moments later. "Thanks." Admittedly it's only a glass of water, but sometimes that's necessary.

An old sight for Ista eyes— she's been around, she really has— is Kaladi, fresh from the baths and devoid of soot for once. Her hair is still damp, and flipflops adorn her feet as she strides towards the bar with a beeline that indicates she is definitely within the 'long day' statistic. She slips onto a barstool a couple down from Pi and D'son, nodding to the riders, eyes focused on the barkeep, who's chatting down the way at the moment. Does irritation cross her features? Just a little bit.

D'son looks over at Pi curiously as she settles down on the next stool over and even /more/ curiously as she gets just water. His hand curls around his glass which very definitely has something that looks like beer in it and he draws this up to his mouth, takes a goodly swig. The young bronzerider catches Kaladi's nod and actually turns his head to see if there's anyone behind him she might be greeting, then looks back over, nods back a little awkwardly. He clears his throat though and sits up a little on his stool. "Uh — nice moves, out there," Dels waves out at the dancefloor where Pi just was.

Pi catches the nod from Kaladi midsip and gives another right back, thankfully waiting for the glass to be away from her mouth before rapidly bobbing her head. The glass is already lowered in level a good deal, though not quite halfway yet. The compliment from her other side gets a bright grin though. "Thanks!" Someone is obviously in a good mood. "Ya dance at all?" Nah, no greetings or introductions. She's not that formal.

Kaladi is a quiet sort, apparently— her irritation at the barkeep's ignoring her grows by the passing moment, until a scowl lines her face. Can one seeeeee the dark clouds rolling in?

"Uh — a little," D'son answers Pi, glass lowering back down to the bar. "Thirsty work though," with a little nod towards her glass of water. "Long day?" he asks her next, like he's trying really hard to make pleasant conversation and not trip over it.

Pi stretches her legs out a little towards the ground and nods in agreement. "Yeah, can' just down the good stuff, so Ah stick with water between dancin'." Mostly at least, for the moment. "Nah, wasn' bad… not as long as Ah think hers musta been." there's a headnod towards Kaladi at that one. Bartender is being a little less attentive than he was when Pi got here. Probably doesn't help that the woman he's chatting it up with seems to be laying on the flirt nicely.

It into this growing crowd at the Sands that Zorya enters. Blue eyes search the space for one person in particular. A hand lifts as she finally spots the greenrider at the bar and the girl winds her way towards the small grouping.

"Oh, right," D'son bobs his head, understanding. "I uh — well it's just nice to be old enough to actually /get/ a beer now," the bronzerider says a little sheepishly and looks down the bar curiously at Kaladi. "Uh yeah — wonder if there's anything we can do to —" and there's Zorya approaching and Dels lifts a hand to wave. "Heya, Zorya."

Kaladi finally slaps the palm of her hand flat on the bartop. "Barkeep!" her Southern drawl barks out. "Are you going to stand down there and hope to get into that bluerider's pants all night, or do you have any plans of -working- tonight?" An eyebrow rises. The bartender looks down the way, studies Kaladi a moment, then meanders over, on his own time. Red creeps back up the Smith's neck, but she places her order with civility, and all but sulks behind the bar again. Yeah. Seeee the 'leave me alone' vibes? They are radiating off, tonight. But at least she's good entertainment.

Pi can't help but smirk a little at the mention of being old enough to drink. Guy's just a young squirt still, but at least she's not saying it. Zorya's approach derails anything she was going to say as attention goes straight to the younger girl. "Hey, ya made it!" There might have been doubts it seems. "Ya want anything to drink?" Probably meaning nonalcoholic, but then again it's Pi. You never know.

"Yeah…" Zorya replies to the greenrider. There may have been doubts on her part as well, may still be at that. A smile is turned on the others however, a silent hello though to the bronzer, "Evenin D'son." A greeting offered in return before a nod is given and her attention turns back to Pi, "Water would be just fine."

Another look is sent Kaladi's way as she smacks the bar and that 'leave me alone' bit is definitely enough to warn Dels off. "How's things, Zorya?" he asks the girl nearby instead. "Settling back in all right?" Earnest.

"Ya can get juice, Ah'm payin'." See? Not alcoholic, there's plenty to drink here that's not. Just because the greenrider is drinking water doesn't mean Zorya should stick to the same. But she does attempt to flag down the bartender, it'll probably just take another couple minutes as he's back to that bluerider once more. Kaladi is becoming one of those big 'do not push' buttons that if one is left alone with long enough, pushing will happen. Luckily Pi's got D'son and Zorya to keep her distracted. Other than that though she'll sip her drink and wait for the bartender, watching the two young ones talk. Yup, Zorya's her little cousin so they're both youngins.

Kaladi broods over her drink. She's good at brooding. The drink itself appears to be hardly touched, for all the effort that Kal put into receiving said drink— and still she broods. (tm).

Zorya nods, "Ah guess Ah am." the girl replies to D'son. "Catchin up with Zipalla and Uncle L'ton an everyone an all." she adds in explanation. Then to Pi she shakes her head. "Oh, no. Payin or not, water's just fine." the girl assures.

"That's good, really good," D'son says with continued earnestness to Zorya. "Sounds like things are pretty good then," he says hopefully and takes another swig from his glass of beer.

Pi is getting caught up with as well! There's a nod and she quickly slips off her stool and heads over towards where that bluerider and the bartender are, slipping next to the flirting woman. "Hey Alec… yer lettin' yerself get a lil distracted. Ah'd like a water an meh regular." She's being polite about it, despite that eyeroll and look he gets. The bluerider looks more miffed than embarrassed admittedly.

Kaladi leans back for a moment, and seems to contemplate the dance floor for a moment, blue-green gaze skittering over the crowd, hesitating on this and that person as recognition flashes. She toys with the stirrer in her drink.

Aisling is just waking up for the night actually, having taken a nap after classes over at the weaver hall, and heard from a little bronze bird via a green one that a certain bronzer could be found at The Sands. So she decides to kill two birds with one stone and plans to have dinner while spending time with D'son. Spotting him at the bar she heads over there are sits at the closest available stool. "Hello hello." She says with a smile to just about everyone around her. That nap put her in a good mood.

Zorya nods. "Yeah. Been back ta the hall a couple times too." she adds to D'son. A glance is sent back in the direction Pi disappeared in. Coming back soon hopefully… At Aisling's greeting however, blue eyes turn back to D'son, taking in the new arrival as well and sending her a smile in return.

D'son grins a little for Pi's joking manner towards the bartender. "So you'll keep on with the studies?" he asks Zorya and looks out towards the crowd again, eyes widening as Aisling turns up. Swiftly his face is wreathed with smiles as the greenrider joins the little group forming up at the bar. "Ais!" he says happily and sets his beer down, leans over to offer a one-armed hug. "Up for a bite? Maybe I can take you for a spin in a little bit?" he nods towards the dance floor.

Pi catches Kaladi's gaze heading to the dance floor a couple times and can't help but grin. She just peeks at the other occasionally as she waits for whatever drink the bartender is mixing up. Zorya apparently is doing fine with D'son so she wouldn't need to return, but she /is/ getting the water for the girl so won't ditch her yet. And then D'son has someone to distract him, so she grabs her water and the drink just plunked down by Alec and returns to her cousin. "Here ya go."

Kaladi catches Pi's grin, for some reason or another, and automatically flushes, for whatever reason; she turns her back to the crowd and goes back to being a grump. She'll keep eavesdropping. For now.

Aisling smiles brighter at Dels' welcome, makes a girl feel good to have someone who reacts like that when they walk in the room. "Yeah I'm probably up for the night too. No duties tonight so yeah, a dance or two would be great." She says with a nod. She doesn't particularly remember Zorya except for on the fringe of her memory, so she's not quite sure what to say to her. So she catches the bartender’s attention and orders up a fruity cocktail and something small to eat while she thinks of something. "We didn't really get a chance to meet properly before you left for the Harper Hall and then got searched." She says to the Zorya with an apologetic smile. "So umm, Hi, I'm Aisling." She says with an awkward grin and a shrug.

"Ah was thinking of it." Zorya agrees in return. "Ah.." But then D'son is conversing with hi girl and she trails off until Pi returns. "Thanks." she notes, taking the offered glass from her cousin. Blinking towards Aisling she lowers the glass after taking a sip to send girl another smile. "Oh, yeah… Zorya." she offers the name. "Its nice ta meet ya again."

There's that hug given and a kiss to follow up and then D'son's attention is back on the conversation. "Oh good, I think you should — I mean, if you like it and everything, it'd be better than —" Dels breaks off, clears his throat and has more beer. "And uh - yeah, Aisling, Zorya's a friend and a relative of L'ton's and um, Zorya, you've heard me talk about Aisling, so yeah." Phew. Introductions he should have made.

Pi grins and adds a "yer welcome" to Zorya before tilting her head and watching the couple as she sips at whatever the orange concoction in her hand is. "An' unfortunately fer Zorya that means she's related ta me as well…" Though really is that any worse than being related to Pal? As she's really only on the sidelines of the conversation she peeks back over at Kaladi with a slightly confused expression at that blush. Huh. "Ya thinkin' of dancin?" There we go, button pushed.

Aisling is made quite happy with that kiss and she's smiling at explanations and introduction. To Pi she shoots a sly sort of grin. "I'm sure it can't bee to bad to be related to /you/." Pi seems like a nice enough lady, nothin wrong with being related to nice ladies. Then to Zorya, kinda talking around D'son. "He talks about me? That must bore you to death." She says, first making a weird face, then grinning. When her drink comes, she sips at it happily, waiting for her food.

Zorya laughs lightly, "Yeah, Pi too.." she agrees. But exactly, what could be worse than being related to L'ton? Not that its all that terrible when it comes down to it. "Of course. He's had nothin but good things ta say bout ya." she notes, and then there's a blink to D'son as she picks up on where he left off. "Better than..?" Better than what?

"Uh — well he's a nice guy at least. L'ton. Just uh — you know, a little loose." D'son's sum-up is succinct at least, if not overly informative and then his head ducks, a little shrugs following as Zorya describes what he's said about Aisling in the past. "You're not boring," he murmurs to the greenrider, then turns back towards Zorya, opens his mouth, shuts it, opens it again. "Uhhhh — " he hesitates and then goes on: "Going home."

Kaladi shakes her head at Pi's question. "Long day," she brusquely replies. Obviously. She glances over to the group, shakes her head once, kills her drink, and after leaving payment for said drink, hoofs it for the door.

Aisling shrugs at the description of L'ton and sakes her head a bit. "Haven't actually met him myself. Just kinda, seen him around." Though Dels would probably be happy for that with L'ton's track record for flirting with nearly every girl he meets. "I'm just teasing a little." she replies to his remark about her not being boring. Then there's the whole better than going home thing and Ais gets a vaguely confused look on her face. "You should always do what you want to do, but what's wrong with going home?"

Zorya ohs. "…Right." She'd had that conversation with D'son. Lifting the glass in hand she takes a moment too distract herself with taking a long drink of water. As Kaladi leaves the girl glances after and it's Aisling that brings her attention back. "Its.. a long story." And maybe, just maybe, its a comment that Pi didn't hear. About going home that is. "He ain't so bad. Jus… a bit of a flirt." she notes. Yes, that will suffice in description of her uncle.

Pi shrugs her shoulders with a little bit of a grin as Kaladi makes a quick retreat. Ah well. Perching back up on a bar stool she tilts her head at the conversation, as parts go right by her. Yup, the going home part is over her head but she doesn't seem too concerned. "Tha's an understatement." is said quietly with an eyeroll and smirk as Pal's described.

D'son's eyes track Kaladi's abrupt exit with a measure of confusion then return to the three ladies in the immediate vicinity. He looks a little uncomfortable for a moment as first Aisling then Zorya pick up on that completed remark of his and he shakes his head. "Oh you know, I was um — just teasing too," he tries to cover and grins over at Zorya, gives Aisling a squeeze. "He had a lot of good advice when we were weyrlings," he notes to Ais about L'ton. "Um - so, up for that dance?" he offers to Aisling, maybe feeling like getting out of the awkward for a bit might be a good idea.

Aisling knows a dodge to get out from under something you don't want to talk about when she sees one and lets it lie as the conversation turns back to their, industrious, weyrsecond. She even grins toothily at Pi and nods. "From the stories I've heard, I'm sure it is." She drinks a bit more of her drink, the alcohol in it loosening her up a bit when D'son asks her for that dance. And since her food still hasn't made it to them she nods readily. "Sure." She says happily, putting down her drink and attempting to work her way off the barstool.

Zorya nods just bit. "Yeah, why don't ya go get that dance in." she agrees, "Ah should prolly be goin anyway." she adds with a soft smile. A glance then goes towards Pi, "Ah'm sorry. Maybe we can catch lunch or something." she suggests, leaving the glass in hand, now mostly empty, on the bar top.

"See you soon, Zorya," D'son promises with a smile that has a hint of apology to it for tripping over things maybe best left unsaid. Then he's offering an arm to Aisling to lead her out onto the dance floor for a twirl or five before food and more drink. An enjoyable evening follows, the pair getting to spend more time together than usual.

Pi is working on finishing her own drink off and nods as Zorya excuses herself. "Yeah, that'd be nice. Thanks fer droppin' in, Ah'm glad yer back. Ya have a good night!" She's planning on doing that same as she also makes her way back to the dance floor with a nod to D'son and Aisling. She'll drop out and head home eventually…

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