This would be less awkward with him.

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands
The Sable Sands, Ista's place for relaxation and entertainment in a child-free environment, stretches out before you. Once an old ground-access weyr, the place has been turned into a nightclub catering to riders and weryfolk alike. Dark shadows drift over booths that line one wall, the conversations and actions of the booths' occupents afforded some small sense of obscurity and privacy from the rest of the bar. Glossy black tables and chairs are scattered across the middle of the floor before the stage that sits opposite the main doors, while a long bar lines the opposite wall from the booths. The bar is a fine piece of furniture, its brass fittings shining bright and wood polished to a fine sheen. Brass-legged barstools covered in soft black leather are pulled up to its counter, often crowded as still other patrons push up to it to make their orders. Tropical plants fill in the corners, their huge pots set on rollers so they can be pulled outside during the day. A discrete sound system can be found recessed in the walls, piping either recorded or live music as the day dictates to every corner of the club.
A wide selection of wines, spirits and juices can be ordered from the barstaff, and a constant pot of klah is kept brewing. Towards the end of the bar, a large machine can be seen, its copper fittings gleaming in the light - a klappachino machine for those with more 'refined' tastes.

A nice dinner on a cool evening is always pleasant, and even pleasanter is good company for dinner. A very pregnant Mai leads her would be, basically is, niece to a table and eases herself into a chair. "Goodness. I don't remember these chairs being so hard to get into." She murmurs, a grin on her face. "I'll have a water." She says to the waitress before looking to Zorya.

Zorya assists the brown rider with her chair before settling into a seat herself. A smile is offered the woman, even if it is perhaps a bit awkward. "Water here too." she notes to the waitress. "So… how is everything?" Zorya asks then, once the girl off on her way to get said drinks.

M'iken smiles warmly at the waitress when she walks off to get their drinks. "Just fine. I was actually going to ask the same thing." She says, leaning her elbows on the table and resting her chin on her hands. "I'm sorry L'ton's not here yet. I'm sure this would be less awkward with him here." She shrugs on of her shoulders and doesn't look too phased about him not being here herself.

Zorya shakes her head, folding her hands politely in her lap. "Ah'm doin a'right." the girl replies, blue eyes flit up the woman, but only for a moment before her gaze is fixed back on her hands. "Don't be sorry, Ma'am. Ah know how busy he can be." Not that its an excuse for him to not be on time…

M'iken grins a little, finding it quite cute that Zorya's a bit shy, especially compared to her uncle. Mai's used to the ever at ease bronzerider and his overzealous cousin. "That's good." When the water comes she thanks the waitress and tells her they'll wait a bit longer for their last person. "He /does/ get very busy." She agrees with a nod and a sip of her water. "He's been busy since the first day I met him." She says with a grin. "What have you been up to since the hatching?" She's curious, that's all.

Zorya is a girl. That's part of the difference between her and her uncle. A smile goes to the waitress as the girl lifts a hand to wrap fingers about the glass. "Ah took a bit a time ta catch up with Zipalla again." there's pause as she pulls the glass a bit closer. "An' since Ah've keepin up with practice an' lessons."

M'iken nods. "Well that's good." She drinks a little more before rubbing her belly a bit. "Oh gosh, he's not too fond of that." She laughs a little. "Too cold I guess." She shrugs a little. "So you're enjoying lessons then? I remember when I was an apprentice. Everything was sparkly and new." She says wiggling her fingers like they were sparkling. The whole idea of learning to skin animals being sparkly, is a little morbid, but then no one ever said Mai wasn't.

Zorya giggles just a bit around a sip of her own water before the glass is set back to the table top. A smile sent towards the woman at mention of the baby. "Oh, yes." she agrees, "Some more than others, but Ah like most of 'em well enough." she replies softly, "Still workin on gettin used ta performin for other people. Gettin better though." Beat. "Ya were an apprentice?"

M'iken smiles. "I'm sure it takes some getting used to. I could never get up on a stage and perform for people." She says, her smile brightening a little. "And yeah, I was in the Tanner craft till just about a turn ago. One of the things I really loved doing, that." she says fondly. "I used to get in fights all the time too." Her smile becomes just a little more contrite and her blushes lightly. "I wouldn't suggest getting into fights with other harpers though. To many of them rely a lot on their fingers."
Zorya nods. "Yeah.. It does take a little gettin used ta. Specially since Ah was used ta tryin ta keep people from seein." she notes, pulling a smile across her lips as she takes a moment to sip at her water. "Ah dun think ya need ta worry bout me gettin in fights." she assures. "Uncle L'ton would have .my. hide if Ah did Ah'd think."

M'iken grins. "Yeah, that would make things difficult, wouldn't it?" she chuckles a little, quietly, imagineing herself trying to get up and perform, she'd probably be booed. "Well I'm glad I don't have to worry about you getting hurt or anything. But I think I could get your Uncle softened up before he got a chance to yell at you or anything." Her stomach grumbles then and she sighs. "Well, I think we waited long enough for him. You know what you want to order?" She asks, with a sly little smile.

Zorya mms and nods. "It dun help any." she agrees and then lifts her chin to turn her smile back on the brownrider. "Ah wouldn't want ya ta have ta get in the middle of it if something did." she notes in regards to softening up L'ton. "But yeah, Ah think Ah am anyway… Jus not used ta people waiting on me either." she adds, flashing a smile once again.

M'iken grins and waves a hand at her. "It wouldn't so much be me getting in the middle so much as me whispering in his ear. I'll be safely off to the side, I promise." She gives the girl a big toothy grin before waveing down a waitress and ordering her food.

Zorya nods slowly, lifting her gaze from the table to the waitress and placing her own order after M'iken. A polite please and another nod before the waitress is off to put the order to the kitchens. "So… um.." she starts after a moment of silence. "Well.." What to discuss?

M'iken grins and laughs a little. "Well indeed." She says shakeing her head. "Tell me about yourself. What's your favorite color? Stuff like that. Just the little building blocks that make you you. And I'll divoulge any information you want as well." She promises, holding up her right hand beofre letting it rest back on the table.

"There isn't all that much ta tell." Zorya admits, a touch of uncertainty in her voice. Where to start? What to say? They're all questions in her head. "Left home a couple months back ta come here an see my uncle. But ya already know that…" the girl bites her lip a bit as she thinks. "Favorite color… blue Ah guess." What else…

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