I thought you got banned...

Ista Weyr - Kitchens
A huge, vaulted cavern houses the kitchen. Set well within the Weyr, the kitchen uses the natural coolness of its size and position to keep the room from turning into an oven itself. Along the eastern, innermost wall sits a curve of stoves and ovens so that any number of things may be cooked at one time. Cast iron pots hang from over head hooks mounted to the wall by brackets. A long row table is just a few steps away, useful in the preparation of the food. Along the western wall is the dish washing station, at the north and south around the exits are the cabinets and a small cold room for the storage of what'll be needed for the day. There are a few smaller tables with chairs set up between the work table and the sinks, where a few aunties sit and help with the preparations.

It's late, well past dinnertime, but the bronzer is just getting off of work. Seems he's been getting in a little late, or working over so he can take some time off other days. At any rate, he refuses to eat the left over garbage that's still out in the caverns, so he's taken over the kitchens to cook himself a meal. But the bronzer really wants a steak… must have a steak, but there's no good steak cuts thawed out, so he has to go into the cooler to cut his own. Which is what he's doing right now, bent over a beast carcass on the cutting board.

The kitchen is a rather deserted place once the dinner rush is over and yet its where Zoyra finds herself. Slipping quietly though the door from the caverns in search of something, like K'ael, a bit fresher than those few bits of leftovers. The presence of someone else in the room catches her off guard as she rounds the corner.

Aryll is always looking for a midnight snack, she's a growing girl after all! The blonde teen peers into the kitchen, her eyes moving about quickly before finally stepping in. She glances over at the form of K'ael working on the carcass but since he's got his back turned she just assumes he's a chef. She does see Zorya and she sends the girl a silent nod as she tiptoes along. Why is she being so sneaky? Well, she's been banned from the kitchens of course! This weyrbrat has caused way too many problems for the kitchen staff after all.

K'ael blinks as someone comes into the room and turns to look. "Ah, hey Zorya! I thought you might be the headwoman coming to yell at me again. If she catches me in here carving up a beast she'll probably have my head." Chop chop chop. He turns back to spot Aryll sneaking into the kitchens. "Hey!" He waves the cleaver he's making use of at her, then laughs. "What are you doing in here, Aryll? I thought you got banned back when we were candidates." He grins to the twice of them. "Anyways, I'm making myself a steak. Either of you two want one?"

Zorya laughs softly. "Me? The head woman?" the girl replies, her words tinged with disbelief before her attention is draw to the entering Aryll. The other girl is given a gentle smile as way of silent hello. A glance back to the bronzerider and the girl wrinkles her nose just bit. "No thanks, Ah'll find somethin myself."

Aryll eyes the cleaver as it's waved, never know if that things gonna go flying. When K'ael finally puts it down she shrugs with a smirk. "En't something like being banned gonna stop me." She says before hopping onto a table near the bronzer and nodding. "Yah, I'm starved." She says as she looks about the kitchen. "Hey, en't you just come back from Eastern?" She asks Zorya as she takes up a piece of fruit, nibbling on it while the steak is prepared.

K'ael chuckles. "Never said you looked like her. Just saying that I thought you were her, sneaking up on me." He blinks at her. "You sure? Just as easy to make three as it is to make one." He finishes carving up the bits he's going to carve up, nodding to Aryll and cutting her a steak as well. Then he moves over to put them onto the grill. "Tubers tubers tubers…" He starts looking through the storage area for them. "So I heard the heatching was pretty exciting over there at Eastern."

Zorya nods as the question of Eastern is posed. "Few days ago now, yeah." Another shake of her head at mention of the steak, "No thanks, K'ael. But if you wanted to throw a few extra tubers in…" That she wouldn't be opposed to. "It was… different?" she settles on in explanation of the hatching after a moment of hesitation.

Instead of making herself useful Aryll just sits and watches the bronze search for the tubers. "I heard it was interesting too. I en't know anyone that Impressed or stood though, heard there was a gold and that some didn't hatch." She says casually, flicking off a piece of something from her clothes. When she's done with that she turns her attention to Zorya as she leans back against, resting back against the counter. "Was this your first time standing?"

K'ael nods to Zor. "Heh, that's what I've heard about it. Alright, more tubers. You want some too, right Aryll?" He shakes his head. "I hope they made some omelets or something with those eggs. You've stood twice now, right Aryll?" He raises a brow at her as he starts chopping tubers. As the steak cooks he fries the tubers in some oil. The bronzer can sort of cook! Nothing spectacular, but his momma made sure all her boys could fend for themselves in the kitchen.

Zorya nods. "Yeah…" she replies, finding a place beside Aryll to lean back against the counter since K'ael is taking care of the food stuffs. "First time standin' … first hatching actually." She's still not so sure what she thinks about that whole experience and that much is quite clear.

"Course! I like them nice and crispy." Aryll says happily from her spot, stretching loudly before getting up finally. She moves to grab three empty cups for them. See, she's not /that/ lazy. "Yup, once at Western and once here. I don't think I'd go again, I /hate/ Candidacy." She says while grabbing up a pitcher of juice from the cooler. She makes sure to sniff it, not wanting to drink citrus again, but it passes the inspection. "First Hatching? Shards, I would've thought you'd seen one before."

K'ael nods to Zorya. "Our hatching was pretty uneventful. Couple people got hurt I think, but all Umni's eggs hatched and everything. Course she was once a senior gold, so it would be surprising if they didn't." He flips the steaks and stirs around the tubers, adding a bit of spice to both. "Why don't you like candidacy? Because they actually make you do your chores?" He chuckles a bit at Aryll.

Zorya shakes her head, "No… Ah, lived at the cothold, so til Ah came here wasn't much chance ta see a hatchin." she explains to the other girl without going into much detail. "Ah don't know that Ah'd do it again either. Not like that anyway, but from what Ah've heard Eastern's is different than others."

"Except that F'yr's dumb brown nearly ran me over." Aryll huffs, still clinging to that not really true image of Zaru. "And I don't like Candidacy cause you're at the bottom, Candidates are just there to be used like pack beast." Her mood does lift when she catches a whiff of the sizzling meat, a grin spreading over her face. "And it is harder to avoid chores when you've got so many eyes on you all the time." When Zorya provides her explanation she nods, moving to snatch up a tuber that is ready for the taking. "Makes sense and well, every Hatching is different I suppose. Just a few things are the same: eggs will hatch, people will be left standing and Candidacy sucks."

K'ael nods to Zorya. "Until I came to Ista I'd never seen one either. Even living somewhat close to Telgar. Anyways, you both should stand at least once more. I know being a candidate sucks, but once you find your lifemate the world just.. makes so much more sense." He chuckles a bit at Aryll. "Well. F'yr's dragon is a little… strange." The food is done, and he divides the tubers three ways and puts a steak on his and Aryll's plates. "Here you guys go. Eat up. I can always make more tubers or another steak if you're still hungry. You sure you don't want a bite of mine, Zor?"

"Ah'll think about it K'ael." Zorya assures, pulling a bit of a smile to her lips. "Ah'm just not sure dragonridin's for me." And on another note, "Thanks," taking the plate that's offered to her, "And no thanks," in regards to the steak once again. "This will be just fine."

Aryll is pouring juice into each of the cups as she listens to the chatter. "Nah, I don't think it's worth it. Besides, who says I'd want to find my lifemate? That'd just be /more/ work." She rolls her eyes playfully before setting the pitcher down and sliding the glasses over to Zorya and K'ael before hopping back up on the stool. "Thanks, Mikey! Shards, it looks /amazing/." She eyes the steak and in a flash she's already digging in. "Yah, dragonriding en't for everyone. Imagine doing drills all the time and having to bathe a big bronze like Azaeth. I think we're better off being residents." She grins over at Zorya before taking a sip of her juice.

K'ael smiles to Zorya. "They say if you're searched your lifemate is out there, just not born yet." He raises a brow to her. "Do you not eat meat?" Then he turns his attention to Aryll with a chuckle. "Well eventually you'll have to do some sort of work, you know. Unless you plan on marrying a rich guy or something." He slices off a piece and chews his own steak. "Heh, well, Azaeth wasn't always so huge. And now he can mostly take care of that sort of thing on his own. I just help him out because I enjoy it. Taking care of your dragon might seem like work, but not when you're the one actually doing it."

Zorya lifts a shoulder a shrug. "That's what Uncle L'ton's been sayin too. Ah just… well we'll see." Not exactly something she's sure about just yet. "And no.. not really. But Ah don't know that Ah'd go for maryin rich either." she laughs a bit, following onto the next topic of conversation. "Ah guess it wouldn't be so much work when he's yours, huh."

Aryll waves a hand at K'ael as she takes another bite of steak. Once she's finished gulping it down she sighs, that was heavenly. "I don't believe that, bet it's just something nice they say to make people feel better. I mean, some of the people that get left standing are sharding old! And well, maybe some dragons just don't know how to search properly?" She spears a few more tubers, eyeing them as she considers something. "I guess it en't /so/ bad if it's your lifemate… but why go through all that trouble, right?" She asks Zorya, finishing off the last of her steak and pushing her plate aside. So full!

K'ael nods and pokes at Zorya's side a bit. "Don't worry. You'll find your lifemate. You too, Aryll. You're both young, yet." He grins a bit. "You don't believe in that whole love thing, do you now, Zor?" He finishes off his plate as well, setting it aside and patting his belly. "Ah… that hit the spot. Well, I don't know about you, but I don't want a bunch of dirty old dragons around. And it's not good for their skin to be all dusty and muddy. Trust me, all the junk they put you through is worth it."

Zorya blinks, picking at the tubers on her plate. At least she seems to have eaten most of them before deciding she's finished. "That whole thing?" What's that he's talking about. "He has a point.." she notes towards Aryll at K'ael's commentary on there being a reason behind al the chores of candidacy. "But then if its not what ya want…" Why force the issue? Hmm?

Aryll rolls her eyes at the bronzer before getting to her feet, plate and cup in hand. "I en't /that/ young." She says as she dumps the things into the nearest sink, wiping her hands on her pants. "Yah, there's a reason," She admits with a toothy grin to the pair of them. "But there en't no reason it's gotta be me doing all of that!" And with a wave she's off! Now that her belly is full she's ready for bed. "Night!" She calls as she slips back into the caverns.

K'ael smiles to Zorya. She'd clearly missed some of the excitement being at Eastern and all. "That whole thing." He chuckles a bit at Aryll and waves as she heads off. Then he picks at the leftover tubers on Zorya's plate. "So… didn't like it that much that you don't want to do it again? I thought you were over your fear of dragons?" Because K'ael had such a great time with his dragon! He wanted everyone to share in that!

Zorya had missed alot, that doesn't mean she hasn't heard about some of it though. She has sources! "There were just some things." she replies with a shrug. "But they say its different at Eastern." she adds, "So maybe Ah would somewhere else." Beat. "And Ah ain't scared of 'em." she adds, blue eyes turning towards the bronzerider. "Not nearly as much as Ah was when Ah met ya." So maybe she's still not so sure about some of them at least.

It was that traitor Zip! She'd probably been spilling the beans. Or her father. "What kind of things? And I can imagine it would be tough being away from home and everything. Stuck with a bunch of people you don't know." He grins to her. "So you won't mind an amazing ride with me up on Azaeth? Lots of loops and twists and turns? He's the biggest bronze around, you know. Gold sized." Gloat gloat, grin.

Zorya nods slowly, having pretty well forgotten what was left on her plate by now. "That, yeah." she agrees about the family thing, "And rider shadowing… some things were… well we went ta Deluge Station." she hesitates, "That was prolly the worst one." But then this is the girl who's tech ignorant. And then she blinks, had she still been eating she just might have choked at that. "Ride maybe… that fancy stuff, not so much."

K'ael blinks a bit. "Rider shadowing? That's… strange. We never did that here. I can't imagine some candidate following me around all day. Talk about boring. My work isn't very exciting to me. Load the crates, move the crates, unload the crates… over and over all day. Azaeth being huge means that he can carry a lot, too. So there's a lot of loading and unloading. Deluge Station? What's even there anymore? Some forgotten relics or whatever." He grins to her. "Heh, well, anytime you want a ride… just swing by. Azaeth loves to fly and show off."

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a shrug. "It wasn't what Ah expected." she replies with a look that agrees with him on it sounding rather uninteresting. About the station however, "Ah'm.. not sure really." she wasn't so much paying attention to what was there. "We didn't.. stay long.. But thanks, Ah'll keep the two of ya in mind next time Ah need a ride somewhere."

K'ael nods to her. "Hm, don't think I've ever been there that I can remember." He starts off doing their dishes. He doesn't want to leave a mess and end up in trouble again. He smiles and nods to her. "Azaeth will be happy to take you wherever you need to go." Once everything is cleaned up he pokes at Zor. "Anyways. It's good to have you back in Ista. I know Zip's missed you a lot. I should be getting back though. See ya around, Zor."

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