Our vocalist has returned.

Harper Hall - Classrooms
Arranged in neat rows, several desks and seats are facing towards a large chalkboard at the front of the classroom. The floors are covered in a tough though thin, gray carpet. The walls are a cacophony of songs and notes, history and law. But beneath all of those it is a plain eggshell white. In this simple room many harpers have spent countless hours and are sure to spend even more.

Alisar sits front and center, demonstrating a very delicate chording to a group of advanced students. There are eight in all, and they're all trying to copy him on the guitar. "Don't worry, you'll get it… the only difference between your level of skill and mine is time." He smiles broadly. "All right, that's good, everyone practice on your own for a few minutes while I catch up on the material," he winks.

Zorya slips into the back of the classroom just in time to catch him letting the other students off on their own for awhile. The girl offers an apologetic smile towards the front.

Alisar says, "Ah, Zorya… good. Our vocalist has returned." He makes no mention of what she might have been doing, and lets everyone assume that she was just soothing her throat. "Could you accompany us then?" He calls the attention of the class again. "Playing a song on your instrument is one thing when you're playing alone — but when you must play with a singer — that is more difficult to do well, and that is what we are practicing today. So… we'll begin when you're ready to start Zorya."

Zorya blinks. "Oh.. um.. Whenever you're ready." she replies, moving towards the front to join Alisar there. "What are they working on again?" she asks, leaning in a bit to whisper. Apparently she'd missed that bit, having walked in just late enough.

Alisar smiles, "Choose to sing whatever you like. It doesn't matter really we're just working on timing. But, if you can't think of anything something traditional would be fine." "One of the Ballads, perhaps?" He motions for the class to get ready.

Zorya nods. "Okay.." she say, taking a moment to wet her lips. Deep breath. Just other students. "Ah'll try." she replies, turning a bit of a smile towards the man. Think, think, think.

Alisar chuckles, "Take your time… Harpers have to learn patience too." "It can be difficult to perform as a duo… just wait until you get out into the big concert halls."

Zorya nods again, turning her head to blink at the craftsecond. "Concert halls?" Maybe the big stuff is best left for later. "Right… Whenever you're ready then." she replies.

Alisar laughs, "We're ready..", he begins to play the first bar of one of the Teaching songs, surely something she would know. "Now, if your singer starts late, just repeat the measure until they're ready. You can usually get away with two repeats and still have it look intentional…"

Zorya does indeed know the song. Well mostly… The girl bobs her head ever so slightly to think through the beat of the measure before lifting her voice to bring words to the music. She could easily be louder, but it would seem that performance is still not one of her strong points.

Strong points or not Alisar is well pleased, for his purpose, the song is perfect. "Excellent! Excellent!" "You can see that the timing on the sheet is, just a guideline really — you must adjust for your singer's pace… now, good singers are trying to follow the timing too — so you shouldn't be too far off, but still." "Very well done, Zorya, you're getting much better."

Zorya blushes just a bit at the praise. "Thank you, sir." she replies softly upon completing the verse. "Ah've been trying ta practice when Ah can." Pause. "Ah do have another lesson ta be getting to though." So with his permission….

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