...wasn't what he had in mind

Ista Weyr - Zipalla's Room
A dark mix of midnight blue and varying shades of purple whirls across the rock walls of the weyr and is dotted here and there with pale pink, reflective starbursts reminiscent of a brilliant night sky. The smoothed wood floors are intermittently broken up by thick, black plush rugs and illuminating the room are miniature replicas of Belior and Timor, nestled in the sky-walls, glowing bright when in use. To the immediate right of the daybed is a deep shelf laden with pictures and trinkets and a bookcase sets beneath it holding the beginnings of an eclectic collection of reading material.
Along the right hand wall a low chest sits, topped with cushions so it can be used for seating and on the back wall an oversized black lacquer wardrobe. A curtain of dragon beads done in pink and purple dances in an arched opening that leads to a little alcove which houses a washroom, the sink nearly visible through the sparkling beads, though the remainder of the room is behind a narrow door. Scattered throughout the room various pillows and cushions add little splashes of color and texture, done in dusk hues of pink, purple and black, some fringed, some with buttons, some quilted, in all different sizes and shapes.

It's mid-day and a half-eaten plate of lunch sits on a table near where Zipalla is sitting in the floor, her sketchbook open, pencils strewn, the kittens playing with a wadded up sheet of paper. She works at a particular image, drawing then erasing, drawing, rubbing, erasing, scowling as she tries to get it just right.

There's a knock at the door, before its pushed open just a bit further by a rather familiar looking girl. "Zipalla?" Zorya calls to her cousin, unsure as to whether or not the girl is even at her room until she spots her on the floor. "Ah'm not interruptin', am Ah?" she inquires with a smile.

Zip blinks and then looks up, "Zorya!?!" she yelps, dropping pencil and book to stand and rush to the door. "No no come in!" she says excitedly then throws her arms around the girl's neck in a hug. "How are you? Are you back for good?"

Zorya can't help but laugh at the reaction she receives as she's suddenly all but pounced by the younger girl. "Ah'm alright." she replies the the first of many questions as she shifts to return her cousin's embrace. "For now at least. Ah still have lessons, but your father mentioned maybe bein' posted ta Ista.." So maybe.

The younger girl laughs too then motions to the daybed, "Sit sit.. oh good..I'd love for you to be back here.." she comments. Zip gets a serious look on her face and smiles softly at Zorya, "I heard about the sands..Mike told me.. sorry I couldn't be there, I was too sick to get out of my room..much less travel like that."

Zorya shakes her head. "Oh no, don't be sorry." she assures, crossing the room to settle herself on the bed. "Ah'd rather have you feelin better. Not like ya missed me impressin or anything." That she might have been a bit upset about. She pauses a moment, looking up to the girl from hands that had been smoothing her skirt. "Ya are feelin better, right?"

"I do feel better.." she answers, smiling as she sits down too. "So.. how did it go there?" she asks, curling her legs up onto the bed. She looks around a moment then hrms but then looks back to Zorya to await her answer.

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "Alright Ah guess. It was… different." the word that she decides upon to describe her experience at Eastern. "Helped that ya came ta visit though. D'son showed up a couple times too."

Zipalla looks Zorya over for a moment then nods her head, "You ok, Zorya? I mean I know you're probably disappointed..but.. everything's alright isn't it?" she asks, her tone worried.

Zorya nods. "Of course." she attempt to assure the other girl. She did say she was doing alright already. "Not so disappointed really…" Relieved on the other hand. Perhaps. "Ah mean your father doesn't seem at all disappointed that Ah didn't." And if he's not, why should she be?

Zipalla grins and nods a little, "Well alright..sometimes you're just not very easy to read.." she teases. "I'm sure Ton is at least a little happy you aren't stuck out there.. it's not like there'll never be another chance."

"Sorry…" Zorya apologizes though she probably doesn't need to. "True… Ah dunno that Ah'd want ta be stuck out there either. He seems rather set on me bein here anyway."

"In case you haven't noticed, he has a thing about family.." she giggles a little. "Speaking of which, have you seen Niah's twins? They're already talking about more babies," she adds. "What else…OH!" and she giggles then lowers her voice. "Ok..so.. Mike you know.. wanted to be free to ah.. pursue other girls and all that.. well he won a flight.." and she presses her lips together. "But he woke up with a lady rider who is.. sixty.." Her eyes go wide and she smiles a quirky smile. "Don't get me wrong.. nothing against the lady but.. I'm pretty sure that wasn't what he had in mind..well he said it wasn't.." and she tries to suppress a giggle.

Zorya nods. "Ah've kinda gotten that feeling, yeah…" she replies before shaking her head at the mention of the bluerider. "Ah haven't, no. Been keepin rather busy since Ah got back." she notes. But then she giggles at K'ael' honorable mention into their conversation. "Oh, that…" That's just funny! Giggle. "Ah dun think that's what he was havin in mind at all."

Zip's eyes dance with amusement then she settles, "I shouldn't laugh…what goes around comes around and I SURE don't want to wake up with some OLD man.." and she shivers. "Besides, that's just how it is..and I think the lady is nice.. Ton said.." and she hrms, "I don't remember.. anyway.. like my room?" she asks, looking around. "What else have you missed.."

Zorya grins and nods. "Yeah… well…" she's agreeing, just not commenting further. "Ah'm sure if your father said she's nice there's somethin' to it. Ah like it, Ah ain't had my own before. Ya did nice with it." she says with a smile. "Ah missed you. Feels like Ah missed more than before Ah got here some days."

Zipalla smiles, "Well really…she's female..so..to Ton.." and she giggles. "Anyway.. thanks.." and she looks up at the "sky" of the room then she grabs the remote and flicks a button. The moonlights dim and the starts glow to light up a night sky, "I just love that.." she says with a smile. "I missed you too. A lot."

Zorya nods, "Well…" But what else is there really to say on that matter. L'ton and females… Oy. "Ah.." she starts, glancing up as Zipalla does and the lighting changes, half conscious of her uneasiness with it. "So… what have ya been up ta while Ah've been gone?" she then asks, looking back to the girl.

Zipalla leans back against a pillow and smiles, relaxed in the dimmer lighting. "Oh.. well… after the K'ael fiasco, mostly just drawing and working in the stables.. though we did go for a picnic last night up to High Reaches."

"Ya draw?" Zorya asks, picking up on that one little note. "Ah didn't know that." The things she misses. But then it wasn't something that ever came up before, was it.

Her head nods and Zipalla bends to pick up the sketchbook, opening it to show her. "Not a lot yet.. Ton has ordered me some paints and canvases..and pencils.." she says with a soft smile.

Zorya smiles as her cousin flips through the pages of the sketchbook. "They're really good Zipalla." she compliments the girl's talents. "Maybe ya should come with me ta the hall sometime." an offer she's a bit hesitant to make, but does all the same.

Zip smiles, watching Zorya flip through the book, "Thanks…it's fun.." she says, looking them over while her cousin does. "TO the hall?" she asks with a blink. "Why?" the thought has never crossed her mind.

"Why not?" Zorya returns, closing and then handing back the book. The question displayed on her face as its put to words. "They have drawin and things there too.."

Zipalla takes the book and holds it then tilts her head, "I guess I just never thought of that.. I always figured I'd end up doing something with runners.. drawing is just sorta a hobby..besides, people there are like..born for it.. trained.." and she shakes her head.

Zorya shrugs, "Ah wasn't trained for dancin fore Ah went there.." she notes, sending another glace around the room.

Zip smiles at Zorya, "Did you learn more there? Are they training you still?" she asks. She follows Zorya's gaze and looks around, "What..oh..want me to turn the lights back up?"

Zorya laughs light, nodding as she replies, "Ah've learned alot. Bout music and all kindsa thinks." There's a pause before she nods again, "If ya don't mind.." Lights, would be nice.

Zipalla smiles softly and nods her head then flicks the remote and the brighter lights come up, "The lack of light bother you?" she asks, curious.

Zorya shakes her head, "Not so much… Just still makes me think about one of the shadowin trips we had." she explains. "It was… different is all." she adds, avoiding the topic as much as she easily can.

Zipalla furrows her brows and then nods her head, "Oh..sorry…" she offers then settles back again and smiles. "Well.. it's good to have you back.. so D'son visited you too? Are you guys close friends?"

"Not your fault or anything.' Zorya replies before nodding to her questions. "He did. A couple times." Pause. "Ah wouldn't say close really.." Not particularly. "But we've talked often enough, and Inimeth was the first dragon Ah really met." An event that Zip may well remember herself.

She smiles and nods, "Yeah.. that was.. funny.." she says with a sparkly giggle. "I mean.. well it is moreso now looking back.." she says sheepishly. "It's good to have friends."

"Funny?" Zorya inquires. She certainly wouldn't have called it that, especially at the time. "But yeah… its nice ta have friends." Beat. "And family." she adds with a smile for the girl.

Zipalla lifts her shoulders, "Well.. looking back.. maybe not.." she says with a sort of "eep" look on her face, didn't mean to offend. "Yes and family.. you can stay with me any time you want..this has a trundle.. plenty of room.."

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