Home again, home again

Eastern Weyr - Jungle Path
Along this jungle path are the darkest of the residences tucked into the jungle of Eastern Weyr. Here quiet reigns, broken only by the song of birds and the occasional rustle from some small animal scurrying about the trees and undergrowth. Tucked away from the coast and protected from the worst of storms by a small mountain, a multitude of huts are found along this twisting pathway that leads through the forest. A gently sloping pathway leads into an immense crevice carved into the mountainside, large enough for the largest of the golds to wander through.

D'son has wandered a little bit away from things, up along that path where he's met up with Zorya before and the Istan bronzerider paces there, looking down the path now and then. Up in the tree tops, Inimeth keeps watch. And perhaps warns when the girl exits from the caverns, because Dels is walking back in that direction swiftly when she appears.

Zorya takes awhile to show. Getting off the sands, changing… congratulations and condolences made as short as she can before making her way out while avoiding the sure to be crowd in the main caverns. Eyes are focused on the path her feet take, reasonably unaware of anyone who might be around.

"Zorya?" D'son calls out, still walking forward and there's concern on his face. "You okay?"

Zorya jumps, glances up upon hearing her name. At least its a familiar voice that questions her. As blue eyes light upon the young man she manages to pull a smile to her lips as she quickens her pace towards him. "Ah should be alright." she replies, wrapping arms about the bronzerider's neck as they meet. Not exactly something she'd have normally done, but after that hatching… Well she's still rather on edge, still shaking a bit.

After that hatching, D'son isn't surprised by that move and though he's a little awkward, his arms lift in turn, his hold light. "Shells, that was — that was awful," the bronzerider says feelingly and then falls quiet, just standing there for a bit trying to be comforting, one hand patting at her back.

Zorya bites her lip, sniffling a bit as she still tries to hold back tears. She holds that embrace for awhile before she finally relinquishes herself to pull back. "Th..thanks for being here." At least there's one friend there for her after all that.

Sniffling. She's sniffling and that makes D'son's arms tighten a little. "Shells, Zorya, can't imagine how terrible that must've felt, being out there." As she leans back, he peeks down into her face, brows all wrinkled up. "Said I would be, here I am." Beat. "Do … do you want to get out of here?"

"It was…" Zorya tries to begin to explain, but then it seems there just aren't words. "… horrible." she settles on the word. As he looks down to her, she too looks down towards her feet. Still biting her lip she nods, "Ah.. should find Uncle L'ton first though." Beat. "He did make it. Right?"

"Yeah, I saw him in the galleries," D'son answers with a bob of his head and he hesitates a moment, then reaches down to put two fingers under her chin, tilt her eyes back up. "Want to go find him? I can tag along or get lost. Either way."

"Yeah.. Ah should." Zorya replies, forcing a bit of a smile as he lifts her chin. "Or at least let him know you're takin me.." she adds. No tears have fallen yet, but they are hanging in her eyes. "Come with me?" Its as much of a question as anything even though he already said he would.

"Okay, I can do that," D'son answers. "Or Inimeth can let Dhonzayth know too and — shoot," he's hugging her again for those unshed tears. "You can cry, I won't make fun or anything. If you uh — want to let it out."

Zorya nods, letting him pull her back into the hug. That she won't argue about right now, but she does hold back the tears still. "Ah.. Ah know he wanted ta take me home, but if ya don't mind…" She's ready to be gone it would seem. "Ah dunno how long he might be." This is L'ton they're talking about after all. Who knows how many girls he has to catch up with while he's at Eastern.

"Uh — yeah," D'son can't help but agree about L'ton. "I can ask Inimeth though. To ask him. How long." Dels stutters over all that a little. "And then if he's going to be busy, we can take you back to Ista with us."

Zorya nods. "If you don't mind…" she's quick to agree. Perhaps a bit reluctant, but she does finally pull back again at that. "Ah'm ready whenever." She's more than ready considering she was having second thoughts lately and after that hatching… who wouldn't be.

"I don't mind," D'son answers readily and gives her shoulder another little pat. "Got your stuff all packed and all?" And then he's sort of focusing hard as he touches base with Inimeth.

"Yeah.." Zorya replies, running her tongue across her lips to wet them after having been biting on them most of the evening. "Ah.." but she pauses as he's focusing.

A moment or two passes and D'son looks up with a shrug. "No answer yet. Should we head back that way? Pick up your bags and work it out from there?"

Zorya nods. "Yeah. Ah can jus get it if ya wanna wait." she offers, turning back the way she came. Hey, he's offered to give her a ride back to Ista. She does hesitate however, waiting to see if he'll join her or not.

"I'll tag along," D'son says amiably and turns to fall into step with his friend, walking along at an easy pace.

Zorya heads back towards the barracks in relative silence. Once there, it doesn't take much. It would seem that her things have already been packed and all she really needed was to pick up her bag.

D'son looks around the Barracks curiously, but his expression maybe winds up showing - seen one seen them all. When they emerge from the Barracks, Inimeth has set down nearby. Dels walks over to the bronze, giving him a scritch under the chin, then moves to check straps and buckles. "All right then, hand me your bag and I'll fasten that up, then up you go."

Zorya hands over the bag easily, waiting until D'son has it secured and he's ready for her. "Thanks again D'son." she says quietly, settling a bit by now it would seem, even reaching to give Inimeth a light pat. Once he says the word she reaches for a hand up. She's had practice with this whole thing since leaving Ista, but… well bronze's are bigger than the usual blues and greens that she'd gotten a ride from as an apprentice.

D'son gets the bag all settled. Inimeth hunkers down low and D'son holds a hand out to help Zorya climb aboard. He climbs up after, settling in behind her and gets safety straps clipped on. "Okay, here we go then," the bronzerider says simply and a moment later Inimeth is leaping into the air, wings beating to bring them up over the eastern Weyr. Up beyond the tree-tops they go and Dels takes a breath. "Betweeen in two seconds." Inimeth flies higher still and then … blackness and a moment later, Ista's similar tropical heat enfolds them, the time of day drastically different as the bronze turns to spiral down into the familiar Bowl.

Zorya settles onto Inimeth easily enough, there's a bit of tension that still hasn't melted be it from hatching or dragon. The girl gives a nod at the warning of between and soon enough Ista is below. As the bronze lands on the bowl floor she waits for rider to undo the straps. "Thanks again, D'son." she notes, as if she hasn't said it enough thus far.

On the other end of that ride as Inimeth lands pretty gently, D'son takes a deep breath and grins. "Home again, home again," he says brightly enough and reaches to unclip straps. Down on the ground, he reaches up for her bag. "Going to stay in the dorms for a bit?"

Zorya nods. "Ah think so." she replies, slipping down to the ground herself. "Ah'm kinda tired.. and well maybe a day or two more away from the hall might not be so bad…"

D'son nods. "Okay then, I'll walk you back, take your bag," the bronzerider offers politely, then smiles again. "It's good you're back. It'll be nice to be able to visit more often."

"It will." Zorya agrees, turning to send the bronzerider a smile as a thanks. "Ya don't have ta do that. I know the way." And she's perfectly capable of carrying her own bag.

"I know," D'son says simply and then with a grin, offers her his hand. "C'mon. Let's get you settled."

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