2008 Eastern Weyr Hatching

Eastern Weyr - Hatching Sands
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct volcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

Delynni bows to sire and dam, making her way confidently out onto the sands. Its not quite strutting, but its a prideful walk. "My home turf, my home ground." She mutters, taking her place with the other candidates.

OH SNAP! Egg shifts in place, seemingly pulsing in the sands like some malevolent being. The sand around it almost seems to shy away from it, like small creatures before a larger, more dangerous one. It comes to a rest now, however, lurking in its little hole. Lurk. LURRRRK.

Jerushai steps out on the sands with a look that's frankly terrified. He only remembers to bow because the other people around him are doing it, as he slides into place in the ring of candidates around the eggs.

Jeread bows to the Dam and Sire of the clutch then moves towards the group of Candidates already on the sands before him. Jeread prepares himself for his time upon the sands, a quick check of his robes and sandles reassures him of his readiness.

Kynda follows the other candidates out and bows; she looks rather nervous herself. Glancing about, she edges closer to the people next to her and holds hands with one of them.

Amarante takes a deep breath, lets it out slowly, and follows the other Candidates out onto the sands. She bows to both the sire and the dam, taking up her place uncertainly with the others. Leaning close to Del as she passes her, she whispers softly, "Good luck, you." A quick smile, and she takes her place a little ways down from the other girl, hands knotted in her robe.

Zorya dips to perform a small curtsy to the dam and sire as she's reminded with a nudge from the girl behind her. That formality taken care of the girl steps into place near Delynni and Amarante. "Good luck?" is passed on to those nearby, though the statement is half questioned as the girl makes it. Nervous much?

Delynni looks over at Amarante and smiles. "Thanks Ama. Good luck to you too." She says quietly. "Stay in one piece out there kay?" She rubs her right hip nervously. "Trust me, being in pieces isn't fun." She jokes. She spots Kynda. "Oye! Kynda!" Delynni hisses, motioning the girl over. "Over here!"

A'ven takes his place beside Glyith, beaming happily as today appears to be the day. The first wobble confirms it and he watches the Candidates arrange themselves. "Good… very good.", he says, smiling up at the Galleries and paying his own respects to the queen. Each Candidate is spared a fond smile as he settles himself to watch.

There is a thunderous CRACK from OH SNAP! Egg, and one solid fracture can be easily seen right along the line already on the surface of the egg, tracing across the needle-like teeth. It seems almost….ominous, as if the jaws were about to open up and swallow something… or someONE… completely whole.

Amarante nods at Delynni, recalling a trip out into the wilderness at Xanadu that ended in blood and screaming and her arm in a sling for weeks. She grins at Zorya as well, nodding. "You too," she offers encouragingly. Or as much as possible. She licks her lips and stares at the OH SNAP! Egg as it shifts and develops faultlines. "Here we go," she murmurs gently, uncertainly.

Jerushai slinks closer to some of the other candidates, the ones he knows best, and he finds a place on the end of the line of Delynni, Amarante, and now Zorya, the boy of the group apparently. He mumbles what's probably a hi, but still looks pretty speechless as the one egg cracks and he points at it wildly. "It's—doing stuff!"

Kynda waves slightly at Delynni when she hears her name calls, and then she slips over to the other girl. "Hi," she greets her.

Delynni watches Oh Snap carefully. "I didn't like that one." She warns Amarante. "There's one in every clutch. A dragon egg that seems to be honestly contemplating homicide." Kynda gets a huge grin.

Jeread scans the eggs and the other candidates, wondering which egg will hatch first and who of the candidates will be the first to impress. He looks up at the galleries searching to see if a familiar face might be seen from down here then shrugs as he doesn't recognize anyone within his line of sight.

The Timeless Guardian egg moves a little. It's more of a vibration really. It's shuddering is more detectable by the slight shift in the surrounding sand rather than any noticeable change in the shell itself.

Amarante can't help herself. She claps a hand over her mouth and almost laughs out loud at Delynni's description. She's not entirely sure if it's due to stress and tension, or if she really IS that amused by the thought. However true it may be. She's standing near Delynni, who is next to Kynda. Jerushai is at the end of the line next to Zorya, and Jeread is more or less with them as well in the ring.

Zorya's eyes are fixed on the OH SNAP! Egg as it finally begins to crack and attention is draw to it. "They're not going to eat you." she mutters to herself as if it will make all the difference in the world that it's said. Or not… A glance is sent down the line of candidates, before the girl pries her gaze away from that which is closest to look up at the galleries.

Delynni hears Zorya and snickers. "oh yes they will." She says sardinically. "Was I that funny?" She asks Amarante, blinking in surprise. "Oh that one too now." She indicates Timeless Guardian Egg. "Who will crack first I wonder?"

Once again, there is an incredibly loud cracking sound coming from the OH SNAP! Egg, and this time it fractures into thousands of pieces in a veritable explosion, and a violently striped dragon hatchling leaps out of the egg. Somehow it ends up on all four feet, wings spread out and looking….pretty dang impressive. A step forward, however, and he stumbles, going nosefirst into the sand with a small cry of…well, maybe pain? Or annoyance?

Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws Bronze Hatchling
'Bronze' is not exactly the first color that comes to mind upon seeing this dragon. Indeed, there are shades that seem at the very edges of the color, ranging from just short of orange, to just short of black, to just short of a pale hue reminiscient of white. The orange-bronze seems to provide the base color, sweeping evenly across all but a few places. The orange itself is interrupted by slashes of the black-bronze, which is present everywhere the orange-bronze is. It rings the tail, accentuates the neckridges, zigzags over the haunches, stripes down the sides, and traces the wingspars. The most striking patterning is found on his head, forming an 'M' right between and beyond his eyes, streaking down past said eyes in an outline, then striping down his cheeks to the length of his neck. The palest bronze lights up the spaded tail, strokes across the tip of his muzzle and down his throat, and envelops the soles of his feet. And overall everything, there is an almost iridescent sheen, an underscoring of the metallic color that seemingly glows no matter how little light strikes the bronze's hide.

Kharzan is watching the eggs. He's been silent and pensive. He's not said a word since the dragons started humming. The look on his face suggests hat he's wondering just how he's ended up here. He holds himself back a little bit from the others, standing just back behind the main little ling of candidates. As the first egg cracks open and the bronze stumbles out, he starts and steps back in reaction and then steadies himself, but the look of the bronze is certainly something.

Jeread eye's widen at the sight of the first hatchling, a bronze a good omen for the hatching, "Now there's a handsome little fellow, quite the color combinations almost like he's rusted from his time in the egg." Jeread keeps an eye on the hatchling and any others that might appear so he can avoid being trampled by an over enthusiastic hatchling in search for his or her lifemate.

Jerushai very nearly squeals at the first hatchling out, especially when it's a bronze. "Oh, oh, look!" None of his usual sullen withdrawal is to be found in his youthful excitement today, as he points out the hatchling. Well, until it falls over. "That's not very… bronzey," he notes, blinking at it and glancing sideways at some of the older candidates.

Zorya's attention turns back to the sands with Delynni's comment. "What? They said…" a touch of panic in her voice. But then no, the girl is probably just trying to give her a hard time. Hopefully. And then there's the near explosion of an egg, which has the girl jumping back just a bit, her gaze once again fixed on the sands, eggs and dragonet included.

Amarante is about to answer Delynni when out comes the bronze hatchling from OH SNAP! She blinks and sets a hand against her lips, blue eyes widened. "Oh, he's lovely, isn't he?" she asks nobody in particular. She grins at Jerushai, though. "You couldn't walk that well either when you first came into the world, eh?" she teases him gently, if affably.

Delynni watches the boys reaction to the bronze. "oh I am so glad I can't impress that one." She snickers. "Yeah, he is. And a lot of dragons are clumsy when they first come out of the egg. They're taking their first steps after all."

The Timeless Guardian egg splits deeply. The rift scars the shell irrevocably, disrupting its timeless symmetry. The change cannot be stopped and the crack elongates even more.

Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws Bronze Hatchling snarls as he gets to his feet properly, glaring around at all the candidates. He stalks forward, tail lashing, then focuses his brilliant crimson eyes on one candidate in particular. You. You I don't like. YOU shouldn't look at me like that! Suddenly he charges, growling, and slams into Tandarik, that bully. Claws slash, and the candidate screams, which causes an even more violent reaction to the bronze. The scream cuts off in a horribly ominous manner, and the bronze moves away from the mortally wounded candidate, turning to stare at another group of white-clad candidates.

Jerushai begins, "I—could," but as soon as he starts he knows just how ridiculous a story that would be, and the rest falls flat. Hmph. He sniffs at Amarante for a moment, and looks like he's going to try to sull, but it never quite happens. The bronze puts a stop to it too quickly, and Jerushai yelps when the other candidate goes down. His hand reaches automatically to clutch at the person next to him.

Delynni shivers as the bronze takes down Tandarik in one swipe. "Great shells and shards! Even for him that's /brutal!/ Serves him right for what he did to Dare though." Delynni adds. "Neener neener!" She says in Tandarik's direction for good measure.

Jeread gulps as he watches the newly hatched bronze maul Tandarik, "This is one to watch out for, keep your eyes on him he seems to be foul tempered!" He concentrates all his attention on it vowing not to suffer the same fate as Tandarik, almost standing on the tips of his toes ready to move in which ever direction he needs to keep out of the way.

A'ven blinks in shock for a moment, frowning deeply. His eyes sweep over the Candidates to make sure nobody else is in the path of the… did that Dragonette. How unfortunate, but it does happen. Quick cautions are passed along to the others!

Kynda gasps at the mauling, taking a step backward with her eyes dinner-plate wide. "Is he going to be okay?" she asks, though even from where she is it looks horrible.

The Timeless Guardian egg shatters outright! Its surprised occupant is left standing amongst the shards of its former protection — Revealed!

Zorya catches her breath, edging a bit closer to Delynni and Amarante at the scream from the boy down the line. "Is this… normal?" Well at least one of them has stood before, who better to ask.

Shimmering Flurry Iridescent Green Hatchling
Deep hunter green clothes this slender beauty in muted and stately elegance. The shade brightens to that of dappled forest foliage across her chest. Where the light touches her belly and legs the muted green flashes to stunning iridescence, rising like a bib of diamonds sparkling softly to cover her throat and muzzle. Her wings and shoulders are glazed with a bright Kelly shade, giving her hide a softer, almost feathered appearance there, like overlapping leaves blown in a summer gale.

Kharzan goes pale as he watches the bronze maul the boy. And then there's shock as he looks at Delynni and he looks back at Tandarik. He shakes his head slowly, wyes nearly popping out of his head "Sh…shards." he murmurs in shock and wraps his arms around himself as he looks at others reactions, or the near lack of. And then the green is exposed. He lets out a breath he didn't realize he was holding. What has he gotten himself into?

Amarante gasps and shies back, jostling those opposite of the side Delynni is on, at the sudden vicious attack by the bronze. A moment later, she's half-moving as if she's about to go to the downed young man. Mortal is mortal - the boy is dying on the sands in front of them. But having been through this more than once in her time, Standing that is, she freezes and doesn't move either way. "No," she says in a choked manner to Kynda. "I don't think he is." A tremor passes through her. "And yes, it… can be. Keep your eyes on him and the others. This is why they say to do it." The newly come green barely gets a glance for the moment.

A'ven is quick to reassure. "It's going to be all right. He's going to be all right!" "There are other dragons on the sands — don't get distracted or we'll have more trouble. Watch yourselves now, pay attention…." He adds almost under his breath, "… and be careful."

Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws Bronze Hatchling takes the time to drag his claws on the sand, clearing the icky red stuff off them. Hmmph. So the white things are /red/ inside, how odd. He turns to look at the others again, stalking forward. A careless slap of his tail is aimed at the cluster of Amarante, Delynni, and Zorya, making his displeasure known that THEY are /entirely/ unsuitable for him. Talk bad about him, will you? And so he continues his search for the one who IS.

Once buried, Mysterious Vines Egg frees itself from the confines of its sandy hollow with vigourous wigglings and shimmies. Dumping itself on its side, the wiggling stops as vines crawl across the sands.

Delynni shivers and answers Zorya. "I got mauled at High Reaches, typically they're just cuts and bruises because the hatchlings can't keep their balence. But sometimes something like…… that…… happens." Delynni starts to tremble as Tandarik doesn't get up. "Oh shells….. come on man, get to your feet." She blanches. "Oh me and my big fat mouth." She shivers. "I take back the neener." Delynni's jaw appears to have been clenched tightly shut, hands clapped over her mouth. Then the same bronze tries to club them. "LOOK OUT!" Delynni dives out of the way, shaking. She ends up on her butt in the sand a good way away from the bronze before trembling her way back up off the ground. "Ama! Zorya!" She calls worriedly.

Jeread notices the tail swipe and shouts out a warning to the others, "WATCH OUT for that tail, he's sure trying to cut a swath among us!" Jeread moves closer to the others ready to help if the need should arise and ready to leap out of the way if need be. As he moves the heat of the sands starts to penetrate the thick soles of his sandles.

Shimmering Flurry Iridescent Green Hatchling shows very little concern for the goings on around her. She simply steps out of the shards of her egg and goes on her hunt. Yes, let's see. Her muzzle sweeps the group, surely someone here has their wits about them. The shouted warnings do nothing to deter her.

Zorya wrings her hands tighter. What indeed. The girl takes a step back as the bronze passes nearer to her and her companions. At Delynni's shout she jumps that much more. Though as the bronze passes on she does take the moment to offer the other girl a hand, blue eyes focused on the dragonets and eggs infront of her however.

Jerushai is standing with Amarante, Delynni, and Zorya, so that tail thump might not exactly be aimed at him, but he cowers a bit anyway. He ducking and skittering a few steps backward. Still, with just a little bit of shocked awe under his fear, he gulps, "That's bronzey enough."

Amarante is watching that bronze like a hawk, but there's only so much you can do when you're having to scurry for cover from a tail thwap. It missed her, of course - but the girl standing beside her, named Illyria, is caught right square and is sent into Amarante. They go down together in a heap with a few shrieks of dismay, a tangle of limbs and white cloth.

Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws Bronze Hatchling suddenly comes to a halt, perfectly still, and stares down a particular candidate. You. There you are. Come here! Get away from those peons, you're MILES above them! Moving closer, he growls threateningly at the group surrounding HIS, and stretches his muzzle forward. All of the sudden, he calms down, quitting with the aggressive behavior. He seems to purr happily, trying his best to be cute, as if he hadn't just killed someone.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Snapping Jaws, Slashing Claws Bronze Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Mysterious Vines Egg starts to wiggle again, and a faint knocking noise can be heard as hairline cracks start to appear in patterns which mock the vines on its shell. A louder THUD is heard, and the hairline cracks turn into a minor fracture. But no. The shell is not yet cracked.

J'red just stares, not a movement can be seen from him as the words fills his mind though don't work their way deep enough for him to acknowledge them….then with a smile he wraps his arms around the bronze and nods, "Ok Maciulloth, we'll get you something to eat just give me a moment to gather my wits." With that he looks around to see where the meat is located so he can feed his new partner.

Delynni starts to shake, even as the bronze begins to purr. "Oh shells no, shells and shards. At least it won't, its not….. oh shards…." She shudders. She looks nervously at the crowd, then back at A'ven. "I'm okay. I'll be okay. Dryssa where are you?" Her eyes search the ledges for a familiar green and the stands for her brothers or girlfriend before turning back to the eggs and gulping. "J'red! Congrats….. I…… I think….." She watches, trembling like a leaf. Her eyes go to the green, then back to J'red.

One of the AWLMs warily approaches the new pair. "Ahh… J'red and….Maciulloth. Just, uh…come this way." the poor AWLM looks kinda scared. And he'll lead the new pair off the sands.

Kharzan is still, watching the pair just made and then he blinks "Sweet Faranth." he murmurs softly, he looks back towards the egg he's always had a fancy for and then the bronze and then almost whimpers a moment.

Amarante struggles up with a quick flutter of batters from her hands on the taller Illyria. They scramble to their feet just in time to see the bronze Impress Jeread and both girls look at one another. Astonishment gives way to action, and then they're both watching that green instead.

Shimmering Flurry Iridescent Green Hatchling stops near a group of not-so-frightened boys in short order. The smallest of these is sticking out his chest with his eyes closed… at once trying to be both brave, and still block out what might come next. As she stops near him, he opens his eyes, responding to some inner pull. The boy next to him says, "Tosagi! Pay attention!" and the Harper's apprentice comes to his senses just in time!

A twitch, a turn, and Paradise in an Egg glows faintly, or maybe that's just the light hitting it? Or perhaps it's just the fact that the stark blackness on it creates a counter to the bright colors? It stills soon enough, biding its time. Not yet, not yet…

Zorya takes a deep breath, gaze following the newly made pair for the moment before more shouts on the sand catch her attention. A glance is once again sent towards the galleries in search of a familiar face. A subtle frown crossing her features as she's unable to spot those she's looking for. But there are others, on the sands, at that seems to help for now.

With a triumphant cry the Shimmering Flurry Iridescent Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

J'red follows the AWLM to where the meat is, then sorts through the pieces there choosing just the right ones for Maciulloth, "There we go, now eat slowly or you'll be ill there's plenty here so you don't have to gulp it down." J'red gives a weak smile to the other candidates as they congratulate him on his impression.

Jerushai relaxes when the bronze finally impresses, breathing out a sigh and watching J'red lead him off. "Oh, oh, okay," he calms himself down. "Are there more now?" And he glances around to see what other hatchlings are around.

Togasi smiles, "Her name is Yivith!", he exclaims, pleased. The pair march off together under the extra watchful eye of the Weyrlingmaster.

Delynni grins at Tosagi. "Now he deserves to impress! Good on you!" She says faintly, she falls into a loose posture. "Remember the felines Amarante?" She returns to the other candidate's side. "At least the whats his name bronze is gone. That has to be good right?" Right?

Mysterious Vines Egg suddenly goes into something akin to a seizure. Erratic and wild movements shimmy the egg across a small expanse of black volanic sand, accompanied by noises that sound like the hatchling is smashing its head against the inside of the shell before the wall finally gives way, crumpling to the sands, revealing the hatchling inside - save for the chunk of shell stuck ontop of its rump.

Rusty Mottled Brown Hatchling
What catches one's eye is not the coloration of this brown, but instead his unusual if rather bulky build. He rides low to the ground, on limbs that seem to be a quarter to half the length of a normal dragon, the width of his limbs growing as if his legs were compacted, all four limbs hosting a set of sharp dark-red-wine talons. His long body is not sleek or slim, but it is not by any means pudgy either. Instead a solid mass lacking dainty definition tapers into a thick yet normal-length tail and proportional wings, though even those seem to be a bit more angular instead of delicately curved. His triangular head is also rather stout and compacted, leaving him with a very short but bulky muzzle. Color is more of an afterthought upon his hide, spilling across it in random splotches of color. Toasted caramel looks to be the very underlying color of it all, although no one would be able to tell since the splatters of color are so randomized it looks like a painter threw buckets of paint at a canvas and wrapped it around the dragon. Everything from a golden tawny brown, to rusty red and even something akin to dulled bronze splash across him haphazardly. The membrane of his wings holds far less rust, but instead looks like a mud bath, the browns splashing across in darker tones closer to his body, and fading to dried mud farther away.

A crack spiderwebs up from the base on Paradise in an Egg, fanning across the surface. How long had that been there? There wasn't a sound that drew attention to it, it was just… there. Even now, the cracks spread, still without a sound.

Kharzan watches as the green Impresses, course, she didn't seem half so bad as the bronze and then suddenly his eyes are drawn to the other egg and the brown that pops out of the shell. He eyes the brown a little and waits to see what it does.

Creeping Danger Egg shifts a wee bit in its mound of sand. If you blinked, then you probably missed it.

Delynni watches the brown break shell. "Oh my, handsome him. He's bright!" She says with a faint smile. Her panic at Tendarik and the bronze is starting to fade. "Cute even. I mean…. sorta." She glances quickly at the primative jungle egg as well. Then her head whips around, but she doesn't catch the Creeping Danger Egg's slight movement.

Amarante sighs softly in relief as the green Impresses and seems mild-mannered about it. She nods at Delynni, pointing at her left shoulder. "Still have the scars," she assures the girl. She watches carefully for other hatchlings and is rewarded with a brown's hatching for her troubles. She smiles a bit at how low to the ground the little guy is, and nods a bit. "Sort of cute, yes," she agrees.

Zorya is more on edge than anything at the moment. A small smile of congratulations goes to Tosagi as his impression is made, but then its soon back to wringing her hands in wait of what might come next.

Jerushai when he sees the low to the ground brown hatchling actually giggles, a laugh with a nervous edge to it. It's really undignified for a boy his age, but he's been through a lot already today, cut him some slack.

Paradise in an Egg finally finds its 'voice', as it were. A sharp cracking, and shards of the egg peel off like the tiny airborne seedpods of a dandelion, seeming to almost drift away. Soon enough, a rather….peculiarly-colored green is left blinking about timidly. Oh my goodness! People are looking at me!

Don't Look At Me! Green Hatchling
A pale, grayish green coats this hatchling, darkening to a deep forest green on her headknobs and around the edges of her face. Her tail, on the other hand, is a pinkish color, almost the color of human flesh. Her muzzle tapers almost to a point, and as soon as she hatches she immediately curls up on the ground, not moving a muscle. I'm not here, honestly! Nothing here but us egg shards!

Delynni takes a look at the green and cocks her head curiously. "Wow, she looks kinda…. strange. Pretty I guess, but strange. But the grey green? My firelizard Hyakki has a very similar color on her hide, just darker, and Hyakki is as destructive as greens could possibly come."

Rusty Mottled Brown Hatchling gathers his stout legs up underneath him, and somehow manages to give his long but bulky form a shivering shake. But by no means does it dislodge the large chunk of shell that seems to be stuck to his backside. With a deafening roar that nearly matches the sound of a revving engine, he twists to lunge at his own rear but the solidity of his form stops him short, his arms not even long enough to make up the difference. This prompts a creel as a paw stretches for that shell. Getitoff, Getitoff!

Kharzan glances over towards the newly hatched green and then he frowns a little. "Is she, umm, is she sick?" he asks as he gulps a little. "She, she doesn't look umm, look really good." he adds and then licks his lips some and shifts nervously on the sands, his eyes flickering over again to the brown as he starts to roar and then he shakes his head a little. "The poor, umm the poor dragon." he murmurs as he looks at the shell.

Don't Look At Me! Green Hatchling continues hiding, there on the sands, yet when she does move it's with alacrity. Bounding into the fray, she tumbles into a group of candidates, whipping about with her wings as if /they/ were the ones attacking. Squealing, she backs away, away from all the moving white things! Scary!

Creeping Danger Egg tilts to the side and pulses slightly as the hatchling within tries to force its way out into the world. Finally there is give in the shell and a crack forms along the side before the egg stills, resting before making its entrance.

Zorya blinks towards Kharzan. "Poor dragon?" the girl echoes. Did he not see what the first one did? Idly she scrunches and smooths her candidate's robe with one hand at her side, the other crossed over her stomach. Nervewracking? Yes!

J'red reaches into the vat of meat and as he turns to feed it to Maciulloth he shakes his head, "No you may not go back on the sands, there are others out there and they don't need the added confusion of you running around out there, besides which you said you were hungry." J'red shakes his head knowing that Maciulloth is going to be a handful, HIS handful. He spares a moment to look out on the sands to see how the other candidates are doing and seeing if anyone else has been injured.

Delynni shudders, then moves, quickly, away from the green and brown, reaching to try and cling to Amarante nervously. "Shards," She mutters, looking from one dragon to the other. "Is this bunch insane or am I just lucky?" She asks nervously.

Rusty Mottled Brown Hatchling seems to deflate for a few moments until a pointed look from Talisyth sends him scuttling a ways out onto the sands, closer to the white things. Bah, mothers! Shell still attached to his rump, he looks about him as best he can, slowly turning in a circle instead of swiveling his neck around. Without warning and not making a sound, he rushes foward in a frenzy of movement, remarkably fast for his shortened legs. Mottled browns move in a blur as he rears up slightly, and comes down hard and hissing on a poor girl, Ashada. Claws sink into the candidate's chest, and only after a few moments when then candidate stops squirming, does he retreat off the body, his bulky body somehow scrunching up on itself in reaction.

Amarante blinks at the green who is… timid. And the brown who can't seem to get that shell off his rump. And, just as she's looking towards Delynni, she hears a set of terrified shrieks. Whipping back around, she spots the green flailing amidst a group of Candidates down the way. Wooah… She jumps as Delynni clings to her, saying softly, "I… honestly don't know." She actually half drags Delynni away as the brown attacks another girl as well. "Shards," spills from her lips.

Don't Look At Me! Green Hatchling hesitates, still staring at the candidates, yet instinct pushes her forward. Timidly, she approaches the same group she tangled with just a few moments ago, looking hard into each face present, though several back away in case there's a repeat. Then there's a sudden joyful trill from the green, and Pearl, still bearing scratches and the start of bruises, steps forward. "Ah, you didn't hurt me too badly, Luccicareth!" she cries as she embraces the green.

With a triumphant cry the Don't Look At Me! Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

The crack in the side of Creeping Danger Egg elongates as the hatchling pushes against the weak spot. It's not long before the shell finally gives and a single forepaw emerges to claw at the air and break down the egg shell. In no time at all the hatchling is freed.

The Elusive Wild Gold Hatchling
A slender form is drenched in pure gold, a rich hue that falls somewhere between light and dark. Likewise, her overall build could best be described as average; she is neither stocky nor lightly built. A solidity, which originates in part from her natural build and in part from how she carries herself, is inherent in the smooth curves of her neck, the powerful muscles of her shoulder and chest, and in the gently tapered tail. However, there are a few sharp features which stand out. Notably her headknobs and neckridge are slightly enlongated with a bit of angle to their dimensions while sharp claws at the end of her talons contrast with the rest of her form. A light dusting of rose gold spreads across her chest and belly, much as the setting sun spreads tendrils as it clings to the horizon before disappearing, the color most evident in the shadows and highlights cast upon her hide. Headknobs, wingspars, and the very tips of her feet are burnished a slightly darker rose-gold, while her muzzle is a slightly lighter flaxen color mingled with just a tint of golden-orange. There is nothing ethereal or intangible about her rich coloration and formidably built body.

Delynni begins to shake again. "Oh shards and shells." She shakes like a leaf, gulping, ready to bolt should the bronze or any other dragon decide to get vicious. There is no need for Amarante to pull her, Delynni is moving. "That makes two. Why two?" Gulps Delynni. "That's like Lightning striking the same tree twi…… oh shards Ama…." She glances nervously over at the gold and says horsely. "Ama, if the bronze was bad what about the gold?"

Kharzan blinks at Zorya "Well, umm he doesn't umm seem like that, that umm other, umm uh dragon." he says stammering something fierce. He swallows again and then he closes his mouth just in time to see the brown maul Ashada. He blinks, and blinks again, his eyes getting wider each time and he kist looks at the sill candidate and the brown and blinks again. Maybe he can see just a little of what Delynni felt, but still. In is amazement, horror, shock or whatever he doesn't even really see the gold hatch.

Rusty Mottled Brown Hatchling doesn't immediately shrug the severe maiming/murder of Ashada off, but he certainly isn't slowed down in his search. Circling around once more, he finally spots the one he wants. One can see the intent in his form as his head snaps up to attention, gazing over to where his Chosen awaits. And with another frenzy of movement he's at the feet of the black-haired tech-inclined candidate, laying prone and gazing upwards at the young man, rumbling like an idling engine.

Jerushai doesn't squeal this time, but he doesn't look at the brown, either. He keeps it in the corner of his eye so he knows where it is going but that's all. He takes a larger amount of interest in the gold than a boy probably should in return, but it beats watching murderings again.

Zorya shrugs lightly in response to Kharzan's comment. "Ah guess…" she starts. A blink and then she can't even look. She sees it, the brown and Ashada, but quickly looks away. Closing her eyes, she takes only short moment to attempt to compose herself before looking back to the sands.

"Maciulloth, there's enough meat here for everyone don't you be keeping the others away from the tubs" With a shake of his head J'red sorts through the one tub and brings his selection for Maciulloth to the bronze who proceeds to eat them, carefully chewing them before swallowing at J'red's instructions, "Thank you that's better, and do watch where that tail of yours is going, you're going to knock someone down."

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Rusty Mottled Brown Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Amarante shakes her head rapidly at the brown's actions. "This is bloody. So bloody… I hope that girl is all right and is just lying still so that the dragonets leave her be." She's so focused on that brown that it's only when Delynni babbles about a gold that she looks round again and spots it. Latching onto Delynni tightly, she says softly, "Have faith. Not every dragon will mean someone harm."

The Elusive Wild Gold Hatchling is quiet, but definitely sure of herself. Fainting damsel? Definitely not. Pausing to burnish her hide, she takes her time before turning to finally look at the candidates. The males she ignores outright. Flowing to her feet, she saunters towards a nearby group of girls. Jerushai is too close, so she slaps at him threateningly, but nowhere near as viciously as her siblings. More like there's an obstacle in her path, and she intends to remove it. Out of my way, boy.

Delynni shudders. "I need to tell Dare that she was right about the eggs being up to no good." Delynni's eyes seem to be frozen wide. "Oh shards I hope she's okay in this!" Delynni whimpers. "Yeah, its a bloodbath. Glyith is a good bronze, how could his kids be so…. ang………." The gold slaps Jerushai and Delynni flinches, then hides behind Amarante and clings. "Jeru! Jeru be careful!"

Jerushai squeals this time, all right already. He'll never admit to it later, but the sound definitely gets out as he dives away from the gold and behind the safety of some of the others. Delynni and Amarante and Zorya in fact, a bunch of girls that will hopefully be enough defense.

Kh'zan looks downwards towards the brown, he's in shock and just stares a moment and then there's a tentitive smile "Quamirth." he states simply and then suddenly there is concern on his face "Here, let me get that." he says without a single stammer and carefully removes the shell, ignoring the egg goo on his hand that held it there as he then leads the brown off to the side. "Lets, uh, get you some food." Nope, the stammers not all gone.

Glyith rumbles quietly, pleased at the compliment, even under these circumstances.

Zorya nods a bit, "He seems so…" she agrees with Delynni. But then said queen is coming their way. If Jerushai is too close, then she is too close, and thus as the gold nears the group of girls that she's part of the harper takes a step back. Kharzan might have earned a congratulations from the girl if she weren't otherwise occupied. "What do we do?" she's soon questioning the other two girls.

Evergreen Aesthetic Egg shimmies and shakes and settles down upon the sands once more along with the rest of the fellow shells surrounding it. There's plenty of time for it to make it's entrance. The other's can go when they please now. No rush for this fine egg, really!

The AWLM, the same one who led J'red off the sands, also warily approaches this new pair. How come he gets the violent ones? Losing bets sucks. "Well done, Kh'zan, let's get Quamirth fed."

Amarante shakes her head a little. "They aren't," she tells Delynni after she calls out her warning. "Some are scared. Some are… frantic, I think." She glances towards Kharzan, then back to the gold. And then winces as Jerushai goes diving for cover. "We're going to be bruised horribly before this is over," she murmurs sadly. Glancing towards Zorya, she says simply, "Stand still unless she seems inclined to do something to you."

The Delicate Field of Pinks Egg, having rested enough, starts to wiggle in its nest of sand dislodging grains as it shakes back and forth until it stills once more.

Delynni stands very, very still. "We're going to need a /lot/ of numbweed. Two, /two/ candidates dead? Oh shards." she shudders and shakes and clings to Amarante like the girl might dissolve into ashes before her eyes. Her eyes follow the gold, the brown has taken Kh'zan and Delynni breathes a temporary sigh of relief.

The Elusive Wild Gold Hatchling ignores the squealing candidate, since he's not in her way anymore. She inspects the girls she came over towards, and Amarante is given a passing glance in favor of sniffing Delynni, then snorting softly. Zorya receives a bit more interest, but then once more she turns away to look at Merinda, Demeria, and Illyria in turn. No, no, no! She actually goes to stare down every single female amongst the candidates, but doesn't seem to find what she's looking for.

Evergreen Aesthetic Egg rolls about from side to side, trembling from the one held within causes a series of small cracks to appear on the surface like the intricate web of a spider gone wrong throughout it's entire surface. The crackling finally stops but the vibrations continue.

Maciulloth gives a roar as one of his siblings gets too close to him and J'red warning that any closer and consequences will have to be faced.

Wobbling again, Delicate Field of Pinks Egg tumbles out of its resting spot, rolling down the mound a small ways before it stills for a few minutes. Then an odd scraping can be heard which results in the view of concentrated cracks spreading across the pink hued egg from one of the 'buds', and then falls silent.

Delynni shudders. "Ama…. did that /thing/ just……." She just shudders. "It stared at me. It /stared/ at me! Why is it /staring/ at me." The saying about not being terrified of dragons at hatching is completely forgotten. A sudden roar from the direction J'red had gone has the candidate flinching.

Amarante barely dares to breathe as the golden queen sniffs around them, at them. "Keep steady," she assures the other girls mildly. "Just keep your eyes open too." Because if that tail comes at you… She frowns and tells Delynni, "She, not it… She's not a thing. She's a dragon queen. Respect her."

Kynda is being very quiet and unnoticeable, or trying to anyway as the dragons roam the sands in violent fashion. She's sweaty and hot and looks very scared still.

Zorya's reaction is much the same as Delynni's. As directed just before the gold's arrival, and perhaps mostly out of shock, she freezes as she inspected, hazarding a glance towards the others only once the little queen has passed. Flinching at the roar from Maciulloth. "This…" but she doesn't finish.

Kh'zan has followed the ALWM over to the side and is feeding his ravenous, or should I say gluttonous brown. He's looking over towards J'red a moment and his roaring bronze as he tries to slow down Quamirth's inhalation of the food. "You'll choke." he notes as he looks back out towards the sands, and then notices the gold.

The Elusive Wild Gold Hatchling is becoming frustrated, and starts examining all the females once more. As she is looking at one, however, she abruptly whirls to the side. You! You know who and what I am! With a speed that belies her size, she makes a beeline towards that candidate, and if anyone is in her way they will get knocked to the side, for she is strong and not afraid to show it. Coming to a halt with sand flying from her abrupt deceleration, she looks up at her chosen. HER chosen. She even snaps at the ones near her. Go away! Leave us at once!

With a triumphant cry it seems that the The Elusive Wild Gold Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Delynni backs away, slowly and carefully. "She. She. I meant no disrespect. She." She says quietly. Her eyes are round as she backs up from the queen. "Truely ma'am, no disrespect." She assures the queen, though when the gold impresses she relaxes just a mite.

Evergreen Aesthetic Egg begins to shake violently, bringing the shards to fall off in pieces one by one upon the ground. Within this mess of shell, thin membrane and fluid comes the sound of creeling that reveals the upside down, curled up form of a wriggling egg-wet hatchling which wonders… why is everything upside down?!

Terror of the Deep Green Hatchling
Armed and dangerous best describes the fine form of this small green dragonet. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in her tight and muscular form. Stream-lined from her narrow head filled with sharp teeth to her slender body, ending at the tip of her thin yet short tail. Tiny wings seeming to be too small to her proportion rest upon her shoulders, and talons too long and thick for her size adorn the ends of her small forearms. The tall row of wavelike neck ridges begin just behind her head, stopping at her shoulders and finally end at her rump. Headknobs are curved low upon her dainty head, resting behind large down curved eye ridges, those glowing orbs resting deep within sockets in a sinister fashion. Only a simple coating of steel covers this one's hide, tinted faintly to olive hues that fades lighter as it reaches the underbelly of this unruly beast.

J'red sighs as his bronze asserts his territorial rights amongst his brothers and sisters, "Maciulloth be nice, they're your brothers and sisters after all, now do you want more to eat or are you done for now?" J'red takes another moment to look upon the sands as more impressions are made and fellow candidates join him and Maciulloth at the meat tubs, congratulations are given as Kh'zan and Quamirth join them.

The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg shudders suddenly, working itself slowly left and right. It manages to root itself more deeply in the sand for the moment. The increased pressure of the surrounding sand encourages it to a reluctant stillness once again.

Amarante feels Delynni release her, and her eyes start going rounder the closer the gold hatchling gets to her. The snapping towards the girls sends Illyria scampering back with a little whimper, and another girl to her other side, Alanissa, actually faints dead away. She swallows heavily, eyes suddenly tearing up, and replies thickly, "I've been waiting for you, Theiath," she tells the young queen, a smile breaking across her features to light it up. Reaching out gently, she sets a hand atop the gold's orange-tinted head, telling her softly, "Come with me. I know where the meat is."

Delynni watches the green hopefully, backing away from the gold further. Her attention turns to the few remaining eggs and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and then letting it out. Then she gawks. "AMA! You did it!" She exclaims. "ALRIGHT! You did it you did it! Congratulations!" She squeals at Amarante in congratulations.

The AWLM who has been leading weyrlings off the sand nearly faints in relief when this one doesn't kill anyone. "Excellent work, Amarante and Theiath. Come this way and we'll get you some food."

Terror of the Deep Green Hatchling flails her tail, putting her back in the proper direction - or at least where she hopes to be for now. That tiny nose rises into the air, snorting and snuffing to remove the sand granules as eyes whirling red flicker to the movements of white around her. She lowers her head, sniffing the ground and the shells at her feet before progressing out on the hunt! She throws open her drying wings and sends out a shrill bugle to the wall of white in hopes of getting them to shift and move. Anything to single out the one meant to be her prey. The green wishes her tail from side to side, folding her wings as she inches ever so closer to the herd of white that shifts and moves before her.

The Delicate Field of Pinks Egg resumes its scratching noises, the cracks around a clump of pink buds deepening before an audible CRACK sounds throughout the caverns, revealing the head of the dragonette. It takes a few more moments as the hatchling sqirms and squiggles to free itself the rest of the way from the stubborn shell, seeming to squeeze out from the hole its head made. Though a good half the shell is finally broken by the time the hatchling stands - wobbling - upon the sands.

Jerushai takes a deep breath when the gold comes over, then breathes it out when she chooses Amarante. Looks like the girls were protection enough after all. He creeps out from behind them, dusting himself off like nothing embarrassing happened.

Dainty Spindle-Legged Green Hatchling
Nothing remarkable stands out about this long limbed green dragon. A solid but defined torso feeds off to both a shortened tail on one end, and a thick yet shapely neck on the other. Her triangular head is also a bit more pointed than usual, giving her muzzle a longer look. And then, of course, there are her wings and limbs. Her limbs are almost spindle-thin and long while her wings are equally as delicate making one wonder how such parts could hold her weight. Her coloring is also rather mundane as one takes a look at her. A dulled medium green - about the shade of grape leaves - covers the entirety of her form, looking slightly furred due to the heathering of a grass that's drying out. Spots of a corn-husk hue form across her barrel and rump - even going as far as to speckle dull-colored wings - as well as highlights the top ridge of her eyes before the light husk color spills down the underside of her neck, chest, belly and even tail.

Zorya stumbles back as the gold once again comes in her general direction. Blink. Blink. "Congratulations…" she offers towards the new pair. Still a bit dazed at the whole goings on, she slides back over towards Delynni. She's not going to be left alone here.

Amarante nods at the AWLM and moves towards the meat alongside the gold. Her lifemate. Her hand never leaves Theiath's hide as they make their way off the sands in the company of the relieved AWLM.

Dainty Spindle-Legged Green Hatchling continues to wobble in place on her spindle-like legs, giving herself a massive shake to dislodge any remaining shell fragments and egg goo. Her first steps are tentative and shy seeming to be afraid of making a fool of herself, but as her limbs stop shaking she gains an awkward grace as she picks her dainty way across the sands. Several times in her careful meandering she freezes mid-step, and one could imagine her carefully surveying the area.

The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg rolls to reveal a long crack already beginning on its underside, as if the occupant within has been slowly working his way out for some time. The crack lengthens but the egg, for now, remains whole. It seems that mutually beneficial relationship will last a bit longer.

Delynni keeps her eyes wide out, edging towards Zorya. "Hey….. good for Ama right? She was my friend, she stood a lot but she never had any luck." Delynni explains. "oooh, two greens. Lets hope that they're not as bad as their brothers." Delynni never takes her eyes of the eggs.

Terror of the Deep Green Hatchling finally singles out the smallest and weakest of the wall of white. Hiding out in the edges of the others milling about hopelessly but not good enough! The green hatchling charges, slipping through the others in her wake with precision until she knocks down her chosen. With a forearm poised upon the youth's chest, she claims him of her own! "Alright! Alright, I'm yours! Now lemme up, Piranhath! I need to be changing mah knickers, ye surprised m- Fine! Food first." Poor D'olt moves off to the side with his new lifemate and a robe of a different color. At least the color shares his surprise and dignity as a new weyrling.

With a triumphant cry the Terror of the Deep Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

A loud and brittle ~-crack-~ is heard as the The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg finally gives in. A jagged hole appears and through that arrives a single talon, as if the occupant is still reluctant to reveal itself. However, this occasion cannot be stopped and the hatchlings own movements and another quick roll conspire to reveal the dragonette at last!

Curious and Clever Moody Blue Hatchling
It's as if the clouds themselves have unleashed a torrent of elemental fury to forge the shimmering and shifting liquid blue hide of this sturdy hatching. Drenched from the top down, his cerulean head and face coloration drips down his neck into a darker blended midnight blue chest and belly. The storm slows to a soaking drizzle on his legs and tail, as the pigment lightens to a steely blue-grey suggestive of an overcast and moody sky. His deep-set eyes are darker still underneath, where thickening shades of the nimbus blue lend a somewhat brooding intensity to his thoughtful gaze. The leading edges of his sleek wingsails match the dimly filtered blue sky after the storm has passed, and the color runs in rivulets slowly down his wings, lightening first to sky blue and then simply fading to a hazy blur at the trailing edges like the shimmering of a far off mirage.

Zorya nods slowly. "Yeah…" she replies towards Delynni, blue eyes staying on the scene before her. There are, after all, still more dragons out there. "Good for her." she agrees, nodding again at the mention of the greens as she watches. "Lets hope."

Delynni watches the sprig of spring egg open. "Oh beautiful! Oh wow….. he's beautiful." Delynni begins to tremble, but out of excitement, not fear. "Oh my…." She blinks in surprise.

Dainty Spindle-Legged Green Hatchling resumes her walk across the sands, slowly approaching a small group of girls, though one of them seems to have separated herself from the rest and is shifting uncomfortably. To this olive-skined girl does she approach, her elongated muzzle shoving some other girl roughly out of the way before tired limbs give way and she's on the Sands, creeling softly. At this point the small olive-skinned girl rushes forward, wrapping her arms around the muted green. "Xoey? Yah, who else would I be?" There's a moment's pause before panic flashes across Xoey's face. "Nono! Don't run, Cervidaeth! We'll do this together. I … don't think I could do it without you."

With a triumphant cry the Dainty Spindle-Legged Green Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

Jerushai looks to the left, looks to the right. Nothing coming his way right this moment, he can relax, take a breath. Then look to the remaining blue, as the green chooses her rider.

Delynni eyeblink, blink blinks. "Xoey?" She asks in amusement. "/Xoey/ made it? Wow….. that's weird." She watches the blue intently, then glances at the other two eggs. "They don't look like they're going to hatch. It looks like the blue is the last one."

J'red watches as Amarante impresses the gold hatchling, "Congratulations Amarante, well done!" He continues to feed Maciulloth and watch as one after the other impressions are made and they join him in feeding their lifemates each one intent on the job and paying little mind to the proceedings on the sands.

Curious and Clever Moody Blue Hatchling shakes his head and gives a little bellow to orient himself. His search is methodical, calculated, and thorough. No, he does not study each face, nor give any pause to his forward progress. He simply seems to know where he's going. A way is made for him, amongst the Candidates, as if they too sense that if he's passing them by, it's part of the destiny of the occasion.

Zorya knows little of hatchings, but nods at the note made by the girl beside her. "Last one then…" she quietly agrees, linking and unlinking her fingers a bit.

Delynni watches the blue like a hawk. "Wow, he bellowed, but he's not being violent or snappy or anything." Her fingers are crossed behind her back, eyes as wide open as they can get. "This is Eastern, this is my home. It has to be me!" Delynni says quietly. "My home…… oh I hope Dryssa is watching!" Delynni gulps, following the blue's progress.

Amarante croons to her new lifemate softly as she offers her food. "Slowly, my love. Slowly. No choking. It's still there for you. They make plenty for the hatching day." She doesn't watch the hatching itself for quite some time - until Theiath has satiated her hunger enough to become curious. Then she, too, watches the Impressions with whirling eyes and a comfortably full belly from off to the side. Occasionally she turns to request more meat, but she does seem vaguely interested in the goings-on regardless.

Curious and Clever Moody Blue Hatchling travels most of the distance of the Hatching Cavern to reach a group of Candidates there. The wait has been long but what is meant to be, must be. He lowers his head, eyes alert but gentle now as the one who is /his/ is nearby. A few more steps — there! There is the answer. All of his answers.

With a triumphant cry it seems that the Curious and Clever Moody Blue Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

Delynni gasps, eyes turning huge, heart hammering in her chest. "R….. Ryu…. RYUKITH!" Delynni cries in excitement, throwing her arms around the blue. "RYUKITH Oh thank goodness. Yes…. I am, I am….. oh shards. I'm shaking, i'm happy I'm…." Tears pour down her cheeks. "I waited so. long. for you Ryukith." She repeats the name over and over, trembling in relief. "I waited forever and a day for you!"

Zorya takes a step to the side, away from Delynni, as the blue moves towards them. She manages to offer a smile towards girl and blue as the two find one another. "Congratulations Del.." she adds, as much an afterthought as anything.

The AWLM is even more relieved with this one, he didn't even /try/ to maul anyone! "All right, Delynni and Ryukith, let's get you fed." he tells them, and another AWLM comes out to inspect the remaining eggs. He knocks on the surface of one and puts his ear to it, then similarly examines the other one, then shakes his head. Duds. How sad…

Jheina sighs as she stands from the seat on the platform, addressing the few candidates that remain as healers see to candidates and weyrlings alike. "To those of you left standing, my apologies that your lifemate was not in this clutch." One might almost see the junior's jaw clenching for a moment until she speaks again. Ah yes, she'll be in /fine/ form for the Hatching Feast. "You may remain here with us, and try to make your home at Eastern, or we will transport you to wherever you may wish to go." And with that, she steps off the platform, heading over to her gold, pointing a finger at the dragon, talking quietly. "No more. If you can control it for Faranth's sake, no more." It doesn't seem like the gold wasn't expecting that as she takes flight from the Sands, leaving Jheina to exit via a side door.

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