Waiting (Viginette)

Night fell and soon enough the lights were out. Candidates in their beds after another long day. Zorya laid awake. Sleep fleeting, chased away time and again by lingering thoughts.

A few more days.

That’s what they were saying. It could be anytime now that the eggs on Eastern’s sands would start to rock and the hatching would begin.

L’ton had assured her he’d be watching. Zipalla would be there too. D’son said he’d be there if he could. And others, of course. They’d said they would, but would they make it?

Yes, yes. Of course. They’d said they would and dragons have a way of knowing when these things come on. Don’t they? That’s what they say.

Don’t worry so much.

Just a few more days…

What if I impress?

That’s what weyrlingmasters and their assistants are for. She reminded herself as she lay awake.

What if I don’t?

She didn’t want to disappoint anyone and there was certainly more than one that had mentioned that they thought one day she would.

No. Don’t think about that. L’ton had said it would be alright. She would stand for Ista when the time came. Perhaps her’s just wouldn’t be there this time. But still the thought lingered.

Do I want this?

Yes… and no…

Its complicated.

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