Can I see it?

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

A'ven arrives on Glyith looking smug. "Another day done eh?", he says as he slides off his dragon. "Not a bad shift… only a few big packages and we managed them all. I do hope the Lady Holder of Island River isn't too mad at us for…." He catches sight of Zorya and some of the others in the Main Clearing, shading his eyes from the strong sunlight. "Oh! Hello there… didn't see you at first." He takes off his gloves and tucks them into his belt. "How are you, Zorya?"

Zorya's attention is called towards the bronze and his rider as he calls to her. The lingers along the edge of the clearing, ending a turn short to send a smile towards A'ven. "Ah'm doin alright, sir." she replies, steps leading her towards the pair to a distance more suited to conversation. "How about yourself?"

A'ven smiles, "Couldn't be better… really. We had a fine shift." "Is there anything left from lunch to eat or am I too late?"

"Good to hear," Zorya replies in regards to his shift. "Ah'm.. not really sure." she adds, glancing towards the caverns as their ready supply is questioned. "Is it that time already?" Oops?

A'ven chuckles, "Yes, it's a little past that time. I'm used to eating at odd hours though, it comes with the job. Are you finding enough to do?"

Zorya ohs, pausing a moment before she nods. "Yes, sir. They've been making sure Ah'm busy, what with shadowing and all." Not that that takes all day, every day, but its still enough to keep a candidate busy. "And Jheina and Talisyth have us takin care a wherry eggs cause some a the others were apparently complainin about it bein too easy…"

A'ven says "Wherry eggs eh? What do you mean?"

Zorya gives a light shake of her head. "Ah dun even really know. Jus.. showed up one day and handed 'em out. Said somethin about some people thinkin things were too easy and neglecting and such. And this was supposed ta help with getting ready ta take care of our dragons if we impress."

A'ven seems excited, "Can I see it? I've never seen one up close before… Glyith is more interested in eating live wherries, actually."" He smiles a bit at that. "Sorry, maybe I shouldn't mention it… in case you wanted to eat."

Zorya lifts a shoulder in a half shrug. "Ah guess.." she replies, slipping back towards the edge of clearing where she'd been to collect egg and the blanket it'd been set in before moving back. "Ah keep it at the barracks durin shadowing with betweenin and all. But… I dun like ta leave it much otherwise. Someone's 'lizard ate some a 'em."

A'ven smiles, "Do you think it's helping you experience what it might be like taking care of a young dragon?"

"Ah dunno." Zorya replies. "Ah never had ta take care of a young dragon. Was harder watchin my sisters back home though than this," This being the egg. "Well mostly. Different things an all."

A'ven nods. "I have to agree. I've taken care of children… it's relentless. It's much easier to take care of a dragon — more complicated if something goes wrong, but at least they can talk to you and tell you where it hurts…"

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