Victims on the 'sinking ship'

Eastern Weyr - Beach
To either side, as far as the eyes can see, sand stretches out with darkling black fingers towards the caress of the brightly blue ocean that encroaches and retreats from the shore in gentle lapping waves. The jungle is dense, although it relents and thins along the border between sand and forest, and there is a clear pathway leading back towards the weyr. Animals and birds can often be heard rustling amid the bright foliage of the jungle.

Y'sar is on the beach, studying a small boat that's rocking gently in the waves just offshore. The skiff is a single mast, and large enough for about ten people, comfortably. Y'sar is standing just where the waves beach, studying it with a slight frown. Kersenth is higher up in the water, curled up and dozing.

Zorya makes her way down the path towards the beach. One of the little things that make candidacy bearable, beach and breaks. Catching sight of someone else already there, not that its really so surprising really, the girl lifts a hand to give a slight wave in greeting.

Y'sar doesn't notice her right away. It isn't until the brownrider walks over to a pile of ropes and bagged supplies that he spots Zorya. He smiles and waves back. "Hello, Candidate!" he calls out. He knows he's seen her around but he can't remember her name.

Zorya sends a smile towards the rider at his return greeting. "Hello." she agrees, steps leading her further onto the beach and towards the rider and his collection. "Ah'm sorry.." she adds, "Ah don't remember your name." Of course she's seen him, but the name thing… Well there's alot of riders around a weyr.

Y'sar smiles understandingly, "Y'sar," he says, extending a hand towards her, "Kersenth's. And you are?" He flushes a bit, "Sorry, I'm bad with names too."

"Zorya," the girl offers, extending a hand to his offer. "Is alright." she replies with a smile, "Lotsa candidates and don't exactly spend alota time with any one of them." she sympathizes.

Y'sar shrugs, "Not as such, no. I wish I could but it's not that easy with Wing duties and all. So where did the dragons pluck you from?" he asks with a smile, recoiling a length of rope.

Zorya nods, "Yeah, that happens." she agrees, "My uncle was always busy with with things like that." she notes, shifting a foot idly in the sand. "A'ven and Glyith picked me up at Harper Hall." Beat. "That somethin ya could use a hand with?"

Y'sar grins, "A'ven? I used to ride in his wing. He's a fine young man. Great rider." He looks at the pile of supplies and nods, "Actually, yes. I'm not sure if the Candidates are going to participate or not, but in a few candlemarks Deluge wing is going to be having a rescue drill. If you'd be interested in being there?" He smiles, "We need people to be victims on the 'sinking ship'." He nods at the skiff.

Zorya nods again, "He seems nice enough." she agrees, sending a glance towards the skiff as he mentions it. "Ah… Ah dunno…" she replies, turning back to Y'sar. "That's… not really my thing."

Y'sar chuckles, "Afraid of the water?" he asks easily, setting the recoiled rope back on the pile. He crouches down and begins sorting through sacks, rerolling bandages.

Zorya shakes her head. "No…" Though its not exactly convincing. "Just not real big into water?" the reply is half a question itself. "But if there's anything else…" she offers, canting her head to the side as she looks down towards the pile.

Y'sar nods thoughtfully, "Well do you have any Healing experience? We're going to need people to bandage the injured. All pretend, of course." Hopefully, he thinks, wincing inwardly. Faranth he hopes this goes off as planned.

"A little…" Zorya replies, "Ah mean Ah did a little back home sometimes. No real trainin or anything." Accidents happen and most know how to take care of some little things.

Y'sar chuckles, looking up at her thoughtfully, "Well, then, would you like to do that?" he presses patiently. "I'd like to find something you could help with, if you are interested in helping me out."

Zorya shrugs lightly. "Its alright." she replies softly, "Just… well, rather be doin somethin than nothin. Can get… well keeps me from thinkin about being homesick too much."

Y'sar smiles gently, nodding, "I remember how terribly homesick I was, when I was Searched. Are you doing alright with it? Are your parents coming to the hatching?"

Zorya nods. "Yeah.. Had a few people visit whil Ah been here." she notes, gaze fixed more or less on her feet. "That helped some.." Parents? The mention gets a blink and a long pause before she shakes her head. "They… can't make it. Ah got some friends who are though, my uncle and a cousin or two Ah'm sure."

Y'sar hesitates, "M'sorry," he murmurs, not quite sure what he's apologizing for. Maybe her parents are dead - he doesn't know. "It'll be good to have family there. My family was there, some of them, and it meant the world to me."

"Oh no," Zorya starts with a shake of her head, "No reason ta be sorry." she adds, settling to a seat on the sand and wrapping her arms about her knees. "My uncle and cousin are plenty good. Its jus… hard not knowin sometimes."

Y'sar looks at her questioningly, "Not knowing…if you're going to Impress or not?" he gently prods.

Zorya nods. "That.. and Ah guess Ah'm not sure if Ah want ta or not…" In short, she's just unsure. "And just.. well some a the things we've been doin here. Its not been exactly easy." the girl explains. She's sitting on the sand, arms wrapped about her knees, Y'sar nearby as he sorts through the pile of supplies.

Y'sar nods, "What exactly has been the most difficult for you?" he asks curiously, "For me, it was the homesickness that I had the hardest time getting over."

"That…" Zorya agrees. Of course homesick has already been mentioned. "And some a the shadowing trips have been…" Well they weren't exactly up her alley. He may well have heard of the candidate trip to Deluge Station for example.

Y'sar frowns slightly, "What about the shadowing trip? Tell me." He is the Deluge Wingleader, but he's a little scattered and might not have heard about the expedition to Deluge Station.

Zorya lifts her shoulders in a light shrug. "Just… some things were a little different than Ah thought they mighta been… One of 'em a while back was the worst Ah guess." she explains, glancing over towards the rider. "Tech," she starts again, trying to place the word she's heard Kharzan use, though coming from her lips it sounds rather foreign. "Not somethin Ah'm really usedta."

Y'sar ahhs, nodding, "Yes, we do use some more technology than perhaps other areas use. Me," he shrugs, "I get by without it when I can, but our Deluge Station is invaluable when it comes to predicting weather patterns. It's really helpful to us and helps keep people safe."

Zorya nods slowly. "Ah suppose Ah can see that…" she agrees, but its clear she doesn't have a clue as to how any of that works. "It was… well it was a big difference from Ista." Pause. "It was …"

Y'sar smiles, glancing up from his rolling curiously, waiting for her to finish.

Zorya blinks, her gaze quickly shifting back to her feet when he looks up. "It was… It scared me." she finally manages. There, she said it. "Ah mean Ah never even thought there might be such a place and… well Eastern's the farthest from home Ah ever been, an then that…"

Y'sar nods, "It is…far away," he comments wryly. "The first time I went up I was terrified. Just felt like I was going to fall out of space and crash back to Pern."

Zorya's blue eyes lift back to Y'sar as he comments.. "Really…?" she asks hesitantly. "Ya felt like that too…" See, now here's someone else (who's not a candidate like herself) who's noting the same feeling. "Ah could breath…" She had panic attack. "Its gettin easier ta talk about though. Some."

Y'sar nods with understanding, "I remember exactly how I felt - and I was a Wingleader and I had Kersenth. And I still nearly threw up right then and there."

A smile pulls to Zorya's lips, though she shivers at the thought of having been there. "Evrythin about it was so new an different." Like nothing she'd ever seen, but then she probably wasn't the only one. "We didn't have anythin tech really back home."

Y'sar nods, "It's a new direction for Pern. I'm still not certain if I really like it or not, but…that's where it's going. Don't think we have much of a choice."

Zorya nods. "Yeah… Ah guess some places jus changin faster than others. Eastern is and home ain't." And sometimes that's just the way things go. "Ah dunno if Ah like it either. But…. Ah suppose change ain't always so bad."

Y'sar shrugs, "It just takes some getting used to, really," he says thoughtfully. "Not sure if it's bad or good…it just is.

"Thanks…" Zorya says with a nod, pushing back to her feet. "Fer talkin. It… helped a little." Though she still doesn't seem all that comfortable with it, but these things take time.

Y'sar smiles kindly, "It was nice meeting you, Zorya. Good luck at the hatching."

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