Who: Lisle and Gold Umniyath
What: Flight of the Hallows! - Gold Umniyath's 'Hallow's eve tales' catch pose submission.
When: Thu Oct 9

OOC My next flight will be off camera but I ask for submissions of 'Hallow's eve tales' for the catch pose. Tell the bardic Umniyath a story to add to her collection! I will post the winning story! All colours can apply, brown and bronze are all eligable for winning. Entries in by Sunday night to be announced Monday night.

It was a dark and stormy night when Umniyath gathers her suitors in the northern plateau of the weyr. Lightning streaks across the sky reflected on the dark waters at the shoreline. Each strobe is punctuated by a crash of thunder and darkness blankets the weyr. The wind howls through the weyr like the sounds of long dead crying out to the living! It is in this setting that Umniyath takes to the skies, her golden hide shining brightly with each lightning flash, spotlighting her motions in the sky. «Tell me a tale to suit this night, tell me a tale that will bring me fright!» She calls out to the suitors chasing behind her. She teases each of them as she listens to their tales, her tale just dangling out of reach until she shifts to another of the coloured masses flying behind her.

« Through howling wind and flashing skies of nights like ships are tossed and ships are lost while at the bottom of the ocean the Storm Hag lies. » A haunting sing-song slithers forth from Raidonith, the bronze having spotted the golden bard amidst a bright orange flash of light. Dipping a wing he turns against the wind, pumping wings once, twice, three times, to draw nearer the prize of a story well told and continue his tale to ears of a gold.

« Skin a pale, sickly green. Yellow eyes that shine through the darkness. Sharp nails, and long boney fingers that caress the unwitting into the deepest sleep. » The tale goes on Raidonith’s voice filled with tantalizing sparkles of multi-colored lightning. « Wait. » There’s a pause in the story, « Wait.» as the bronze twists through the air to follow Umniyath’s flickering form through the stormy night. « And just when you think its finally come to an end, she reaches forth and it begins again. Lightning and wind bursting forth from the depths calling to those who’ve relaxed their guard. There’s only one warning before being swept down to the weeds, lulled into deep slumber by her song through the storm. »

« Come into the water, love, » Raidointh calls, pinks, yellows and oranges flashing forth to match his words as he calls to the gold. « Dance beneath the waves, » Tiring, and yet the haunting sing-song of the voice finishes to the end as the bronze pushes on. One last pump of wings, one last swoop through the howling wind, to twine necks with the long illusive Umniyath as the ringing song of the Storm Hag brings his tale to an end. « Where dwell the bones of sailor-lads//Inside my saffron cave. »

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