Oh just a rock.

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

While everything outside is cloaked with a blanket of gray, within the caverns the atmosphere is am and cozy. But we'er not in the cavern - We're in the cold gray dampness of the - Fog -. Dare comes walking out from the cavern with a wide yawn that threatens to engulf the hand that covers her mouth. "Wow, sure is foggy." *trip* "Opps, umm sorry? Oh just a rock."

Fog. Yes, cold and damp, but yet there's something strangely comforting about it perhaps? And its in the fog in the bowl that Zorya is found. "Hello?" the girl calls through the mists as she draws closer to the voice she'd heard.

"Hello, " reports back Dare.Her path takes her towards Zorya's. "Sure isfoggy, hope nobody gets in to no accidents t'day."

Zorya nods slowly as she comes into sight of the other candidate. "It is." she agrees, "But Ah guess the dragons are pretty good at sensing that kinda thing… should help ta cut down." On any accidents that is. Then again human accidents are another story.

It's atthis point Dare finds Zorya,"Hope so, else them dragonhealers is gonnabe v'ry busy patching up dragons." She stops walking as soon as she spot Zorya in this fog.

Zorya offers a small smile for the young woman. "Yeah, well the people are somethin else." she adds. "Kin hardly see in this, much less find much in it." The girl pauses for a moment to glance over her shoulder in the direction she came from. "Nice change from the heat though?"

Dare shrugs, "Hmm, dunno. Sometimes bein' in the heat is nice. Somethin' tropical maybe. Course then you have to worry about them storms they gots." For a moment she rocks back and forth on her heals then asks, "How do you like working with some of the wings?"

Zorya shrugs lightly in reply to Dare's question, the two standing not far outside the entrance to the caverns. Fog covers the landscape with its cold, dampness making it difficult to see much further than a few feet. "Ah suppose." she agrees regarding the weather. "Some ain't bad. Others are… well Ah ain't so sure about 'em."

Dare grins, "The other day I got to work with the Flame wing doing land rescue drills. That was kind'a fun." Brown eyes glance about a bit before setting their gaze back on to Zorya, "Sure is keepin' us busy though, that's for sure. When I get back, I am mmmm, exhausted from all that workin'."

With his head down, not watching where he's going, Jerushai steps out of the caverns and immediately starts rubbing his arms in the cool air of the evening. As if his own inattention wasn't enough, the fog compounds the problem, and he doesn't see either Zorya or Dare until he's almost walking into the girls, pulling up with a sharp gasp and wide eyes as he catches where he is.

Zorya nods. "Yeah, busy they do." And they do it well. "Most days Ah'm pretty tired to. Ah was working records with Zephyr taday. Ah like that well enough." She begins to say something else but then there's someone else in their midst, as Jerushai nearly runs into the pair, causing the girl to jump back a bit.

With an attentive ear, Dare listens to Zorya. And with the sudden appearance of Jerushai, she nearly jumps out of her boots. Clutching a hand to chest she says to the stranger, "Ya nearly scared me t'death.gotta be careful there, or you might run in to somethin' you ought not to."

"Like you?" says Jerushai, who stuffs his hands in his pockets and hunches his shoulders, apparently not enjoying the damp night much. All the same, he glances around, peering through the fog ineffectively. "Sorry," he says then, stiffly. "What /are/ you doing out here?"

Zorya narrows her eyes a bit towards the boy. "Ah was jus headed back in when Ah ran inta her." she notes, a bob of her head indicating Dare as she answers the boy's question. "'ow bout you?"

"We was talkin', " replies Dare in a simple sort of voice. "Good as anyplace to do it, I suppose."

"In this?" The longer he's out in the fog, the more spooked Jerushai is starting to look. "What were you talking about, then? I'm supposed to go see my sister at her place." He does not look eager about going and trying to find it now.

Zorya nods in reply, "Why not? Ain't so bad once ya get used ta it…" Then again that may just be her. "We was talkin bout the weather." Beat. "Your sister's here?" she then asks in curiosity. "Ah ain't got any family here, got somea 'em at Ista though."
Dare shrugs, "Why not…" She giggles, "Sorry, that's what she said." A smile tugs on the corners of her mouth, "Well, we wasn't talkin' about you goin' to see your sister…Well she is, I mean, not that meant to or anythin' like that mind you. Somethin' like that, I think."

"Lucky," Jerushai tells Zorya with a scowl; his shoulders hunch up more. "The second-oldest one, her husband's posted here. Them and all their kids. My parents said I should get to see a Weyr, so here I am." Grimace. Most kids would probably be thrilled about getting to visit somewhere else, but he's apparently not. He blinks, pausing to glance from Zorya to Dare. "What?" he asks, not understanding. "She… asked about my sister?"

"Huh?" Zorya starts, "Lucky? Ah'm more an ready ta go back home." she replies. "Ah miss 'em bein here. But well… good luck with ya sister?" she offers before blinking between the two, just as confused as the boy at this point.

Dare nods, "Yes, she did. She asked if your sister was here. Weren't you listenin' to her?" In stage whisper to Zorya, Dare says, "He didn't hear you askin' if his sister was here. I think he's one sandwich short of a entire picnic. If you know what I am meanin'." Nice grin. Yes.

Jerushai's eyes narrow at Dare's too-loud whisper. "I just answered that," he informs her, chin lifting loftily. "Weren't /you/ listening?" He makes a very big show of turning away from the older girl then, favoring Zorya instead with a look. "I don't want to go back there, either," he notes of home. "But /they/ insist on treating me like a child and making me stay where they can watch me."

Zorya blinks. "Oh, right." she agrees with Dare, giving a nod. "He said that." she notes a bit quieter. At Jerushai's comment about home she gives a light shrug of her shoulders. "Could be worse." she offers.

"I was listening, " says Dare in a matter of fact voice. "You was the one that asked if she asked about your sister; just pointin' it out is all." She just rolls her eyes, "Whatever. I'm goin' back to the barracks, gettin' rather stuffy out here in the fog. See ya later Zorya, nice talkin' with you."

"I was pointing out that's what she said to you because you went rambling on about how we weren't talking about my sister." It all sounded so much less complicated before! Jerushai eyes after Dare as she leaves with his own snotty expression, eyes rolling likewise. "Girls," he announces, as though Zorya weren't one herself. "I don't know what she was on about?" He slants this as a question, too, with a glance to the remaining girl to see if she can clarify any.

"Nice talkin with ya ta." Zorya replies as the older girl heads off. Once the other is gone she lifts her shoulders in another shrug in reply to the boy's question. "Ah'm not sure myself." she notes. "Though now what about girls?" She could say the same about boys..

"Girls," repeats Jerushai in that same rather disdainful tone, as though that explained everything. "You know. So—girly." He trails off lamely at that comment, eyeing Zorya again and falling just a little awkwardly silent. Apparently he's just realized that she is indeed one of those girls he's so intent on railing against. "You know. Some of them," he tries after a moment to save just a little face.

Zorya shakes her head, a little confused by the commentary. "No… Ah dun know…" she replies, falling into that same awkward silence for the moment before he tries to clarify. "Ah guess…" she agrees, though clearly still not thoroughly convinced.

"Forget it. Nevermind," says Jerushai, and for once the generally arrogant candidate looks flushed, even in the fog. "My name's Jerushai. From Rising Fawn Hold." Because it's always good to start at the beginning, when you don't have anywhere else to go.

The girl offers up a bit of a smile at the introduction. "Zorya." she replies with her own name. "Ah've seen ya around the barracks an all a bit." Though it is nice to put a name to the face.

"Zorya from Ista Weyr," says Jerushai, who apparently has manners under there somewhere. Another awkward pause ensues, though, as once more he's not quite sure what to do with that information. "What's with the accent?" he finally asks.

Zorya shakes her head. "Na, got family there, but Ah'm from Shipton really." she corrects. Though she'd be more surprised had her heard of the Istan cothold than if he hadn't. At mention of the accent however the girl flushes, that pink color creeping across her cheeks. "Ah forget sometimes.." she offers, trying her best to suppress at least a bit of it.

Jerushai nods like he's heard of it, all the same, though certainly he hasn't. Still, her blushing makes him frown, duck his head and smooth his hair forward with one hand, a rather self-conscious gesture. "I was just asking," he says. "Didn't your harpers…" Trailing off.

Zorya shakes her head. "We didin have them much." she replies, trying her best to push some of the accent aside. "Ah'm learning it now, but…" Well it's not exactly easy all the time.

Jerushai eyes Zorya, brows furrowing up at that confession. "My parents made sure we had the best harper," he notes, smug and just a little dubious, too. "They said education is very important if you're going to manage a hold. But I suppose it's not if all you plan to do is ride a dragon." Pause. "Inasmuch as one can plan." He makes another face.

Zorya nods a bit. "Yeah, Ah suppose it is.." she agrees a bit hesitantly. "Ain't worth much herding ovines though really." she adds, "An while it was nice getting ta know you a bit. Ah suppose you should be gettin to your sister.."

"Herding… ovines. Oh." That clears that up for Jerushai, apparently; he looks more than a little put off at the thought. Quickly, he shoots a look off toward the general direction of the further clearings and the homes there, then hesitates. "Actually, it's late. She's probably putting her brats to bed and I don't want to be in that. I'll just go in," he decides, rather than brave the fog.

Zorya nods slowly, hesitant after his remark. "Yeah… well Ah'm a harper now…. Or well Ah was before Ah was searched." she replies, uncertain of just how that works. "Yeah, probably," she agrees with another nod in regards to the children and bedtime. "Ah should prolly be going myself. Was nice meetin ya though.." she adds with a bit of a wave before heading off towards the caverns herself. "Talk to ya again soon Ah guess."

"Oh." Jerushai says that one more time and then ruffs at the back of his hair. "Yeah. I'll see you around." He lets her get on ahead, while he watches her go, then trails afterward a good distance, heading back to the barracks.

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