Careful. Gravity is back.

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

The Deluge wing has specifically invited all the candidates to join them in the main clearing. Es'nak, whose idea this was, is standing right in the middle, Aevisaanth forming a backdrop. The candidates were told to bring their riding jackets as well as wear warm clothes, odd for Eastern. "Whoever isn't here in five minutes will be left behind." he announces crisply.

Kharzan has taken the longer pathway through the jungle instead of cutting through the crowded caverns, but he arrives there, jacket slung over his arms and dressed warmly. Least it's been cool from the rains? Still it's warm enough when it's not raining though. He see's Es'nak as he comes up upon the clearing and is eyeing the dragon a little. Sure, he's been on some dragons now since candidacy, but just the smaller blues and greens really.

Kynda tugs on her new weyrhide jacket as she enters the clearing and stops. Gazing all around at the collecting candidates and the riders and dragons nearby, she asks in a quiet tone to a nearby, friendly sort. "What's going on? Do you know?" She tugs on her gloves then and shrugs acceptance when the candidate shakes his head. Her gaze now falls upon Es'nak, wondering what he had in mind and waiting patiently until he were to say.

Zorya isn't far behind the others in making her appearance in the clearing. Dressed a bit more warmly than is perhaps her usual, but then if they were told to bring their jackets there's thought that between is coming at one point or another. For now, said jacket is left draped neatly over an arm as they cross in front of her.

Es'nak waits a few minutes longer, then nods. "All right then, the others will just have to hear about it from you then. I've called you all here today to take you to Deluge station, the headquarters for all weather forecasting on Pern. Mount up on Aevisaanth, since there's only a few of you." he gestures to the bronze.

Kharzan hrms a little as he eyes the bronze again and then after a look at the girls he's carefully climbing up to seat himself between the ridges "Deluge." he hmms a little as he looks up high into the sky, talk about being far from home.

Jeread walks into the main clearing, from the commons cavern.

Kynda smiles with open pleasure. Watching Kharzan mounting Aevisaanth she glances over towards Zorya and then fastens her jacket closed. Approaching Aevisaanth she bow her head just slightly to the big friendly bronze and taps his leg daringly. "Please, a leg up would be nice Es'nak. He is quite big you know." She asks politely. She is secretly stalling for time so maybe one or two more could come as well.

Zorya slipping into and securing her jacket into place Zorya follows the rest of them onto the bronze's back. It’s getting to be an easier feat, but there's still help needed.

Bronzen hues seemingly emerge from the flattened end of his elongated muzzle, creeping up and over his eyeridges and headknobs, hue varying only slightly as it consumes his serpentine neck. A wide back curves smoothly into muscled haunches, adding weight to his metallic form, limbs curving off his torso, ending in tapered fingers and ebony talons. On the inner areas of his legs resides an almost silver gleam, a soft fog spreading upwards, feathering on his stomach, fading into oblivion on his chest. Wings sweep outwards, wing sails paler, not enough hue seemingly stretched over too much 'sail, odd translucence stretched from the dark leading edge and spires. Bronze ridges, shades darker then his hide, arch down his back between his large wings, outlining his muscular form to the tip of his thick tail.

Es'nak smiles at Kynda. "All right then." he says, and gives her a leg up.

Eastern Weyr - Weyr Sky
Beneath your wings expands the landscape of lush jungles and sandy beaches. The great snake of a river stretches out to the west, spilling into the water of the cove that leads into the ocean beyond. Directly below and to the south of you there is a rocky outcrop with a gaping hole leading down into it, sheltering the Hatching Cavern of the weyr from the elements of the coast. All around, near this are clearings where huts can be seen, both in the treetops and on the jungle floor as well as near the beaches and the curving outcrop that protects the cove. Some of the jungle even has enough overlapping branches that they can support some of the weyrs of the riders.

Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.


Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Aevisaanth suddenly reappears from -=* BETWEEN *=-
<*-Bing-*> Bronze Aevisaanth has just arrived in the Landing Bay. <*-Bing-*>

Deluge Station - Landing Bay
Reconstructed out of the remains of the Bahrain, this so called 'weather satellite' is huge for it's purposes, but as it is serviced by an entire wing of dragons from Eastern, perhaps this is not so unexpected. This landing area is well lit, the floors themselves have had areas set aside specifically for 'betweening'. Three large marked off areas to one side have been left clutter-free of people, dragons and equipment. With these 'landing pads' clear, even in this tight space, dragons avoid the danger of teleporting into an area of space already occupied and causing a tragedy.
The huge landing and cargo bay well lit, apparently in an effort to make dragons as comfortable as possible during their stay. Several sun lamps have been set up over off to one side. Guide wires are strung in an interconnecting network to assist in people making it from one place to another in this weightless environment. The main line, brilliantly blue dyed, leads the way towards the elevators.

Aevisaanth goes between, and it's several seconds longer than usual until he reemerges in the landing bay of what is clearly a spaceship. He floats down to the floor, rumbling happily. He's been looking forward to this too! Es'nak turns and grins at the candidates. "All right, welcome to Deluge Station." he tells them. "The gravity is set to a quarter of what we're used to on Pern, so careful how you move."

Kynda having only experienced 'between' a few times in her life, she found herself holding onto the person in front of her with a deathgrip. Finding herself squeezing the life out of them she releases them quickly with a mumbled, "I'm sorry."

Zorya has been between more than once in the last few months, however she's still found to be holding tight (though perhaps not so much as Kynda was) to the one in front of her, and yes, she's shaking. This never has been one of her favorite things. "G-gravity?" she questions, the word sounding foreign on her lips.

Kharzan sits up on Aevi for a moment or so as they land. He's looking around, his eyes wide at looking at all the equipment. He starts to slide down and ends up not quite moving like he expected. Still he makes it down safely enough, without jarring himself too much. "Wow." he says simply, his eyes wide and his mouth open in awe. And to think this is the Landing Bay

Jeread looks around curious more than scared to be in such an unfamiliar surrounding, "Is it always like this up here, and what keeps it from falling down onto Pern? I mean it must be huge!" Jeread examines as much of the immediate area as he can, clearly he's impressed with what he's seeing.

Es'nak smiles at the reactions of the candidates as he unbuckles himself, pushing away from Aevisaanth. He floats away from the dragon, coming down on the floor a little distance from them. "Gravity is what keeps you on the ground." he tells Zorya. "Here, you weigh as light as a feather. It's not null gravity, so you still return 'down' eventually, but that's it. And the reason it doesn't crash to Pern is because it's not affected by Pern's gravity. It's outside it, don't worry. Come on down and I'll show you how we check the weather."

Kynda glances a bit nervously at the ground. "Watching you and Kharzan…um…fly, really has me a bit freaked out right now. But okay. Here goes nothing." Moving into a crouch she looks down again and then suddenly gets a smirk growing upon her face. "Hope I don't break my neck." She mumbles and then pushes herself off strongly with arms outwide. Going faster and much further than she thought she lets out a whoop of excitement and fear. A weird combination of emotions.

Kharzan listens somewhat, he's looking around until Kynda pushes herself and he watches her, eyes going even wider "Careful!" he calls out as she goes over past them and he's after her, not that he's sure it'll do much good, but well, if she needs someone to catch her?

Jeread looks at Es'nak as he explains about gravity and why the ship? hasn't fallen down onto the surface of Pern, not sure if he should or shouldn't worry he follows to see how the weather is checked from way up here, "Yes sir, though how you can tell the weather from way up here is beyond me, isn't it down there and not up here?" Jeread launches himself after Es'nak and 'bounces' off the floor, "Shards this isn't easy!"

Zorya is clearly more nervous about this whole thing with every second that passes. The girl bits her lip, wincing just a bit at Kynda's dismount before she finally ventures her own. Her's is a slower process as she lowers herself to the ground, much in the same fashion that she would had then been on actual ground.

Es'nak lifts a hand up towards Kynda. "Careful! Don't make such sudden, large movements." he tells them. "Now, come on, I'll show you how." he bounces towards the lift, waiting for the candidates to join him however they manage. "Every action causes a reaction, remember this."

Kynda says "Now you tell us." She chuckles after grabbing a nearby guide wire. Running into one actually. It stopped her forward movement with a sudden jar, sending her feet forward over her head. Hanging on until she settled she sighs a breath of relief and then floats to the ground when her movement is calm. Bouncey bouncey are her steps as she then carefully follows after Es'nak."

Kharzan running after someone really isn't as easy as it is down below, stopping is an even greater issue. "Wah!" comes his yelp as he goes on past Kynda and oh look a wall. Smack. "Ouch." he mutters and feels quite stupid. Action. Reaction. Right. Fine. He'll take the long way around. Which he does. At least with the wall he's something to hold on to, but at least if he follows it, he'll come to lift and not look quite so stupid.

Jeread nods slowly and reaches Es'nak without any further mishaps, the awaits the demonstration on how weather is followed from way up here. He watches the movements of the other candidates as they all attempt to join Es'nak as well as they can with various levels of success. A sympathetic wince is given to Kharzan as he smacks into a wall.

Had she known where he was planning on taking them Zorya would more than likely not wanted anything to do with it, but as such - being already here - she's not going to be left alone, and so she reluctantly (and awkwardly) follows.

Deluge Station - Command Center
From Medieval living to Science Fiction, it almost as if there was an entirely new world in the spotless perfection of the command deck. Tether lines pass here and there near each major console, as panels brightly illuminate with the information they provide. Brand new terminals have been installed with huge display screens set to watch the landscape far below; or above depending on your current orientation. Echoing here is the various mechanical whirrs, bleeps or static that take place as data is recorded. As if to save on space wherever possible, chairs and terminals have been scattered about in positions that widen the eye, some from the 'ceiling' some from the 'walls' some from the 'floor'. Though telling which is which is indeed very difficult once stepping from the lift as everything seems to defy any laws of gravity.

Es'nak leads the way to the lift, pushes the buttons, and sends them all to the command center. "All right. Here is where we track the weather. There's many different sensors that are around the skies of Pern, and they all send signals here telling us what's what. Barometric pressure, humidity, not to mention satellite images of the skies. We can tell when a storm is brewing in its earliest stages, and we can predict its path." he explains to them. "Oh, and there's null gravity here, so don't be alarmed if you end up 'upside down'. If you feel the need to return the way you were, just grab something and spin yourself around."

Kynda the disorientation this room gives her, with chairs and tables on walls and ceilings alike, leaves her face pale and dangerously green as well until her senses can adjust. Thankfully for her and those nearby they adjust rather quickly. Her face color returns to normal and her stomach settles too. She listens as Es'nak begins his lesson on satellites and barometric whatchamacallits. Only a portion of what he spoke about could she understand. "Null gravity as in none? I've noticed." She says as she looks down to see her feet are no longer on the 'floor'.

Kharzan is feeling just a little out of sorts as he floats off the lift and just eyes the room "I think I'm gonna be sick." he murmurs as he goes quite green as well and just sort of hangs back. Forget all the goodies to see, his mind ain't likin' what it's seeing now. He closes his eyes. Which helps, because if he can't see the screwyness it ain't gonna screw him. As for spinning? He does not want to move.

Jeread watches as Es'nak explains what is what in the way of predicting the weather, intrested in spite of himself he doesn't pay attention to where he is more interested in the information than anything else. "Oh shards!" escapes his lips as he attempts to put himself right way up but ony ends up doing several complete circles around the tether, then reaching to grab the line comes to a sudden jarring stop exactly in the same position he was before he started this adventure.."Oh no, let me uh move first or get you a um something…"

Out of sorts? That could be the understatement of the day! The lift ride and then the command center… every passing moment leaches the color from her skin. The lack of gravity moving her and the girl reaches for something - anything - to hold onto. Listening to the speech? A bit, but the girl remains, for the time being, silent.

Es'nak notices a few candidates looking green and pushes off towards a door, opening it and pulling out bags. "If you feel like you're going to be sick, use these, but remember that liquids float in this just like everything else, so hold the bag tight around your mouths." he hands one out to each of them just in case. "Does anyone have questions? If not, you can all look around at everything, but for Faranth's sake, don't touch anything without asking first."

Kynda is glad to have her stomach under control again but takes the bag Es'nak offers anyway. "Thanks. I have a question. What is a seat-a…sati…Saberlite?" She cants her head as she continues to float ever so slowly up and to the side.

No worries about Kharzan touching anything. Bag is taken. He sort of over theres and carefully opens his eyes. He's keeping his stomach so far, but he doesn't dare open his mouth to speak. Instead he just stares, listening to the bleeping and the whirrs and static.

Jeread looks at the different monitors with their information flowing across the screens, with one eye on Kharzan just in case. "So all this information gives us warning of storms that might hit the weyr or its area. Who is responsible for monitoring this, just eastern or are there others?" Jeread has decided that not moving is the best choice here, well unless there is good reason to get out of the way.

Bleep, whir, static, flashing and blinking screens. Its all sensory overload to Zorya. Slender fingers reach for the bag as Es'nak holds one out to her, but it’s more a reactionary action than one she's truly aware of. Her breath coming in more rapid succession. This is not good. Girls like her, do not belong in places like this!

"Just Deluge wing in Eastern. This is pretty much all we do, but it's an entire wing. We find out what's going on with the weather, then go about to tell people about any storms coming their way. There's also guages for temperature, so we know how hot it gets in some places and how cold it gets in others." Es'nak explains to them. Suddenly he notices Zorya seemingly having a panic attack. "Hey, are you all right? We have rooms that have full gravity if you need to lie down." he tells her. "They look just like rooms on Pern, we've made sure of that. Some people don't adjust to being up here."

Kynda looks Zorya's way when Es'nak brings attention to her. "Oh dear. Poor girl. Can I help you Zorya?" Trying something, she moves very carefully to her and places herself in front of her. "Look at me and only me. Let the weird dream behind me fade away. Concentrate on me and me only. Now breathe. Slowly, gently." She tries her best to help. A slight crease of worry stretches her brow.

Kharzan turns to look at Zorya. Big mistake. He shouldn't have moved. Luckily lunch was light? Or maybe not, dry heaving into a bag isn't all that fun either which he's busily doing after there's nothing left on his stomach as he floats along.

Jeread hears a sound coming from Kharzan's direction then turns in time to see the bag come up to his mouth, causing an immediate reaction on his part, he takes his own bag and raises it to his mouth as he follows Kharzan's actions. Monkey see monkey do?

Breath, yes. Breathing is good. Zorya just nods in response to Es'nak. As Kynda moves in she shifts her gaze to the girl in attempt to focus on her as she instructs. Well that and getting her breath under control, a task easier said than done.

Es'nak sighs inwardly as the candidates use the bags. "Don't worry about that, you guys…. you won't be the first, and certainly you won't be the last. Perhaps it is time to go back now, is that what everyone wants?"

Kynda nodding to Zorya with an encouraging grin, she turns to Es'nak and frowns slightly. "If you think so sir, but I wouldn't mind staying. She turns to the others having troubles and says, "But perhaps it is for the best if we do go."

Kharzan again doesn't answer. He'll float. With your eyes closed it's kinda not so bad, that is until you bump into something. Oh look, a chair on the.. wait. he's calling it the floor. He grabs on and holds on. Back? You mean he'll have to try and get back to the lift and all? Gump.

Jeread has the bag clutched in one hand as he considers the question, "Well I don't think it would be a bad idea, though I'd like to stay here longer maybe it would be best to wait for another time?" Jeread looks at Es'nak just in case someone else decides to make use of the bag causing him to react in the same way he did with Kharzan.

Zorya, for one, very definitely would be much happier on the solid ground no matter where on Pern it happened to be right now. The girl swallows, breath catching in her throat. Focus. Yeah, right. Though she does put out a hand to attempt to steady herself on Kynda, being that the girl is nearest. Of course having no gravity, the movement doesn't particularly have the very same effect she was looking for.

"Right then. To the lift." he takes note of the candidates who got sick, and floats over towards Kharzan since it seems he got sick from the weightlessness. "Keep your eyes closed, it helps." he tells the boy, and then tries pushing him in the general direction of the lift. "Rest of you, get to the lift. We can always come back, for those who want to. I'm sorry I kept it a secret, I wanted it to be a surprise." oh well.

Kynda shrugs. "It /was/ a surprise. Thank you." Having Zorya hold on to her she reaches up a hand to hold onto hers. "Come on Zorya." She says quietly. "Time to go home." Moving Zorya and herself slowly and carefully back into the lift she then waits for the others there. She tries to hide her dissappointment.

Kharzan moans a little, such a shame. So many neat things, but oh why can't they keep it all on the ground, or floor or. His eyes are closed until the lift his made. He happens to see Kyndas face and then murmurs a "sorry." under his breath as he sinks into the corner, well he would if there was gravity.

"Thank you Es'nak, this was a great surprise even with the um setbacks." Jeread points himself to the lift and pulls himself along till he joins the others there.

Zorya wasn't far from the lift doors at least. In fact one or two steps, just enough to be out of the way of them. And so with assistance from fellow candidate it is that she's back on the lift, and then off, and one step closer to being 'safe' and back somewhere … more familiar.

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

Once they had all gotten aboard Aevisaanth, likely with a few mishaps, Es'nak sends the dragon home. Between and then several breaths later, he appears over the skies of Eastern, landing deftly. "All right, thank you all for coming. I hope you at least got a good idea of what Deluge wing does beyond sending messages."

Kynda had adjusted rather quickly to the absence of gravity so when she landed upon the ground after sliding down Aevisaanth's shoulder back on Pern, she landed on her hands and knees with a jarring that rattled her teeth. "Ouch. That will bruise." She groaned and stood. Dusting herself off she looks to the others to make sure they faired better. "Careful." She warns. "Gravity is back."

Kharzan lays on the dragon and sighs happily at the feel of gravity "Home, sweet, home." he murmurs and then carefully slides off and settles on the ground and lays back "I like the ground. I like gravity." Hey look. no stuttering.

Jeread looks at the others then slowly slides down to the ground, then straightens himself up. Nope you didn't see that nothing here folks move along.

Zorya gratefully accepts assistance in dismounting the bronze from whomever is willing to give it. She's still very clearly shaken by the experience. "Th-thank you." she does finally offer towards Kynda after a moment, including a small bit of a smile for the girl in so doing.

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