Sit your /asses/ down, candidates!

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

It's nearing upon the dinner hour, when people are starting to mill towards the commons and get food for themselves. It's also the prime time for a Junior to pull aside candidates, seeing as how most of the riders they're shadowing are returning to the Weyr for dinner. The junior weyrwoman - and mother of the clutch - is casually leaning against a wall, a tiny little thing of a candidate (of asian looks) seeming to sulk near by. One might recognize the girl as Xoey, one of the young girls Jheina seems to like picking on.

Lexalea is returning to the barracks, flopping her jacket down on the cot. Just in time, she does spot Jheina and offers her a little salute as she passes, heading into the barracks cautiously. Lets see if she's in trouble or something of the like, eh?

Kynda looks around a bit curiously, having just been Searched. Finding an unclaimed place of her own she drops the two sacks of belongings there. The activity here is beginning to increase as ones begin to trickle in. Standing there quietly she watches them come in.

Kharzan has come in via the exercise yard, that way he can avoid the barracks. He seems to be doing okay, but he's lost in his own thoughts and doesn't particularly note the addition of the Junior nor the other girl. After all, he's surrounded by girls. What’s one more? Another one to jabber most likely. His cot is found and he falls face first on it. Chores would be easier than some of the patrols he's been out on with his rider.

Delynni slips in, aiming for her macrame frame, abandoned on her cot with a hairpiece on it, half finished. Then Jheina gets her attention, the candidate turns to watch the junior weyrwoman in concern, chewing on her lip. Her gaze turns to Kynda, then back to Jheina, but she stays quiet. She picks up her frame, seats herself on her cot, but instead of working, simply holds it on her lap and watches Jheina warily.

Zorya follows into the barracks shortly after Lexalea. Hands clasped behind her the girl stretches her arms up a bit, intent on catching bit of time to lie down and let the crowd in the caverns clear out a bit before she goes in search of anything for herself. Blue eyes quickly catch sight of the Junior and the girl nearby however, and a small smile is offered both. "Everythin’ a'right?" she asks Xoey quietly. She's one of the younger ones too after all.

Dare , the hirsute candidate, pokes her head in to the barracks to see what's going on before decding to not go in to the barracks, but rather find a place to perhaps hide. About to turn about, before being spotted a rather large nondescript candidate pushes himself, and Dare in to the barracks, "Hey, watch it now you maladjusted meshuggenah!" For a large boy he turns around and picks the candidate up by the arms, "What you call me?" *squeak*

Amarante has a wander into the barracks as well, having been with a rather random rider herself today to do duties around the Weyr and their own personal weyr. It happens. Sometimes it helps to know what you'll be getting into, doesn't it? She's fiddling with her hair, pulled back as it is, and nods at a few of the Candies as she notes they're in. She moves to her cot, then feels the sudden alteration in the atmosphere and glances around - spotting Xoey and then Jheina there. "Uh oh," she says under her breath, glancing around again wondering what exactly this means.

"So." Jheina begins crisply. Ah yes, the junior is a Ray of Sunshine!(tm) as always. … NOT. People are lucky if they get to see the softer side of Jheina, or at least the non-snippity side. One or two of the candidates who are actually tired get looked at, something akind to understanding in her eyes, though that won't make her go any easier on them. "Sit your /asses/ down, candidates!" Jheina snaps viciously at Dare and the man-handling other. "You think this is all fun and games, where you get to pick on each other?" She asks the pair of them, walking up to the pair. "Sit. Down." Xoey seems to shrink in even further on herself at this point in time, merely nodding to those who speak at her. The poor girl seems to want nothing but become a part of the wall. "Xoey," Especially now that Jheina's attention is back on the whole of the crowd "has been … neglectant in her duties." And she waits for a little while, seeing who cares to input anything, or if troublemakers are going to be more so.

Delynni is already seated, and simply archs an eyebrow watching Jheina calmly. Delynni is typically the last one to be 'negligent of her duties', and watches the Junior impassively before looking Xoey over. For the barest moment she looks about to come to the little one's defense, but keeps her mouth shut after all and her expression serious and attentive.

Lexalea sits almost instantly on her trunk at the end of her cot, the very first place she can find to sit when the Junior Weyrwoman shouts for them to sit. Yes, she sat, quickly, and without question. Yeah. Sitting. Not moving, staring up at Jheina and Xoey.

Kharzan jumps as Jheina snaps, his eyes going wide and he's standing beside his bed and then sitting down upon it before he really even has half a second to think about it. He gives himself a bit of a shake and is looking at Dare and the other guy and then a glance to Xoey. He blinks and a look of cunfusion and then thoughtfulness.

Kynda frowns upon this rider's attitude before she notices that this particular rider holds the knot of a Junior Weyrwoman. "She must have eaten sour fruit." She mumbles under her breath. Crossing her arms in front of her she cants her head a bit and waits to see what will happen next.

Zorya meeps, shrinking back herself as the Jheina barks her orders towards them, and the girl quickly slides down to a seat on the nearest cot which places her very near the girl in question, Xoey who gets another awkward smile in hopes of some reassurance. That done, her gaze swiftly returns to her own hands, placed politely one on top of the other in her lap.

"No, " Dare at least gets to waggle her feet before being dropped like a hot sack of tubers. The other candidate continues Dare's statement, "not fun and games." As she crumples to the floor she manages to at least sit down. The other candidate turns pale in the face and finds the nearest empty cot, even if it's not his. He for one shuts up. Dare just sort of remains on the floor.

Amarante blinks and stays put on her cot, where she was in the process of sitting anyway when Jheina ordered them to do it. She just sort of watches what's going on, wondering in confusion if they're all getting punished for something a few haven't done, or if this is something else.

Jheina turns back to Dare as she gets dumped onto the floor. "Nothing hurt?" She asks in a softer - yet still brisk - tone, offering the woman a hand to stand up so she could find a slightly more comfortable seat - out of the flow of traffic. "Latrine duties for four days, no shadowing." Is snapped back to the one who dropped Dare. She's pleased though, with how the rest of them are cowering. No. She hasn't eaten any sour fruit. This is just her. "Xoey has made it plain to me, that some of you consider this … easy. Unworth your time." A peircing look is given to the young girl. "I offer you this advice, if that's your view: Go. Home." She pauses, letting cocoa colored eyes rest on each individual candidate. "I don't know why you were searched in the first place, if you hold riders and their duties in such low reguards." She pauses again, now to cross her arms. "However, I do see some of you shadowing with your riders with zeal." And now an amused smile quirks her lips. "Even the ladies stuck with me for a day." At least she knows she can be unreasonable! "So, the group punishment won't be as bad as it could be, thanks to the devoted few of you." She knows -mostly- who's been good and who's been bad. "So, Xoey, thank some of your fellow candidates for saving your hide, since you don't want to go home." Finally the tiny girl stands up from her stool, eyes downcast as she bows to the rest of the crowd, unable to say anything. "Any questions so far?"

Delynni glances worriedly towards Dare on the floor, gritting her teeth as she watches Jheina help her to her feet, then to Amarante and further to Kharzan. Her concerned eyes flit to Kynda, for the obvious reason of her being new to the barracks, "No ma'am." She says calmly. She watches Xoey like a hawk for a moment before turning her attention back to Jheina. She closes her eyes for a moment, takes a deep breath, lets it out, and returns to attention.

Zorya simply sits, trying to keep herself from fidgeting. "No Ma'am." she replies hesitantly as she lifts her gaze, though not her chin, towards the woman.

Kharzan listens quietly. Course, if Jheina is really anything like his old Master, than questions aren't really an option. A glance at Xoey, he's a little curious, but not enough to actually say anything. Especially not with Jheina still standing there. He shifts a little. Thinks may not be easy, but they ain't really hard either, least they get fed everyday and all. He does shake his head a little when Zorya answers a negative. "No, ma'am." he echoes as well.

Lexalea simply stays quiet and watches Jheina and Xoey with interest. She's happily been shadowing, she finds it interesting to see what all th many different riders do each day. Its routine, but rarely the exact same. She has no questions. "No," comes her murmur in reply.

Kynda slowly forms a slight smirk on her face and then wipes it clean when a necessary but badly-timed question does surface in her mind. Raising her hand politely she speaks out. "Yes Ma'am. I have a question. Sorry for the timing but…I just barely came into the room from being searched. …Where are the toilets? I could really use them right about now."

Dare casts a glance at Jheina, "No ma'am." It seems that the bulky candidate was about to complain until it seems that 4 might turn to eight. So instead he just remains quiet, glowering at Dare. "Not hurt at all," meekly she frowns, "This is as good as any place for one to get their, mmmm, assess down ma'am."The chastised candidate laughs at Kynda, looks like he's going to have a mate to help clean latrines.

Amarante folds her hands together in her lap, staying quiet. No questions here. She's had a long day, and that might have something to do with it. Anything she wants to ask will have to be later, and aimed at a more approachable member of the weyr. Dinner, a washing, and bed are in her near future.

Jheina just looks at Kynda for a few moments, which might make the girl's skin start to wither. But luckily, no punishment follows. "Out that door, down the hall." Is answered tonelessly. "Wait just a few more moments." She rolls her shoulders and recrosses her arms, letting Xoey retreat to her stool. "Talisyth - of course - has been informed of such opinions and she shared with me a most … interesting chore for the lot of you." Again, Xoey is gestured at, who reaches to her side, grabbing a crate that was sitting on her cot's trunk. "Candidacy and shadowing riders is one thing, to keep in mind the duties you yourself might have to perform in the near future." Her tone isn't nearly so snappish anymore, but more lecturing. It seems the junior got most of her peevishness out of her system. "However! Shadowing does nothing to prepare for the first few turns of caring for /your/ dragon as it grows. There is a reason why there is an age minimum and limit. You must be mature enough to be able to care for another, but young enough to embrace the /change/ a dragon will bring to your life."

Kharzan blinks a moment and frowns as he listens to Jheina, wondering just what she's getting to. He bites his lip a moment and then dares a slight chance that perhaps this might be a time for candidates. "So umm, what umm are you wanting us all to do?" he asks quietly "I mean, are you gonna umm have us take care of something?"

Lexalea has one of those foreboding feelings about the end of this speech. Sounds like they could get something such as babysitting, or taking care of baby somethings… She's not sure, but refuses to say anything at the moment, simply listening.

As the Junior's snappishness subsides, Zorya once again lifts her gaze. Still very much timid of any change in Jhenia's mood that may follow, but clearly at least a smidge curious as to what she and Talisyth might have in mind for them. She, however, remains silent for the time being.

Delynni cringes, eyes bugging out a little at Kynda. She's about to hiss a warning to the new girl only to find that no further scolding or chores follow. She bites her lip, aiming a death glare soundly at Kynda. Then her attention returns to Jheina, a small smile coming to her face. She watches Jheina and listens, still silent. She looks over at Dare, at the mention of 'young and old', then over at Amarante again.

Dare piku-pikus at Jheina, "Change?" A befuddled look darts up on her face then she smirks, "Oooh, that change, Oe'lly learned me all about that. I got me three firelizards, two runners, an' a daughter. If I ain't ready now, I guess I ain't ne'er gonna be." She happens to catch Delynni's glance and a smile slightly forms on Daren's lips.

Kynda hears Dare's comment about being ready and feels she must comment on it. "Dragons, according to my brother are /not/ firelizards nor are they children. You become two persons in one body once you Impress. At least that is what I've been told. And I also have a flit." She smiles amiably to lesson the untactfullness of her words. To Jheina she asks, "What do you have in mind ma'am?"

Amarante has three flits herself. That said, she's more than willing to remain silent, curiosity piqued by the hints that they'll be… taking care of something? She eyes the crate that Xoey fiddles around with. She once helped birth a caprine that then got hidden in Keziah's things in the barracks while it was raised. Nouget by name, he was. She just keeps her mouth shut, given the scrubbing they had to give the barracks after THAT little stunt…

A Glare-of-Death is shot in Dare's direction from Jheina, silently warning the candidate to remain quiet, or face latrine duties with her friendly beau. Her mouth almost opens before her gaze then shoots to Kynda, unable to decide if she wants to verbally smack the girl down, or hug her. "/She/," since Jheina hasn't caught the Kynda's name yet, "has the right idea. Unfortunately I can't give you that sort of preparation, but you can learn what it's like to have something solely dependant on you, unable to do a thing for itself." Which, might be a fair comparison for about the first few month's of the dragonet's life. "Xoey.." She trails, and the candidate uncovers her crate, revealing a carton full of … eggs. "These, are more or less freshly laid wherry eggs. Fragile. Breakable. Completely dependant on you." She guestures Xoey forward to hand out the eggs, one by one. "Care for them. They won't hatch any time before Talisyth's eggs do, so you won't have to worry about a baby wherry on your hands. But. They had better be in tact and un-boiled when you file onto the sands for your chance of Impression!" The or else isn't even stated. "Questions… may be asked later." And without further notice, the junior heads back out to the sands.

Delynni has to respond then to Kynda. "SHUT UP. Don't get wise with her!" She's clearly offended by Kynda's attitude. "Just what we need, another immature snip." She snaps. "You don't talk like that to one of /our/ juniors. If you take /that/ attitude on the sands you'll get a talon to the hip instead of a lifemate." The hot tempered racer glares angrily. "Let me guess, you're another brat with starry dreams of gold in her eyes."

Kharzan eyes the eggs and then is startled by Delynni he shakes his head a little and then heads over to the eggs. "Are we to take.." he trails off as he watches her leave. He then takes one and heads back to his cot with a thoughtful look as he sets it carefully between his blankets and then reaches under said cot to pull out a box of odds and ends and pieces and metal and such.

"Guess you think they is runners, since you wasn't mentionin' them, then." says Dare with a hint of rasparity. "Oh, Delynni, you don't got to say nothin' on my behalf." She stands, "Don't have to take this, no how anyways. I think I'm goin' home. At least I got somethin' for dinner."

Kynda cants her head calmly towards The girl that snapped at her. "Did I say something inaccurate then? I merely spoke the truth as I know it. Should I have hidden under my cot and not asked anything at all? How can one learn that way? I'm Kynda by the way." She smiles kindly, hoping to ease the tension she had unwittingly caused. An egg is then held out to her, and so she lowers her gaze and takes it in her hand, feeling the warmth of it as it rests there. The Junior Weyrwoman leaves and Kynda actually looks forward to seeing the woman again.

Zorya takes the egg gingerly as its handed to her, glancing after the Junior Werywoman as she leaves without leaving them further instructions. Her gaze then turns to Kharzan as he starts, seems he had something of the same idea.

Delynni turns and glares. "Dare don't you dare leave. You get enough flack as far as I'm concerned. You have even more a right to be here than me." Delynni eyes Kynda suspiciously. "Delynni, I'm a racer at the track here at Eastern. At least you aren't like one girl. I've stood enough times to count on two hands. The girl that comes to mind called me an 'uninspired imbicile' and in the next breath, ordered me to make her a pair of sandals." She carefully plants her foot on the brace of her macrame frame and starts knotting. "The furry face is Dare, she's really nice, if a little shy. These are Amarante and Kharzan." She grins. "Oh I have a girlfriend who impressed green. I know /really/ well." She adds to Kynda. "If you want me to make you a pair of hatching sandals, simply get me the material and ask nicely. I make things out of knots, leather cord and saddle thread." She turns to watch Zorya with the egg, biting her lip. "Kynda, be careful with Jheina, she's known for being a bit…. prickly."

Amarante looks rather surprised at the whole "take care of this egg" thing. It was different with Murphy's three-egg clutch: the green did most of that work, really. She rises and looks at the eggs, gingerly taking up one and cradling it against her. Moving back to her cot, she looks a little baffled. Where do wherries have their eggs, anyway? Nests? Trees? Sand? "Um." Cue the blank look from the pale-blonde girl, though she does glance up when she hears her name called out. "Ah… hello, yes."

Kharzan looks up as is name is said, but seeing as it wasn't said to him, he turns back to his scrap and pulls out part of a casing for a generator. Seems it's only half of it and thus he sets it carefully on the bed along with a couple of ends and a few rounded pieces. He's soon working on making a makeshift bassinet or cradle for the egg to sit in. He's only half listening to the girls. He's known plenty of girls who are demanding of things. So makes no difference to hear of one he has no idea who it is.
Kynda nods politely to everyone mentioned by Delynni. To Dare she mentions, "Runners are amazing creatures in their own right, aren't they?" placing her gaze upon Delynni again she says, "I'll make my own sandals or die trying. How else will I learn?" She smiles a bit brighter this time and gestures to everyone round about. "It is very nice to meet all of you…" A tiny blue head peers out around her hair where he had hidden. "…Oh yes and this is Alidar. Forgive me now but I really to have to use the toilet. Perhaps we can get to know each other when I return. Better yet, rest. You all look exhausted." With that said she head towards the door at a slightly hurried pace.

Dare shrugs, "Nah, I'm goin' home, Delynni, I'm goin' home. Don't belong here, thought I did, but I don't." Seems the girl just sort of walks off, without her egg. At that moment three firelizards; gold, bronze, and brown appear near Dare, an attempt to blockade her. "No, I'm goin' home. Don't like it, then ya'll can stay here."

Delynni starts laughing, then Dare's response. "NO! Don't go Dare! Please?" She begs, dropping her frame. "You're so timid, don't run away. If you keep running and don't hold your ground, EVER, you'll never accomplish anything! Don't let Jheina scare you away! She always does that! Please don't go!" She gets up and strides over, joining the firelizards attempts at blocking her way. "Please? Just give it a try?" She asks, and then pours on the guilt. "You can't leave me all alone here! What will Darva say if mommy runs away from her chance to stand on the hatching grounds? 'mommy, why didn't you try to get a dragon.'" And to lay it on thick. "This Oe'lly guy, he liked you right? Don't you think he'd want you to stay?"

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