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Eastern Weyr - Garden Terrace
Neat, even planks form a boardwalk set approximately two feet above the ground. Unfolding to either side of the walk-way flourish the lush tropical gardens of Eastern, either brilliant colors and green well kept with Eastern's near eternal spring. Rare trees mingle amongst interestingly formed as well as common yet attractiver trees dot the terraced landscape. Brightly blooming flowers are abundant, their colors ranging from lavender to blue to white and even startingly shades of pink. The large tropical flowers cast their sweet smell over the little alcoves scattered about the garden and heavenly cloying scents waft about. Towards the center of the gardens is a large terrace enclosed with lattice fences, over which blooming vines have been draped. A large dance square and a quiet bar, with a few high tables, have been set up in the gardens as an escape from the hectic rush of the main cavern.

Midday in Eastern never ceases to amaze when a small rain begins to gently coat the weyr, sending tiny beadlets of water falling into the greenery below. Autumn is here, only cooling the air and chilling the breezes that sails through. Dragons rest out in the bowl, taking advantage of the moisture on their hides while their riders rest in the warmth of the garden terraces many small fire pits. Hil sits at one of these small pits, flickering lights dancing off of the metallic pieces of his jacket and gear. A wide mug rests in his hands filled to the brim with a hearty stew.

Kharzan has made his way into the terrace after having spent time outside in the rain. He's still dripping drops off from his hair and clothes and he looks a little disgruntled. Course, there's a scent of the sea to his clothes as well, so perhaps the wetness isn't just rain? He ventures up towards the fire pits, oh yes, warmth, steam, the smell of wet leather.

Yes, yes. Warm and dry are both good and thus Zorya lead onto the terrace and the wet girl is urged to head towards the fire while the blue rider doing the leading takes a turn in search of something to warm his belly. ".. Hi Kharzan." the girl offers a smile towards her fellow candidate as she draws up beside him, pushing a lock of wet hair that's sticking to her cheek out of the way.

Es'nak is soaking wet and as annoyed as he was when he happened to snap Kharzan up for search. "Hrmph." scowling, he walks into the terrace, slicking his hair back. "That's what I hate most about Eastern, so sharding wet all the time!" he grumbles.

Hil glances up from the spoon which hangs from his mouth and raises a brow at Es'nak but pays him no mind. The other two candidates are offered a light grin at the very least while he places the spoon back into his stew. "There's a table set beside the bar with warm food if any of you are hungry. Nothing much but it's something and you don't have to fight your way through the Commons. Bout rush time." The bronzer clears his throat and straightens up in his seat as he glances around the canopy of the gardens. The faint haze of the rain clouds over head dims the area as they pass. "A little water wouldn't hurt anyone."

Kharzan makes his way to the food without saying any first and then theres a little nod to Zorya "Hi." he says simply and then settles down by the fire once he has his food. He stares into it and then glances over at Hil "What about a lot?" he asks after a moment.

Es'nak shrugs at Hil. "Doesn't mean I have to like it though." he replies, sitting down with a sigh. "It's not just the wet, it's the combination hot and wet. If I wanted to go swimming, I'd go to the beach." he eyes the candidates, and just shrugs.

"Won't hurt, but certainly won't help." Zorya mutters to herself, letting herself fall rather gracelessly into a nearby seat. "Thanks.." she replies to Hil's suggestion of food as she does so, "Ah'm not really that hungry though…" Es'nak's entrance earning a glance but little more for the moment.

A lot? Hil looks over to the young man and peers at the soaked clothing then wonders… "Naw." No explanation there. If Kharzan can be that soaked, he could survive nuclear winter and probably the next few plagues. Es'nak gets another glance, with just a tiny hint of sympathy but not too much. "These little storms don't usually last for long. Once the rain stops, we'll get a little more humidity and then it'll cool down."

Kharzan pushes around his food a bit, nibbling here, nibbling there as he glances back at Zorya "Tired?" he asks after a moment and then just bahs a little at Hil. Oh well. No sympathy, but then they'd laugh anyways he's sure. A look at Es'nak "So if umm you don't well, umm like the weather? Why come back or umm did you forget?"

"Yeah, I know." Es'nak shakes his head, then goes to get something tasty to eat. Well, that, and he needs to feed his firelizard. Silly thing's hungry again.

Zorya shrugs lightly in response to Kharzan's question. "A little.." she submits to agree, sending the boy another glance. "So what did happen to you?" she finally asks after a long pause. She's wet from the rain, but not nearly as wet as he is. There must be more to that story.

Kharzan shifts a little "I uh, took a nosedive into the water." he notes. "A umm kid was out there on the docks and well she umm was trying to get a doll that had fallen in and well she couldn't reach it and so I tried to and slipped and fell in." he shifts a little as his cheeks redden a little. "She umm, had to rescue me then." He adds in a very quiet voice.

Zorya can't help but let a bit of a laugh escape as the boy tells his tale. "Oh, it was sweet of you to try though." she offers along with a sympathetic smile. "Accidents happen."

Kharzan knew there'd be laughter still it could be worse. "THanks." he notes quietly "I guess I really should see uh about actually umm trying to learn how um swim and all. I mean Dely tired to teach me some and all. Paddle type and all."

Zorya blinks. "Ya don't know how ta swim?" she asks at the remark, blue eyes turning back to the candidate from the flickering flames. If she'd known that before she might not have laughed as is told by the way the question is asked.

Kharzan clears his throat "Not, umm really. Just never well, got around to it or anything." Course according to his brothers, that's the least of the things he's not done.

Zorya nods a bit, looking back to the fire with a soft sigh. "'Sa'right." she replies, "Not everyone does." Its true! Not everyone knows how to swim. But beyond that she says little else on the topic. Pause. "Other than that, everythin' been goin' a'right?"

Kharzan hmms a little and nods "Yeah, been goin' umm fairly well." he says after a moments thought. "What umm about you?" he asks curiously as he glances back her way.

Amarante slips in from the quiet passage leading from the Commons Cavern.

Zorya nods a little more. "'s been a'right." she agrees, blue-eyed gaze lingering on the flames in silence a bit longer. "My cousin came ta visit the otha day." she notes, the mention bringing a bit of a smile to her face.

Kharzan ohs a little and then grins "Seems like it umm went better than when my brothers came." he notes and shakes his head a little. "So uh you guys have fun then? What didcha umm do?"

Midday, and a gentle drizzle falls over Eastern. With autumn in sight the air is cooling and there's actually a slight chill. Many small fire pits across the terrace flicker with warmth. Around one such are Kharzan and Zorya. The girl shrugs, "Not alot really. Just talked a bit, caught up some. Ah'd been at Harper for awhile 'fore Ah came here so it'd been a good while." Beat. "What happened with your brothers?"

Kharzan hmms a bit "Knowing them? Who knows. They may have gone umm back to the Harper Hall, they're both Journeyman." he shrugs a little "Or gone on elsewhere." Hopefully far away. "They umm, like to tease too much." he says and just shakes his head. It's obvious that he does care for them, but they're annoying.

Amarante is dressed a touch more warmly for the incoming fall days. The drizzle has soaked up most of the light, leaving it low. She's got a hide-bound tome in her hands, however, that seems to also be waterproof. Or at least, it's wearing a waterproof covering at this point. It may well be something from her craft, and therefore MADE to be waterproof. There is truly no telling. That said, she's just carrying it as she comes out to the garden terrace, humming softly as she goes. Even the drizzle and chill can't keep her from being a touch cheerful. Hearing voices, she pauses in her humming to have a good look around and, upon spotting Kharzan and Zorya, she breaks into a grin and waves. "Hey there!" she calls in greeting.

"I meant.." Zorya starts, glancing towards Kharzan, but then he explains in less detail. "Oh, yeah.. that can be.." and she just nods before the voice of another candidate catches her ears. Turning to send a smile towards the girl she adds a bit of a wave, welcoming her to join them, "Hi Amarante."

Kharzan nods a little and then his head is shifting. A little bit of a nod is given to Amarante and then he goes back to his plate. He grimaces a little as it's gone cold. He's been picking at it too long. "It'll be weird I think, going back to jsut crafting again." he murmurs

Amarante cocks her head a little at them as she arrives, hearing just enough of Kharzan's statement to get the gist of it. "You don't think you'll Impress?" she asks him as she nods at Zorya's greeting. "I do." She grins wider. "I have faith in you! I think one of the dragons will want you as their lifemate, no problem." She shrugs a little. "I mean, may as well have some of that hope in you just in case, you know?"

"You don't.." Zorya's words echo Amarante's and she lets them trail off into nothingness. "She's right." she adds once the other girl has finished, sending a nod towards her. "The dragons picked ya ta stand after all."

Kharzan shrugs a little "I dunno really." he says after a moment "I mean, they'd never showed much interest and all before and umm." he shakes his head a little "I think Es'naks bronze may have been I dunno, sufferin' from teh rain anda ll. He was kinda out of sorts I think." he notes. "I mean, I don't think I ain't Impressin' I just well, I dunno."

Amarante grins a bit and chuckles. "Es'nak's bronze," she replies mildly, "chose me as well. Let's hope that he knew what he was doing, given it's my third time to Stand for a clutch." She shrugs again, this time with a more helpless air. What's there to do about it? "The dragons know somehow. Maybe not this one, maybe not the next, but at some point… IF you choose to Stand when they ask you, at least."

Zorya nods. "See, she explains it better." she notes. She'd had to have that talk a few days ago with a friend. But yes, "Ya been keepin busy Amarante?" she asks idly. Of course, the answer is probably yes being a candidate and all, but it is idle conversation.

Kharzan just nods a little as he listens and then lets the conversation slide over towards Amarante. Yes, put her in the limelight. He glances over towards her "Who've ya been shadwoin' and all?" he asks curiously.

Amarante nods at Zorya quickly. "I have. Between the Candidate stuff and the Craft stuff I get to do, at least. I'm sort of happy that we have fewer chores here, but I'm also feeling… odd about it. I'm used to working my tail off tending children, washing dragons, doing laundry and dishes, helping cook, serving others… you name it!" She shakes her head slightly. "But I won't complain. Shadowing is more fun anyway." She grimaces a little. So far, it's been Es'nak and a couple of others in the other wings than Deluge. I can't remember their names right now, though, because it was only once for both of them and I don't know them." She pauses a moment. "I wonder if we get to shadow any weyrlings they might have here?"

"You know, speaking of craft stuff…" Zorya thinks aloud, moving quietly to her feet. "There's some things Ah should be workin on fer that. Hopefully we can catch up again later." The last mostly directed towards Amarante but Kharzan is easily enough included.

Kharzan gives a nod to Zorya "Yeah, I umm should be doind some myself." he notes quietly and bestirs himself ot get something warm to drink. "Shadowing is kinda umm fun. Been talkin' with S'dan and all and I'll be getting in some training with crossbows too." he looks pleased at that thought.

Amarante lifts her brows at Kharzan. "Really?" She grins a bit. "I hardly think I'd be good at handling weapons," she admits. "I'd probably manage to stab myself or something silly like that!" She laughs a little, but waves towards Zorya. "See you later," she offers to the girl. And then to Kharzan, she also adds, "Aw, if you have to I suppose…"

Kharzan stands there a moment with his drink and then just settles back down "I don't umm suppose I have too. I've the rest of the umm day off and all." He notes "Just figured I'd well work on things. But I can wait." he says "But, it might be good to know. I mean, Flame wing has had to defend from renegades and all and well. Kinda figured, if I umm did Impress, it ah could be an option."

Amarante nods at him quickly. "Quite!" she agrees quickly. "Deluge fits well with my Dolphineering," she points out. "So I'm thinking if I Impress, I can do something for it." She pauses and then adds as an aside, "Not that we can't help out the Wings we want to even if we DON'T Impress, you know…"

Kharzan hmms a little and nods "True." he notes looking thoughtful "That's umm true. Hadn't umm really thought about that." he adds and hmms "Course, don't think umm Deluge would be the best for. I mean I'm uh, not very good in the water and all."

Amarante shakes her head at him again, giggling just a little. "Silly," she teases him gently. "I meant any of the Wings. Even Flame, if you wanted, instead of Deluge. I'm just saying…" She cocks her head at him. "What will you do if you do Impress? I mean… say you Impress a bronze. That means you might get to be weyrleader someday, you know?"

Kharzan frowns a little "I'm not real sure. I mean, I'm told I can still practice my craft and all. S'dan says not much changes in some ways, you just have a dragon. Less you umm want things to change." he looks thoughful "I suppose, if I did and all. Well, I dunno. I mean that's only if he flies the senior and well, I dunno."

Amarante nods at him again. "Browns sometimes fly golds too," she admits. "But not all the time. Anyway, I was thinking about it myself. Not that I really think I'd get a gold," she remarks with a gesture. "But I'm female and there may be one on the sands, so…" She hesitates. "It's something I have to consider," she says with a shrug. "And that's a lot of responsibility even for a Senior Journeyman Dolphineer - to potentially run an entire weyr as a Senior Weyrwoman AND do Craft duties…" She smiles a bit. "But I suppose that's something we all have to think about during Candidacy, right?"

Kharzan hmms a little "I think, umm something like that, you should well devote your time to one or well another. I mean it's not fair to those who umm look to you for guidance if you're ah dividing you time and all. I dunno, I mean I may even get umm blue." a pause. Faranth forbid a green.

Amarante laughs a little. "No, it's not fair, and I'd have to choose weyr over craft in that case," she agrees mildly. "But blues aren't so bad. I'm just partial to browns because my father is a brownrider at Western, and the first time I was ever Searched, and the second, it was by some very pleasant browns." She smiles nostalgically. "Browns are good dragons. Sturdy, hard workers… dependable too."

Kharzan hmms a little as he tilts his head some "Does that umm mean, you'ld well, you'ld like to Impress a brown?" he asks curiously.

Amarante shrugs her shoulders again. "I wouldn't mind it," she replies softly. "I have a soft spot for them. But it's just Impressing a dragon that matters to me, really. I don't care what the color of its hide is in the end. The fact that it chose me is the most important thing."

Kharzan gives a little nod "Yeah, I think any would be good." a pause and then he shakes his head "No, not umm true. I think if I Impressed a gold, That umm would not be good."

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