Is this what Candidates get to do at Eastern? Nap?

Eastern Weyr - Treetop Pathway
Pathways and platforms run between the tops of the larger trees that border on Eastern's caverns, creating an above ground network. Working within the natural beauty of this unique landscaping, the huts have been created to fit in with the surroundings. Many of them are constructed to catch as much of the canopy breezes as possible.

A tree shakes a little as up above a dragon lands and a moment or two later, D'son drops down to the path, looking up at where Inimeth lurks still in the tree-tops, the bronze looking to and fro. "Some climb," the rider murmurs to himself and pulls his jacket open slightly, checking on the messages that are tucked away in an inner pocket.

Early afternoon finds Eastern in one of the hottest parts of the day, and as such few are very busy with much of anything in particular, most making use of the heat as reason for a break. Zorya is one such, having found a place in the shade on one of the platforms that dot the treetop path. Settled into the corner of a bench there, her feet pulled up to rest on the edge in front of her.

With it so hot, D'son doesn't waste time divesting himself of his jacket and switches his messages into his pants pockets, all but the message tube which he holds onto while tying the jacket 'round his waist. He's fanning himself with an envelope as he moves on down the path, and that's when he spots a pair of feet on a bench. Blinking in surprise, he follows feet up to face and recognizes Zorya. The bronzerider comes to a halt, leaning his leg lightly against the edge of one the bench's arms and folds his arms across his chest. "Is this what Candidates get to do at Eastern? Nap?"

The voice is enough to catch Zorya's attention and she pulls her blue-eyed gaze from the paper on her knees towards its source. The voice was seemingly familiar, but the face being one she hasn't see for awhile brings a smile to her lips until she realizes the question at hand. "..No.. just," she frowns a bit, "we have a bit of a break in things right now is all…" Where anyone else might have easily asked what he's doing here, she fails to ask.

"Breaks're good," D'son decides and actually smiles at Zorya. "What're you reading? And shells is the view here ever incredible. Inimeth is having a blast up there," he waves vaguely upward towards the polished bronze shape of his dragon, leaning almost dangerously out from the branches.

Zorya shrugs lightly, "Just some notes from lessons, nothing particularly interesting." she replies, glancing up towards the bronze as he's mentioned. "Ah guess its alright… Ah like it cause its a bit quieter than the caverns." Fewer people around at any given point in time and all that.

"Harper lessons?" D'son asks and nods about quieter. "Yeah, hear you there. It's nice having my own weyr for that now. Tuck up with Inimeth with a book and just read. Come out when we /want/ comapany." He takes a short breath, lets it out. "Happy here?"

Zorya nods at his first question. Yes, Harper lessons. "Yeah, suppose that would be nice…" she agrees, "Ah've never had my own room." At the last however she glances towards the bronze again, if only for distraction. "Ah like it alright.." she settles on the answer, though it doesn't particularly answer the question.

"Yeah. Me neither. Y'know, lower caverns-raised and all," D'son explains, one hand lifting to scrub through hair that he's been letting grow too long again so it's shaggy and falling in his eyes. "It was a little weird getting used to at first, but I like it just fine now." He eyes her for a moment and clears his throat. "So uh — when're they saying the eggs will hatch?"

Zorya blinks back to D'son with a light shrug of her shoulders. "I'm not really sure. Not too very much longer Ah guess…" she replies. She pauses for a moment, gaze falling to the page before flickering back to the rider. "Don't let me keep you though, Ah'm sure you've got things ta do." She's fairly certain he didn't come to Eastern just to see her.

"Weeks or days?" D'son asks with a little grin, then blinks down at her. "Just messages," and he gives that tube a wave. "Mostly came to see the place an uh — you know, thought I'd see if I could catch up with you."

"Weeks." Zorya replies. Its not -that- close yet. And then she falls silent and just blinks at the boy. "… Ya mean..? Well 't'is nice ta see someone from Ista. Zipalla was here a couple days ago." a slight smile pulling to her lips at the mention of her cousin. "Ah guess Ah've missed alot bein' gone.."

"Right, lots of time yet," D'son says with a little nod and he shrugs lightly. "Yeah. Combining duty and visit to a friend," he says, head ducking a little sheepishly. "And yeah? Did you guys have fun together? Bet you miss her, huh?" Shoulders lift again. "Not too much, I mean you know, life at Ista. People coming to enjoy the sand, play games in the Sable Sands, eat good food. Did get to help turn a swamped fishing boat a couple of weeks back."

Zorya nods. "Yeah, it was good to see her. We got ta catch up a bit." She nods again at the remark about Ista. "Ah suppose your right. .. Oh? What happened?" With the boat obviously. "Ya can sit down if ya like.." she finally offers, perhaps just being clear that he did come in part for her and in realization that he's still standing.

"Good, I mean you two seemed close and well, you know, it's good to be able to stay that way. With family." D'son's hand gestures vaguely, maybe towards where he thinks the ocean is. "Just some big waves. Not a big boat or anything, you know, it happens, they flip and it's easy enough for dragons to flip 'em back," his hand turns over from front to back and there's a grin as he settles down onto the bench beside her. "Thanks."

Zorya nods again, in reply to both the information on the boat and the comment on the cousins. "Yeah, it was good to know she's still doin' alright. … She said Niah had the babies, and Uncle L'ton got hurt but he's doin' alright now an brought a cousin ta help with Niah." she explains.

"Babies, can't imagine trying to deal with more than one at once," D'son says with a little hunching of his shoulders. "Good she's got help though, yeah?"

"That's what Zipalla'd said anyway." Zorya replies with half a nod to the boy's question. She's quiet for a long moment then before speaking up again. "So.. how's everythin' with you?"

Silence chez Dels too, the bronzerider looking out over the trees, hand moving to shove his hair back again. The question brings his gaze over Zorya's way and yeah, he shrugs again. "Pretty good, settling into the wing okay now, even with all the changeups with the wingleader. Days are kind of getting into a pattern and all and I'm going to ask about the Smithcraft soon."

"Good to hear." Zorya returns, pulling a bit of a smile to her lips as she looks over to the boy again. "So.. what did ya do in Smithcraft anyway?" she asks, partly in curiosity partly in effort to converse and not let that awkward quiet settle in too much.

"Oh, um, well I didn't actually ever really get started. I mean, I wasn't an apprentice," D'son explains, drawing one foot up to rest on the edge of the bench, arm slinging around his shin lightly. "I fostered to my grandparents, see. And I was learning some things. Anyway, I messed up and got sent home and I should've apologized so I could go back and apprentice, only I was being stupid and didn't. And then I got Searched. So y'know, I'd like to go back now that things are settling out."

Zorya ohs. So maybe she shouldn't have asked about that… "Ah guess we all got thins we shoulda done different, huh." she comments, setting the paper on the bench beside her. "Better late than never, right? Ah'm sure they'll be happy ta have ya back. Ah mean they are your grandparents.."

"Yeah, I got … I dunno, stuck on my pride or something," D'son continues with another little shrug and shoots a tentative smile Zorya's way. "Inimeth helped a lot with all that actually, the whole thing just doesn't seem that important anymore. I already apologized, been to visit a bunch. So now it's just a matter of clearing it all with my wingleader and scheduling and all that."

"Shouldn't have any problems with that then." Zorya replies, "Ah mean, maybe with schedulin' or somethin', but…" Well he knows what she means, or he should anyway. "…" The girl looks towards her papers, slowly pulling her gaze back up, "Ya ever lived anywhere other than Ista?"

"Yeah, here's hoping," D'son says with a long exhale and looks over as Zorya's head moves. "Am I keeping you from studying?" His head both bobs then shakes, then bobs again. "Um, well those couple of turns at the Smithcraft yeah, but then back at Ista. Never anywhere else."

Zorya shakes her head. "Nah, its alright. Studyin'll wait. Not every day Ah got people visitin' meh." She's just not sure what to say though it seems. A bit awkward.. and she nods a his answer to her question. "So ya always had family around then, huh."

That makes two for awkward. Dels is better at the whole social thing than when he was a candidate, but it's still something of an effort for him to just make conversation. "Well good then, I uh — well I've kind of missed you," D'son continues and rubs at the back of his neck sheepishly. "And he does," a look up towards Inimeth. "When I remind him." More nodding follows though. "Oh yeah, I'm lucky see, my folks spent time with me, not just my foster-mother."

There's that awkwardness in shifting of gaze, but then Zorya blinks back to the bronze rider. "Ya .. missed me?" she asks, somewhere between shock and confusion. "Ah mean… Zipalla Ah knew but.." That anyone else would seems to be something of a surprise to the girl. She trails off, letting her gaze move towards the bronze as he's mentioned again. That's a safe direction, yes?

The trees are very interesting to look at this time of turn. "Yeah." Just that for an answer and D'son's chin rests atop his knee. Inimeth turns and looks downward, eyes still visibly blue, his mood happy as he regards Zorya in turn. "He says you learned how to scratch the right way, quickly."

"Um.. thanks?" Zorya half questions her reply. What does one say to that anyway? "Ah.. had a good teacher.." she adds, turning back a light blush painted across her cheeks. "Ah.. Ah miss Ista sometimes.."

Shrug. Of course. "I don't … make friends easily," D'son says slowly and tips his face down behind his knee a little, bridge of nose resting against the back of his thigh. "Yeah? What about it? Me I can't really imagine really living anywhere else, but we like to go see places, Inimeth and me."

"Ya seem ta make 'em easy enough…" Zorya replies. "Ah mean ya got a nice girlfriend, an' all the rest of 'em ya impressed with. Ya made friends with me.. even taught me nah to be 'fraid of 'im." the girl give a nod in the direction of Inimeth as she tries to encourage the boy. She shrugs then, "Ah dunno.. Ah guess jus' livin' at the cothold for so long Ah hadn't really gone anywhere an now Ah been goin all over an…"

"Well not really, I mean, Aisling and I are close, but it took a long time for me to be okay with Mike. Er. K'ael. And I dunno about F'yr sometimes. Dryssa just weirds me out, but we're friendly enough." He takes a deep breath, lets it out. "You're one of the first people I've been able to talk to like that in a long time and it's because of him," his head tilts too towards Inimeth. "And I guess you're kind of easy to talk to. And it's interesting isn't it? Seeing places?"

"K'ael isn't exactl' someone everyone likes." Zorya offers. "Ah mean, Uncle L'ton doesn't even like 'im all that much." And who does Ton really not like? "..Ah guess Ah am.." If he says so, though far be it from her to object. She shrugs lightly, "Its interestin' ta see, Ah guess…" though she doesn't sound fully convinced of it. "But Ah ain't been back… An Ah mean Ah meet people an all, but…" Sigh.

"I guess you just have to get to know him. K'ael I mean. At first I just didn't know how to take someone who was so … um … hm, nudge nudge wink wink, all the time?" D'son's shoulders roll a little, awkward again. The rest of what Zorya says brings his gaze over and then he offers a hand over hesitantly. "Miss home?"

"A little maybe…" Zorya admits, though its not particularly something she wants to discuss. "Ah guess he's alright, K'ael Ah mean. He seemed nice enough besides all the.. well like ya said." That nudge nudge wink wink thing the other bronzer has going on.

D'son nods and drops his hand, wraps both back around his shin. "Yeah. He bought us all food and beers when we were candidates even though I wasn't old enough. So y'know, generous." And there's a small smile from Dels. "But all that flexing and posing and the teasing is kind of … a lot."

Zorya giggles. "Yeah, he does kinda like ta show off." she agrees, a smile forming. "Scared me half to death when him and Azaeth were showin' off. Him an Zipalla talked me inta lettin him give me a ride," Her first, and its probably a wonder that she didn't turn off dragons and riders after that.

"Ohh he gave you a ride? Wow, you've had um, calmer other rides since then, right?" D'son asks this carefully and then he grins suddenly. "He has good beer most of the time. I like hanging out with him now, even if we don't say much."

Zorya nods. "Oh yeah, Pi took meh ta Harper when Ah went there. An A'ven brought meh here, an here there's been a bit more with shadowin' an all." Though she for one, still prefers to have her feet on the ground. "Ah still aint like it ta much."

"Right." D'son waits a moment then goes on. "Well that's good and hopefully if you Impress well you'll like it because it's something you do with your dragon. It's … totally different."

Zorya just eyes him for a moment. "Ah.. guess." she hesitates to agree. "Ya'd know better bout that than Ah do." He having already impressed. "What was it like for ya?" she hesitates to ask. "When Inimeth found ya.."

"Yeah. I didn't have a problem with flying, I mean, my parents are both riders, so I was used to it, but it was just … so different going up with /him/," D'son says in one of the longest sentences he's probably uttered in a while. "When he found me? Oh shells, I started itching all over, felt like I was going to peel right out of my skin and then just … everything got kind of wiped away and it was just me and him and it was …" he sighs softly, face all open and lit up and vulnerable, "perfect."

"Yeah, that makes sense," Zorya replies after a long pause. "Bein use ta it helps, an I suppose with what some of 'em have told meh bout how ya.. well how ya tagetha.." That link that only a rider can truely understand. And then she hesitates a bit more before venturing to ask the next. "Where ya scared before?"

"Not scared, no, but nervous some," D'son says, leaning his cheek atop his knee. "I'm weyrbred so I kind of knew what to expect. Sort of. But there's not really a way to /know/ know, until it happens. It's just totally amazing. Better than just about anything else."

Zorya ohs. Right, there's that having been raised around it thing again. Another long pause as her gaze wanders, "..D'son?.." and she waits for an answer before she continues. "Ah'm scared." she admits, biting her lip, "An nervous some ta."

D'son's head lifts and he blinks over at Zorya. "Oh … well, sure, I mean that's normal. Plenty of the others were scared," he explains and then he waits a moment, scoots a little closer and offers his hand palm up. "It'll be okay, Zorya. I guess, only thing to kind of be scared of is getting hurt and if you keep your wits about you, you won't. So um … it'll be okay. I swear." At a loss for words, Dels tries to reassure anyway.

Zorya forces a smile as she looks back, placing her own hand into the one he offers. "..Thanks.." Maybe she just needed someone she knew to assure her. "Jus dun tell Zipalla and L'ton? She wants ta impress, an she's excited that Ah was searched an Ah'm sure Uncle L'ton is ta." Not that she's heard from him, but he's busy.

D'son squeezes Zorya's hand gently. "Won't say a word," he promises. "And if I can, I'll come to the hatching, okay? Cheer you on."

Zorya keeps that smile pasted on as she nods. "Thanks." she says again followed by a blink at his making the hatching. "Ya dun have ta. Ah know ya busy enough. An ifin ya gonna work on gettin back inta Smithcraft.." Well he's going to be even busier. "Ah'd hate ta trouble ya with that ta."

"Since when is a hatching trouble, and you know, to come see a friend maybe move on to one of the most important things in her life ever?" D'son's tone is sincere, his gaze earnest as he seeks out Zorya's. His hand squeezes once more than draws away.

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Zorya nods a bit, letting her gaze drop. "Ah guess…" she agrees, "But only if ya can. If ya busy an can't make it…" Well she said that already.

"Yeah, I know, if I'm too busy, I'm not to show up, got it," D'son says with a little bit of teasing in his voice. "Seriously Zorya, I hope it turns out the way you want it to."

Zorya bites her lip, lifting her eyes for a moment though its short-lived and she soon pulls her hand from his, if he lets her. Resting her forehead on her knees and wrapping her arms about them. "Ah dunno that Ah know how Ah want it ta." Which might be part of why she wasn't excited and wanting him to be there.

D'son sets his hand down atop the bench and looks over at her, chewing on his own lip and trying to sort that out. "Do you uh — well do you just want things to stay the way they are?" His foot scuffs at the ground with one booted toe.

Zorya shakes her head. It's just stress of being a candidate or something. Yes? "At home Ah thought Ah knew what Ah wanted." And then she left… "So Ah went ta find Uncle L'ton. An then… well Ah was there so Ah had ta see bout bein a harper an Ah like it but Ah missed Ista, an when A'ven asked meh ta stand, Ton and Zip an everyon'd been sayin how Ah would an Ah figured Ah should least give it a try…"

D'son just listens quietly and picks a little at a loose thread in his pants. "So … sounds like you liked being a harper and um … being at Ista, but this is kind of hard?" Where this is here. Eastern.

Zorya lifts her shoulders, shrugging. "Ah liked Ista once Ah got useta it." she replies with a sigh, turning to rest her cheek on her knees so that she's facing him. "But Ah had Zipalla there ta help, but here… What if Ah impress? Its so far from anywhere Ah know, an Ah dunno anythin bout dragons… an what if Ah don't? L'ton and Zipalla an you an Zh'ae an everyone'll be disappointed."

"Um. Well you know, that's what the Weyrlingmaster is for, right? To teach you all that stuff," D'son points out and clears his throat. "And I'll come visit and I can bring Zipalla with me sometimes and — yeah. It's far," he says quietly and looks down at his boots. "Y'know, even if you don't Impress this time, there's always another if you want to try again. You could come back to Ista and stand there."

Zorya ohs softly, nodding as he goes on. "Right.." People teach that stuff. She did know that.. "Really?" she asks then, looking over curiously as he goes on about if not. "Thanks.." she offers a smile as she reaches out with a hand to rest it on the boy's knee.

D'son grins over at Zorya, nodding. "Sure, if you got Searched once, you could again," he says confidently and colors just a little at her hand on his knee. One arm unfolds and he moves to rest his hand lightly on her shoulder in turn.

Zorya takes a deep breath and nods, coloring a bit herself as she pulls her hand back to the bench. "Right." she agrees. "Eitha way it'll be good." she tries to assure herself with a smile for the rider. "Thanks…" she starts again, "For all this Ah mean. Ya didn't have ta."

D'son gives the girl's shoulder a squeeze and pulls his hand back to his side of the bench. "Yeah," he says, head bobbing and shrugs. "Wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't, yeah?"

"Ya'd be a fine friend without." Zorya replies, the smile on her lips genuine. "Jus a betta one for bein there. Ya really missed meh though?" she asks, still somewhat skeptical that he didn't just happen upon her in message delivery.

"Uh — well thanks," D'son says, coloring just a titch again and then he nods a few times. "I did. I was going to stop by the Barracks after delivering these," he waves that long-abandoned message tube around. "But I found you before instead. And I guess I should get these to where these belong, and me back to Ista." He takes a breath before continuing. "Hang in there okay?"

Zorya nods. "Prolly should." she agrees, glancing towards the sky and then back to D'son. "Ah should prolly be getting back ta things myself." she adds, stretching her legs out in front of her for a moment before getting to her feet. "Ah will, and would ya tell Uncle L'ton Ah'm doin alright?"

D'son shifts to his feet as well as Zorya stands and nods. "Okay, good luck with all that and you betcha I will," the bronzerider says with a smile. He hesitates for just a moment, then leans in, meaning apparently to brush a kiss against the girl's cheek. "I'll be seein' you, Zorya." Then he turns to head on down the path to complete his mission for the day.

"Thanks again." Zorya smiles. And then he's leaning in and there's a … kiss? Which only leaves the girl with a look of confusion and a crimson sweep across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. "…Yeah, Ah'll see ya." she agrees as he heads off. Well that was… interesting.

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