Busy Miss Candidate?!

Eastern Weyr - Treetop Pathway
Pathways and platforms run between the tops of the larger trees that border on Eastern's caverns, creating an above ground network. Working within the natural beauty of this unique landscaping, the huts have been created to fit in with the surroundings. Many of them are constructed to catch as much of the canopy breezes as possible.

Rider shadowing, chores here and there. Thus have Zorya's days been since her arrival at Eastern and this afternoon is no different. "Yes sir." she nods politely as she ducks out of one of the many huts along the upper pathways of the weyr to head down the path towards the gallery.

With a little spring in her step and a smile on her face, Zipalla simply waits til the "sir" is gone then she hums and steps into Zorya's path. "Busy Miss Candidate?!" she chirps, giggling, suddenly hugging her cousin. "Zorya! I've missed you so much! I heard you got searched.. you'll impress before me!"

Zorya blinks, glancing up from her thoughts to the sound of a very familiar voice and a .. hug? And soon she's clinging back to the cousin returning the girl's embrace. "Zipalla! I've missed you too. I'm soo sorry."

Zipalla grins and then just holds her close for a good while. "Sorry for what? Leaving me?!" she chirps then smiles, "Don't be sorry.. you have dreams too.. I'm happy for you..how have you been? Tell me all about it!"

Zorya shakes her head, taking a step back to continue conversation and offer the girl a soft smile. "Oh no. Well, that too… I really didn't mean to leave you like that. And I didn't mean to get searched before you. It just sort of.. well happened."

"I know Zorya..I AM happy for you.. mine will find me..I hope it's Dhon..I'm waiting.." she says with a soft smile. "On a lot of things.." then she inhales and hugs her again. "Are you allowed to sit with me and talk a while?"

"I'm sure you will be Zipalla. If anyone's suited for it its you." Zorya replies, nodding quietly in response her cousin's question. "I have some time. … Actually, it'd be really nice to get to sit and talk to you for awhile."

The younger girl beams and nods, "Good then.. lead the way, Candidate.." she says, proudly. She's dressed differently and may even look different or seem different, she's been through a lot of late.

There are so many questions and yet Zorya doesn't ask any of them as she leads towards one of the randomly placed platforms along the path. "Please Zipalla…" She'd rather not be called 'candidate' by her cousin despite the other girl's excitement of it. ".. So .. How have you been?"

Zip tilts her head then nods a little, "Sorry.." she says then takes a seat. "Oh.. not too bad I guess.. I'm more interested in you.." she says with a soft smile. "You doing ok up here?"

"Its okay." Zorya assures, finding a seat beside the girl. "I'm alright." Though she doesn't exactly sound as sincere about her answer as she could be. She glances towards the girl, drawing her gaze from her hands for the moment. "I've missed you as much as you've me I'm sure."

"Zorya.. what's wrong? Are you making friends here? Have you met someone…more than friendly?" she asks, grinning. "I dunno.. I really thought I might move up here with you for a while."

Zorya blinks. "Ah.." She shakes her head, "No, nothing like that." There are no boys! Thankfully? "Why would ya want ta do that? Not that Ah'd mind havin' ya here, but Ah'm busy with chores and shadowin' and everythin' and after the hatchin' Ah'll be goin' back ta the hall…"

A giggle. So much fun to tease her cousin. "Oh.. just.." and she looks away a little. "Huh..I don't even know where to begin..or if I should.. things are better now."

Zorya looks back to the girl, question in her expression. "Better?" she echoes with concern. "What happened?" Clearly something did. "Is everything alright Zipalla?"

"Everything is alright enough. I just.. let myself get too used to things and now it's different.. I have two kittens now and two firelizards, I just got the one little green last sevenday.." she says, clearly unsure how to even put her story into words.

Zorya nods slowly. "That's… good?" she replies, somewhat unsure of what to say in response. "Ya sure everythin's alright Zipalla?" she asks of her cousin. Isn't it nice how she can turn the subject away from her.

She bites her lip for a moment then nods, "Things with K'ael.." she says softly then her cheeks go pink. "I guess.. well.. got in a little over my head.. so something like that." Always easier to use other people's words. "I learned how to kiss though.." she says with a flick of a glance, waiting to see what Zorya says.

Zorya blinks, and might just have done a double take if she hadn't already been looking at the girl. "What…" Color her confused. "What happened?" Obviously -something- did.

"I was staying with Mike..K'ael.." she corrects herself. "Well you knew that.. but.. eventually I was there every night.. word was getting around I guess and some girls broke into his weyr and got his booze. We arrived while they were there adn they were calling us weyrmates and it was a mess. I went to Ton and when he found out I was staying with M..K'ael.. he went a little nuts.." she grins. Pause. Let that sink in.

"Zipalla," Zorya tries not to chide the girl. She's more than likely gotten enough about it already. "…Ah, imagine he woulda." she agrees regarding L'ton's reaction to the news. "Nothin' happened though, Ah mean with ya and K'ael..?" Beat. "Ah'm sorry Zipalla. THat's not why ya were thinkin' of comin' here, is it?"

Her eyes avert downward and she looks at her hands, "Well.. nothing.. physical.. just.." and she frowns. "Hurt so bad to have to leave, Zorya..was so nice to have someone to hold..and.. kiss.." then she sighs. "It was only kissing.. he taught me how.. said he wanted me with him.. then after Ton made me leave..the next time I saw him he said he was going to be seeing other girls.. which you know..I figured but.." and she shakes her head. "It is all so confusing.. he said he loved me.. but since we can't be together THAT way.. he wants other girls.."

Zorya reaches a hand over to pat the girl's shoulder and pull her into a hug. "It'll be alright." she attempts to assure the younger girl. "Boys are… well they're as confusin' ta us as they think we are." Or something like that anyway. "They're just… boys." As if that explains it all. "Ya'll find someone even better than K'ael."

Zip snuggles up to Zorya then nods her head, "They are confusing…" she admits. "I thought I might leave for a while at first but things are a little better now..I've seen him and we are at least able to talk.." she says with a nod. She doesn't comment on that last.

Zorya nods. "Well that's good at least." she replies. "Ya always told me ya were just friends anyway. Maybe that's the way it was suppose ta be?" she offers. "Things don't tend ta end up the way ya expect them ta." And on that she's speaking from experience.

Her brows furrow slightly at the offered advice/observation but then Zipalla just nods, "Guess so.." is all she says. "So…Niah's boys were born.. I got to see them.. Ton hired her a nanny..well stole her one from Shipton..she's fourteen and has a baby already..by her own father.." she says with a frown. "But we don't talk about that.."

"Really?" Zorya replies, "That's so great for her." Her being Niah of course, "Both boys then, huh." And then the comment on the nanny hits. "..From .. Shipton..?" She sounds surprised, and then the rest of the information is realized and she blinks. "Zaenar? … She came?"

Zipalla nods her head, "Ton got a broken arm out of the deal but he's all healed up now.. and Niah has help with the babies though her help also has a baby so.. I'm not sure who is helping who, a community effort I guess.."

Zorya nods slowly. Well as long as he's alright now she's not going to ask Zip any more about that. "How's she doin'? Zaenar, and Ellyza… I ain't seen her since she was jus' born..


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