It's always unexpected that's certain.

Eastern Weyr - Beach
To either side, as far as the eyes can see, sand stretches out with darkling black fingers towards the caress of the brightly blue ocean that encroaches and retreats from the shore in gentle lapping waves. The jungle is dense, although it relents and thins along the border between sand and forest, and there is a clear pathway leading back towards the weyr. Animals and birds can often be heard rustling amid the bright foliage of the jungle.

Jeread is sitting on the sand looking out into the ocean, he seems to be totally relaxed enjoying the sea breeze and the lapping of the water on the sand. "I sometimes wonder what my life would be like if I'd remained at home, then thinking back on all that has happened to me since I left I know I did the right thing." The words are spoken softly but with no attempt to prevent anyone from hearing them if they were close enough to him.

Zorya has been working on getting to know her way around the place when she has the chance and today that has meant a walk along the beach. Coming up to the area of the sandy stretch were Jeread sits the young man draws the blonde's gaze. "You left home too, huh..?" she half asks as she steps nearer, having apparently heard his commentary to himself.

Jeread turns at the sound of the voice and then nods, "Yes though for me it's been a few turns since I left, I've managed to get searched for Fort Weyr and Ista Weyr both times left standing. At the time I thought that the world had come to an end for me being left on the sands twice." Jeread straightens out before continuing "I've seen you before around the weyr but I don't think we've been properly introduced, I'm Jeread late of Fort Weyr."

Zorya ohs, as he perhaps overly explains. She the nods, "Yeah, Ah haven't been here that long really. A sevenday maybe.." She's been busy enough she's not exactly sure on the number of days. "Wel met Jaread. Ah'm Zorya." The knot on her shoulder denoting her as a candidate though she neglects to say anything regarding it.

"Well met Zorya, how are you doing at finding your way around the weyr? It's layout is a bit different from the others I've been at but I kind of like it." Jeread wiggles his toes in the sand a moment "I like the huts they have here, reminds me of home."

Zorya shrugs lightly. "Alright Ah guess," she replies, "Still tryin ta figure out where some things are, but gettin there Ah guess. Then again since Ah left home there's been -alot- ta get used ta." She pauses for a moment. "Ya mind if Ah sit?" she finally asks, glancing down to the sand beside him.

Jeread shakes his head, "No not at all please feel free, it's a beautiful view from here and the weather is just right." Jeread smiles and glances again out into the ocean "I find it a little strange that we have no real chores to do, not that I mind it!"
"This is.. my first time." Zorya notes quietly as she settles to the ground beside him. "So, Ah guess. They keep us plenty busy still though." While he has comparison, she doesn't. "Ah jus feel rather outta place yet."

Jeread leans back propping himself up on his arms, "Not surprising, I think everyone does to one extent or another the first time. I mean it's a lot to take in, having a dragon decide you're just what they're looking for, wisked away from your home to a strange place…" Jeread smiles "I know it took a while for me to get settled in the first time."

Zorya nods a bit as he talks, "A guess," she agrees, blue eyes looking out over the water. "Ah was jus gettin use ta Harper Hall and then this." She sighs softly before looking over to the other, "Is it always so strange? Bein searched Ah mean."

"I don't know if I'd call it strange or not, it's always unexpected that's certain. Each time for me was a surprise, specially after the first time." Jeread gets a distant look in his eyes as he recalls that first time, "I don't think you'd get used to it."

Zorya nods her agreement. "Ah dun know how ya could." she comments, gaze drifting back to the water. "Ah mean its not like ya know its coming or anythin. They're jus there an asking."

"Yes and their riders don't have any idea either, so not only is it a surprise for us but for them as well." Jeread laughs in rememberance "I remember the first time I was searched the rider was incredulous that his dragon thought I'd be a good candidate for the clutch. Not exactly a confidence builder let me tell you."

Zorya laughs just a bit as he does. "Yeah, don't imagine that'd be." she agrees, "They wanted me ta dance, and then Ah open my eyes an the dragon's trying ta or something Ah guess is what we decided." It was… odd to say the least. "An the rider wasn't sure what was goin on either, but he was ready ta leave and the dragon wouldn' have it."

Jeread grins as Zorya tells her experience, "Sounds like it was quite an interesting time, thing is the dragons know what they want and there is nothing their rider can do to change their mind no matter what." Another laugh escapes his lips, "Other candidates have told me simular stories, where they were asked to do things that made no sense to them or the dragon's rider. I guess they have their own reason for it."

"Oh, they didn' ask me." Zorya clarifies with a shake of her head, "Ah'm ah Harper Apprentice. Ah'd been practicing an one ah the masters was there ta. He's the one who asked meh." The other Harper. "Ah jus keep gettin furtha from home is all.." Seems that that's getting to her more lately too.

"Ahhh I see my mistake, but I know what you mean about getting further away from home. Have you given any thought to what you'll do if you impress?" Jeread sits up straight stretching his arms above his head then putting them down beside himeself, "I mean would you continue to advance in the harper craft after weyrlinghood or do something else?"

Zorya shakes her head in reply, "Not really." she pauses, "Ah dun really know much bout dragons, an Ah just started in the craft. Ah like it an all, but -if- Ah impress," emphasis on the if, "Ah dunno for sure. Probaly. How bout you?" she turns the question back, bringing her gaze to the boy once again. "What ya doin when ya not a candidate?"

Jeread stops and considers the answer to that question, "Well if you'd have asked me after the last time I was left standing I'm not sure how I'd have answered you, but I'm a handyman repairing things from chairs to fences to doors. Have done some fishing as well so either one of those I really do enjoy. If I impress this time I think I'll look to be trained in search and rescue work." Tucking his legs under him Jeread smiles, "I do like working with my hands a lot so will have to see what comes up."

Zorya nods as she listens. "Must be pretty good at it." she replies, "And Ah think if ya gonna do somethin might as well be somethin ya like an' ya good at. Othawise just int fun at all, an' when it gets like that… well then ya jus dun wanna do it." It makes sense to her anyway.

"True it's the reason I left home in the first place, I just couldn't see myself doing what my father was doing." A small grin forms on his lips, "Father was less than pleased at my choice to leave, though mom worked her magic on him and convinced him that it was a good thing for me to leave. I think he'd have tied me up to stop me if mom hadn't intervened."

Zorya ohs. This seeming to pique her interest a bit though she doesn't press further. Sound strangely familiar… "Parents, right?" she tries to joke in her reply. "Ya know, Ah should prolly be going.." she notes, moving to get to her feet.

Jeread stands as she speaks, "Well it was a pleasure sharing the beach with you Zorya, would you like hand up?" Jeread offers his hands to assist Zorya's standing, "I look forward to speaking with you again, perhaps go for a swim if time permits?"

The conversation wasn't one that Zorya was looking to continue, and she was hoping that it wasn't too obvious that that was the case. Either it wasn't or he's doing a good job of playing it off, which leaves her a bit confused. "Thanks…" she say, pushing a bit of a smile as he helps her to her feet. … "Ah'd that.." Maybe.

Jeread nods his head, "That would be good if not well am sure we'll run into each other as we go along. It was a pleasure Zorya, I wish you luck when the time comes for us to stand on the sands." Jeread gives a slight bow then sits himself back on the sand, the same smile on his face as he had when she first came along the beach.

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