Boats, Jockeys, and Candidates

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

Esnian walks into the main clearing, from the beach.

Glyith turns to rumble pleasantly at the approaching young man.

Esnian is soaking wet from head to toe, the boots making squishing noises as he walks. He's carrying a small sailboat, though the sails are furled at the moment. There's a grin from ear to ear as he comes up from the beach.

Glyith tilts his great head curiously at the little boat, taking a closer look.

Esnian pauses in his tracks, the water dripping down and puddling on the ground as he regards the bronze who is looking at his boat. He looks around for the rider and then eyes the bronze and gives a little bow and then holds the boat out for inspection. "I carved it myself and she sails real fine." he states proudly.

Glyith's eyes change form a deep green to a more relaxed and pleasant blue. He settles a little lower and blows a puff of air in the boy's direction. Perhaps it will help him dry.

There's not always much free time given a candidate, but what little there is Zorya seems to have found for the moment. The girl makes her way around the edge of the bowl, each step placed carefully as its thought out, and not always one in front of the other. Side to side, back, forth, turn around.

Esnian blinks as the air washes over him and then sneezes a moment making his curls bounce and then runs an arm across his nose. "Hey now." he exclaims with the indignaty of any young boy. Zorya is spotted and he watches her curiously "Who's she?" he asks really of himself and stuff.

Glyith warbles in pleased recognition of the two together. A pair is better than a single! He sways just a little to the rhythm. Then, the dragon's attention is taken, as if by something far away. He looks far off for a moment and rumbles lovingly. Perhaps his rider is coming, or said something particularly amusing.

Zorya isn't particularly paying attention to anyone who might be about. Then again that could be why she's hanging close to the edges. But as she draws closer to the boy and bronze she glances up, drawing to a stop a few paces off at hearing Glyith. ".. Hi," she offers a smile towards the pair.

Esnian watches Zorya a moment and then glances over at GLyith and then looks out towards the distance, see's nothing and then turns his attention back to Zorya "Hey there." he says cheerfully "I don't you." Well duh. "I'm Esnian." he adds as he holds his hand out in greeting. Least it's not as wet as the rest of him?

Glyith watches the introductions, seemingly content to simply wait at the moment. He looks towards the sun and his eyes flash briefly as they catch the light. The movement brings his attention back to the boat, and the curiously drenched boy. He snorts again, but this time he's careful not to do it too near the boy, lest he sneeze again.

Zorya laughs lightly at the boy. "Ah'm not surprised." she notes, "Ah jus' got 'ere a couple days ago." the girl explains, taking a few steps forward to grasp the boy's hand in greeting as she supplies her own name. "Well met Esnian, Ah'm Zorya. That's a nice looking boat there." Though she is wary of her proximity to the bronze.

Esnian glances back at Glyith a moment and all the little noises he makes but someone's saying something about his boat and he can't help but grin "Isn't she a beaut? I carved her all myself, took me a long time to do it, but she's seaworthy." he states proudly "I call her Wayward Dreams. It's even painted on her bow." he shows her the writing, small and precise."

"Wow." Zorya notes, "All by yourself, really?" she asks, taking a good look at the toy as he points out the painted name. "My brother'd be jealous a somethin' like that. You pick the name out yourself?" A glance towards the bronze and his noise…

A'ven arrives from the other clearing wearing a smile, "Oh my! I hope he hasn't been bothering you. We just finished our shift and then I was called away." He takes a moment to look the people here over, "Well met… very well met." "Would you mind if I joined you? The light is better out here and I need good light…" Glyith, for his part, edges closer to his rider and they share a very tender moment, just the lightest touch of greeting and a scritch of his eye.

Kimmila arrives by way of a Fortian blue, the young girl sliding down the dragon's side with a quick but sincere thanks to the pair. Blue and rider spring aloft again, returning to their home weyr, while Kimmila looks around for a certain rider and his certain, stubborn bronze.

Esnian gives a nod "Yes, I've made several before her, but they were never quite right. But I got it right with her." he smiles proudly and then his attention is diverted by A'ven "He who? Oh him?" he nods towards Glyith "Nah, he's all right." he states "After all, he ain't diggin no holes to fall into." As the blue appears he looks up "That's not one of ours." he murmurs and then he looks at Kimmila and just whistles.

Zorya nods slowly, "Well looks like you did a great job!" she notes with a bit of excitement for the boy, "Specially if you say she's seaworthy." Not that she really knows much of anything about boats, toy or otherwise. But he's excited so she'll match it before

A'ven arrives and she shakes her head. "Not at all, sir." She's just overall not as comfortable as some with dragons, though that's from being from hold rather than weyr, particularly the one she's from. The boy's attention to the blue and his passenger draw her attention too and she sends a smile towards Kimmila.

A'ven chuckles, joining in the conversation for a moment, "He looks more seaworthy than his boat.", the rider quips gently, referring to the drenched Esnian. His easy smile widens as Kimm arrives, "Silly! I could have picked you up if you wanted to visit…" He has nothing against blues of course, particularly Fortian ones — but he looks a little miffed at missing the opportunity to be chivalrous. "Hi Kimmila, do you know everyone here?" he seems ready to make introductions as necessary.

Kimmila looks sharply at Esnian, "What was that for?" she asks pointedly, moving to stand by A'ven and Glyith. She stares up at the bronze, her eyes narrowed for a moment before she snorts like a runner and turns to face the group again. "Kimmila," she says by way of brief introduction, nodding at Zorya, "Settling in okay?" she asks quietly, an odd catch in her voice. She shrugs at A'ven, "I know you're busy," is her reply, "and G'erd was kind enough to give me a ride."

Esnian blushes a little "What was what for?" he asks looking as innocent as he can. He didn't do nuthin'. Honest. A bright beaming smile for Zorya however "Thanks. I worked real hard on her. Wanted her just right." A blink for A'ven and then he looks sheepish "Well, I had to get her before the waves took her out." he murmurs and then he glances at Kimmila again and smile s "I'm Esnian."

Zorya nods. "It looks it." she notes to the boy before another nod is given to the arrival fro Fort. "Well enough." the girl replies to Kimmila, "Starting to get to know a few of the others and such." And as Glyith may attest, still trying to find time to practice too it would seem.

Aevisaanth wings down, still emanating cold from his journey *between*. Es'nak dismounts and waves to the group that's congregated in the clearing. "What, a party and I'm not invited?" he states cheerfully. "Hey Esnian." he adds, nodding at his son.

A'ven looks at Kimm sharply for a moment, "Are you all right?", he asks, a little softly. He suggests to Esnian, "You know, if you're good at building boats maybe you could make a few more. I know a few lads who would really like to have a boat that good." He nods gently, "… and if you really get the sea in your blood, there's always Seacrafting." Then, curiously he turns to Zorya, "… and that dance you practice, is it new or something you have to learn as part of your lessons? Did you make it up yourself?"

Kimmila glances briefly at A'ven and then smiles widely at Esnian, ignoring A'ven's question, "Well met, Esnian. That's a great boat there." She leaves the Wingleader's side to go peer at the boat. "Have you floated her yet?" She came in late to the conversation. "What's her name?" She glances up at Es'nak and nods politely to the bronzerider. "Yeah?" she asks Zorya, "That's good that you're making friends."

Esnian frowns a little as Es'nak arrives. He eyes him warily and then nods a little in reply, but he doesn't say anything to him. Instead he turns his attention back to the others "Her names Wayward dreams." he says proadly "And she sails real well." is added and then he looks thoughtfully at A'ven "Well, she's the first one that I built this good. Dunno if I can do it again."

Zorya nods in agreement with A'ven. "Ah bet ya'd make a great seacrafta if that's what ya wanted." she echoes to the boy, sending a smile of greeting towards the newest arrival to the group. Though as A'ven brings up her dancing again she shakes her head, a flush dusting her cheeks. "No, well.. its old, and new Ah suppose." she tries to explain. "Ah made it, yeah, but still workin on it." Like she mentioned the other day. "Its not quiet right yet, an not finished either."

Es'nak ignores Esnian's lack of enthusiasm towards him. "Welcome to Eastern." he adds to Kimmilla. "Don't think I've seen you before. I'm Es'nak, rider of bronze Aevisaanth." who is off basking in the sun somewhere.

A'ven greets Es'nak with a pleasant nod, looking around at the gathering crowd. "We seem to be attracting some attention. Better watch out — any more and we might have a party of sorts." He looks between Kimmila and Es'nak wondering for a moment if he should introduce them or not. He decides that Kimmila is probably going to introduce herself, it is her custom. He begins again with, ".. I'm telling you, the Seacrafters are always looking for sailors… seems it's a hard life and not everybody fits." He shares a look with Zorya, too. "I don't think you answered my quesiton exactly, but I undestand what you meant." He chuckles good naturedly. At that moment a rider from Zephyr wing comes jogging up, "Wingleader A'ven sir, urgent package for the…" the rider whispers the destination in his ear. "They say if they don't get it the entire electrical might go out and there's people depending on it… can you take it?" A'ven looks disappointed at the errand for only a moment, duty first, after all. He says something quietly to Kimmila and then "I have to get this into the right hands, will you excuse me please, I'm sorry to be so abrupt…"

Delynni comes from the direction of the racetrack, a riding outfit and helmet still on. She loosens the jacket as she walks, shaking the steel blue and silver jacket to let some air into it. Beneath is a tubetop and the edges of her tattoos can barely be seen. Still not cooled off, she removes the offending garmet and rolls her shoulders, and its then that she sees the crowd in the main clearing. Recognizing A'ven and S'dan, "A'ven! S'dan!" She calls, hurrying over.

Kimmila nods at Es'nak, drawing herself up a bit, "I'm Kimmila, of Fort Weyr. Daughter of," she pauses, gulping, "retired weyrwoman Elara," that was hard for the girl to say, "and bronzerider A'rtomus. Well met, and Fort Weyr's duties to Eastern and her queens." That formality taken care of, she turns again to Esnian, "Well, I think she's fantastic." She glances at A'ven and nods, lifting a hand as she follows the bronzerider off on his errand. "See you all later, I'm sure." she says with a brief smile.

Esnian nods a little to A'ven as he listens and then shrugs "I dunno." he murmurs and then there's a sidelong glance towards Es'nak and then he looks back at A'ven "I'll think about. He grins at Kimmila, practically beaming at the praise and then watches her head off with A'ven. "Wow." he murmurs to himself and then nods to Zorya "I dunno what I want really."

Zorya shrugs lightly to Esnian, sending a wave and a smile after the two departing. "Later!" she calls, before looking back to the boy. "You've got a bit of time for that yet, don't you." Adding the last being that she's not sure of it. "You'll figure it out sooner or later." she smiles, giving him a short and light pat on the shoulder.

S'dan comes walking out from the Common Cavern. He's got a folder of dispatched tucked under his left hand and his hands casally places in his jacket pockets. He pulls out his right hand to wave back to Delynni. "Hi, Del! What you been up to?"

Delynni grins at S'dan and holds up the steel blue runnerback riding jacket. "What does it look like?" Delynni asks with a chuckle. "Its a little hot, but what do you think, does it look good on me?" She asks with a giggle.

Esnian shrugs a little "I suppose, though Ma's happy enough with me helping out when the fishing ships come in." he states with a shrug "She's cool, she's the best and all. I mean who could have asked for anyone better." Another sidelong glance at Es'nak. His eyes drift over towards Del and S'dan as they too enter the clearing.

Jheina is coming from the area of the path into the 'jungle,' where her and R'nel's hut resides. The junior is looking a little mussed and frazzled around the edges, but is otherwise composed and her usual self. Talisyth - still the doting mother - is back to her usual hide-hue, but still standing guard, less some irresponsible child damage her children.

S'dan stops in his tracks and leans back a little, peering at the jacket. Delynni holds up. "Very nice color! Try it on. Model it for me."

Es'nak regards Esnian for a moment or two, then shakes his head. Geez, that kid's got some grudge. So what if Es'nak left when Esnian was little? Jheina is an excellent distraction, however, and the bronzerider saunters over. "Why hello there, gorgeous. How is your day?" he asks her with a saccharine smile.

Zorya nods. "Nothing wrong with that." she agrees with Esnian, sending a silent smile of greeting towards Delynni and S'dan as they draw near. Es'nak getting a glance as he wanders off.

Delynni nods a greeting to Zorya, eyes Es'nak, Esnian and Jheina for a moment before slipping it on for S'dan. "Seeeee….. how do I look? I should take off the riding helmet" she taps the safety helmet, the same steel blue shade, before grinning, "but this is how I'd look riding around the track."

Esnian eyes Delynni a moment as he watches her and then he smiles at Zorya. Yup, she's pretty cool for a girl. Jheina is then spotted and he watches her curiously a little.

Jheina's eyes notice as the bronzer leaves Esnian's side to come greet her and she almost sighs, not wanting to deal with chauvanistic people today. Her feet keep going for a few more steps until she halts for some reason or another. "Slacking as usual, I see." She says to Es'nak before her eyes flick over to Delynni and S'dan, then to Esnian and Zorya, narrowing a little bit in thought as something seems to run through her mind. "Is this just some freak gathering, or is something happening that I'm not aware of?" She asks of no one in general, though one can assume it's likely directed towards the two other riders.

S'dan smiles and answers Jheina. "Delynni's showing off her most excellent jacket for me. I think it's great. Looks fast even when you're standing still."

Es'nak hmmphs. "Actually I've just returned from my sidetrip to make sure things are ready." he tells her enigmatically. You know? That thing he mentioned earlier? "Anyway, I've got to get going. Take care, Esnian." he adds to his kid, even if his kid ignores him.

Delynni hears Jheina and laughs, offering a wink in her direction. "Nothing sinister. Just showing off my riding outfit. What do you think ma'am?" She asks, turning for the Junior Weyrwoman to see. "Isn't it cool?" She asks, removing the jacket once more and adding for S'dan. "Well its like a candidate robe, it can't snag on anything on the track. If my outfit got caught on anything while riding that will knock me off a runner like an arrow knocking a can from a fencepole."

Zorya blinks towards the other. So many and she knows only one, and that one only barely. Such is what happens when you go to a new place though. "No Ma'am…" the girl replies to Jheina's question in a quieter echo of Delynni's reply paired with a slight shake of her head. At least nothing that she's aware of.

S'dan nods approvingly. "Style and practicality. SUch a deal!"

Esnian grins at Jheina "Nah, nothin' going on. Really." Pay no mind to the wet boy with his carved boat. They ain't doin' anything. Really.

Jheina watches Es'nak retreat with a shake of her head, and resumes looking at the rest of the people gathered. But there is talk of clothing, which Jheina is rather interested in as always. Embroidering genius after all. Or she'd like to think herself a genius, but in reality she's just fairly good, not weaver-standard good. "Lets see this now. For racing, is it?" She asks Delynni, though she makes no move to exclude anyone at all. At least she's not being snappish as of yet.

Delynni nods and grins. "I know, and its actually kind of cute don't you think?" To answer Jheina. "Yes, the uniforms used by Eastern's racers use the same colors as the Weyr's badge, its the same with the uniforms of racers from other Weyrs and Holds. I'm practicing, I want to be Eastern's jockey for the next racing season. That means practice almost every day. I have to know the track and the runners well enough that I could ride them in my sleep." She explains.

Esnian listens to Delynni and then shales his head "Why anyone would wanna risk their neck." he murmurs "Watching them fall off and get trampled. Races are dangerous." Course, he's one to talk the way he clamors around some places. He shakes his feet a bit, knocking off some of the drying mud. Though he's still wet, he's at least not dripping much anymore.

Jheina continues eying Delynni for a few moments, fingering the jacket as she nods, seeming to agree with S'dan. "That's why you practice, Esnian." She says, a little crisply yet she's trying to explain. "So you /don't/ fall." But a critical look is then given to

Delynni as Jheina straightens her spine, a scowl /almost/ forming on her lips. But instead the ends quirk up in a smirk. "However, you may not have as much time to practice as you'd like, young lady." She leaves the comment hanging, making the young racer fret if she's done something wrong to piss off one of the juniors.

"Some people like it?" Zorya offers with a shrug to Esnian's commentary. "Not something Ah'd be interested in," she adds, moving towards the others just a bit. Then again she's not a good rider by any sense of the term. "But if ya like it good luck." she adds with a smile to the girl in the uniform.

Delynni snickers. "I live dangerously kid. Besides, I got /mauled/ at high reaches. How could a runner injury be any worse than a baby dragon diggin his talons into your hip?" She points out to Esnian. Then Jheina's comment makes her blink. "But…. but….. ma'am I've been working towards being Eastern's Jockey almost since I first came here, turns ago." She blinks in surprise, sputtering. "What do you /mean/ not as much time to practice??" She sounds like a kid whose just been told she can't go to a gather ball. The expression on her face is almost comical.

S'dan looks a bit worridly over at Jheina. "Everything all right?" he asks.

Esnian just stares at Delynni "You sound almost proud of being mauled." he notes looking quite bemused with the snickering. "I mean, everyone knows you should dodge out of the way and all." He shakes his head a little "I still think, mauled or not, a hoof to the head has got to be just as bad if not worse." he states, looking a little defensive at being talked to like that. Course, he is a kid.

Jheina is /really/ good at keeping a near-scowl on her face, when anyone else would be grinning with the stunt they're pulling. "No. No everything isn't alright, S'dan." She says, her tone severe. "Delynni," She pauses looking at the racer's uniform, "while she does look sharp, does not have a candidate's knot." She pauses again, rustling inside an inner jacket pocket, produces the knot of grey cords. "Talisyth does not approve of that, young lady. Will you appease the mother of the clutch?"

Zorya blinks, but then it dawns on her. Something similar having happened to her just a few days ago. "Congratulation?" she offers a bit hesitantly towards Delynni as she awaits the girl's reply along with everyone else.

Delynni blink, blink blinks, then brightens with a huge grin. "For queen and Weyr Jheina ma'am? Certainly!" Delynni grins. "I'd be glad to!" She says with a huge grin. "After all, I'm sure the clutch could use a candidate with experience to look after everybody else." This part she's joking about right? Right? "you can count on me!"

S'dan smiles over at Jheina. "Better now?"

"Good!" Jheina says briskly, letting a smile tug at her lips now as she hands over the candidate's knot. "Now, you'll still have /some/ time to practice, but between the occasional chore, and shadowing riders, you'll have much less time to do so." She informs the now-again candidate. "And I do expect you to set a good example for those new to candidacy and Eastern." Afterall, there's a certain pride to uphold. At least for her. And a nod is given in S'dan's direction. "I'm satisfied now." She pauses for a moment. "You know where the barracks are, young lady. Move yourself in, in a timely fashion please." Ah yay giving orders! And then Jheina looks towards Esnian. "Everything has its dangers." She comments, before turning and starting to walk away without another word. … Yay juniors!

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