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Fort Hold - Fort Hold - River Road
A longish road, that may have been well kept at one time, but has fallen into slight disrepair, travels along this length of the Fort Region. From here one can spot the great cliffs of Fort Hold and Harper/Healer Hall rising to the north and east respectively. To the west is the large gather meadow, home to some of the biggest Gathers on Pern and to the northwest dust can be seen rising from the beasthold area.

Midmorning finds a break in lessons, which for Zorya means time for practicing. Not too hot, not too cold. Sunny with a nice bit of breeze. Its a nearly perfect day to be outside, and being that she has the time she is. The open grass just off the road outside of Fort Hold and Harper/Healer Halls are just the place for such. The blonde dips and spins, repeating a short combination of movements across the grass, her sandals left to lay beside the road.

Kimmila trots up on a strawberry roan ride mare, reigning her in as she comes onto the river road. She watches the blonde girl dance and spin, and giggles. "Hi there," she calls, "Enjoying the weather?"

Alisar arrives carrying two bits of curved wood. They're obviously intentionally crafted that way, for they carry the wet look of a fresh wood staining. He is only mildly suprised to find the others here, after all, it's a nice day. "Hello.", he says — and then more formally, "Welcome to Harper Hall.", to the visitor. Well, technically she's a visitor — but his smile is familiar so maybe he knows her.

Zorya laughs after a short moment to recover from being startled by the arrival of the others. "Hello, and I am." she replies, sending a smile towards the girl on the runner before giving a nod towards her fellow harper. "Good day Master Alisar…"

Kimmila beams, "Alisar!" the girl calls, quite familiar with him, "Hi! Mom sent me to give you this." She digs into a satchel slung across her shoulders and pulls out a neatly rolled message, stamped with Fort Weyr's seal. She nimbly swings off the runner and lets the reigns hang while trotting to the Master.

Alisar smiles, waiting for Kimmila to deliver her message. "You ride well, young lady — Did you come all the way from Fort?", he asks. "I should contract you out as one of our messengers." This is the man's forte, he tries to recruit everyone. To Zorya he says, "… and don't let me interrupt your practice… I'm just setting these pieces out to dry." He takes only a split second to look at the sky too.

Kimmila chuckles at Alisar, grinning, "I could be a messenger! As long as I don't have to commit to the Harper Hall. No offence," she's quick to add. "I just don't know what I want to be yet. I know I should choose soon, but, well…" She shrugs and blushes a little bit.

Zorya nods, "I should take a bit of a break I suppose…" the girl replies, moving across the grass towards her shoes and the other two. He's not interrupting so much as she's still working on getting comfortable with people watching.

Alisar frowns a little in disappointment at himself for causing her to stop, but it's quickly followed by a look of undrestanding. "Well, I'm glad to see your progress, anyway — you know dance has gone out of favor a little — we have so few dance students.", he comments. "You might one day be one of the best, Apprentice." "You said something about a message Kimmila?", he reminds — and then quickly says, "We have quite a few paying students who take lessons here, but are not committed to the Craft. I'd hardly expect you to pay to be my messenger — quite the opposite in fact, I could arrange some marks for you — how far can you ride?"

Kimmila nods, offering him the rolled paper again. "It's here, Alisar. I didn't read it." Was he testing her? Then she beams, "Very far, sir! I can ride wherever I need to, if I've got enough time."

A'ven has arrived.
Glyith has arrived.

Zorya blinks, a bit of a flush creeping across her cheeks at the remark. "I don't know about all that Master Alisar," the girl replies. Her? One of the best? Maybe… "I do try my best, so maybe someday. I suppose you never do know for certain."

Alisar accepts the message. "Thank you, young lady. Give my best to your mother.", he says with a smile. "I see you practicing more than most… I'd consider that to be a very good sign of future progress. I'm only a Master because I started before the apprentices." He nods. "I'll check with your mother and see if we can't arrange something, Kim. It'll be good for you.", he winks good naturedly, not at all a stuffy formal master-type now.

Kimmila nods, "I will tell her you said so, Alisar," the girl says with a grin. Then she nods, "Yes, sir, I'd very much like to be a rider for the Hall. But don't dragonriders carry most of your messages? They are faster."

From above, a dragon and rider transfer in, too high to feel the inevetable wash of cold. The dragon is large, and the rider experenced, for the pair quickly drop into the most efficent pattern for landing. It looks like they might be headed for Fort Hold at first but as they get closer That becomes an immpossibility. In short order, a bronze pair lands nearby.

Zorya simply stays quiet for a moment before she replies. "I guess you're right… As for practicing though Ah just like it, its almost sorta fun sometimes…" Maybe? "I mean Ah can't get any better if I don't." A smile is sent towards the girl as she offers a hand in greeting, "I'm Zorya." The bronze landing nearby draws her attention for the moment.

Alisar lets the two introduce themselves before ansewring Kimm's question. He blushes a little, "I'm so sorry, I should have introduced the two of you… now you've beaten me to it!", he incines his head in appology. "Kimmila is a dear friend in her own right, and the daughter of a dear friend.", he explains. He too, turns his attenton to the arriving rider. "Ah! That would be /my/ daughter arriving." He waves to the rider. "Welcome."

Kimmila waves to the other girl, "Kimmila," she replies, before she catches sight of the familiar bronze. "A'ven!" the girl cries, racing towards the arriving dragon. The runner, well trained and familiar with dragons, just flicks her ear and begins grazing, keeping an eye on the large beast just incase.

A'ven greets Kimmila, coming towards him as she is, she gets there first, "Kimm? I didn't expect to see you here." He offers a close hug, letting go of the little girl's hand briefly to do so. The girl immediately bolts! For a moment the rider is concerned until he realizes she's pelting towards her father. "Daddy! Daddy Da Da Daddy! Dee Dee Daddy Dee!" the girl says in singsong, happy to be home! Strangely enough, the girl is on key — music must run in the blood.

Zorya shakes her head. "Its alright." she notes, "I know how things go when you get to talking with people that you know." You being the average person in this case. The apprentice hangs back as the other two greet the new arrival. The rider and child, however, earn a welcoming smile from the blonde.

Alisar holds his arms wide as his daughter rushes towards him. "Hey there 'lil clef.' Did you have fun?", he asks as his eyes fill with happiness. He takes a moment to answer Kimmila's earlier question. "Dragons are faster, radio is fastest.", he agrees. "But, I don't trust all the new tech…", he says, and the feeling must run deep because he adds a rare frown. "… and dragons are typically busy delivering more important things." "Like daughters…", he says, "Zorya, this is my daughter, Alima… she's 5…", he whispers to both, "But I'll be your friend if you treat me like a biggerish person.", he says conspiritorally with another grin.

Kimmila stands on tiptoe to give A'ven a kiss on the cheek, before she grins and waves to Glyith. "Hi!" the girl says happily to the bronzerider. "That's Zorya. She's a dancer. Good at it, too. Alisar's going to see if I can't ride messages around for the Harper Hall. Wouldn't that be exciting?" There, now he's caught up. She slips her hand into his and drags him towards the group. "Hi, Alima!" she says happily, wiggling her fingers at the girl.

A'ven takes off his gloves and jacket, throwing the latter over his shoulder and tucking the former into his belt. His uniform buttons glint a little in the light. "Hello everyone.", he says, formally. The look he gives Kimm is anything but formal though as his smile widens. "Here she is Master Alisar, safe and sound." "We even had a trip to the farviewer. She'll be bothering you with her application to Starcraft for the next few days.", he cautions. "I'm A'ven.", he says to Zorya, extending a hand.

Zorya giggles. "Well I'm very pleased to meet you Alima." she smiles towards the little girl. "I have two little sisters your age back home." And then Kimmila's introducing her to the bronzer and she glances their way. "I'm not that good. I'm still learning." she adds, a subtle blush coloring her cheeks once again before she extends a hand towards the bronze rider to complete the gesture of greeting. "Well met A'ven."

Alisar dismisses Zorya's lack of confidence with a little wave, "Oh you dance fine, Apprentice. You just have to get used to your audience is all. Close your eyes and pretend we're not here… I know everyone here, more or less, we're not going to laugh at you. Give it a try."

Kimmila smiles, nodding encouragingly at Zorya, "That would be great, I'd love to see you dance more. I tried to dance once. I fell over." She glances briefly up at A'ven, checking on something.

Alima claps her hands in glee! "Dancing dance lady?" she says, eyes shining toward Zorya.

A'ven encourages as well, "Well! I can't stay long but if you're going to put on a little show, I can't miss that." He tilts his head Kim's way, and as soon as their eyes meet he has her attention.

"I can try…" Zorya replies. She's not making any promises though! "Can't say I won't fall over myself." she adds, drawing on Kimmila's commentary. Bitting the inner edge of her lower lip the teen steps back further into the grass, closing her eyes to take a deep breath. Butterflies anyone?

Glyith has been quiet, thusfar, but with the goings on he shifts a little closer to watch.

Alisar holds very still, hoping the girl won't change her mind. He smiles, "Good for you.", he says quietly, pleased that the girl is willing to try. He also steals a glance to the other two, Kimmila and A'ven, looking at each other. "Good for you.", he repeats in a softer voice, chuckling a little.

Kimmila glances quickly at Alisar and then blushes, edging closer to A'ven while she watches Zorya dance.

A'ven looks for a moment at the little girl he's delivered safely home, steals a look at Kimmila, and offers her his hand to hold while they watch the young Harper give it a shot. He's blushing too, partly because of Alisar's comment, which he clearly heard — and partly because anytime anyone has the guts to perform anything in front of anyone, it reminds him that he does not.

One.. two.. three.. Zoraya waits a moment, hesitant perhaps, as she sets her feet to start. Her left foot raises, toes pointing in the air even as she raises her right arm a hand curving above her head. This movement in sequence with the next, hand dropping to cross in front of her face toward the opposite shoulder, at the same time her foot is lower and set to the ground in front of her, as her arm continuing from her shoulder across in a straight line til outstretched leads her into a turn and the dance to the song in her head continues on from there.

Her eyes stay closed as she feels out the next move with her feet. A step here, a turn there. One movement feeding into the next, until one last spin and she stops. However it seems an awkward point for a dance to end where she does, like ending in the middle. The girl lets her arms fall, relaxing the tension in her legs with a quiet, but audible, sigh. Blue eyes flickering open she gives a bit of a smile, even if it does seem a tad forced as she awaits a response from her audience. "I'm still working on the ending…"

Glyith looks on, and for a moment, his curiosity gets the better of him. He starts shifting foot to foot, and then extending one wing… then the other, in an almost-aproximation of the girl's movements. He puffs out his chest gallantly, as if he's a handsome gentleman lead, shift, shift, step… spin? Heavens no, he's too big for that. He snorts.

Alisar beams, in truth she could have just done a little soft-shoe and he would have been pleased at the effort. But her effort is decidedly more than that. The unexpected complexity thrills him, "Well done!" His eyes flicker briefly to the dragon, quite suprised. "Hmmm." he says, gears turning.

Kimmila glances back at Glyith and giggles, nudging A'ven - as if the dragon's rider didn't have an idea what he was up to. She pulls her hand briefly from A'ven's grasp to applaud, "That's beautiful."

A'ven is equally surprised at his dragon's behavior, but it doesn't last quite as long. "We'd better be going."< he says, taking advantage of the release of his hand to get back on schedule. He starts toward his dragon, but Glyith suprrises him again, hunkering down on his haunches and making it clear that he has no intention of leaving. Try and argue with me, I'm bigger!

Zorya is full on blushing this time around. "Like I said, I'm still working on it.." Apparently she doesn't think its as well performed as everyone else. But then that's not so unusual for someone to be more critical of their own work than someone looking on. Thankful she got to miss the dragon's mimicry. "It was nice meeting you…" she notes as A'ven goes to leave, her words trailing off at the bronze's behavior. Is that normal?

Alisar looks at both Kimmila and Zorya, greatful that /somebody/ asked the question that he was thinking. "I've never seen it before.", the man comments. "But then, A'ven is most unusual in his own right… why wouldn't his dragon be." "He's a fine catch.", the Harper adds with a wink to Kimmila.

Kimmila turns to frown at Glyith, "What's wrong?" she says, directly addressing the bronze. And she only does that because she knows him well.

A'ven can only shrug. "He's never done it before… I didn't know you could dance.", he says lightly. "Then again, he's never been quite like the other dragons.", there's no appology or concern in his voice, "Come on lazybones, we're late.", he says to his dragon.

Glyith sits lower. I'm not moving, little man. His eyes begin to whirl faster.

Alisar laughs outright, "Well… it seems my Hall is going to have a bit of a space problem. Where is the supply cart supposd to park, I wonder?" He shakes his head and says, to the air, but he's clearly obliquely addressing the dragon. "As much as you're a fine addition to my Hall, I'm afraid you can't become a permanent addition."

Glyith shifts from foot to foot agian, swaying in an even better immitation of Zorya's dance, looking pointedly at her. He shifts a little closer too, as if that makes everything clear.

Zorya nods slowly, being sure to keep a wary eye on the bronze as she steps back forward towards the others. That's enough practice for now, besides there are lessons to be getting back to soon enough. Ducking down she reaches for her sandals, pulling the straps over her heels and into place about her ankles one at a time. The girl giggles at Alisar's remark to the bronze and she sends a smile towards Kimmila and the master harper. "I should be getting back to the hall… It was nice to meet you Kimmila…" Still making sure to keep an eye on the strange dragon.

Alisar holds up a hand, "A moment, Zorya." "I have seen this before.", the man says. It's true enough. "My Hall is well represented in the Weyrs."

A'ven's realization comes like a thunderbolt a moment after the Master Harper." "Of course!", he confirms it quickly with his dragon and then asks Kimmila, "Would you like to take a short trip with us?", he says cryptically. "We might have someone to deliver…", with that, he turns to Zorya, "Glyith seems to think that your dancing skills would serve you well on the hot sand. You're obviously quite good being barefoot and nimble…" "Would you be interested in Standing for Eastern Weyr? We have some eggs that require just your sort of rhythm." He raises his eyebrows, waiting.

Kimmila gasps, clasping her hands to her mouth and looking at Zorya with an odd, mixed expression. She takes a slight step away from A'ven and glances up at Glyith.

"I… " Zorya starts, falling silent to simply blink between rider and bronze. "Are you sure? Me?" L'ton kept telling her she would… but that was just her uncle being well… L'ton. Its definitely not what she was expecting to happen today. Then again when is anyone expecting that. "I mean I'd be honored, but…" she's not quite sure what to say it seems and the girl looks towards Alisar for the answer. He said he'd seen it before. What's she supposed to do?!

Alisar just smiles, "You have the Halls permssion to change your posting.", he says formally… and then less so, "I can't tell you what the right answer is… what does your heart say?"

A'ven just waits patiently. What choice does he have, his dragon is insisting. "Well?", he offers softly with a smile.

Kimmila glances sharply at Glyith and clamps her mouth shut, hands in her pockets. But she smiles at Zorya, "Do it," she whispers.

"..You never know until you try.." the words come from Zorya's lips as much a question as an answer to Alisar's. A glance goes towards Kimmila and the girl offers half a smile in return. Looking back to A'ven, "Well I'd be honored." she replies, glancing back to the harper for reassurance. He did say she had permission already or she'd ask.

Alisar nods. "We're so proud of you, Zorya — Apprentice of Dance. "Your Hall hopes with you."

A'ven lets out a long breath. "Oh thank Faranth… I was afraid we'd have to wait until morning.", he nods. "Very well then. If there's anything you need to collect right away you may do that — don't worry about getting everything, we can always make another trip." He reaches out for Kimmila's hand.

Kimmila briefly reaches out to touch A'ven's hand, and then she's moving towards her runner. "Congratulations, Zorya!" she calls, picking up the mare's reigns and preparing to depart.

Zorya just stands there for a moment, until A'ven mentions collecting what she needs. "Right." Blink. Blink. "I'll be back as soon as I can." she finishes, turning to mouth a 'thank you' to Alisar before she heads back towards the hall. … What just happened?

A'ven turns to Kimmila with a concerned expresson. He had hoped she would ride with him but she does have her runner to think about. "Be safe.", he says, eyes full of feeling. He turns to Alisar, "I'm sorry for taking another one away from you sir…", he says, genuinely contrite.

Alisar shakes his head, "Nonsense lad. A person doesn't stop being a Harper just because they become… or may become a rider. Harpers are for always, and they can always come home." Alisar adds, "Many of our Harper-Riders still visit… I'm hardly lonely here."

Kimmila swings atop her mare and waves, kneeing her mare into a canter back towards the towering shadow of the weyr.

Zorya isn't gone too terribly long. Long enough to walk to the hall and back with a bit of time between the two trips to shove a few things into a knapsack which is slung over a shoulder on her return. "Is Eastern far?" she asks upon returning to the group. Now that she's had a bit of time to think about it.

A'ven nods, "It's a fair distance. But, not for him…", he indicates Glyith, who is now, all too eager to get going.

Alisar has left.
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Zorya nods, letting her bag slip to the ground for a moment to turn her travel cloak about her shoulders and clasp it in place before the bag is retrieved again. "I suppose we should be going then…" And she was finally getting used to be this far from Ista. ".. Could you send a message to my uncle? Just.. you know, to let him know."

A'ven nods. "Of course… what's his name?", the rider asks, slipping on his gloves and getting onboard.
A'ven mounts Glyith with an ease that bespeaks of long familiarity.
Glyith takes a few short steps to the take off zone.
A'ven comments, "Have you ever been on a dragon before?"

"L'ton." Zorya replies, following rider to the bronze's back with a bit, or more, of help. "He's a bronze rider at Ista." she adds in clarification. "Not often…" she answers regarding being on a dragon. "A little at Ista, and then once or twice on trips from the hall.." It's still something she's very much getting used to.

A'ven smiles, "All right then. We shouldn't have any troubles." He checks the straps, buckles, available space, and wingroom. Young he may be, but he does this often, and it shows. He turns to check again… "Okay, I think we're almost ready here… you ready?"

Zorya nods. "As ready as I'll ever be…" These jumps are not something she's getting used to quickly.

A'ven checks the straps to make sure Zorya strapped in.
Glyith steps back to make room for launch

Glyith's muscles bunch underneath you as the dragon prepares for his leap. His wings unfurl to their full length and flex to test the wind. Looking at Glyith from afar, it's hard to grasp the sense of scale you now feel. As you look down the long expanse of his wing, you can't help but sense the grace and power of him. The dragon stoops into a low crouch and in a moment… you are aloft!

Glyith takes up a high orbit around the courtyard far below.

A'ven says "Okay… ready to jump? I think Glyith will be happy to be home… we've been away for a while."

Zorya nods, her arms having been firmly wrapped about the rider's middle just in time for take off. Yes, her eyes are closed, and no, flying is not high on her list of enjoyment as of this time. "Yeah.." she squeaks her reply. The sooner they go the sooner its over. Right?

Glyith vanishes into *between*.

Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.
Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…

Your stomach catches and your ears pop as Glyith circles and begins to drop lower for landing.

Glyith cups his wings to brake his forward speed, sweeping low over the Main Clearning where he intends to land and bugling his arrival to the rest of Eastern Weyr.

Glyith makes a final twist of wing and extends his feet forward landing softly.

Eastern Weyr - Main Clearing
The clearing is immense, providing ample room for the landing and taking off of the majestic dragons that populate Eastern Weyr. The ground is packed dirt and a nuisance no matter what the weather. When dry, the clearing is full of dust, though when it rains it becomes a veritable mud pit. The main clearing of Eastern is an island of open space amongst thick jungle foliage, which threatens to encroach on the clearing and reclaim it every turn. Almost lost within the dense jungle-like setting are the caverns, pathways, and 'weyrs' that house the inhabitants of this slightly unconventionally organized weyr.

A'ven dismounts and drops expertly down to a foreleg and from there to the ground.
A'ven says "We're here! I'll show you to your quarters…"

Zorya is still shaking as they land, both from the chill of ::between:: and the terror/thrill of flight and jump itself. "T-thanks…" she replies, slipping down from the bronze ridges with A'ven's assistance once she's been unstrapped.

Glyith quiet voice reaches you, barely barely audible « Be yourself, we'll be looking out for you. » Did you really hear it?

A'ven chuckles, "Take it slow, it takes a few days to get adjusted to this. I think you'll do just fine." He starts toward the proper quarters.

Eastern Weyr - Commons Cavern
A grand stairway leads downward into the cool rock of the commons cavern, a place for socializing and relaxing, as well as an area that provides solid shelter from the seasonal storms of this area. One of the few caverns at Eastern Weyr, the rock here has been worn away by centuries worth of water movement, leaving a nearly glass smooth polish over much of the room. Rocky shelves line the walls on which electric lights covered with paper lanterns rest, providing adequate illumination for the area. High above are further light fixtures, enabling a wide range of lighting options here. A natural pool occupies half of the far end of the cavern and is supplied with heated water piped in by an ingenious techcrafter. All about the room are balconies of rock with stairs leading to them and small dumbwaiters for the purpose of delivering food and drink to their heights.

A'ven slips past the crowd, casting his glance back now and then to make sure he hasn't lost Zorya. "Candidate, coming through… come on.. make a hole!", he says loudly as the crowd parts and he grins, "Did you want something to eat first?"

Zorya steps quickly to catch up with the bronze rider having take a moment to look over the bowl and get her barings. Following him through the crowd in the commons she shakes her head. "Not just yet." she's not sure if she could eat anything just yet even.

A'ven nods, and smiles, continuing on then towards the curved passage, barely seen, it goes some distance into the heart of the Weyr…

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

A'ven smiles, "Forgive the intrusion… we've another Candidate to get settled here…"

Zorya follows close behind A'ven as the bronze rider leads her through the passages of the weyr and into the candidate barracks.

Kharzan hardly seems to notice the intrusion as he's currently working on one of his pet projects, a small little generator. He's items laying around him on his cot as he works on it. As Byte chirps in his ear he blinks and looks up, looking just a little bemused.

A'ven says "All right. Here we are… choose a cot on the women's side and here are the rules…" He hands the girl a sheet of paper. "No sex… no drinking, if you have any questions feel free to ask. You may look at Talisyth and Glyith's eggs at your leasure from the galleries but are only allowed on the sands at this stage with special permission."

A'ven adds in a quiet conspiratorial voice, "… and I will tell you that Talisyth is a nasty and temperamental dragon under the best of circumstances.. and these are certainly stressful days for her, so don't even think about going too near those eggs." He smiles, as if he were just discussing his favorite flavor of jam.

Zorya nods. … Right. The blonde glances at the sheet briefly as he goes over things. "Yes sir." the girl replies with another nod. "And… thank you." Well she -just- got here and she's still trying to make sense of everything just yet.

Kharzan focuses his gaze on A'ven and then Zorya and then it dawns on him. Oh yes, another candidate. He listens momentarily to A'ven and then goes back to tinkering, having heard much of it before. He does pause a moment and frowns a little at the mention of Talisyth and he frowns somewhat and then shakes it off. They'll be watched after all, when out on the sands. Surely?

A'ven softens, now that the offical things are over he becomes quite a bit more relaxed. "Do give yourself some time. This isn't easy. I remember very well my first night in a strange place. Don't be afraid to make some new friends!" He offers one last, "Congratulations!" to Zorya, and a second glance at the door to the Candidates gathered there. "Good luck.", he adds in a whisper and bustles out.

A'ven has left.

Zorya turns finally to survey the rest of barracks before finding her way across the room to an open cot on the women's side of things. There she drops her knapsack and proceeds to unclasp and remove her travel cloak and lay it too on the bed. "Hi.." she offers towards Kharzan, a bit shyly still trying to settle into the quick move.

Kharzan startles a little as Byte once more chirrups in his ear and he looks up from the tinkering he went back too. "Huh? Oh, umm, uh. Hi?" he says after a moment as he eyes the girl just a little warily.

"I'm Zorya." the blonde offers with a pleasant and friendly smile. "So.. you're a candidate to…" Yeah, that'd be why he's here. But then she's partly thinking things through aloud.

Kharzan is silent a moment. "Zorya? Umm yeah, nice to meet you." he murmurs and then shifts a little "Umm, Kharzan." he says and then looks back down at the generator, starting at it blankly for the moment as if forgetting what he was doing.

"Nice to meet you…" Zorya replies, a bit hesitant to step over towards the boy to peer at what he's working on. "What's that?" she wonders curiously.

Kharzan looks a little startled as she comes closer. Byte doesn't seem to mine and just stretches out his head to watch her. "Umm, it's a, it's a…" Byte chitters and Kharzan mrrs a bit and then mumblers "Generator."

Zorya blinks, blue eyes turning towards the contraption to study it just that bit more. "I've .. never seen one of those…" she notes. "What's it do?" She's at least being friendly about it.

Kharzan uhs a little as he watches her watching his generator. He resists the urge to pull it out of view and swallows "It umm, well. It creates power and such. Running lights or things."

Zorya ohs. Pause. "That sounds.. interesting." she finally settles on the reply. Unsure of what to say next she remains quiet, carefully removing the harper apprentice knot from her shoulder so that it can be replaced with the newly given candidate's knot.

Kharzan picks up another piece from off his cot and then starts to secure to main body. "It is." he says actually smiling there as he peers a moment or two at it and then picks up a coil of copper and fits it in like a puzzle.

Zorya nods. "What's that do?" she asks curiously of the piece. Well the whole idea of a generator is rather new to her and being Zo she's going to ask questions. "Sorry if I'm being a bother…"

Kharzan blinks a moment "Umm, well it helps generate the current, I've magnets in here, and when it's turned, this is a hand crank type, it'll start building a current, of electricity, I'll be putting in some brushes or carbon that'll collect the energy from the coil. Without it, there'd be no electricity."

Zorya nods slowly. "Oh…" And that all made next to no sense to her. "So.. um.. how long have you been here?" she asks, changing the topic of conversation more easily understood by both parties and not just the boy.

Kharzan is silent a moment as he fiddles with something. "Umm, since yesterday." he states and then sighs "Just not enough room to really work here, but it's not my day for craft duties so I've not been in my workshop, cept to grab a few things to work on in the evenings."

"I think I'm going to go find some juice," Zorya notes, leaving it open for him to join her if he'd like. "It was good to meet you Kharzan." she adds with a smile before turning to wander back down the tunnels towards the commons.

Kharzan watches her wander on down the tunnels and just blinks. He looks at Byte and then shakes his head a but and murmurs "girls." under his breath.

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