A Second Trip to Ista

Ista Weyr - Plateau
The low volcanic plateau stretches out around you. From here, one can get a clear view of the ocean, the corral and forests that surround the small bowl of the Weyr. Several sets of wide stairs lead down to the beach at different points. The gates leading into the Weyr are near the corral. Well, one of them actually leads into the corral and the other makes use of a new fence, cutting a path along the southern edge of the corral. From the Corral, there is a small, thin and rocky stream flowing its way over the edge of the plateau down to the beach.
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

Late morning on the plateau in summer is sunny and a little muggy. D'son is sitting there though with Inimeth, the bronzerider seemingly off-duty and curled up in the bronze's forelimbs reading a book aloud. The bronze has his head curved downward towards his rider, listening intently.

Zorya hasn't been around much, if at all, for the last couple months already now… Somewhere over head a Fortian blue announces his arrival before circling down to land in the bowl to drop off a passenger. He's carrying two along with his rider, but only one slips down given a hand from the rider after the other passenger gives the girl directions. The girl nods, setting to removing the travel cloak she wears soon after her feet hit the ground. "Send a message if anything changes." she replies before stepping out of the way of the blue's takeoff.

The sound of D'son's voice rising and falling with the cadence of the words written on the page continues, though Inimeth looks up briefly and greets the Fortian blue politely. « Ista's duties and welcome! » And then as the blue departs again leaving Zorya behind: « Clear skies! »

The blue replies in due form before blinking off to his next destination and it's then that Zorya catches D'son's voice as well as Inimeth's bulking form, then again it's hard to miss a bronze dragon. Its there that her steps lead her first, "Morning D'son!" she greets with a smile.

"… and then the dragons lifted off into the sky carrying the payload and they —" D'son looks up at Zorya's greeting, shades his eyes against the light and musters a friendly smile. "Huh. Hey there, Zorya. Should I be saying welcome back?" Inimeth rumbles softly and turns his head, neck extending to bring his head closer to the girl.

Zorya laughs lightly, "I've been back once or twice…" the girl replies not exactly answering the question, reaching a hand to give the bronze's muzzle a gentle rub. She's gotten much more comfortable with the creatures compared to their first meeting. "How've the two of you been?" she asks.

"Must've missed it," D'son says lightly, puts a marker in the book and flips it closed, sliding to his feet. "We've been well, working hard on fitting into the wing. The wingleader changed so it's been a little odd the last little while," Dels continues as Inimeth nudges his head more firmly into Zorya's hand.

Zorya nods. "Yeah, haven't been around much, and when I have been its been busy…" she explains, continuing to give Inimeth a bit of her attention. "Glad to hear you've both been well." Is that a new knot of blue and white on her shoulder, well newish in any case. A note he may or may not have heard of from her cousin.

"We've been out a fair bit. First with training and then actualy duties," D'son explains, tucking the book under one arm, hands diving into pockets, shoulders hunching forward. His hair's been growing out since he was a Weyrling and it's starting to get shaggy and fall into his eyes again. "So ah — you apprenticed?" a little nod towards said knot.

Zorya nods again. "I did.." she replies somewhere between agreeing and admitting. "Zipalla didn't seem too happy about it…" But then that could have something to do with her not telling anyone and just being gone too. "But she's alright." Though she did have Zorya second guessing herself about it for a while there.

That lifts D'son's eyebrows though. "Uh - she wasn't? Why not?" The bronzerider's head tips to the side. "I mean, that's really great for you isn't it? And a harper too … that's really good." Pause. "Well at least I think so," Dels tacks on with a sheepish grin.

"Well its certainly not something I would've been able to do back home." Zorya replies, pausing before she continues on to answer regarding her cousin. "Well I suppose it's partly my fault for not telling her when I left… but she's just… well here and the hall aren't exactly close." she says with a bit of a frown, before a smile graces her lips as she goes on. "I'm learning alot though!"

"Um, no, not close, though you know, easy to get a ride, isn't it?" D'son tries to kind of walk that line between things. His smile answers hers though at her last. "Great! Like what?" And he actually seems interested, though one hand pulls out of his pocket to rub up the front of Inimeth's muzzle. "I was reading about the end of the 9th Pass to Inimeth."

Zorya nods. "Well sometimes, but there's lessons and everything so sometimes its hard to find any extra time." she explains. What's she learning? "Oh, did you know they actually have music written down?" she sounds far to excited about such a simple thing, but then that could very well be a reason of where she grew up. "Not just the words, but music too. I'm learning to read it. And I've even started learning to play a few instruments too…"

"Oh, well sure, yeah, that makes sense," D'son says with a vigorous nod. "I'm still thinking about applying to the Smithcraft, but only after we get settled in with duties, and can figure out how to balance it all." His brows are lifting again as he nods. "Uh, sure, yeah, I mean they have some here. Not that I can read it or anything." The last though brightens his face again. "What're you learning? And can you play anything yet?"

Zorya flushes a bit. "Yeah… Sorry, I forget its only new to me sometimes." The girl nods at the inquiry, "Drums and rhythm.. I've had a couple lessons with the harp. I keep getting my fingers stuck with all the strings. There's soo much more than I ever thought." But she's there and learning and perhaps overly excited about it.

"Oh it's okay," D'son tries to reassure, looking a little disconcerted about that flush. "Drums, that must be fun, yeah? I mean, you know, it's pretty active. Drumming." He makes a little face about the harp. "Sounds like the harp is complicated."

Zorya laugh, "It is if you ask me, but there's lots of others, so if I don't pick up that one so well there's always others I can pick from. Besides, instrument playing isn't really my specialty anyway." The girl spins once on her toes, "Now dance," she grins, "On the other hand.."

"Oh, well sure, plenty of things to learn at Harper," D'son says agreeably, fingers easing up behind one of Inimeth's headknobs. "Uh - it's not? Ohhhhh." Dels grins as Zorya spins and ducks his head a little. "Maybe you can help teach me better some time."

Zorya nods a bit hesitant to agree but she does in the end. "Well… I can try at least. I'm still learning myself really. I mean I did some on my own before, but I was never really taught before I got to the hall."

"Oh, gotcha. Yeah I — well I just know one or two. You know, for Gathers," D'son says a little hastily and scuffs at the ground with one foot. "I'd like to be able to do better. You know, take Aisling to a Gather and really dance."

Zorya giggles. "You really like her, huh?" she half asks, a smile still dancing on her lips. "Maybe if you're up towards the hall you could stop by for a bit? It'd be good practice anyway." Her teaching him that'd be. "D'son, I'd be happy to help."

Blinking a few times, D'son looks vaguely flummoxed by that question, but he only rolls his shoulders and nods. "Um. Yeah. I love her," he says very softly, ducks his head, though not really bashfully. He nods again though, hand sliding along and over Inimeth's second headknob. "And yeah, probably easier for me to come your way," he agrees and then beams at Zorya. "Thank you, I'd really appreciate it."

"Well you -did- introduce me to dragons…" Zorya notes with a bit of a laugh. Not that she's as comfortable with them as someone weyrbred by any means. "The least I can do is help you out with something I love." Dance is something of a passion of hers after all.

D'son lifts his hand out of his pocket, book still curled under his arm and scrapes back shaggy bangs with his fingers. "Yeah, guess I did. Inimeth's just you know, friendly," he does protest though. "But I guess that makes for a decent trade, huh?" His grin is warm for Zorya as he speaks, the young bronzerider seemingly getting more and more comfortable in his own skin as time goes on, especially now that he's in a wing.

Zorya nods. "Its only fair." she agrees, "I'd feel bad not giving something back. I mean even outside you the weyr's done alot for me…" Being that she stayed there for a good while before running of to become a harper apprentice. "Just some people in particular more than others. But once I'm far enough along I'm hoping I can be posted here."

"Sure," D'son says, another little shrug accompanying, though he smiles again. "Though you know, don't have to feel bad or anything. Easy enough to just … have him say hello," Dels goes on and clears his throat. "Anyway, yeah, that'd be good. If you can come back."

Zorya nods again, "Well I know that now." she teases a bit in her reply. "But really its not that big a deal D'son. Just have to find time that'll work around both our schedules." Which might prove more difficult than one would first think.

"Sure and well there's the time difference. I mean, I'll be off-duty before the end of the day at Fort," Dels points out as he draws his hand down away from Inimeth and the bronze retreats a little, whuffs once and then jumps into the air, wings beating strongly and he glides down off the plateau towards the beach below.

"True.." Zorya agrees, she does have tendency to forget about that time difference. "I'm sure we'll work it out. But I really should be going. I'm supposed to copy a few things for one of the Journeymen, and I should get to that before I run out of time." Not that she doesn't have enough, but sometimes things just take longer than you expect too.

"Yeah, we will," D'son says and holds a hand out to shake on it all. "Thanks Zorya and it's good catching up with you. Guess we'll pop down to Harper more, see if we can catch you."

Zorya extends a hand as well to complete the gesture as she nods. "Good catching up with you too. It'll be nice to see a face from home up there once in awhile too. See you soon." she says with a smile before heading off.

D'son shakes briefly, grip not too firm but not limp either. "See you around, Zorya!" he says brightly and waves as she goes, then turns to slouch down to the beach after Inimeth.

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