Jadrien - NPC Log

Zh'ae nods as he buckles the girl into the straps and they take off. "Nex' stop. Shipton." he comments grimly as they get ready, he gives the command… and they go between. Shipton is below as they spiral from between, Zhilinith taking a lazy spiral down so they can see exactly which dragon is visiting.

Zipalla holds on as they take off then she smiles an enjoys the feel of emerging from between to see Shipton swirling beneath them. "I haven't been here..in..over ten years..I don't even remember it.." she says, suddenly getting a sort of odd feeling.

Zhilinith spirals down into the open yard of Shipton and dismounts, offering a protective arm to Zipalla. He really doesn’t wana die for letting her out of his sight. He greets a few people that he saw here a few sevenday ago and then he looks around, searching for 'that man'.

Zipalla follows Zh'ae off the big blue and stays right up behind the rider, one arm curled through his as they look around. Her eyes are wide and she scans the area, looking for any sign of Zorya. "Feels weird to be here.."

The dragon arriving in the yard still sends many scattering off to buildings even though they know the blue in passing. He still might eat them if he's in a bad mood!

Zh'ae nods his head. "It is weird to be here, especially in the company of a dragon and his rider." he mutters quietly. His dark eyes scan the area and he nods to her. "Please stay close…" he comments, starting off to greet his mother first, who is standing at the side discreetly. "Mother." he greets. "Seen Zorya?" Its casual… too casual.

A nod and shuffle of feet keeps Zipalla right near Zh'ae. She peers around his arm and looks to his mother, smiling then steps to the side a bit, waiting for the woman's answer.

His mother shakes her head and murmurs a few words before his father leads her off and then Zhay nods. "No, hasn't seen her." It’s a mutter to Zip, his eyes glancing towards his dragon briefly as he turns again, scanning the area suspiciously.

Zipalla looks up at Zh'ae, "How come.." then she just lets that line of questions die off for the moment. Her eyes cut to the dragon too then she sighs, "Could't be easy huh.."

Zh'ae shakes his head a bit and shrugs, "Oh well, Ah've accepted it." he murmurs in something of a heavy tone. Zhilinith rumbles regally, and not one person approaches him here, most simply continuing on in their duties. Zhay starts back across the yard, his eyes open for 'that man' as he so likes to call him.

A small group of boys, looking to range in age from ten to five crowd off behind the blue where they hope he can't see them. "You do it" "Nah you" the older two argue before pushing the youngest up. "Get'em Eykyan." they tell the boy who reaches out with his stick to poke at the blue's hind leg before an older woman swoops by to snatch him up squawking at the other boys as she shuffles them off to somewhere 'safer'. Its not long however after Zh'ae's parents leave that the man the blue rider is in search of makes an appearance outside the stable.

Broad, if not a little pudgy in the middle, this man has an eerie sort of aura about him. Perhaps it's his squat, mushed features. Or perhaps it's the wispy, sandy blonde, receding hairline. If not one or the other, it is most definitely the eyes. Small, dark and beady, they always seem to linger just a moment too long on whatever has his attention. Penetrating and somehow - lewd.
For the extra girth he sports, he is surprisingly strong through the arms and torso. His skin is rough and tanned. Large hands are heavily calloused. He opts for simplicity in attire. More specifically, a sturdy pair of navy trousers, a grubby greying tunic and battered work boots. Though some creases are beginning to show at the corners of his eyes, he appears to be fairly young yet, somewhere around thirty.

Zipalla nods her head at Zh'ae as his parents depart then her eyes keen to her left, brows furrowing, seeing the woman scoot the children along, hrm… She shakes her head then steps away from her escort for a moment, feeling a little more settled now that they've been landed for a time, "Where did you see him last time? Where did you find him?"

Zh'ae frowns deeply at the man as he approaches and he crosses his arms and moves into a faintly battle like stance. "Stay back Zip, tha's 'im thar." he murmurs to her, eyeing the Pudge as he approaches. His blue rumbles threateningly to the man, but Zhay places a steadying hand on the blue's leg and he goes quiet, moving to be nearest to Zipalla, just in case…

Her eyes snap to the direction of "the" man then Zipalla nods and turns, staying where she's told for the moment. An intense gaze remains on the man and she flexes her little hands into fists, mhm, just try it bud!

Zhilinith is certainly one to draw attention in a place such as Shipton. That blue is one he, along with many others, know and his presence has the man stalking towards the pair that arrived on the blue's back. Drawing up just out of arm's reach, "Wha' ya doin back 'ere. Thought we's 'old ya nat ta be comin back." the man starts halking to spit at the boy's feet. "Go on an' get 'at beastie outta 'ere." he warns shaking a finger towards the blue before beady eyes find girl girl behind the rider. "Ya bringin' un ta 'place da un ya stole eh?"

Zh'ae growls deeply in his throat, his eyes narrowing. "We're no' leaving 'til we fin' out wha' yeh did tae Zorya. Sh' was happy at Ista, an' yeh kidnapped 'er back, din'cha yeh big sack 'o lard." he rumbles, his voice deep and menacing. "Don'che ferge' tha' Ah whupped yeh las' time, ol' man." he taunts, removing his leather jacket and tossing it towards his dragon, who neatly catches it in his forepaws even as he curls his blue tail a little protectively around Zipalla. Yes, he's under orders to keep her safe. "She's th' daughter of L'ton, she's none of yer concern, yeh dirty beastie…"

Zipalla blinks at Mr. Pudge and then puts her hands on her hips, "No one stole anything!" she yelps. "And I'm here to get Zorya, so where is she?! You…" and she finds herself curled into the blue's tail. Her eyes are no less fiery but she doesn't resist either, seeing Zh'ae's jacket discarded, a fight.

“Gotta cruked nose 'at un. She a’l scragla, an' eyes aint blue a' ’ers neitha." the man speaks his commentary on the girl as he eyes her up and down, a look that's more than unsettling to be on the other end of. "Pallaton's ya say, aint wort nahtin en. Ru'nd livin' wit 'em beasts." he snorts towards the dragon and then turns his attention towards the rider, completely ignoring the girl. "Ah aint sen dat lita harlot sincin she run'd off ta muns back. "Lukyan's 'otter 'an a torch. Why dun ya go as'in' 'im 'bout dat dauta a 'is." he snorts, spitting again.

Zh'ae is not happy when spit lands on his highly polished boots. He steps forward and takes a swing, connecting with the man's jaw. "Yeh jist leave yer mouth offa L'ton, Zip, an' Zorya yeh unworty piece o' ovine dung." he's obviously very angry, he is… as he continues going after the man with fists, elbows, knees and feet. Yeah, he's been taught well, and he's angry now.

He for one can take a hit, seeing it coming he dodges just enough to catch a little less of the power behind it. Fist ball and he's soon to follow in returning the series of attacks. "Ah aint da un 'oh abandon'd meh famila Zhaye." he sneers, running a shoulder into Zh'ae's chest. He may be overweight, but that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to fight. Far from it in fact. "She aint yas na more. Ya gave dat up 'en ya left. She min no'. Pieca work at un. Dun ya think?" he grins.

Zh'ae can simply move faster than The Pudge, and he dodges a few attacks, one sending the man stumbling a bit and putting his fist into Zipalla's jaw and cheek. That pisses Zhay off more and he goes silent, his eyes going cold and cruel as he starts to beat on teh man, taking the hits instead of avoiding them, causing more bruises and marks to show on his face, and probably his ribs too.

The younger Shipton lass hears the stream of nonsense from the man, what she can make out anyway, that accent just gets worse when tempers flare. She balls up her fists and starts to retort but keeps quiet long enough to push away from the blue a little and she levels a gaze at the pudgy man but before the words can roll out his fist finds her jaw and sends her sprawling back into Zhilinith, landing in the coil of his tail with a thud, eyes dazed.

The man stumbles back, catching his balance only after having hit the girl, yes. "Ah 'old ya s'e aint here!" he bellows, moving back in to continue to pummel the poor blue rider. There's more behind his swing than one might guess given his ah… shape. Though the layer of fat he carries gives him considerably more 'protection' against the Zh'ae's throws that the rider might carry against him. "Ifin s'e 'as Ah'd 'ave som'in' betta ta do den fightin ya." he grins a crooked sneer.

Zhilinith coils his tail protectively around the girl and bellows in rage. He lifts her high up onto his back with his tail and demands she strap in and starts moving slowly to get in between the two men. Growling harshly, Zhay's eyes gone dead and flat as he returns the beating evenly, the dragon responds to hid rider's deep, roiling emotions. Finally, the blue gets the oppourtunity and grabs his rider from the middle of the fight, knocking The Pudge away from Zhay and then springing into the air agilely. Angry.

Zipalla blinks and lands against the blue with a sort of absent look around, then clinging to the dragon as she fumbles with her straps. She's safely latched, however, when they take flight and she reaches up to touch her cheek gingerly, staring as the dragon plucks Zh'ae from danger.

Its about the time Zhilinith moves in that two younger Shiptons, about Zh'ae's own age, are reaching to grab the man and pull him back muttering at him about something. The man of course doesn't want to hear it, shaking a fist as the blue takes off. "Cow'd!" he shouts. "Ya t'll dat lita harlot s'e welc'm 'ome, bu' s'e gonna lots 'work' for s'e fergiv'n!"

Zh'ae shakes his fist at the man as he's dragged in the air by his blue. "She'll never come back to you scum!" Yes, those are his parting words. Zhilinith flies a few miles away before landing safely in a field to let his rider mount and buckle in properly. "Let's go 'ome, Zhil." the man grumbles, turning to look at Zip and frowning. "Are yeh arright, lil bit?" he asks as Zhil launches again, this time much slower.

"Zorya isn't there…" Zipalla says a little numbly, listening to the man's responses. "Then where could she be.." and her eyes begin to well up. It doesn't help that her cheek has started to throb and the one eye feels a little weird, the corner of her mouth puffed out, "I'm okay.." she says.

Zh'ae turns a bit and shakes his head, "I'll get my healer pack when we get back and help fix yeh up." the man states roughly only seconds before they pop between. A few heartbeats later and out of Between they comes, bugling to greet the watchrider and then landing safely on Zhay's ledge. "Come on down, little bit.. let's see what we can do for yer swelling." he grunts, ignoring the blood trickling from his mouth and the corner of his eye. Yeah, he doesn’t care a bit about his own wounds, just about the girl.

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