The MasterHarper

Harper Hall - Masterharper's Office
A large wooden desk with a comfy chair stand at the back of the office, and several chairs stand in an arc facing the desk. On the desk sit a somewhat disorganized pile of paperwork, in- and out-baskets with more work, pending and done respectively, a carved wooden statue of a dragon, and a computer. A filing cabinet stands in a corner behind the desk. A huge tapestry of a dragon and rider (Orlith and Moreta, ostensibly), hangs on the wall facing the desk.
A few boxes are still scattered about from Masterharper Moyrel's recent move and there are signs of the presence of a child in the form of toys scattered about the floor.

Moyrel is here, at work, her fingers clattering across the keyboard of the computer on the desk as she types at warp speed, with two firelizards, one green, one blue, watching her work with that mischievous 'whatcha doooooin' expression. She manages for the most part to get her work done even with them around.

Zorya is well… nervous. Understandably so. Still somewhat chilled from the jump between the girl lifts a hand to give the door to the Craftmaster's office a polite rap of knuckles. This, of course, after having been told where to go and who to speak to upon questioning a few others at her arrival to the hall.

The sound of computer keys clattering stops and a moment later the masterharper is at the door. "Hello," she greets with a friendly smile, beckoning the guest in and returning to her desk. "What can a humble craftmaster do for you?"

Zorya offers her own uneasy smile in return to the one the woman gives. "My name is Zorya, Ma'am." the girl says, hesitating at the threshold to the office. Finally taking that first step she makes her way in to stand behind the chairs that ring the desk. "Ah… Well um… They told me Ah should speak to you." The blonde glances down at her hands where she idle picks at her fingernails, pushing hands back down to her sides as she looks back up to the woman opposite her. "About learning at the hall that is." she adds.

Moyrel nods. "Good to make your acquaintance, Zorya. I'm Craftmaster Moyrel, and yes, you can talk to me." She settles herself back in her seat behind the desk, slowly, as if in minor pain, but with the air of a person who is too proud to admit it. "You can talk to me. I'm approachable." She flicks a few keys on the computer, saving her work and switching programs. "So, you want to enroll as a harper apprentice, I take it?"

Zorya simply nods in reply, biting the inside edge of her lower lip just a bit. She stands in silence for just a moment, realizing then that she hasn't actually answered the woman's question. "Yes Ma'am. If you'd have me that is." the girl says, making a bit of a face at her choice of words though its only a flicker of dissatisfaction through her nervousness.

Moyrel nods, and opens a blank file on the computer. "Okay, name Zorya. Is there any particular specialty in the craft that you'll be taking up. Voice, instrumental, history, law, anything like that? You can declare as many as three specialties, fewer if you wish."

"Voice for sure." Zorya agrees with a nod as the Craftmaster names off a few possibilities. "I like dance too, you do something like that, right?" she continues, unsure of the exact word she might be looking for. "Or Record Keeping? I used to help my grandfather with that back home, but we didn't have alot there. I would like to learn more about that too." she babbles on before she realizes, "And I'm over explaining aren't I…" the teen trails off, biting her lip again as she waits for the reply.

Moyrel nods, and types. "Rank, apprentice, specialties, voice, dance, record-keeping. All doable. And you do seem excited. Okay, if you're going to be posted anywhere other than here, let me know now."

"Posted?" Zorya repeats the word, questioning with the pause she leaves before pipping up once again. "I do enjoy Ista Weyr… but I thought.. I didn't know apprentices were posted too." That would be even better than she'd ever hoped.

Moyrel says, "It can be considered if there's good reason for posting outside the Hall. If you ever find a mentor, let me know, for the record. Otherwise, I think you're set."

Zorya blinks. "That- That's it?" she asks, her voice tinged with relief. "Oh, of course." she adds in response of informing her if and when she finds a mentor. "Is there anything else?" Surely it couldn't have been that simple.

Moyrel nods. "Well, if you want, I could show you around. But for now, you're in."

Zorya beams at hearing. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Excitable? Just a little… Ahem. The girl pushes her enthusiasm down again, "I'd like that." she agrees with a nod. "It always helps to know where you going."

Moyrel grabs her cane and stands up, moving toward the door. "Okay, just follow me," she says making her way back to the hall.

Harper Hall - Entrance Foyer

Zorya waits, turns and follows the woman out of the office back into the hall. "I've never met a Master Harper before…" she notes idly, still clearly at least a little anxious about the ordeal.

Moyrel smiles. "Well, now you've met one," she says. "I'm more approachable than most people think. This is the main hall," she gestures around. "Mostly a place where people hang around between classes or other tasks, or if they need a place to work more open than an office when the weather is not at its best outside."

Zorya nods, letting out a bit of a giggle as she relaxes. "You aren't at all what I expected." she agrees with a genuine smile. "That's definitely not a bad thing." the girl quickly adds, nodding at the explanation of the area and taking a moment to more closely view the large room than she had upon entering.

Moyrel nods. "Just that I'm in charge of the craft doesn't mean I should be all high n holy, or unaccessible. Anyway, this way."

Harper Hall - Grand Hall

"No.., no I suppose not." Zorya replies with slight shake of her head as she trails behind the woman, passing through the doors to the Grand Hall. "But I guess no one really knows that till they meet you. Huh."

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