Vyanath's Maiden Flight

Dryssa's green Vyanath takes to the skies for her maiden flight.

Ista Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Enclosed by a multi-barred fence that runs from one point in the bowl to another, this lopsided meadowed area is was created in order to house the weyr's beasts, their deep sounds reverberating off of the weyr walls. The grass is thick and plentiful, a small stream having been worked into the enclosure— also doing the job of providing adequate drinking supplies for the herdbeasts who spend their short lives here.
Shade is provided from the hot, Istan sun by the towering bowl walls, whilst many of the animals seek refuge in the cool mountain water, resting by the inner edges of the enclosure during the hottest of days. The meadow is broad, however, large enough to allow a good number of dragons to feed at once, and there is plenty of space for the herdbeasts to roam about. Wherries often fly overhead, here; the food and water supplies keep them willing guests, providing a second form of meal for those dragons willing to face the feathers. In testimony to this, feathers often scatter the grassy expanse, which is also stained with blood and fragments of bone and hide.

Vyanath's definitely got that special glow that the male dragons love so very much. There's no mistaking it. And just like all greens are when they get that glow, she's hungry. She sails right into the pen with a mighty roar, gutting the first hapless herdbeast to fall in her sights and greedily slurping up the blood. Dryssa runs to the edge of the pen a short while later, looking nervous as can be.

Not that far behind Vyanath, Inimeth who's been sunning in the Bowl and chatting up other nearby dragons, takes a flying leap into the pens. D'son however, doesn't turn up right away at all and when he does he's coming from the direction of the caverns and has rather the dark scowl on his face. The bronzerider approaches the pens and climbs up on the fence, gaze intent on Inimeth. "Break off, dammit," he mutters under his breath, gaze sliding sidelong towards Dryssa and he swallows hard, possibly looking close to as nervous as she.

Omasuth slips into the pen, with Aoriya trailing after him. The brown leaps, grabbing a herdbeast by the rear end and hauling it towards him. A lazy snap of his claws, and the herdbeast has no head. He lifts the decapitated beast to his maw and sucks on the blood like a lollypop. Mmmm, blood, Aoriya is a few feet away from Dryssa.

Dhonzayth loves having a high ledge - think of all the things that you can see from up there! And it seems that one of his favorite things to watch is the greens and golds that have a different hue upon them, particularly when they've taken to the feeding grounds. Particularly as it gives him a great vantage point to topple off of, the pale bronze zooming over the feeding grounds and stunning a single herdbeast - a herdbeast who is drained of his life-giving blood in short order as the bronze attempts to build up a reserve of that quick energy. Wings spread, the first, and perhaps only, beast is left beneath him as he croons to the green. Hello… However, despite Dhonzayth quick and showy arrival, L'ton's is anything but - his hair is wet, his shirt buttoned though incorrectly, and he's looking rather rushed as he hurries in the direction that Dhonzayth went not too long before. There, he's stopping quick, arching an eyebrow at Dryssa before offering her a wide smile. "Ah told ya she was getting there, Dryssa… Ya remember what Ah said? Stay calm, and stay with her. Stay with her, no matter what… Dun let her get scared, and take off, either." You know, just in case all the weyrlingmaster's words really did go in one ear and out the other.

Speak of the D'vil! Okay so they weren't. But they should have been! Striding towards the fields from the direction of the beach, the young lad, no more then 16 turns surely. Squeaky little runt of a boy he may be, he certainly makes up for it in arrogant attitude. Blue Seaquith isn't far behind the rest is slithering into the feeding pen and taking his pick of the beasts within. Mmmm, blood.

Vyanath turns this whole exercise into something of an impromptu art project, getting her whole muzzle nice and bloody while she slurps up the herdbeast blood. She claws another and laps away, getting a nice fresh coat of war paint for the coming contest. Dryssa takes deep calming breaths, which don't help too much as she spots both D'son and L'ton among the gathering riders of male dragons. "Hi." She squeaks nervously to D'son, giving him a little wave before she looks at L'ton, terrified. "R… right. Don't let her get scared. Keep focused." Hard to do when she's fairly scared herself.

Aevisaanth has a sixth sense of such things, and arrives at Ista. He wings over the feeding grounds and lands among the other males, and Es'nak hurries up from where he was dropped off. Oh great. L'ton again. Eh well. Es'nak glances about and moves towards Dryssa casually. So what if he's failed at every mating flight lately? Won't stop Aevisaanth from trying!

Aoriya eyes Vyanath and sighs, face blushing a bit from Omasuths' interest in Vyanath. She inches closer to Dryssa, eyeing the greenrider sidelong. Meanwhile Omasuth is making a dance out of what Vyanath seems to be making an art project out of. With ubserd ease, the brown rears and turns on a heal, tail snapping out like a whip. When he sticks the landing he's just squished a herdbeast's neck. Popping the head off like a cork on a champagne bottle, the brown feasts on the red wine that is the beasts lifeblood.

D'son is still leaning against the top fence rail trying to get Inimeth to get /out/ of the pen. The bronze though is merrily working his way through Herdbeast 1 and then Herdbeast 2. Dels' head thunks down onto the railing and he groans and the grin he casts Dryssa is wry and sheepish. "Uh — hi Dryssa," he says all the more nervously and finally climbs down off the fence, sticks his hands in his pockets and stands around looking dumb and clueless even though Inimeth /has/ already caught once.

Seaquith takes his time blooding his first, but once he's done its time to show off for the lady in his pounce of the next. Blood smeared blue muzzle lifting send a dragonic grin towards the green for a second. "Hey a sweetums." D'vil grins the matching set to his blue's as he sticks himself right next to, or as close as he can at any rate, to Dryssa.

L'ton may not totally get how nervous the poor girl is, for he's moving to rest a hand lightly on Dryssa's shoulder, giving her what he hopes is a reassuring look, patting a few times. "It'll be okay, Ah promise. But, all ya'll know soon is her, so it won't be ta hard. Just forget that we're here, forget about us. Stay with her… Ya are gonna have ta stay with her." Giving her shoulder a gentle squeeze, he's looking over the short young woman's head to watch the progress of the dragons, shaking his head with a soft sigh. "It'll be okay, lil'bit." Being L'ton, he's not abandoning the hold he has on her shoulder until she makes him, instead leaving it there in a friendly enough manner. Dhonzayth croons loudly at the antics of the others, tilting his head to watch Vyanath for a while before snorting and sticking his muzzle in the belly of his beast - the red of its guts smearing across his muzzle. Two can paint their faces, right? Rah-Rah? And then he's spreading his wings again, hunkering close to the ground, the epitome of patience, at least for the moment.

"Nice weather we're having, huh?" Dryssa replies to D'son in a pitiful attempt at remaining casual. Nobody's buying it. When the hand ends up on her shoulder she eyes it for a moment, then she eyes all the attention she's suddenly getting from Es'nak, Aoriya, and D'vil. That sure isn't helping her nerves. "H… hi." She tries to follow L'ton's advice and stay focused on Vyanath. After a little while more spent slurping, the green decides she's had enough of the appetizer and is ready for the main even. She stretches out her wings and lets out a challenging cry as she takes off, zooming up into the skies.

Aoriya mutters, "Lecher." She moves in closer to Dryssa. "Go easy on the girl, you're all sex and no sensitivity." She tells L'ton with a warning glare. "Hands off until your bronze catches or you'll get a black eye and a kick to the groin the instant I manage to get you alone and you're not flight addled!" She growls, raising one leg in preparation to shove kick L'ton. Omasuth bugles in amusement before he leaps into a spectacular takeoff. Whirling left and right through the aircurrents before he finds the one he wants. Moving with the grace and strength only a brown can pull off in the skies.

With a flash of silver and bronze, Aevisaanth is up into the air, following after the green. He's never met you before but he'd love to get to know you! He croons towards the green. Hey, why don't you come over here for a moment? I have something /great/ to show you. Aevisaanth hadn't blooded any kills, but he ate a few days ago so he's full of energy.

"Leave off." Es'nak adds on to Aoriya's words, eying L'ton. "You're coming on to her like a sex fiend." he moves closer, but not so close as to seem oppresive to Dryssa. He looks up and watches the green take off, followed by the others.

D'son clears his throat, hands digging deeper in pockets, bouncing nervously on his toes. "Uh yeah, lovely, really," he says with a little nod. There go his eyes again, slanting towards L'ton this time and his brows hike upwards. Another hard swallow follows and he takes a big long deep breath. Unlike the others, he doesn't crowd close, sort of standing off to one side, shoulders hunched and his gaze slips back over to the pens, where Inimeth's one long lean line of anticipation watching his lovely, glowing clutchmate. And there she goes, calling out that challenge and so does he, up and away into the sky, polished bronze wings spread wide to cup the air and lift him after Vyanath. His answer call is almost chipper, a winning edge to it and his thoughts spiral outward with the heady scent of sun-warmed lavender towards the fast-rising green. D'son's eyes close then and he sort of sways in place, like he's dizzy already.

L'ton can't help but chuckle at Dryssa's continued nervousness and her awkward attempt at conversation. "Ya'll be fine.." He murmurs softly again, even as his fingers tighten lightly when Dhonzayth launches himself after Vyanath. "Just stay with her.." However, it seems that with each passing moment the words are meant for everyone and noone at the same time, for L'ton's gaze and thoughts are taking off with Dhonzayth, and Aoriya and Es'nak's words go unacknowledged, and likely unheard. Since when is a hand on the shoulder anything other than a hand on the shoulder? Each wide wingstroke lifts the pale bronze further from the ground, and closer to the clouds that are above, finding the closest thermal to aid his upward progress. As the currents open on the main act, he's trumpeting in response to her challenging call before quieting to let it play out in the Istan sky.

The blooding blue's crimson eyes immediately turn upwards as the alert goes out and his wings stretch vertical, as thought to already net and foul Vyanath so early in the game! However, rather then spoil the fun, Seaquith's muscles twitch and his wings sweep downwards just as those hind legs shove him off the ground and into the sky. A deranged yet brassy bugle is sent out towards Vyanath. Where ya goin?! D'vil on the other hand, takes up a casual pose laid back up against the fence, in no way trying to hide the once over he gives the green rider. "Ya'll just gotta take a step back an let me handle it." he smirks. Oh yes, let him.

Dryssa goes bug-eyed at the comments from Aoriya and Es'nak, grabbing the hand on her shoulder and yanking it off. She gives L'ton a slightly apologetic look, but it's clear she just needs a little space at the moment. "I've just gotta… focus." She takes another deep breath. Vyanath might not have done this before, but she knows enough not to give in so easily to the promises of a few silly males! Besides, this is a great opportunity to be a showoff. Up and up she goes, spinning lazily in the air as she hits the closest thermal, eager to soar high.

D'son keeps his eyes closed for a bit. When they open again, his face is flushed and he deliberately looks away from Dryssa, tips his head upward, following the dragons' path. Inimeth adopts a tight spiral up through the air, hot on Vyanath's trail. He's young and enthusiastic and likely burning way too much energy, way too soon, but he's enjoying it, the pull of the wind, the ache of muscles straining to make /speed/ to pursue that fleet flyer ahead of him. Again his thoughts reach out, whispers of the pleasure of rushing wind, hot sun on hide, what it might be like to go /higher/ and /faster/.

Aevisaanth warbles appreciatively at Vyanath's showing off. « Indeed, you are the lightest dancer these skies have ever seen! » maybe flattery will help. He soars upwards, glimmering in the sun, following her closely. He sideslips, furling his wings for a split second, then snaps them open again, trying his own showing off in the hopes of impressing her.

L'ton barely reacts the the removal of his hand from Dryssa's shoulder, blinking slightly but letting it drop to his side as if were a dead weight, chin turned up as he stares up at the sky, trying to follow the fast moving dots that are their lifemates. As he focuses, there are no deep breaths, no wobbling, just an unseeing stare and the occasional blink to save his eyes from the breeze that meanders through the feeding grounds. Far above, Dhonzayth is hardly still for more than a moment, letting the rising thermals aid him even as his wings are constantly moving, constantly adjusting, and he's constantly urging himself onwards after the green. She must dance her solo, she must sing her great aria, and paint her great masterpiece upon the sky. Only then, then, can her adoring fans truly make their move. And so, despite Dhonzayth staying close to the soaring green, he's willing to let her enjoy herself for now, fueled by the liquid energy of the herdbeast, each thermal helping is upward motion.

Seaquith isn't far behind the glowing green. He may be the smallest of her pursuers, but that just means he's the quickest too. Right? Right? The blue pumps his wings, pulling him up to catch the thermals and follow that target. He may think he's first, but he quickly falls behind as length and wingspan pull them higher just that much faster. This blue isn't about to give up yet, no no. Rider D'vil, lazes his head back to watch the show starting overhead.

Omasuth twirls through the sky. There's a spring to the brown's proverbial step as the brown croons playfullly, pounding after Vyanath and making a show of it. Jig left, jig right, arching his back in an imitation of a feline's leap. Then curling his flame colored form in a spiral through the sky. Crooning an overture to Vyanath as he dances, inviting the green to come play with him.

Dryssa really puts her mind to blocking out all the other riders around her, keeping her eyes focused on Vyanath. The green is at the very height of her ascent now, little more than a tiny green dot in the sky to those observing from the ground. Now that she has the altitude, the chase can begin in earnest. She makes another challenging warble at her pursuers as she takes off, wings spread wide, enjoying the exhiliration of pure speed for a moment.

Aevisaanth responds to her warble with a brassy warble of his own, curving his wings slightly to turn altitude into speed, zipping downwards, then finding another thermal. He's almost playing leapfrog with the thermals as he chases after Vyanath. « Splendidly done! You are a work of art to put the others to shame! » sure, his words are a little smooth and oily, but hey. Can't all be perfect.

Omasuth carols gleefully. «Sweet Vyanath, come play with me! I'm having so much fun up here!» The brown pounds his way towards the green, turning and whirling fashionably as he goes. A wink and a croon towards the glowing green and he's wending his way through the skys, showing off his strength with every turn of his wing.

Another sharp breath drawn inward and D'son's hands pull out of his pockets, lift to his face to drag across it, fingertips pressing into skin. Still he doesn't pull his eyes from the sky, staying with Inimeth just as much as some of the others stay with their dragons too. Easier that way, maybe. Inimeth meanwhile is definitely down with the idea of speed, mind sparkling with vivid joyous greens washed with deeper layers of plummy violet desire. There she goes, impressive and lovely all at once, thoughts follow where wings cannot yet, though the bronze tucks limbs in further, seeking that pure aerodynamic line with which to /race/ with her. Like they all did not that long ago when they were just learning to fly.

Dhonzayth knows that he should save some of his energy, store some of that speed for when it truly matters, and let the sheer size difference do his work for now. And so as Vyanath reaches the peak of her flight and takes off running - flying - Dhonzayth's wings are carrying him after her, sliding from thermal to thermal and allowing him to save just a bit of strength. Wide wings beat downwards, giving him a quick boost, before his body drops once more as he glides. A rather awkward flight, perhaps, but for the time being he's comfortably in the midst of the group of suitors, admiring the green from a respectful distance even as he strives to join her in a duet after the great solo. But, that is all in time - for now he'll remain chasing with limbs pulled close to his body, merely a face in the audience.

Returning the challenge the green makes with his own strange bugle. Conservation of energy seems not to be something this player has heard of and he's certainly not going to start at this point. Maybe once he's caught up with the rest. Reaching altitude he swerves to follow Vyanath's dart across the sky just below and behind the glowing green beauty, beating wings in addition to playing the thermals to catch up with the rest of the chase. Tell him he can't beat out a bronze!

Vyanath gets her display going in earnest, spinning and whirling through the air in amazing patterns that only such a youthful, tiny green can pull off. Eager for a little more momentum she hits another thermal, sailing up for just a bit before tucking her wings in and executing a dive, hoping to confuse all but the brightest males in the pack with her acrobatics. She croons out another challenge, enjoying the thrill of the chase for the first time.

Inimeth can't match quite that level of air-dancing as Vyanath is showing, though his admiration for it is readily heard by all, the colors in his mind swirling in a mental echo of her moves. Still, he slides through the skies as surely as a dragon of his youth can, needing to make his turns and spirals wider, longer, a little slower, but still mirroring some of what she's got. After all, it's all about that thrill isn't it? Of putting your best foot forward and going for broke. This time he has an answering crooon for her, long and sweet, his usual cheer edged with keen longing. Up she goes, but he doesn't quite follow, bouncing upward just a titch and then she's diving and he drops, though not sharply. It really is like a dance, two steps this way, two that and back to center to figure out the next move.

Omasuth croons and whistles in approval, the brown turns left and right and sails gleefully after the young green. «My darling, my beautiful green darling. You are agile beyond agile. Beauty beyond measure.» Omasuth praises green Vyanath. His wings carry him far, and since he's smaller than the bronzes he can perform more gracefully, more beautifully, more stylishly. A snap of his wings and he's darting sidelong, he cuts abuprtly through the crowd of males in an attempt to drive some of the other dragons off course.

Aevisaanth is actually pretty bright, y'know. Plus, he's experienced, with many turns of catching greens and golds! He dives at a shallower angle than her, using his momentum once more to send him hurtling forward. Gravity's his friend, after all!

Dhonzayth unfortunately may have the speed and the stamina that helps in a flight, however the acrobatic moves that Vyanath is now employing are all but out of his reach. While she spins and whirls, the older Istan bronze remains steady, merely rising and falling in time with her moves, banking and turning so that she is anything but ahead of him, even if it has him doing giant circles amongst the sky. As she slides into a thermal he's close behind, spiraling upwards, and then dropping out of the heated air to drop after her at a more controlled rate, hesitant to come too close to the ground too quickly, it seems, as his wings are only partially folded behind him to slow his descent. It is still her show - she must be the one to woo them with her delicate moves, to astound the audience with spectacular and daring attempts.

A bit of distance between him and his objective, Seaquith's young form loses no time in swerving off course, or trying interesting ploys to ensnare this lovely. Eeek! No, no nose dives! As Vyanath dives past him the blue is quick to tuck wings and follow ala free fall skydiving. This is his chance. Yes! He will catch up. … Hopefully.

As she zooms through the sky, Vyanath very slowly starts to lose speed and altitude. It's her first time rising, and it's only natural that she got just a little overexcited and enthusiastic. Having burnt through a lot of her energy with her early tricks, the inevitable slowdown is beginning. Still, there's still a bit of fight in her! She flaps her wings quickly to pick up just a little more height, sending out teasing projections to her male entourage.

Aevisaanth remembers his first flight, long ago….come to think of it, he won that flight. Hehehe. Or rather, /he/ doesn't remember it, but Es'nak does, so same thing! Recognizing the green tiring, he puts in even more effort, stronger, faster, more agile! This is important! No, vital! He has to reach her before the others! Green or bust! He croons towards her again, melodically, trying to lure her closer. The small bronze wants to prove he still has it in him!

With the rhythm of the dance slowing, Dhonzayth is inching closer, wings billowing outwards, throwing his momentum upwards once more as she attempts to pick up height. Every great dancer, every great singer has a first performance - and they are always memorable, despite their eventual end. And so, as the young green is slowly, teasing and taunting them as she fights to gain one last peak amongst the clouds, Dhonzayth is pulling on his reserve of energy, the speed of his downward wingstrokes increasing just slightly as he continues to rise beneath her, ready to be her backup if her strength fails - to carry her through the last steps of the dance.

That slowing in Vyanath actually spurs Inimeth to encourage her. She can do it! She can keep going! Tantalize them all further with more of those so very interesting moves, keep the dance going and going. Though of course it's inevitable that it has to reach some kind of conclusion, a partner chosen by accident or design to change the nature of the dance made in the skies. He's burned through a lot already trying to keep up with her, but he's still got a little left himself to spend on pumping bright wings harder, turning to angle after her, neck extended into the rush of the wind, following the teasing temptation of her tail.

A small growl elicits from the young blue's muzzle, who only tries in desperation to stay on track behind the green's rollercoster of shifts. Up till now, Seaqith has tried (very unsuccessfully, one might note) to match Vyanath's speed and trajectory. However, it may just take a little bit o' good ol' fashioned cunning to win this one out. (Or just a whole lot of luck). Higher Seaqith climbs… Wings straining and siphoning energy from every breath during this dizzying game of catch. Its a tough job, but someone's got to do it. And running from the ball, aka Vyanath, isn't going to do it. MineMineMine! I got it!! (optimism always works, right?)

Omasuth croons encouragement to Vyanath. «Just a little farther darling, you're a star. It would be a shame for such a beautiful star to fall from the sky.» Omasuth sweeps in at an angle that puts him under Vyanath, turning left and right in a figure eight for a moment before catching a draft that buffets him to a right angle to the chasers. Gorgeous fire patterned sails filling like the ship of the Master Seacrafter himself, his mind filled with flame impassioned encouragement to the green. «Higher! Further! My darling you are stunning…..» Omasuth praises. "Pretty….." Aoriya murmurs under her breath. His wings crack, BANG, the brown curling his wings, his body, arching them lithely and sailing through the stage of the sky.

Spurred on either by the encouragement of her pursuers or her lifemate back on the ground (who certainly doesn't want this to end early) Vyanath finds the strength for one more set of spins, dives, and rolls, showing off that lovely green glow of hers as she gleams in the sunlight. Who knew she had it in her? But all that showing off carries a price. Her speed fades a little more, and soon she's seeking out another thermal to keep aloft high enough.

Inimeth's delight blossoms forth, green tendrils reaching through the haze of violet for the sun that is Vyanath today. She did it! And he tosses himself after her, though this time he doesn't try to mimic on a broader scale those acrobatic twists. It's just one long spiraling roll from him, angled slightly downward after her, tracing her path through the blue. At the end of it he pops wings free to try to catch more air himself, waiting, breathless maybe for her next move, muscles starting to burn with encroaching fatigue from having tried maybe just a little too hard. D'son on the ground is rubbing fretfully at his own shoulder and murmuring under his breath.

He /thinks/ he's hidden, and that's all that matters as blue Seaquith follows in hot pursuit twisting around behind a wisp of a cloud as he strives to come ever closer to the treasured green prize. Who cares if he's really in plain view, looking like that one kid at the back of the court, all too eager to pounce on his ball and end the game?

The true question is, would Dryssa let it end at all, if she could do so? However, Dhonzayth's own reserve is even beginning to get low, and as she's spinning and diving, rolling and tumbling amidst the giant stage that is the Rukbat-lit sky, Dhonzayth continues to bank and turn, though never giving up his altitude no matter how far she may drop, unwilling to fight for his hard-earned height once more. As she continues to perform her for eraptured audience, Dhonzayth is sliding into the thermal after her, using it to gain just enough height to stay above her, ever waiting, ever poised to to step in when he is needed. Yet, he's caught off guard for a sheer second, banking left as she goes right and he's left looping around, back into the thermal, allowing nature to keep him aloft while each wingbeat seems to come slower. Now, however, it seems he's getting impatient, snapping at an older blue who happens to venture too close, crooning after Vyanath, ducking his head to watch her slightly beneath him.

Aevisaanth takes note of Vyanath slowing even more, and even tries redoubling his efforts again. « Come to me my darling! » he trumpets suddenly, hoping to surprise her enough to allow him to catch her. He is right behind her, after all. The only problem is, so are the other males. Hrmph.

Omasuth is too caught up in the moment to worry about things like aching wings. Each croon is a cheer for the green's antics. «Wonderful! Oh glorious!» Omasuth takes a thermal just a little higher to get a better view. Circling the pack of males once he does a barrelroll, carolling in sheer glee before darting upwards and whirling in a furious dance after the green. «Dance for everyone and noone lovely, your moment is now, the sun burns solely as your spotlight. The breezes sing only for your rhythmn.» He praises, continuing to manuver himself through the skies and bellowing, carrolling, crooning enthusiastic appreciation.

Vyanath might love showing off, but she knows her limits. Her wings are getting tired, her muscles ache, and despite all this effort she put into making the males chase, she does want a little energy left for what's to come. With the males closing in she makes one final push upwards, spinning around to face her pursuers as she prepares to make her choice.

Seeing Vyanath struggle onward even with her energy dwindling, Omasuth carrols his praise, angling straight up after Vyanath, turning in a graceful barrel roll in an attempt to match his wingbeat to hers. Reaching with a tender and approving croon, the brown attempts to catch the valient dancing green and sweep her off her wings in true romantic style.

Oh hey, she's turning around to face them? Suits Aevisaanth just fine! Like the quicksilver that spreads across his hide, he darts forward with the intent to twine his wings with hers. « My darling, you're magnificent. It's time now for your adoring fan to show you what it's like to truly soar. »

Dhonzayth was intent on sweeping in behind Vyaneth, pulling her close and launching them both to new heights as what had for so long been a beautiful solo dance into a partnered pattern across the sky. Yet, as she suddenly spins towards them, his plan is suddenly found lacking, and he's left baffled for a split second - but only a split second. Then, however, it seems that his plan will work well enough for he's dropping downwards even as she's rising up, pulling into a tight circle to turn around to match her body position. Only then as he nears her are talons outstretched as he tries, he strives, and he fights to catch each of her wingjoints in his own hold, hoping to pull her upwards into a fantastic leap that will leave the audience with their jaws on the floor - if she allows him to be her partner on this expansive stage.

The strain of the flight is nothing compared to the pure, exhilarating FX thrill of chasing this green through the sky! The tiny blue's wings pump, striving to achieve that ever elusive humming bird quality so far out of reach. Hah! There she is! Seaquith's talons poise, his pudgy little belly sucking in air with greed, and his tail anticipating the strike! A collision course it set and the blue springs out of the shelter of one misty cloud, wings wide, belly prone, tail lashing out behind him. Come and get it baby!

That final turn back is welcomed by a low croon from Inimeth, soft, enticing as his long, ember-cast form slips upward on a gust of wind towards her, everything in him strains to meet her, to match her, turn the end of the race into the union of the sweetest dance. That ache in his wings is turning to hardcore burn, but he pushes past it, for what is more than worth it beyond that momentary twinge of pain. One more time his thoughts spiral outward, almost all purpled now, glints of hidden fire dancing within, passion, temptation in the offer made. Dance with me.

Vyanath surveys her pursuers for a moment, as if evaluating each before making her choice. Then, one of the pack sneaks up from behind and snatches her up. Her eyes lock on Dhonzayth as they suddenly bolt into the sky. She's caught by surprise, but maybe that isn't such a bad thing? There's an approving, pleased croon as she connects her wings with the bronze, adjusting to the much larger dragon's frame as they sail into the skies together.

Dryssa's earlier nervousness melts away as she gets caught up in the moment, as riders always do. She bounds back over to L'ton, giving him a fierce kiss on the lips. This is going to embarass her quite a bit tomorrow.

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