What about Shipton

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the deep, verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their colour deeper into the great ocean, the beach is no less striking, truly beautiful in its own way.
The hot, heavy rays of the sun reach deep into these sands, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing even upon the hottest of days, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, coming from the plateau, a small, thin waterfall, empties into a catching pool that runs off into the water through dark sand and pebbles.

The sun is rising over the sparkling ebon beach of Ista Weyr, dawn's colors splayed out in a dazzling rainbow across the water. Just out of reach of the softly lapping water the figure of a lone person sits, still, legs crossed, hands resting atop her thighs. One hand drops to the sands and digs into it, then lifts, fingers spreading to let the sand sift through, then again, a slow, rhythmic motion, fingers wriggling as the last of the miniscule granules slips through. Finally the other hand drops as well and she simply lets both lie on the surface of the sand, gently curling fingers into it, chin held aloft, eyes closed, soft sea breezes making stray wisps of her blond hair flutter.

Early as it is a second figure emerges at the top of the plateau, the rising sun catching on her golden locks as her hair caught in the breeze. The decent of the stairs to the beach is slow, the figure making her way, thinking more of thoughts in head than where feet are leading. There's the soft crunch of the black sand beneath foot as she reaches the bottom of the last stair, the sound perhaps heard only due to the stillness of the dawn.

Zipalla opens her eyes to take in the brightness of the sun and water, grinning a little as she squints then she slowly rises to her feet, bare feet even, her boots discarded along with her normal leather attire, today finds her in a long, cotton, sarong-skirt, composed of alternating bands of lace and solid strips, the transparent lace parts showing off just a little toned leg beneath, especially where. Her arms slowly lift and it becomes apparent that her back is mostly bare, as are her arms, her torso modestly if scantly covered in a halter top, tied at the neck and mid-back. A stretch one way then another, various poses struck, not nearly as graceful as a dance but obviously not just random motions either.

Zorya wasn't expecting to run into anyone else, but as her gaze pulls up from the ground it lights upon Zipalla. Her steps lead her closer to the other figure on the beach though the lighting doesn't assist in making it clear as to who it is just yet. The girl stops a few feet away to stand and watch, not wanting to startle the other, or interrupt.

Unlike her cousin, Zipalla isn't embarking on a graceful dance. Not that she couldn't be graceful, she just hasn't ever attempted such a thing. No. Her motions are that of stretching and toning, light exercise, the occasional spray of sand sending a flair of sparkles out into the air. Hearing the crunch of steps she whips around and blinks pausing before she says, "Oh hi…ZORY.." and she emphasizes that last word.

"Sorry Zipalla," Zorya apologizes for what she's not sure as the girl spots her. "I was just taking a walk." Which she was! before she happened across her cousin on the beach. She blinks, not having moved from her spot just yet. What'd she do?

The younger Shipton lass smirks and narrows her eyes, "How are you today…ZORY.." she asks, finally grinning, walking toward her cousin. "Really…Zh'ae…he seems.. nice.." and she puts hands to hips. "So, wanna give me the scoop? And if not, give it anyway."

"I'm alright. How about you?" Zorya replies to her cousin's question and returning it. And then she just blinks again, a look of confusion crossing her features. "… Yeah. He does…" Scoop? What scoop? "What are you talking about Zipalla?"

Zipalla tilts her head and smiles, "Zory.. a man doesn't go track down a woman's… ex-whatever-he-is..for no reason.. and I saw…when I left.. I started to come back and tell you I was going to K'ael's but you were ah…" and she waggles her brows. "Well you looked rather busy..ish.." the girl says playfully.

Zorya frowns. She's not going to correct the girl on the man's relationship, just not something she wants to talk about. "Its not like I asked him to or anything. He just wanted to help." Well that's what he said and she's still trying to figure that out herself. A light dusting of pink creeps across upper edge of her cheeks as the girl goes on, "We were just talking Zipalla. You coulda." It just might have been a little awkward. But they were! It was just talk.

A little giggle and Zipalla nods her head, "I know you didn't ask him.. so..do you like him?" she asks, skipping over all the innuendo and guesswork, just get right to the heart of the thing. "I saw that you were talking…I'm fourteen, Zorya, not four, I'm not oblivious to how people "talk"…"

"Zipalla!" Zorya half whines, half chides the younger girl. Frustrated? "We were just talking." Talking not 'talking'. Nothing happened or anything. Not really. The girl fidgets, idly picking at her fingernails for something to do.

Zipalla giggles yet more and the more Zorya denies the more heartfelt the giggles become. "I know.." she reiterates, one brow arching. Then she assumes a stance in front of her cousin and lifts her hand to her chest, "Oh, Zory, I do know..just talking.." she says all breathily.

Okay.. so maybe her cousin did see and she wasn't just saying it to get her to talk… "What's that supposed to mean?" Zorya questions, her tone a bit skeptical. Though she pushes the hand away as the other strikes her pose, "Knock it off." Whine. "It was just -talking-." Not that she wouldn't pick on Zip the same way, but it's only fun when you're the one doing the picking.

"It means.. I knowwwww.." she responds in the whiny voice. Zipalla giggles and nearly doubles over doing so then she straightens and looks at Zorya. "Ok all teasing aside, though.. you'd have to admit.. I’m good.." and she pauses, grinning. "You like him huh.. how old is he? You know he likes you too.. does he LIKE you a lot?"

Zorya does have to giggle once Zip has had her fun, though the girl's laughing at her doesn't help the blush subside at all. "Maybe a little…" she admits, turning her head just enough that she can look out over the water and keep her cousin visible out the corner of her eye. "I don't know." Fidget.

Victorious. Zipalla stands straighter and nods then looks to the water as well, humming, swishing her skirt a bit. "Can I call you Zory too..or is that a special name.." she asks, the teasing tone returning for a moment. "Ok ok.. well.. his dragon is nice.. very cuddly.. that's probably a good sign that the rider isn't horrible."

Zorya shrugs lightly in response. "If you want." She doesn't mind really either way. Then again she hadn't thought about it that way yet. "Just how 'e says it." Pause. "And yeah… for a dragon Ah suppose Zhil is alright." At least Zip seems to be approving of the young man.

Zipalla just shakes her head, "I was kidding.. I think I'll leave "Zory" for him.." and she snickers. "The dragon is just glorious..and sweet.." and she smiles a bright smile. "Wonder what Ton will say to that.. likely be proud, him being a distant Shipton and all."

Zorya laughs a bit as Zip snickers. Right… "Like Ah said, for a dragon he's pretty nice." Pause. Blink. "What are you talking about Zipalla?" she eyes the girl. What would Ton think? What would Ton think about what?

The younger girl grins and nods her head, "You know what I'm talking about.. you just had "THE" talk with Ton, now you have a boyfriend…or the start of one.." she says with a giggle.

Zorya rolls her eyes. "It was more like an awkward ramble than a talk…" Ton telling her about … well stuff, was not exactly the most clear conversation in the world. "And I do not!" Boyfriend? Zh'ae? No no no. See, there is Zip jumping to conclusions. "I'm not even sure I like him, much less if he likes me."

Hazel eyes widen and sparkle as Zorya begins to verbally flail again and Zipalla giggles. "But mayyyybe.." she says with a firm nod. "Silly Zory…" she teases, using the name with a definite love-struck inflection.

Zorya huffs. Well its a good think Zip only saw that and not their first meeting or she'd be worse about it. "But maybe nothing." she tries. "You're the one who's always going on about riders," specifically L'ton, "And all their women, how do you know he's not the same. Or.. You're impossible!"

She gives her cousin a feigned wounded look then giggles again and finally stops, "Oh, Zorya, I know but some people don't mind how riders are.. besides.. maybe he doesn't take after that part of his Shipton heritage.."

"Can we not talk about it right now?" Zorya asks, the inflection in her voice almost pleading for a change in subject. Not Zh'ae, not him, but the infamous 'it'.

Zipalla pauses and tilts her head, "Well sure..Zorya..if it bothers you that much.." she says, a little concerned now, though still peering for a hint at her cousin simply being bashful or hiding her true thoughts. "Why?" she asks, though, being a teenager hasn't made the connection that explaining it will force further discussion, hah!

"Ah'd jus' ratha talk 'bout som'in' else." Zorya replies. "Talkin' 'bout id makes meh think wha' 'e did an' wha''e mida 'eard an' ah jus' dun wanna." she says in a fluster of thoughts, slipping dialect in the process. The girl turns, crossing one foot over the other ankle and letting herself fall to a seat on the sand.

Dismayed, Zipalla stares at her cousin, trying one-to decipher what the heck she said.. 2-what it means. She sighs and slips down to sit beside her, curling an arm around her middle, "What happened there, Zorya? I mean.. Why did you leave really? I heard some of what you two said while I was there.. what did they do to you?"

Zorya shakes her head, not seeming to mind the comfort her cousin tries to give. "They din do anythin'…" she tries to explain. They didn't. Not really, and that's just it. "Iz 'ard ta splain." Its like a different world sometimes.

Zipalla peers up at her and then slowly withdraws her arm and nods her head, "Then what happened… or didn't happen…" she murmurs, confused yes. "It's just me, Zorya.. you can tell me anything.. I mean if you want.. it might help to talk about it.."

From afar, Pi ois. Uh.. well, marriages are pretty much betrothals done by the father. Um… inbred sheepherdring hicks about sums it up. There's typically girl vs boy jobs and such. Though obviously everyone gets involved with sheep usually. Pi was a little odd doing the beasthealing bit. Some people are more progressive than others of course.

"Iz jus diff'rnt 'ere." Zorya starts. "An' Ah wuzznt wha' Ah was supposta be." Its hard to explain. "Evrathinz backwads 'ere an' Ah dunno wha' ta do." she rushes though the words, which probably doesn't help Zip's understanding in the least.

Zipalla frowns some and reaches over to pat her arm then squeeze it, "I'm sure it is different..what were you supposed to be?" she asks, catching at least that much.

Zorya shakes her head, staying quiet for a long while. The girl takes a deep breath in attempt to calm her nerves, which is may be to Zipalla's benefit as well. At least until she starts rambling again, "'iders 'er 'orbl, plauge…" Beat. "'Ey don come 'ere oten. Boys workin wit ovines mostla, an' we do tha cookin' an' 'leanin' an' 'iete an' mindin. An' dats 'ow ya do cauzin datz ya place an' do wha'cha 'old."

She blinks at Zorya and then narrows her eyes in thought, mouth half open. "Zorya.. if that's not the life you want, it's not the life you are required to have…" she pauses and smiles at her. "Takes all kinds I guess… I wouldn't begrudge a person who wanted that sort of life.. but it's not for me..and apparently it's not for you.. nothing wrong with leaving it.. what does the man you talked about have to do with it?"

Zorya bites her lip. Lifting a hand to her cheek she brushes the back of her thumb across it, hitting an itch or wiping away a tear that's not there. "Pose Ah jus liked ta 'ave my opinion." she says with a shrug. She'll not go into details, not yet at least. "Who?" she asks then asks her question.

"Jar…Jad…" she nods, giving her cousin the you-know-who look, "The one that gave Zh'ae the black eye.." Her smile softens, "No one will make you do anything you don't want to do here..I promise.."

Zorya's gaze drifts to the sand in front of her. "I… He…" She pauses for a split second. "Ah'm posta 'fast 'im." When the two were talking the other day at the stream. She mentioned a handfasting, there just wasn't any more talk of it.

Zipalla nods, the separation of there to Ista makes it seem less horrible to her, it's not like they can take Zorya away and make her handfast him. "Oh.. well.. so he's mad that you ran off? And.. how old do you have to be to not be held to any agreement..I assume some sort of agreement was made between families?" She listens.

Zorya came from there to Ista. They can certainly do the same. "Ah'm sure 'e and my father 're both furious." she replies, still watching the beads of sand in front of her. At the question of age she looks up to Zipalla, "'ow.. old…?" Very clearly confused by the concept presented. "It jus' is, Zipalla. That's jus' 'ow it is." At least she's calming down enough to start to be understandable again.

Zipalla furrows her brows, trying to understand, "Well.. I guess I figured once you reached a certain age your father couldn't make you do much of anything.." she says, pondering. She sighs a little and nods her head, "Then it's good people know it's not what you want.. if anyone ever came for you.. we'd take care of you."

Zorya's gaze drifts back to her feet, a finger lightly tracing the line of the arch of her foot. "'e didn like me dancin either." she mentions, which perhaps explains why she was so off when Zip caught her at it. She nods at the last though, "I know, Zipalla." glancing up to give her cousin a slight smile. "I know, you and Ton and Zh'ae have all said." Which helps. It really does.

Zipalla narrows her eyes and then nods her head, "Oh I get it.." she says with a tinge of disgust in her voice. "He's one of those..thinks a woman is property too…which explains why your father had you married off anyway…" and she shakes her head. "I'm glad you got away.. and…" then her face softens greatly, "Oh..Ton..he saved me from that.."

Zorya shakes her head, "He don't think it Zipalla, thats jus' 'ow it is there." It just is. Not everyone thinks things to the same extreme, but its how it is overall. "I'm glad he did too." she adds, pulling half a smile for the girl beside her.

A sigh. "It is how it is there because they THINK it is.. but as you can see from living here it is not what IS. So quit saying it is. It isn't. They have no right..and if they dare show a face here they'll find out what really IS." She nods, lips persed.

Zorya shakes her head. "But it -is- how it is." Its not that way here, but there it is. And there, complaining about it will only get you in trouble, she knows. "Its not here, but it is there. And I hope you're right Zipalla." That they don't even bother to come for her, but it's still going to linger in the back of her head as fall draws closer.

Zipalla nods a little, "I understand.. I'm just saying, they'd be in for a rude awakening..though a much needed one.." She smirks to herself and secretly plots her sudden dive into Mr. Jad-whoever…nice kick to the..yeah. "I am.. we'll be ready.. when was this supposed to happen?"

Zorya nods. It makes perfect sense to her, but then that was how she was raised. Her parent's marriage was that way, so was her sister's. It just was. She thinks for a moment, counting it out her her head, "… Next month…" Well Zip asked!

Zipalla blinks and then inhales, "Well then.. next month..I'll be fourteen.. I'll have had my stand by then..and I think I'll ask K'ael to teach me some things.." she says with a narrowing of her eyes.

Zorya blinks. "Zipalla, don't worry about it so much. The past is past." Now if only Zh'ae had gotten that through his head before he went to pay a visit. "Its not gonna happen."

The younger girl grins, "You were the one rambling on and upset.. I'm just..making plans.." and she nods. "Besides, K'ael will get a kick out of it.. he's all into being fit and tough, I need more muscles."

Zorya pulls a bit of a smile to her lips. "Well if you really want.." she gives in, "Who am I to stop you?" a bit of a teasing in her tone. Now just to find out what Zh'ae found out on his little trip…

Zipalla nods her head and giggles, "Nothing..I am UNstoppable!" she chirps with a pose of hands to hips. Even sitting, as she is, beside her cousin, she look fierce…well.. relatively. "Maybe K'ael can show me how to be sneaky AND tough.." she muses aloud, tapping her chin. The younger Shipton girl nudges her cousin and nods her head then sits back, putting her hands in the sand, head lifted skyward, basking a bit in the rays of early morning sun that creep over the sea and sand.

Zorya can't help but giggle at her cousin. "Yes and then you can by my hero instead of some silly boy." she teases back, a hand thrown over her heart for dramatic effect. But then the words aren't as light as they might be hinting that she was recently rather upset. The older of the two girls gives a sigh, her gaze drifting back from cousin to water.
The two cousins will suddenly spot a monster rising from the sea! Well, no. It's acctually

Azaeth. He must have gone under so far out it was hard to see him. The big bronze spots to the two cousins and heads out of the water towards them. After shaking himself off like a dog (and probably getting them all wet in the process) he whuffles them, then heads back out to sea. His rider is meandering down the beach, dressed for a swim like normal. "Hello ladies." He says to them both with a grin.

Unlike her normal attire Zipalla is in a sarong skirt and halter top and for the moment the skirt is hiked up to get some sun on those legs. She blinks once at the approaching "monster" then starts to edge back until she realizes who it is. An arm goes up to shield her face and she laughs, "Azaeth!" she yelps, water now dotting her white outfit and dampening her hair. She laughs and shakes her head then automatically keens her eyes around, "K'ael sho…err…" and she laughs again, climbing to her feet. "Speak of the devil.." she says teasingly then steps closer for a hug and smooch to the cheek. "Azaeth must've heard me talking about you.." waggle brow.

"Ack!" And Zorya's reaction to the spray of water is very similar to her cousins. She, unlike Zipalla, is in a sundress and sandals which is fairly normal for her. The older girl, watches the young man warily as her cousin spots him and moves to intercept. She follows shortly in getting to her feet to do the same. "Hi K'ael." she says simply, pulling a small smile to her lips.

Azaeth has a pretty smug look on his face when he returns to the water. But then again he always looks pretty smug. K'ael chuckles a bit at the girls' reactions. He gives them both a good look over before moving to greet them. "Well, don't we both look nice today. I feel underdressed." He gives Zip a return hug and kiss, then does the same for Zorya. "Talking about me? Only good things, I hope." He pokes a bit at Zipalla. "How are you two doing today? And why aren't you out in the water?"

Zipalla flicks a glance to her cousin then back to K'ael and grins, "Mostly good things.." she says playfully. Her mouth quirks a grin and she shakes the sand off her skirt, "Oh.. I was thinking about it but then I got to talking to Zorya…so.. can you teach me self defense? Or.. maybe even.. some kinda "move" to.. well.. you know if I wanted to make sure someone knew I meant business?"

Zorya half heartedly returns the hug from K'ael, nodding as Zipalla makes her reply. "We just got to talking." she echoes, looking down to brush a, now wet thanks to Azaeth, patch of sand from her skirt.

K'ael chuckles at Zipalla. "Mostly? Only mostly?" He blinks a bit at her request, and pushes his hair forward a bit. "Self defense, hm? What do you need self defense for? Anyways, I don't really know that much about true self defense. Most of what I know is swinging my fists around in a bar fight, or what we were taught as weyrlings by C'nor. I can try to show you a little, but F'yr probably knows more than I do. Plus she's more your size, which is better to practice with." He taps his chin. "Well, if you really want to tell someone you mean business you can send a knee into their dangly bits, or an elbow to the gut." He moves over to rest an arm on Zorya's shoulder.

Zipalla lifts her shoulders then nods a little, "I just want to know," she says in reply then listens and nods again. "Right.." she says then folds her arms over her middle and digs a toe into the sand. "Well I figure something out," she says with a smile, gathering up her hair in one hand to push it back over her shoulder. She looks to the water, probably watching for Az, calves flexing to lift her to tippy toes for a moment before she settles back down, rocking on her heels.

Zorya doesn't move when he rests his arm on her, simple sends him a glance before looking back to her cousin. Good answer. "She just thinks she needs to be tougher." she comments, sending a teasing glance towards Zipalla. Well she needs to say something right?

K'ael nods to Zipalla. "Well, I can try to show you something if you want. But I don't think you ought to be wrestling with me in that outfit. I don't want to ruin it. But really if you're worried about protection I suggest a knife, and again your best bet there is talking to F'yr. The only knife I know how to use is a butcher's knife for chopping meat." Which the bronzer is actually fairly good at. He blinks at Zor, then chuckles a bit. "Tougher for what reason?"

Zipalla rolls her eyes a little bit, "Not right now.." she says with a smirk. She glances down self-consciously at her self then straightens and puts her hands on her hips. "Just because," and she lifts a brow, it means, just because.

Zorya lifts her shoulders in a light shrug. "How should I know, she's the one who's asking." she replies and then Zip pipes in and she waves a hand at the girl as if to say 'there's your answer.'

Zipalla nods to Zorya then smoothes her hands down her skirt as K'ael runs past and heads for the water. She watches him for a moment then lifts her shoulders, "I should head back… change into work clothes…" and she smiles, touching at her lacey top and skirt. "See you later, Zorya.. and don't worry." She leans in and gives her cousin a hug then turns, heading back to the stairs.

Zorya nods. "You either," she replies, returning a hug to Zipalla. "And you look nice this morning." she adds before releasing the younger girl to be on her way. "I'll see you later."

The younger girl beams at the compliment then just turns in silence, her smile bright enough to be a beacon, and off she goes.

After Zipalla has left, Zorya lingers on the beach for awhile longer. Crossing her arms loosely over her stomach she sighs to herself as she looks out over the water.

K'ael comes out of the water eventually, grabbing the towel he's left there and wrapping it over his swim shorts. He gives a wave to Zor, assuming she's still awake there. "Hey, still hanging around? Zip left I take it. So how's a Zorya? Been a while since we've talked. There's always a ton of people around." He plops down in the sand next to her.

Zorya nods slowly after realizing he's there and talking to her. She'd rather zoned out for a bit. "I'm alright," she replies, pulling a smile to her lips. "It has been kinda busy hasn't it." she agrees, moving her hands behind her so that she can lean back against them. "How've you been?"

K'ael smiles and nods to her. "That's good. Yeah, it's mostly me being busy. Flights, work, working out… Trying to get myself back into the shape I was in before I impressed." He shrugs to her when she askes how he is. "Eh… I'm alright I guess. Still kind of upside-down I guess. So no self defense for you, hm?"

Zorya shakes her head. "No.. Ah don't think so." she replies, having nodded a bit as he explain his absence of late. "Upside-down?" she questions then. Well it is a rather odd way of describing one's self. "Ah don't think Ah've ever hearda that one before.."

K'ael nods to her. "Heh, if you impress I'm sure they'll give you some sort of self defense. But right now you shouldn't worry about it too much. There should be other people around to help you. Probably would be best for you and Zip to get some lizards. Just in case." He nods to her. "Yeah, heh. Just not sure which way is up I guess? Because of the whole break up thing with Lisle.

Zorya ohs.. "I don't know that I heard about that." she notes, skipping over the rest of the conversation. "Maybe ya just need something ta get your mind off it. Distraction." she suggests. She could use one of those herself, but then she's not going to say that aloud.

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