All About Boys

Ista Weyr - Plateau
The low volcanic plateau stretches out around you. From here, one can get a clear view of the ocean, the corral and forests that surround the small bowl of the Weyr. Several sets of wide stairs lead down to the beach at different points. The gates leading into the Weyr are near the corral. Well, one of them actually leads into the corral and the other makes use of a new fence, cutting a path along the southern edge of the corral. From the Corral, there is a small, thin and rocky stream flowing its way over the edge of the plateau down to the beach.
A large expanse of more than a hundred acres, the fenced-in Corral sits on the plateau, half in the bowl, half out of it. There are entrance gates in the fencing. Half in the Corral, there is a watering pond for the animals that's fed by pipes from a set of underground tunnels. For an overflow, and to keep the water from stagnating, a little stream has been cut at the western end of the pond, that flows across the plateau, and down to the beach below. The nutrient-rich grasses are kept trimed fairly short by the grazing of the animals, and look like a rich, verdant carpet.

The soft trickle of water over stones plays a soft base to the up-and-down pitches of winds that brush over the short-cut grasses. Zipalla is sitting at the edge of the stream, boots at her side, bare feet in the water, leaning back on her hands, eyes closed. She hums quietly to herself and simply basks in the fresh air and feel of cool water rippling over her feet.

Zorya isn't far off, and being that the edge of the stream was where she was headed Zipalla is rather quickly spotted. The girl's steps lengthen a bit, bringing her to her destination that much sooner. From across the grass a hand is raised and given a wave, "Hey Zipalla!" her voice happily ringing the greeting.

Zipalla smiles and looks up to see Zorya and she waves a hand, "Hey Zorya!" she calls out, motioning her closer. "I'd get up but then I'd have to get my feet out of the water and I'm too content to do that just yet, come sit."

Zorya laughs, "Don't worry. I was headed there anyway." she smiles, settling herself at the water' edge beside her little cousin before much longer. "Keeping out of trouble?" she teases, propping herself up as she leans back.

Zipalla grins and leans over against Zorya for a moment then leans back again, "Of course, when have I ever been IN trouble?" she asks somewhat mischievously. "What about you? Settling in and staying out trouble?"

"I don't know about all that. You seem to get into enough trouble to me." Zorya continues to pick on the girl. Giggling she nods however, "Yeah, settling in well enough I suppose. And trouble? Me?" A glint of mischief flashing in her smile, "You know Ton says that 'stay out of trouble'. Ah think I've been doin pretty well at that. A course with Ziven not around suppose it helps."

A splash of water is sent skyward as Zipalla flicks her foot up then she looks over at Zorya, "You think I get in trouble?" she asks with a big innocent smile. "Really.. I don't.. not real trouble.." she muses then she looks to Zorya, "I'm sure he has lots of advice yes, mostly.."No boys" "stay out of trouble".. in that order, and repeated often."

Zorya acks, tucking as she tries to avoid the splash of water and failing. "Well you're Ton's daughter." she teases, wiping at a bit of the water that landed on her shoulder. "Can't stand ta reason ya that innocent." a playful grin playing on her lips. She nods then in agreement, "He does," Lots of advice that is. "Just ta be careful and stay outa trouble." Nothing about no boys.

Zipalla raises a brow, "You're joking right..I mean I know that seems to be the perception but.." and then the brows crease a little. She nods and look out over the water, "I don't care what anyone thinks, they can think what they want, I am me, I am not Ton. And I am not one of his whatever-you-want-to-call-thems, and I never will be, for any man." She lifts her shoulders some then exhales.

Zorya's smile drops a bit, bordering on a frown at the girl's reaction. "Oh, Zipalla, I didn't mean it like that." she says, reaching over to drape an arm across the other girl's shoulders and give her a bit of a squeeze if she'll let her. "Not that you're cause of all kinds a problems or nothing, just that ya must get inta a bit of trouble here and there. We all do."

Zipalla snuggles right up to her cousin and smiles, "Well good then," she says more lightheartedly then flicks a little splash her way intentionally. "Eh, I'm pretty low maintenance as "kids" go…" she smirks.

Zorya chuckles lightly, dropping her arm back to help support the position she's taken. "Well ya ain't hardly a kid anymore." she notes, continuing idle conversation. "Must be almost fourteen by now. Right?"

Zipalla grins and then exhales, "No, I'm not, I need to work on my sarcastic inflections.." and she giggles over at Zorya. "I'll be fourteen in less than a month..I told Ton I was gonna" and she smiles softly.

Zorya laughs, "I bet he's proud of ya. He seems pretty certain that Ah will to." she wrinkles her nose a bit looking over towards the stream. "Ah dunno know though, Ah'm still gettin used ta all this."

Zipalla raises a brow, "What happened to dancing and music and entertaining? Already ready to follow in Ton's footsteps?" she asks, giving Zorya a curious stare.

Zorya shakes her head. "No, Ah still like it and all. Not givin up on that at all. Just sayin what he says." she returns, pausing in thought for a moment. Ah mean.. Its just different here, Zipalla."

Zipalla listens, nodding her head then she smiles, "I guess it is..I don't remember my life before here..this is really all I know." She gets a thoughtful look for a moment, "Though I intend to change that, soon as I "get my wings"."

Zorya shrugs lightly. "Its alright. I mean its not like I remember much of anything from when you were there either. It's just different. There's so much you don't hear about that you do here." she turns sending a smile towards her cousin. "I mean there you'd be gettin ready for a handfasting stead of gettin ready to stand." she teases with a gentle nudge.

Zipalla nods her head, "We were both pretty young when I left," she agrees. She listens then her nose wrinkles and she shakes her head, "Then thank goodness I don't live there," she says firmly. The nudge is returned and she draws a slow breath, "Males are more trouble than they are worth, except for friends, K'ael is one of my best ones."

Zorya ohs. Well at least she didn't ask who's 'fasting. "Tell me about it." she agrees before glancing back to her cousin with a questioning look, "K'ael? Really?" After the talk L'ton gave her, she's a little surprised.

Zipalla nods her head a bit, "Do they just choose people for you there? To handfast…err…however you say it.." she asks then she nods her head and smiles. "Yes, K'ael. He understands me."

Zorya nods, "Its pretty much all arranged, yeah." she replies, rather uninterested in the subject. "Well he seems nice enough," she agrees when Zip mentions K'ael, "But I mean… he is a bronze rider. Are you sure?" Cause where she's from bronzers are like … the devil or something.

Zipalla nods a little, "So..did you leave some poor boy at the altar then?" she asks with a giggle. "And yes, he's nice..and I realize he's a bronze rider but we're just friends so it doesn't really matter."

Zorya listens and nods slowly to the explanation of the bronzer rider, "I suppose she agrees, he does seem alright." That doesn't mean she's not going to be more cautious around him, having heard from her uncle. As for the rest the girl just stops and blinks. "Um… well… no." she huffs a bit. If it weren't for the fact that her hands on the ground were holding her upright with as far as she's leaning back, she might just have crossed her arms at that as well.

Zipalla lifts a brow at the huffy reaction and tilts her head, "Oh..well.. I guess I brought up a bad subject..Sorry Zorya..I didn't mean anything by it.." She bites her lip and smiles sheepishly, "You'll have boys all over you here, I mean.. you already turn heads, you'll need to carry a stick or fight them off.." and she giggles.

Zorya sighs, shaking her head, "It's alright, not you fault or nothin." Its just a subject she's been trying to avoid since she got here. "Jadrien's hardly some 'poor boy'," to use her cousin's term. The name itself is said with a certain tinge of venomous disgust. But then there's the mention of boys at the weyr, "Really?" she giggles, a hint of blush coloring her cheeks.

Zipalla tilts her head, " there IS someone.." she says with a gasp and a hand covering her mouth in a surprised expression. "You didn't want to get handfasted to him I take it.." then she smiles. "Oh don't be coy with me.. you know they look.. you're pretty, and smart.. you'll have no trouble here if a boy is what you are wanting."

"Trust me." Zorya replies with a roll of her eyes. "You wouldn't either. He's just…" she shivers at the thought. But that can be something she'll leave for another time, there are 'real' boys to talk about. "Really Zipalla, who?" Because she apparently hasn't noticed as much as her cousin seems to have.

Zipalla gives her cousin a squinty stare but she leaves the topic for now and moves on to Zorya's question. "Boys at the party.. some of them I don't know…D'son..for one.. he seemed pretty happy to get your attention..and I thought you liked K' said you did.."

Zorya ohs, "Yeah… well.. I kinda might have." she admits about K'ael. But that was before I knew he was a bronze rider, and before L'ton mentioned him. "He is pretty cute though.." Watching for Zip's reaction given the other day at the rider's weyr.

Zipalla smirks some and she nods, "You kinda did.." she says with a giggle. "I dunno, I guess, I don't look at him like that. He's good to talk to and fun." Her shoulders lift some and she pulls her feet up out of the water to let them start to dry. "He lets me stay with him sometimes, it's good to have a place to go."

"Friends are good," Zorya agrees. "And a places to go. … So then who do you like?" she asks with a grin and a giggle, leaning over to bump shoulders with the girl. "I mean, there's gotta be someone, right?" At least they aren't talking about other things anymore.

Zipalla grins over at Zorya and shakes her head, "No one, really. I don't want a boyfriend, too much trouble," she says with a nod. "Keeps Ton off my back, keeps me from having to deal with all of that mess.. not going to be like his women."

Zorya laughs, "Not like you have to be his girlfriend or anything." she replies, though she can't say she'd blame her for not being like her father's women. Then again though, she hasn't had much experience in that department as of yet. "There must be someone you have an eye for. Come on Zivanka's two turns younger than you and she makes eyes at boys." Tease.

Zipalla blushes some and squints, "There is no one, anyway, so it doesn't matter.." then she shrugs lightly. "I really don't.. the more I hear about it, about boys that it, the more I just.. don't want the headache. I'll have enough to do to stand and all."

Zorya grins. Yeah, right, there's no one. She -almost- believes that, but she'll let it lie for now. "Sounds to me like you just want to weyrmate your dragon." Snerk. Hey, at least she's picked up on the term. "Its alright. Maybe you just haven't found the right one yet." Hey, she'll still tease her though.

Zipalla leans back on her hands and wriggles her bare toes, a glance cut to miss smarty pants. "Maybe I just don't want a weyrmate at all.." she says with a hmph. "There is no right one. They all go from girl to girl.. it's how it is."

Zorya nods, stretching her leg out in front of her. "I guess I still have a few things to learn about weyr life." she replies with a shrug. Humming to herself the older girl looks out over the stream. "Talked to Ton the other day…" she ventures, "He said I could stay." And she's more than a little excited about it, even if she's a bit nervous too.

Zipalla nods softly then she turns her head to look at Zorya, brows wrinkling for a moment. "Did you really think he'd send you back?" she asks. "I mean.. well.. anyway, at least it's settled in your mind and he is intent on you standing too so.. you'll be just a regular Shipton soon enough."

Zorya lifts her shoulders in a shrug, "I don't know. I mean I didn't think so, but… well if they sent for me or something… Ah wasn't sure." But their talk helped alot to settle her about it. "And yeah.. he did I suppose. But for now I've got my favorite little cousin to spend time with." And she's free!

Zipalla grins some, "I think you can stop worrying over that.." she says reassuringly. "I'm not that little… you're only a turn older.." she says with a playful squint. "I'm excited about standing but nervous too..and I've lived here all my life..well most of it.. so.. well if you feel a little uneasy it's prolly just normal."

Zorya laughs, "Yeah, well a turn's a turn." she replies, "Ya'd still be my little cousin even ifin it was only a week." So there. The girl, turns her head so that she's once again looking in the direction of her cousin, "How do ya know I even will?" They all seem so sure. "How come? Nervous I mean." She's heard of standing and has a vague idea what it is, but not much.

Zipalla grins some and nods, "I suppose so.." she murmurs then she lifts her shoulders. "I might not.." She pauses and thinks then her cheeks go red, "I guess more nervous about what happens later.. not the standing itself.." though she falters a bit, eyes getting a touch wider. "Flights..err…you know..dragons..when they…" and she waves her hand around. "I don't want to ah.. well.. I'm gonna lock myself in my weyr."

Zorya blinks, more than a bit confused at first. "Oh! Dryssa was tellin me bout that the other day." Finally catching onto what Zipalla is talking about. Hey, least she has a clue. "I guess I'd be nervous about that too. Any one would…" she agrees. It only make sense after all.

Zipalla glances over at Zorya then bites her lip, "What did she say?" she asks, raising one brow, finally turning her head to her cousin. "Well if you're gonna stand you have to consider it.."

Well it was about as clear as mud to Zorya being that she knows very little of dragons. She's learning though! More every day, "Just that dragons and their riders have this kinda bond and when that time comes round … has effects on people to."

Zipalla nods slowly, "Right.. and they.." and she waves her hand again in like manner as she did about the dragons. "And I'm just not gonna.. so.." and she shrugs lightly.

"Well I'm certainly not going to make you." Zorya comments, laying back in the grass and crossing her arms behind her head. The girl closes her eyes against the sun, "For now though, I'm just going to worry about not worrying." Which is a good thing.

Zipalla reaches over and pokes Zorya then tickles her and giggles, "I know you won't make me..but yeah I guess not worrying is the way to go…" She flumps back too and stares up at the sky, "So..what boy do you like then?" she asks, grinning.

Zorya squeeks, squirming a bit as she's tickled. Rolling her head to the side she squints at the girl, "I don't know. Ah haven't been here that long. D'son's nice, but… you know he has a girl friend and all. K'ael's good looking and all, but he's your friend and that'd just be awkward…" And L'ton has warned her about him, so she's not sure if she should like him any more or not.

Zipalla giggles and then relents, laying on her side to face Zorya, "Well.. I don't think girlfriends much matter sometimes but I see what you mean.." She smirks at the comment on K'ael, "He's my friend.. not my boyfriend.. if you like him you like him.." and she rolls to her back, crossing one leg to rest on her bent knee, not caring that her skirts slide up her legs. Her foot twirls and she, watches the skies, "He's pretty old too, really."

Zorya shrugs. "Well yeah…" she agrees, laughing as Zip goes on to mention K'ael again. "He's not that old…" Pause. "Is he?" Cause she doesn't really know how old he is, she's just guessing by appearance.

Zipalla grins over at Zorya, "He's twenty-two.." she says with a nod. "But you know.. whatever.." she says with another absent twirl of her foot.

Zorya ohs, seemingly a bit surprised by the information. "Is that all? I thought you said he was old." She gives a light shrug, rolling over to lay on her side as well, propping her head up on a hand. "Twenty-two's not bad."

Zipalla looks over at her cousin, "Well.. it's what.. seven turns for you?" she asks, kwowing full well how to add. "It's still pretty old compared to fifteen..but yeah I guess he isn't Ton-old.." she grins.

Twenty-two is a big difference to fifteen, yes. But it seems to make much less difference to Zorya than it perhaps should and does to the other girl. "About that." she agrees, adding it in her head as Zipalla comments. "Yea, guess you're right," About it being pretty old comparatively, "not as old as old as some though…" her comment nearly echoes Zips, though the way she says 'some' leaves one to wonder who that 'some' might be in regards to.

Zipalla stretches back out and smiles, "Just think..we have years to mull this stuff over.." she says with a giggle. "Ah well.. I think maybe your 'no-worry' policy may be the easiest approach.. well.. I don't really have much to worry about anyway."

"Exactly." Zorya agrees, "So why start now." There's plenty of time to worry about things when they're actually there to worry about. "I met one of your brothers the other day." she notes after a long pause, having flopped back to laying face up on the grass. "Ton had .. Zalyu, I think it was."

Zipalla nods then she glances over at Zorya, "Oh? Which one is that.. " she ponders aloud. "Wonder why he was with Ton.." she asks, then lifts her shoulders. "How old is he?"

Zorya shrugs lightly. How is she supposed to keep track of them all if Zip can't? "Eighteen months I think he said. He said somethin bout Xanadu and gettin ta bring him back with for awhile. At least AH didn't end up having to babysit like Ah thought Ah might when saw Ton comin with a toddler."

Zipalla lifts a brow and nods, "I guess.." she murmurs, "I didn't know he was bringing another one..he has five on the way.. and from what I hear wants Mai to be pregnant too.. seriously…" she says somewhat disapprovingly. "Oh well, none of my business."

Zorya shakes her head, "Didn't sound like he was stayin. Maybe a day or two." But not moving in staying. "Five more?" the girl asks with surprise and a bit of a sputter. Like all at once?

Zipalla nods lightly then nods again, "Yes.. though a few may be born by now.. but yes.. five at once..well maybe four..four different women carrying his children, yes."

Zorya rolls her eyes, "No -wonder- they talk about him like they do. Wouldn't doubt he's the reason they think bout bronze the way they do. Least he didn't help matters at all." Talking about back home from the sounds of it.

Zipalla nods, "Yes.. well it's quite the mark for all Shiptons.." she says with a wry smirk. "Before year's end I'll have at least four more siblings, by different mothers…" then she quiets.

Zorya can't help but let out a bit of a laugh at Zip's expression. "Well, just think, can't have that many and have 'em all by the same mother." That'd just be… Lets not even go there.

Zipalla smirks yet more, "I know that..I'm just saying.. 4 MORE, different ones.." and she shakes her head. "I don't want to talk about this anymore," then she sits up and starts pulling on her boots.

"Didn't mean to upset ya…" Zorya offers with an awkward yet apologetic smile as she follows her cousin's lead in sitting up. "We should go swimmin tomorrow or something if it's not rainin'." she offers.

Zipalla nods her head, "You didn't, it's okay, just need to riding a while." She finishes with her boots and rises to her feet, dusting herself off, "Sure, swimming, sounds good," she replies with a soft smile and quick glance to Zorya. "Tell Ton hello for me when you see him," she murmurs, then heads toward the stables.

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